Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Follow the Money: Is SB1070 payback to sponsor Pearce's Private Prison Owner Contributors?

What did Deep Throat say? Follow the Money!
Beyond the obvious Racist reasons for SB1070, what are the underlying reasons for passing such a heinous Racial Profiling bill?

Sheriff Arpaio laid the groundwork for implementation of SB1070.
. Recruit a staff of overzealous volunteers who will be masked to hide their identities and sweep down on Latino Neighborhoods for Suppression Sweeps.
. Set up blockades in Latino Neighborhoods.
. Stop all cars.
. Arrest all those who don't have current citizenship documentation.
. Arrest them live, in front of cameras. Handcuff them. Arrest them all.
. Report to the media you arrested 100 for insufficient documentation. Do not release the fact that 50 of them were here legally but it took time for family to bring in their documentation.
. The remaining 50 are sent to a housing/detention facility that ICE has pre-established. These are usually privately owned detention centers contracted by ICE. These 50 wait in the detention center until a very backlogged court system can hear their cases.
. The private detention centers receives $100 a day for each prisoner. The private centers have minimal services, poor food/water services; some are housed in tents; no air conditioning during 120 degree summers; illnesses prevail; some die; no contact with the outside world.

----Expect this will happen IF the bill is enacted.

Now multiply this number by 100,000 per year over the next 5 - 10 years. Imagine the backlog growing. Imagine the disease and abuse in these facilities with limited guards; limited services; limited medical; a rabid, diseased detention center.

Imagine the backlog in the courts. Today, the backlog results in a 6 month delay before those held have their day in immigration court. Imagine the delay when the numbers in detention are multiplied by 1,000.

Now consider the fact that Gov Brewer, bill sponsor Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas are in meetings with the Dept of Prisons and the owners of Private Prisons. In fact, these private prison owners are among their largest political contributors. Consider the fact that this month, another private prison was approved to house all the families, all in anticipation of the Supression Sweeps in Latino neighborhoods that will occur if this bill is enacted.

Consider the fact that on April 12, 2010, just 13 days before Russell Pearce's Bill was signed by Gov. Brewer, the Globe City Council voted, in support of a NEW private prison of the Globe, Arizona proposal introduced by the Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation.

Follow the Money and understand why these GREEDY, White Nationalist Supported Arizona Politicians passed this heinous Racial Profiling Bill. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!
Readers: This is BREAKING NEWS and I pledge to continue to FOLLOW this story until we identify all guilty parties! If any local Arizona Bloggers have additional information, please add to the comments and all email me at


Dee said...

One other point of verification for this article.
My niece works in a Detention center in the DFW area. She verified the fact that once detainees are detained, they must wait for a court appearance which frequently can take up to 6 months or longer.

ultima said...

Okay, so let's address that problem directly by embedding immigration judges or jops in the detention facilities with a rigid set of criteria for immigration and appeal decisions and with an obligation to render a decision within 24 hours of the detainee's arrival. With a rigid set of criteria, a jop could do this job as well as any judge.

The pay the detention operators on the basis of throughput rather than detainee days.

See that's not so hard.

ultima said...

We must always keep in mind the origins of this problem: spineless governments on both sides of the border, unscrupulous employers, and illegal aliens all to willing to violate our borders.

Dee said...

There will be no change in the backlogs, or the detention centers until Profit, Greed and Corruption are taken out of the equation.

Bryan J. said...


a rigid set of criteria for judges and appeals decisions would only serve to undermine whatever due process exists in the Imm. Court. If anything, it would end up in deporation of more people who would otherwise have a valid defense to remain here.

As to the Detention center money connection, it's certainly there. What's unclear is how much weight holds it holds in crazy eyes of people like Pearce.

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