Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Governor Speaks: "It is a "Big Mistake" To Blame Budget Deficit on Illegal Immigration!"

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks the truth about Illegal Immigration in his state.

Report From the Sacramento Bee:
Governor refuses to blame illegal immigrants for budget problems By Kevin Yamamura - Thursday, March 27, 2008
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called it a "big mistake" Wednesday to blame illegal immigrants for the state's looming $8 billion budget gap, just as Republican lawmakers have proposed a rollback of benefits for illegal immigrants to save money..."There is, you know, always a time like this where you start pointing the finger at various different elements of what creates the budget mess, and, you know, some may point the finger at illegal immigrants," Schwarzenegger said. "I can guarantee you, I have been now four years in office in Sacramento, I don't think that illegal immigration has created the mess that we are in."..
Schwarzenegger said he believes the United States should pursue immigration reform and have tougher border controls. But he added that blaming illegal immigrants "because we have a budget problem would be a big mistake. I think we have to look at ourselves in Sacramento. We in Sacramento have the responsibility to come up with a coherent budget system, and we haven't done that."


Anonymous said...

The goovenator is in deep denial.

Dee said...

The Governor is an honest, patriotic man who is telling the truth. We cannot continue to scapegoat and blame one group for all the ills of our nation. As he said, This is a Big Mistake!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Followed you here from dk. Interesting. Welcome to my bloglat bookmarks. I think you and Pat are both right and wrong. Look forward to discussing this with ya'll in the future when my house isn't in such need of attention.

I can't remember how I found you. Find it hard to believe I was reading a candidate diary. Oh well, glad I found you. I've been watching this river flow through the kitchens and dining rooms of Atlanta since the 80's. A black/brown stream. Also listen to a lot of right-wing radio as they incite anti-immigrant atmosphere. Have seen blacks disappear from jobs. Now slowly making a comeback.

My great-grandfather died at 99, still speaking only Polish though he came here as a young man. He worked in a mill town where everyone spoke Polish in a certain part of town. This MA town had a Polish Catholic Church, a French Catholic Church, Irish, Italian, and who knows what else. Turf thing, I guess. All his children spoke perfectly acceptable English. By the next generation the Polish was lost.

Dee said...

Welcome Tribal Echo,
Glad you followed me over from DK. I post diaries there occassionally. On my blog we have both ANTIs and PROs. Sometimes we get into some heated discussions, so be prepared, although we always remain civil.
I have family and friends in CA and was initially skeptical of Ahnold at first. Now, however, my family and friends have gained a new appreciation of him and so have I. He is a caring person who truly cares about the well being of his state and I think that is important. He is bringing both sides to the table and working in a bi partisan basis to solve CA problems. That is smart!
I say its about time and I look forward to our next Presidential election. I would like a president who will bring all sides together in order to resolve our country´s issues.

Anonymous said...

dee, how do you know if the governor is honest or not? You have no idea, so you can't make claims like that. I live in Calif. so I would be able to know better than you do. No one is blaming "one group" for all the ills of our nation but you also are in deep denial if you don't think that illegal immigration isn't one of the ills plaguing our nation.

Anonymous said...

tribalecho, if you want to debate with honesty start by not calling anyone "anti-immigrant". Immigrants and illegal aliens are two different groups. No one that I know of is anti-immigrant (those who come here legally).

Pro Immigrant said...

Apparently Patriot knows who is Undocumented and who's not. I wonder what kind of tactics he used to identified who's Undocumented and who's not? If you want us to stopped calling you Anti Immigrants stop being persecuted, dimished, scapegoating and demonized an specific group (Latinos, Hispanics).

Patriot said: you also are in deep denial if you don't think that illegal immigration isn't one of the ills plaguing our nation.

We're seeing immigrants, particularly Hispanics, being blamed for bringing crimes and disease, stealing jobs from native born Americans and spreading terrorism.
Immigrants by every study I've seen commit fewer crimes than citizens. They don't bring in disease. They are not terrorists. There has not been a single terrorist penetration of our southern border yet.

If you want a civil debate come and get me. i have resources for you not myths.

Anonymous said...

pro immigrant, where did I say that I know who is here in this country legally or illegally?

You don't even know me and you come into this blog accusing me of demonizing latinos and hispanics? Where did you get that from? I don't have any problem with loyal Hispanic citizens only illegals and their enablers. Back up your lies!

What I said is that although illegal immigration is one of the problems in this country, I didn't say it was the cause of all of our ills.

It is only logical that when illegal aliens enter our country without healthchecks that there is a potential for bringing deseases in that way. Many do steal jobs, some do commit crimes. That is not saying that they all do.

I read the article that you are tying to attribute to "illegal aliens" said that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes. Illegal aliens aren't immigrants.

I never said that illegal aliens looking for work were terrorists. However, even the FBI director has stated that people from known terrorist countries are getting through our southern border because it is the most porous.

Just because a terrorist act hasn't happened yet where it has been proven that they came thru our southern border, doesn't mean it won't happen in the future. It takes a lot of planning to commit a terrorist act and get away with it. You are not dealing in reality if you don't think there are those already in this country who may have entered illegally and are planning a terrorist act in the future in view of what the FBI director has said.

That is why we need to secure both of our borders and make sure we know who is entering our country and why.

Dee said...

I know you Pat and you DO demonize ALL LAtinos.Shame on You!!

Welcome Pro Inmigrant. Please come back and visit us often!

Anonymous said...

Don't you DARE lie about me in your blog, dee! I have NEVER demonizied legal, loyal Latinos in this country. Part of your mission statement in your blog is "honesty" and yet you make up lies about me? You are the shameful one! STFU, I am sick to death of your lying BS!

Pro Immigrant said...

Hi Patriot,

Unfortunately i can't follow your trail but check your prior comments. This is one about demoninizing one group.

No one is blaming "one group" for all the ills of our nation but you also are in deep denial if you don't think that illegal immigration isn't one of the ills plaguing our nation.

I am wonder if you have enough education and understanding the meaning of Ill (ILLNESS), plaguing (Diesease) Otherwise if you want to have a real and civil debate stop using derogatory and inflamatory comments for people who's do not have a political and goverment voice.

Apparently you are wearing the mask of ignorance and do not remember what are you saying.

tribalecho, if you want to debate with honesty start by not calling anyone "anti-immigrant". Immigrants and illegal aliens are two different groups. No one that I know of is anti-immigrant (those who come here legally).

How do you know who's is Legally and undocumented? The problem is most od the Anti Immigrants are ranting by xenophobia and fears of others and know is the time against Hispanics.
Unfortunately you need to search history of our Country.
A century ago; the Irish and Chinese were feasting together on poor, unsuspecting Uncle Sam. Immigrants - Jews, Russian and Italians - were treated as a rats infesting the nation. Today, it’s the Mexicans who are infecting the U.S. with “unbounded levels of immigration labeled them as the worse criminals, rapists, drug addicts, and the list goes on and on. The Target change but the fear remain the same.

God bless America.

Anonymous said...

pro immigrant, where did I use a deragatory term or inflammatory statements about anyone? What does having or not having a political voice in our government have to do with anything?

Dee constantly accuses me of racism or being anti-latino or anti-hispanic and nothing I have said indicates that. Who the hell are you anyway? Are you totally in the dark over how dee flames me anyone else in here who doesn't agree with illegal immigration views? The few of us in here not on her side are merely for the rule of law and that means enforcing our immigration laws and securing our borders and holding employers accountable for breaking our labor laws. You have a problem with? Does that warrant being called a racist? No, it doesn't! I don't care what nationality/ethicity an illegal is either, none of them have a right to be in our country! What part of that don't you understand? Don't come in here carrying your BS racecard!

The past has nothing to do with our present immigration laws. Our laws are fair today and not racist against any one group. In fact latinos have the highest quotas for legal immigration into our country today!

Our only fear is people coming in here in uncontrolled numbes and against our immigration laws. Is there something wrong with that?

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