Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guest Voz - Latina Lista: Texas Latinos poised to disrupt the power of Caucasian Lone Star Republicans!

Guest Voz, my friend, Marisa - Latina Lista: -- It's been almost comical reading just how giddy Texas Republicans are at the prospect of gaining four more seats in Congress. There's only one problem -- those seats aren't their's for the taking.
It's acknowledged that Texas gained those seats courtesy of the ever-growing Latino population. In fact, it's reported that "Hispanics will dominate two or three of the new Texas districts."

After the way Texas Senators Hutchison and Cornyn shamefully ignored the pleas from the state's Latino community leaders to vote in favor of passing the DREAM Act, the notion that Latinos would help them win more seats is laughable on the part of the Latino community and delusional on the part of the GOP.

In a state that has been ruled by Caucasian Republicans for too long, who find it too easy to only focus their representational efforts on behalf of their million-dollar donors, Latinos have had their mouths forced open to swallow the bitter truth -- Latino constituents are not worthy of equal representation in the eyes of Caucasian Texas Republicans.

* If that were not true then passing the DREAM Act would have been a no-brainer for them.
* If that were not true, then at the height of earmark amendments something would have been added to reform Texas' colonias from their third-world conditions.
* If that were not true, then more effort would have been made to address the recent decisions about school textbooks that diminish mention of contributions from Latinos and blacks.
* If that were not true, then there would be no tolerance for the insistence by some Caucasian GOP legislators to enact an Arizona-type immigration bill in Texas.
* If that were not true, then the GOP party in Waco, Texas would not have disowned their Latino members for starting a group to specifically recruit Latinos and young people.

For too long, Latinos have been second-class citizens within their own state. Those four seats, as reported, will most probably be determined by Latino voters.

To vote either Latino Republicans or Latino Democrats into those seats is now a priority among Texas Latino voters -- because it's a lot easier to hold someone accountable who represents you.


ultima said...

Latinos have a natural place in the Republican Party. The Left as represented by the ACLU and other liberal elements mostly found in the Democrat Pary are anti-christian and therefore anti-religious Latinos.

The DREAM Act has surface appeal but needs significant revision to narrow its focus to just the deserving Latinos who have served their country for at least 4 years. Military service is a maturing experience and they will therefore be better students when their enlistments are up. Part of the reason people object to DREAM is because it is an amnesty in disguise. That problem can be fixed by permanently prohibiting applicants from sponsoring other relatives and severely limiting the application period. Eligibility should also be limited to those who entered the U.S. before the first DREAM bill was introduced. Narrow the focus and the bill will pass. This is what Latinos should be working on. Otherwise, DREAM will be just another incentive to violate our borders.

A willingness on the part of Latinos to narrow the focus of DREAM and add stringent requirements and protections against fraud would be a gesture of their good faith on this issue and help achieve its passage the next time around.

Dee said...

How can Latinos be Republican??? Racial Profiling and disrespect abound from that party.

For Latinos, the word above every other is: RESPECT!
Treat us all as EQUALS!
Do Unto Others!

Yes, we are Christian and do believe in Christian values and not just lip-service.
Democrats believe in Humanity and treating everyone as Equals, Caring for the Sick; Lifting up the Weak; Educating our Youth! Giving people Equal Opportunity.

This is OPPOSITE of the Republican agenda! They want to END Social Security, END Medicare, END Freedom of Religion, End Freedom of Choice, End Freedom of Sexual Preference, End Unemployment Compensation, End Public Education. This is OPPOSITE of what Latinos want. We are Much more in line with our President and the Democratic Party!

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "the Republican agenda! They want to END Social Security, END Medicare, END Freedom of Religion, End Freedom of Choice, End Freedom of Sexual Preference, End Unemployment Compensation, End Public Education."

If this was the true Republican agenda, there would not be enough Republicans to make a difference. Many Conservative Republicans are hung up on their opposition to abortion and same sex marriage. I believe there is significant merit in their position but my Republicanism does not revolve around those two litmus tests. Population stabilization, border security in depth, and fiscal responsibility are the critical issues to me.

Public Eduation will always exist but Republicans favor a second alternative too when the public schools are failing despite the tons of money we put into them. The other so-called freedoms you list are not in the Bill of Rights or anywhere else in the Constitution. That doesn't necessarily make them bad ideas, just a little less sacrosanct then you make them. The only threat to the Freedom of Religion comes from the Left and from those who don't comprehend what a Muslim America would be like under Sharia Law -- women in particular.

Re: Social Security. The GOP seems to be the only party that recognizes the long term problems in the trust fund. The use of private accounts for younger workers is one approach the GOP has suggested. Personally, I believe that the ceiling on taxable wages should be removed with the maximum benefit left at the present level as adjusted annually for inflation. This would be a huge tax increase for those earning over the current ceiling so probably should be phased in over 5 years. The taxable base for those who are still working should include their compensation from stock options, interest, dividends, bonuses, etc. because those income streams may be substitutes for wages subject to the social security tax.

Freedom of choice or pro-abortion should be anathema to religious Latinos. Many Catholics make common cause with the GOP on this.

Sexual preference: I say let the combat arms of the military decide regarding don't ask, don't tell what is acceptable not politicians.

Unemployment compensation is a good thing but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. When our policies encourage indolence instead of the willingness to accept any kind of work that will be counterproductive in the long run.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I think the Republicans should consider broadening the eligibility for immigrants to get sponsors who would agree to an affidavit of support. Then, people like Dee and other pros could sponsor people and assume the responsibility for the immigrants, all their finances, etc. That would take the burden off of taxpayers and I think even I could support a dream act that included those provisions. Here is a link that explains the support requirements and sponsor responsibilities.

Dee said...

Do you read your own posts? You basically confirmed everything I said! American Latinos will never, ever go to your side with all of your double-speak.

You want to end Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Sexual Preference and Freedom of Religion. You can't pick and choose which religions you want to "give" Freedom of Religion. Do you know how ludicrous you sound?? After Muslims, will you then go after Mormons and Catholics too?

Dee said...


Have you READ the Dream Act?
I suggest you try reviewing it before making such suggestions. There is so much mis information from your side re: the Dream Act, it would be helpful if you understood it before making recommendations. see my previous post on the subject.

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