Friday, April 11, 2014

Message to ALL Latinos: Register to Vote and Vote in 2014 Elections in November!!!!

Every day I worry about America. My country is so divided, thanks to the far right wing Tea Party Republicans. They are absolutely Un American!

Why? Because the rich 1% has figured out a way to brainwash the racist, extreme far right Tea Party.

When you think about it, it's mind boggling. A vast majority of those on the far right are poor, senior citizens. They are on Social Security and Medicare or Welfare. They are country people with limited educational background beyond high school.  However, the 1% extremists have brainwashed them to vote against their own self interests -- Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, Immigration Reform  -- and instead, through their inbred racism against minorities and women, support and contribute to the 1% extremist political candidates.

It is clear, their own individual Racism FAR OUTWEIGHS their Own Political Interests.

One of the most Ludicrous Arguments to date: This entire fiasco regarding Cliven Bundy's 20-year dispute -- LAW BREAKING illegal cattle grazing. The extremist News Stations (Fox, Hannity, Infowars, The Blaze, etc) are fiercely supporting this rule breaking scuff-law. They SAY they are for the Constitution and for Rule of Law, but for some reason, the FAR RIGHT WING is supporting Bundy. It doesn't even make sense. He's been Breaking the Law since the 90s. Now the extremists are supporting him.

With the current Tea Party Republicans in Congress, we will NEVER pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

My Message to ALL Latinos: Register to Vote and Vote in 2014 Elections in November and VOTE DEMOCAT!!!!

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