Thursday, April 12, 2012

Arizona HATE Watch: Vigilantes In Camouflage Murder Innocent Latino Migrants

Last Sunday evening, April 8, near Eloy Arizona, a gang of camouflaged gunmen opened fire on a pickup truck filled with innocent Latino immigrants killing two passengers. According to police, the truck was going through a wash that's "commonly used for human smuggling," and the occupants of the truck were "ambushed" as the camo/rifle shooters opened fire on them.

The vehicle, thought to be carrying at least 30 innocent immigrants, was ambushed by these camouflaged killers carrying rifles. After the shots were fired and the two were killed, the remaining passengers fled into the desert for safety. The police found five survivors hiding, in fear for their lives. After being interviewed by the local police, these five survivors were handed over to the Border Patrol. The police said the
witness' description of the shooters: A bunch of people with rifles and camouflage clothing.

Spokesman for the Pima County Police Department Dawn Barkman said it is unknown exactly how many of these camouflage-clothed marauders with rifles were shooting at the truck full of "illegal immigrants" and Barkman wasn't up for speculating about who exactly was wearing camo and shooting people coming across the border. Barkman said the camouflage clothing and the rifles were just about the only two things the victims relayed about the shooters.

It is not the first time that gangs in camouflage have attacked vehicles passing through this area. In January 2007, four men wearing camouflage and berets and armed with an assault weapon killed a smuggling suspect and wounded another person after ambushing a vehicle in a field about 40miles north of Eloy. Then, two months later, gunmen wearing dark clothing ambushed a vehicle loaded with more than 20 migrants near Green Valley, south of Tucson, killing two people.

Border Patrol agents from Casa Grande responded to the shooting along with officers from Eloy and Coolidge. The names of the two victims have not yet been released.

Will the Police seriously investigate this crime and arrest and convict these marauding, camouflaged murderers? Or will this crime remain unsolved, as the previous attacks and the hundreds of uninvestigated rapes against Latinas in Arizona?


tthan43 said...

Anyone killing innocent people should be hung!!!!

tthan43 said...

It is a totally horrible situation. Innocent people, murdering idiots with guns playing like they have some sort of authority......idiots, complete idiots.

Anonymous said...

This is a criminal act that should be condemned by everyone. It may be U.S. militias . . . or, it may be Mexican gangs enforcing their "ownership" of a smuggling route.

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