Friday, February 12, 2010

Abusive Internet Commenter Indicted for sending Threatening eMails to Latino Websites!

Hate Crimes and Hate Talk Against Latinos. It is prevalent. As new Latino Blogs grow across the blogosphere, more and more Anonymous ANTIs spew their version of hate and attacks against the PRO-bloggers. Their mission? To stop PRO Bloggers from writing the truth about what is happening across America. I've had many Anonymous bloggers visit my blog and spew profane language and threats against me. I would love to allow unmoderated comments on my blogs, but a few of my anonymous bloggers prevent me from doing that. I have one particular Anonymous blogger that visits my site every day. He is particularly abusive. He is profane and abusive.

Why do I talk about this? The FBI is FINALLY coming down hard on abusive commenters. Last Friday, the FBI indicted Vincent B. Johnson, 60, of Brick New Jersey. Johnson wrote under his email identity of "Devilfish579." The Indictment, which was returned by a grand jury on Feb. 4 and unsealed on Feb. 5, 2010, alleges that between November 2006 and February 2009, Johnson, using the Internet username “Devilfish579,” repeatedly sent threatening e-mail communications to employees of the Latino Justice Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund; the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund; the National Council of La Raza; the League of United Latin American Citizens; and the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders. The indictment further alleges that Johnson intended to place the victims in fear of bodily injury and that Johnson acted because the victims were aiding and encouraging persons of Latino descent to participate without discrimination in activities provided by the federal and state governments.

According to the Indictment, among multiple e-mails Johnson sent, in November 2006, he wrote “[d]o you have a last will and testament? If not, better get one real soon.” Additionally, in January 2007, Johnson sent two e-mails to the victims, stating “[o]ur guns are loaded and we will take you out as well whether by the courts or by true fire power” and “[i]f the idiots in the organizations which this e-mail is being copied to can’t fathom the serious nature of their actions, then they will be on the hit list just like any illegal alien...actually, they are already on the list.” In February 2007, he wrote “I am giving you fair warning that your presence and position is being are dead meat...along with anyone else in your organization.” In September 2007, he sent two e-mails, in which he wrote “my preference would be to buy more ammunition to deal with the growing chaos created by the pro-illegal alien groups. RIP [names] who are not the friends of our democracy” and “[a]fter reading the article below can you give me simply one good reason why someone should not put a bullet between your eyes for your actions that are promoting lawlessness in this country?”

Reading devilfish's hate-filled threats makes my skin crawl. However, threats like these will NEVER deter me or other like minded PRO bloggers from writing the truth. My hope is that these racist, nativist, hate-filled commenters will learn somthing from this. Yes. We ALL do have the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. However, they will also learn we cannot and should not threaten anyone else nor should we use abusive/profane language or threats. My rights extend to the fingertips of those I disagree with.
New Jersey Man Indicted for Threatening Employees of Latino Civil Rights Organizations
NJ Man Indicted for Threatening Lives of Latino Civil Rights Workers
Arrest of 63-year-old anti-Hispanic cyber-stalker underscores disturbing trend


Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

This stupid guy that sends threats is probably mentally perturbed ...
These people are boxes filled with inferiority complexes and inadequacies, they could have been abused and mistreated in childhood.

These people have a revenge against life and the World and they
want to abuse, brutalize and mortify sadistically the underdogs of society.

Internet and Scoundrels : The "GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS" is the trademarck or "quality seal" of the lowest scum - Trolls and Enemies

About deleting and banning comments from those who are known to be argumentative and derisive. Trolls and Enemies inside the Interent, some of them probably mentally perturbed or extremely immature.

I have the custom of deleting and banning a few people whose comments are 100% insulting, destructive or Off Topic.

If a troll comments on an article by another person like this :

"You are a fool", "You are an idiot"
"You lie" , ..."You are a liar" ...... "Your article is total stupidity and imbecility"
"Your article is totally wrong" .... and no explanations .... or very foolish comment....

I think that these guys reduce the quality of Forums and Blogs and ruin the pages of an intelligent writer, and turn the pages into a pig pen of insults, imbecilities or off topic subjects.

I completely agree that those comments that are extremely "argumentative and derisive" should be deleted.

These trolls also love the "GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS" like : I assume that you are of this or that origin, that you came from such place, that you are of this ethnics or race, that you are a bunch of this or that .....

More "GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS" : You are of this ideology or political conviction, you never went to this or that place or never had the honor of this or that which I had. I assume that you work in this thing ......

I assume that you are on welfare, that you are a beaner, cockroach, spic, n word, or that you country or that of your ancestors is this or that and they are filth and dirt, thieves and beggars, etc ...

This "GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS" is the trademark or "quality seal" of the lowest scum and the topmost in scoundrels.

Vicente Duque

MMPete said...

And what about the hate talk on Latino blogs against Americans who want our immigration laws enforced and no amnesty? What about the name calling such as xenophobe and racist from Latino bloggers towards their fellow Americans and politicians who aren't pro-amnesty?

Do Latino bloggers think we are just going to sit back and take that from them without retaliation? Hate begets hate.

I suggest that these Latino bloggers start treating other Americans who don't share their views with respect and stop calling names themselves. The issues can be debated with civility but Latino bloggers don't seem to be able to do that. Many of them won't even allow any anti-illegal posters in their blogs or they won't post their remarks even when they are civil.

Latino bloggers are entitled to their opinion just as the other side should be allowed to but denying freedom of speech or claiming it is hate speech just because one doesn't agee doesn't make for healthy debate.

Dee said...

I am not talking about civil ANTI commenters like Ultima or you. I am talking about abusive, name callers who issue threats. Look at the numerous threats devilfish made. There are many ANTI commenters like him.

There is a huge difference between your comments and Anonymous comments. He sent me 6 name calling abusive comments in the middle of the night (1am, 2am, 3am, etc) after I published this post. He ranted and profanely name called and added he doesn't have to threaten me because "God's wrath will take care of me."

Vicente Duque said...

Right Dee.

You and me do not go to Racist or Right Wing bloggers with Argumentative or Derisive foolishness.

I do not waste my time with the Klu Klux Klan or the Nazi Skinheads. And I expect that they don't visit my sites.

Some people are mentally perturbed, boxes filled with inferiority complexes, inadequacies, failures in life, real losers.

So they have to visit the websites or blogs of other people with other opinions and be mean in order to destroy the Other and the Otherness.

Thanks Heaven, I do not visit the idiots of Racism and Right Wing Fools. I do not post there. I have my own blogs to express my opinion. And I do not need to destroy the blogs of others with lots of Stupidity and rants against and Ethnic, Race, Nationality, etc ...

I visit only Great Blogs of very intelligent and well informed people. People of Great Intellectuality, Kindness and Humanity, like "Immigration Talk with a Mexican America" and the Great Lady that "Dee from Texas" is.

I can not learn anything in the Hate-Fear-Paranoia-Racism sites. Their level of intelligence and knowledge is very low.

Commenting in those sites would be very stupid and a waste of time to me.

I do not want to relate to losers, failed lives and inferiority complexes.

Vicente Duque

MMPete said...

That's all well and good but you completely ignored what I had to say about Latino bloggers. Latino bloggers can't expect respect if they constantly call Americans who don't agree with their immigration views, xenophobes, racists and haters or they refuse to post their comments even when they are civil. I doubt that any posters used profanity. Profanity is swearing.

I think in any debate that we need to be civil to one another. If one isn't being treated civilly they will retaliate and I don't blame them for that. Let's look at who starts it and not who is merely defending themselves from the name calling, ok? The minute that accusations start such as "you are a hater." Then that is the person who is guilty of not being civil. Comprende?

MMPete said...

Just some words of advice. You might want to re-consider how you word your topic headings and your opinions in them where you use words like racists and haters and make unpleasant accusations of others in them. It really is detrimental to your side of the issue when you do that. It doesn't make for a good read if you are trying to win others to your side. A more mellow, less angry and less accusative approach would get your point across much better. It shows that you value other's opinions even if you don't agree with them.

pcorn54 said...

Unfortunately MM Pete, the labels you describe fit the anti immigrant faction perfectly.

They are so sure that their myopic view of the issue is the correct one, and it is so easy to find other mentally challenged allies, that they fail to see the labels fit.

People such as William Gheen and others have steered the immigration debate as a mandate against Mexicans and continue to do all in their power to paint an entire class of people as criminal sub humans to push their agenda.

It no different that actions taken against the Irish, the Italians the Chinese and the Blacks during the course of our history.

Hell, the KKK thought they were right and everyone else was wrong.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee, thanks for your interest in internet Civility and Cleanliness from Personal Insults and Threats, thanks for your kindness.

It is a consolation that there are people like you.

The poor idiot that was harassing me in a Forum has not returned lately with his insults and rants against everything that I write. I was constantly deleting his insults, offenses and stupid rants taken from the playbook of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

If I do not go to visit the pages of my enemies, and I do not post comments in their rants and foolishness, then I expect them to respect my pages.

I can tolerate some polite and civil dissent, I welcome intelligent dissent and replies, I welcome disagreement but not insults, personal allusions and the GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS.

One of the reasons why I keep a lot of secrecy about myself is the GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS that cretins play, trying to find things about me to discredit me or to harass and stalk my life.

I have had to resist Extorsionists and Delinquents in my REAL LIFE ( not the Internet Life ) and I have found that it is very useful to have your own defense weapons, and talk harshly to them. Some people have become coward chickens when I show strength and decision and they see the physical danger that they are running, they may get shot or stabbed by me, or at least beaten up. They also become tired of telephone harasssing and stalking.

I pity the Stupidity and Imbecility of these morons. They are boxes of Inferiority Complexes, Great Losers and Failed Lives. That is why I don't visit Racist, Ethnocentric Sites extolling and exalting Racism, Brutality and Sadism.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

The owner of Fox News is Rupert Murdoch, from Australia. But the real kicker is that the next largest shareholder in News Corp — the parent company of Fox News — is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. After 9/11 this prince offered Rudolph Giuliani a big multi-million dollar check to rebuild and Giuliani turned down the check because this guy was blaming America for what happened on 9/11.

I consider Fox News the Topmost in Imbecility, Ignorance and Hypocrisy.

I doubt that these guys believe in the garbage that they preach :
Racism, Hate, Fear, Paranoia, Idiotic Jingoism, Stupid ReWriting of History.

"Patriotism is the last refute of the scoundrel" - Samuel Johnson in 17xx after a British Hypocrite that did all kind of wicked and evil actions but redeemed himself by "Britain First" in all conflicts and businesses and accusing all his enemies of being traitors to England.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

OH, What a mistake !

I wrote that "Patriotism is the last REFUTE of the Scoundrel"

In fact Patriotism is the last REFUGE of the scoundrel.

People like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reill, etc .... are just Hate Merchants, and Patriotism is the Screen that covers their wickedness and evil.

Vicente Duque

Proletariat Defender said...

By all means, let's focus on one person in 326,000,000 people.....

Vicente Duque said...

I have an INAMORATO in - What is an Inamorato ?? - Inamoratos in Venice Italy - In the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, Colombian and Russian Mafia - Inamoratos in Crime and Violence

An INAMORATO in Venice Italy is someone that takes an INAMORATA in a gondol of the channels, and while singing LA LUNA ROSA they kiss and hold hands in the beaufiful channels of Venice.

That is a positive view of Inamoratos, but in the Mafia an INAMORATO is someone that wants to kill you because of a contract for murder, or because of a revenge, like in the GODFATHER MOVIE III.

In some Mafias and Mobs were people are perfectly savage, an INAMORATO may want to kill you from a motorcycle passenger seat and with a machine gun, because you looked at his girlfriend, or because you danced with his girlfriend.

Or an INAMORATO wants to kill you because of an "ugly glance", an "ugly stare" of your eyes in a party. Sometimes this is only paranoia of a murderer that is drugged or stoned.

Or the INAMORATO falsely believes that you did not respect him in any occasion, party, conversation, etc ....

My INAMORATO is a poor idiot that has to enter everyday my pages of and write something offensive or aggressive against me, the poor cretin ! ....

Sometimes my INAMORATO has not time to harass and stalk so he writes "Boo !"

My INAMORATO knows very well that I always delete his comments, good or bad but he continues making a fool of himself. He only increases my views, that is my page views, so he is "secretly" favoring my GRANDEUR.


I thank God that I do not suffer of this ridiculous mental sickness of following and persecuting someone to harass, stalk and offend.

And I pity all the Sexual Offenders that have to harass, stalk and persecute someone, a woman, a child, etc .... They may be dangerous and have to be interned in the MADHOUSE, psychiatric asylum.

Vicente Duque

MMPete said...


No, the entire anti-illegal immigration movement is not a bunch of racists and haters. Your side takes the tiny fraction of those who are and blow it all out of proportion because the race card works and your side is getting desperate with no amnesty in sight. There are racists and haters on your side also with an self-centered and anti-American agenda.

There is a difference between the Irish and others who came here legally long ago. This time around it is about illegal aliens and they are mostly from one country and are here by the millions. Another irrelevant card your side likes to play.

I am just suggesting that Dee does nothing for your side by screaming topic headings of racists, haters and hateful caricatures of whites, Republicans and/or conservatives. Come on, we are adults here. Why can't immigration be discussed without acting like children and attacking one's fellow Americans who view things different from you?

Lumping Americans who only want our immigration laws enforced with the KKK is just another example of what your side does.

Vicente Duque said...

The Queen of Murderers in the USA - Griselda Blanco : The Queen of Cocaine in Florida - Is this and American or a Colombian Phenomenon ??

I have been studying Inamoratos and Inamoratas of all kinds, those that love you passionately on a Gondola of the Channels of Venice Italy, or that want desperately to kill you, because being inside a Mafia, Cosa Nostra, Mob, Colombian or Russian Mafia, etc ....

Enter Griselda Blanco, Queen of Cocaine of Florida, she was INAMORATA of 200 guys, drug dealers and distributors in Florida, and she sent her thugs to kill them in American soil. She could never be indicted for these crimes, everybody was afraid.

She spoke perfect English, better than Spanish, having lived most of her life in the USA, and her main thug was a very "nice" Hispanic from Chicago that new the American Streets like any Mobster and spoke perfect English, and poor Spanish. There is a documentary movie in English about Griselda and her adventures, and the Real Chief of Murderers is a funny guy, very nice and attractive as a human being and he talks of killing many people like organizing birthday parties.

This "nice and kind" man talks like your father or uncle, and he tells us that being a criminal and murderer is an "accident" and very natural. It all happens against your will and you are only following the path of destiny and fate.

It is said that Griselda ordered murders while she was in a beauty parlor in the pedicure, manicure and hairdresser.

Griselda made the mistake of killing another Cocoaine Queen of a Powerful Narco Family ..... Finally the sons of Griselda were murdered and she disappeared most mysteriously. Nobody knows what happened to that lady in Colombia.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

As PCorn said, the vast majority of ANTIs that we see are the ones flagrantly displaying their agenda.

As PCorn suggests, go to alipac, headed by Gheen. Read what their commenters say. Go to Jeff Schwilk's MM site. Start with his hate list. Look at the Minutemen sites. Read what they say. These folks should NOT be patrolling the border with their guns and pickup trucks. These folks all demonize American Citizens who are Latinos that support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. All of these folks are supposedly middle of the road, and NOT the flagrant KKK or Neo Nazis. But in reality, many are ALL in the same groups.

Granted there are a few civil ANTI opponents, like Ultima. But they are very few in number.

Meanwhile, on the PRO side, most supporters are Human Rights activists, supporting changing the current broken Immigration system, and advocating reform.

Regarding the Irish, German, Italian, etc., when they originally came at the turn of the century, there were not exclusionary Immigration laws except for the Chinese Exclusion Act. So those folks came when there were no laws. All they had to do is sign a piece of paper when their ship landed. Period. There was no 12 year waiting period, backlogged courts, etc.

MMPete said...

You CANNOT make the statement that we Minutemen shouldn't be looking through binoculars and reporting illegal entry to the Border Patrol either. It is NOT against the law and that is all that matters, not YOUR opinion of it. The ones objecting to it want the illegals to keep coming and that is the bottom line. There is no reason to keep repeating yourself about this and all the other things you keep repeating when all of your comments have been addressed and cannot be refuted because they are the FACTS. Only FACTS count, not your OPINION.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Their mission: To stop PRO Bloggers from writing the truth about what is happening across America."

Those who use profanity and abuse to make their point are clearly off base. However, I note that your moderation is very selective and when some posters use words like, "bastardy" they fly through unscathed.

I also note that the reporting on what is going on in America is very selective. Where are the stories about: the exodus from California of those who find the schools abominable; the number of Hispanics on welfare and aid to dependent children; the sorry state of the CA budget,etc. Where are the real exposes of what is going on in America?

ultima said...

El Duque rants include terminology like:

"...they want to abuse, brutalize and mortify sadistically the underdogs of society."

"...the lowest scum - Trolls and Enemies"

"...comments from those who are known to be argumentative and derisive."

"...pig pen of insults, imbecilities..."

"Some people are mentally perturbed, boxes filled with inferiority complexes, inadequacies, failures in life, real losers."

"...idiots of Racism and Right Wing Fools."

"...Hate-Fear-Paranoia-Racism sites. Their level of intelligence and knowledge is very low."

"...they may get shot or stabbed by me, or at least beaten up...'"

"...Racism, Hate, Fear, Paranoia, Idiotic Jingoism, Stupid ReWriting of History..."

Is this the voice of moderation and intelligent discourse?

Dee said...

You are talking two different things. The commenter in the article threatened the lives of those he disagreed with. I also have to contend with Anonymous commenters who call me vile names, use profanity and say such foul, vailed threats, that I cannot remove my "moderation of comments" feature. I have never, ever heard of a PRO commenter doing the same to an ANTI site or forum.

I like Vicente. He can be a bit of a provocateur, both here and on his own websites, but his play on words is his charm and his difference.

Regarding what I post: I blog from the headlines. I like to get the story first. I first seek out Immigration, then thought provoking political, then thought provoking LIFE articles/stories to blog about.

Anonymous said...

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