Friday, August 10, 2007

ANTI´s Southern Fence Makes No Sense!

The 700 - 2000 mile border fence the ANTI´s are advocating just doesn´t make sense. An article in USAToday explains why:

Texans raising voices against border fence
By Marisa Treviño
When President Bush signed the
Secure Fence Act late last year, he probably thought it was a done deal. Yet, almost 10 months after the Department of Homeland Security was authorized to start enclosing U.S. territory, resistance to the fence is growing, especially in Texas — and with good reason.
If the 153-mile portion of the fence between Mexico and Texas were constructed today, students at the University of Texas-Brownsville might have to carry passports. Silly, you say? Well, part of the planned fence would slice through the campus, leaving a part of it on the Mexican side, according to a map provided by the U.S. Border Patrol at a recent community hearing. The fence would also put the Fort Brown landmark, the district office of Democratic Texas State Rep. Ryan Guillen and the bridge that links Brownsville to Matamoros, Mexico, on the Mexican side, University of Texas anthropology professor Antonio Zavaleta told officials.

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Marisa Trevino, a fellow Dallas Blogger (Latina Lista), contributed this article to USAToday. Thank you Marisa. I love you blog!!


Marisa Treviño said...

Gracias Dee, and I'm impressed with your blog as well.

Keep up the good work.

Latina Lista

Anonymous said...

I am sure whatever obstacles there are in building the fence can be worked out. It is imperative that we build the 700 mile fence where there is the most illegal entries into our country. Even if you are an illegal alien sympathizer you should be concerned about terrorist entry enough to want a secure border.

It would make a tremendous impact to plug those largest holes. Of course we cannot stop terrorists from entering totally but we should do all we can to make it more difficult for them to enter that way. What could possibly be more important than our safety?

ultima said...

I suppose regarding the Brownsville Bridge that we could build the fence down the middle of the Rio Grande and across the middle of the bridge. The problems described are minuscule and easily solved. Obviously, the blogger has an agenda unrelated to the fence itself.

Anonymous said...

I am not as impressed as marisa trevino, perhaps a relative of yours. Mmmmmmmmm?

mirrorism said...

The only way this thing gets built in Texas is if you make the property owners-who own the vast majority of the land along the Texas/Mexico border-multimillionaires and give them land elsewhere.

And, BTW, most illegal immigrants enter the country legally.

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