Thursday, June 17, 2010

NeoNazi Friends of sb1070's Russell Pearce are Planning Violent Border Ops this weekend and No One is Stopping Them!

Friend of sb1070's Russell Pearce, Neo-Nazi JT Ready and fellow neo-Nazi Harry Hughes have been going on illegal alien "patrols" in Pinal County's Vekol Valley, dressed in camouflage and armed with assault rifles. It may have been Ready and Hughes that shot innocent latinos near Rio Rico, AZ last weekend. He and Hughes certainly fit the MO.

These racist, white nationalist zealots are following the request of CCIR's Barbara Coe at the Phoenix Rising Rally in support of sb1070 when Coe shouted to the crowd to "Lock & Load!"

Now, Ready is conducting a Border Ops this Saturday, June 9, 2010. He is asking for volunteers to "come on down" and prepare to shoot. His webpage announces the Border Ops to be conducted in Vekol County AZ.
"Camouflage or earth tone clothing preferred. Plenty of water and water containers. MRE's or field prepared meals are a plus. Valid I.D. on person and emergency contact information required. Military related gear a plus. Helmets, body armor, or related gear welcome but not required. Bring plenty of firearms and ammo. Bandanas, balaclavas, or other identity concealing items are permissible and encouraged."

Sheriff "Hollywood" Babeu is not planning on stopping them from these violent and outrageous activities. My question to the FBI/DOJ is, why aren't you stopping them? Why aren't you investigating their role in the
shooting of innocent Latino's last week in Rio Rico? Just check their cell phone records to see if they were there, that will be a start. FBI/DOJ, please step in and stop the violence!

Ready’s statement promises that, "This is the Minuteman Project on steroids! THE INVASION STOPS HERE!“


Remo said...

Why would anyone need to stop an activity that is legal? There are no laws against armed citizens patrolling and acting as eyes-and-ears in support of our laws.
Despite your inference, you offer nothing (beyond hysteria and rumor) that these guys had anything to do with someone being shot.
I would guess the odds of being shot by coyotes or drug gangs is substantially higher in that area.

Anonymous said...

Well had the government done it's job in securing and protecting our border, common citizens wouldn't have to. I stand with them in their pursuit to help stop illegal crossing into our border. Why is it ok for the drug and human smugglers to have guns and shoot at OUR people, yet we can't defend what is OURS. We fought for and in some cases bought all the land here. It amazes me how people can change the meaning of racist (a person or group who feels above all others, practices hate of other races) to suit their purpose. Wanting to secure the border and stop illegal immigration isn't racist. It IS however, racist to call someone a racist based on the fact that they might be white, and want people to come here legally. Amnesty isn't the answer. We don't reward bank robbers, or even speeders for breaking the law, and we shouldn't reward anyone (i don't care what nationality they are or color) for crossing our borders and ignoring our laws. For too long this has gone on, that now it's become an "expected handout". They've come to expect it because for too long they have gotten it. It's time to enforce our laws, and stop rewarding law breakers. Whether they be canadian, scandinavian, arab, peruvian, or mexican. The law is the same for everyone.

Dee said...

New Anon,
No one is asking for open borders. PRO CIR advocates are for Secure Borders. We have the technology to protect our borders and I think the addition of personnel to monitor the Nighthawk surveillance system should help the BPs pick up new border crossers and escort them back to their country.

What we don't need is yahoos in fake military gear driving their pickup trucks and carrying their ak-47s out in the desert shooting people! That is insanity!

We also don't need BPs shooting people IN MEXICO! Perhaps more training is needed for them.

We do need to partner with Mexico to stop all of the drug trafficking and the delivery of guns into Mexico. The US is the number 1 user of drugs in the world. The cartels are shipping the drugs here because we have so many users/abusers of marijuana, meth, cocaine and herione. Stop the drugs and you stop the cartels. Have Sheriff Joe and his masked hoods go after the cartels instead of cooks and landscapers as he has been doing.

ANTIs and PROs agree on secure borders; I also believe in punishing exploitive employers, but ole Joe doesn't arrest employers. He only goes after the cooks and landscapers. He is a coward.

The big area ANTIs and PROs disagree upon is what to do with the 12M here. Your side wants mass deportation of them and their citizen children, which I believe is absolutely insane. It was our very own broken immigration policies and back logged immigration court system and the enticement of employers hiring workers that brought the number to 12M. We have to live with our own history and have accountability. We need to pass CIR. Allow those here that are crime free to get in line and apply for legalization.

Anonymous said...

Here is one thing I can say with certainty, if you keep pushing the American people, and we have had enough we will put our border at 50 miles north of 19.24 N Latitude and 99.09 W Longitude. (Mexico City)

Anonymous said...

Dee, you are an idiot. Bps are not shooting across the border.... Did you see the US investigation on that.. All you are doing is taking Mexicos side, which makes sense. It is not against the law, at least in texas, to carry a shotgun ect. These guys are doing nothing illegal at all. Calling them neo-nazis is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. As an American citizen, and speaking for the Majority of the US, we want our country back. Illegals have destroied it. Look at the most wanteds.... 6 out of 10 in texas are illegals. American citizens can't get jobs because employers are going to cheaper workers so they make more money. Don't say they do jobs americans won't, because that is the biggest bs I have ever heard. My cousin is jobless and took a construction job making 7$ an hour. I would do the same, and so would anyone jobless. Illegals are hurting our economy. Look at the food stamps log. Hard working american citizens are paying to feed these people. Illegals do not contribute to the US. They steal from it. I have met and been friends with illegals before. They are people too, but they break our laws. Their is a legal route to go, this country is no longer a migration. Laws are now in place to prevent any migration. Go the legal route and you wouldn't have to worry about these guys so stop whining.

Dee said...

I went ahead and posted these comments just so you can see what I have to put up with.

These looneys think it is ok for armed wackos to patrol the borders and shoot at Brown people.

I love the comment from one of these looneys that said, "It IS however, racist to call someone a racist based on the fact that they might be white" (LOL)

And finally the last comment from Bad Anon. He just can't help himself from name calling. And then to say "Calling them neo-nazis is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard of"
As all of my readers know, JT Ready IS a Neo Nazi by his OWN Admission. I've even shared a video of him last Thursday parading in his NSM costume.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that calling them Neo Nazis is wrong.

You are very out of touch with the vast majority.

Dee said...

See the video re: JT Ready.
He is an admitted NSM Neo Nazi and has proudly said said.

He Quacks! He's a Duck!
(stay in touch with the FACTS!)

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