Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HINO Carlos Gutierrez is a DISGRACE and Doesn't Know What He is Talking About as he Supports Romney's Racial Profiling & Cuts to Medicare!

HINO and Snake Oil Salesman CARLOS GUTIERREZ is a DISGRACE as a Latino and a DISGRACE as a so-called supporter of the Elderly.

Gutierrez was the son of a plantation owner in Cuba. He was (what he terms) an "illegal" for years." Guitierez and Romney DEMONIZE so called "Illeegals" yet he was one. Only later did his family (through $ influences?) became citizens. When his father was employed by Big Business Heinz in Mexico, his father gave him a job at Heinz and in the 90s was appointed Executive VP at Kellogg in Battle Creek. In 2004, George W Bush named him Commerce Secretary. Under Bush, Gutierrez SAID he supported CIR with no positive results. He was an advocate of CAFTA - which served to exploit Latino workers in Central America and is a huge proponent of Free Trade. Gutierrez has very ODD beliefs, including:
Gutierrez had Adnan Oktar's Atlas of Creation—a book that advocates Islamic creationism and blames Charles Darwin for modern terrorism, including the 9/11 attacks. Gutierrez is a founder and Chairman of Global Political Strategies (GPS), an international strategic consulting service and a division of APCO Worldwide, a Washington-based global communications firm.

I just saw GUTIERREZ on MSNBC and it is clear he does NOT know what he is talking about and has obviously looking to maximize his wealth via the Romney campaign. It makes one wonder whether he is a paid spokesperson for the duplicitous Romney.
There are two major Talking Points at stake that Gutierrez is pushing:

1.Romney supports Latinos and Latino Policies far better than President Obama
2.Romney supports Programs for the Elderly far better than President Obama

CARLOS GUTIERREZ is either a LIAR, Uninformed or a Paid Romney Stooge.

Let's deep dive into each issue.

1.Romney supports Latinos and Latino Policies far better than President Obama
Romney has stated on many occasions that he supports the Racial Profiling laws in Arizona and other states. He went to Arizona and begged Sheriff Arpaio for his support. During the debates, he advocated for Mass Deportation. He said all of the 11M should self-deport. He said he is against the Dream Act because he calls it "amnesty." The only version he supports is young students enlisting in the armed services and volunteering to die in combat. If they - perchance - survive, then he would consider them getting in line and becoming citizens. (oh how generous)
Now, while he is in Florida with a 23% Latino base, ALL OF A SUDDEN, he is Half Mexican with a Mexican born dad. He speaks Spanish (a version of...) and maybe, just maybe, he might be receptive to allowing the hard Latino workers to get green or red cards and staying in the US and applying legally. Of course he only said this on Univision (spanish TV) and during a Latino fund raiser.

2.Romney supports Programs for the Elderly far better than President Obama
WHAT A LIE! Romney supports the Ryan Plan. This plan ENDS MEDICARE & SOCIAL SECURITY as we know it today. In Ryan's plan, there is no clause for pre existing conditions. Instead, Seniors have to shop for their healthcare - with only vouchers in hand. Guitierez, are you MAD? Our elders are sick and so many have pre existing conditions. What are you going to do? Throw them in the Poor House? My God Man, have you no Humanity?
President Obama's plan ensures our seniors continue with their care. You say it takes Millions from Medicare. It does NOT. Instead, it CLOSES the Donut Hole. It incorporates savings for the poor. It SAVES overall funds via maximizing effectiveness via reducing costs through technology and reduction of outsourcing.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Republicans Continue to Attempt to Exterminate Viable Voters! Say Spanish "Language of the Ghetto"

ATTENTION FLORIDA VOTERS: As Republican primary voters head to the polls in Florida on Tuesday, both GOP front-runners - ROMNEY & GINGRICH -- have endorsed a policy that would contradict existing law and could disenfranchise millions of voters across the country.

Mother Jones reports:
As Republican primary voters head to the polls in Florida on Tuesday, both GOP front-runners have endorsed a policy that would contradict existing law and could disenfranchise millions of voters across the country. During a recent debate, both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney supported getting RID of bilingual ballots when the topic was brought up by the moderator. "I would have ballots in English," Gingrich said. "And I think you could have programs where virtually everybody would be able to read the ballots." Romney agreed. "I think Speaker Gingrich is right with regards to what he's described," he said.

That wasn't much of a stretch for Gingrich, who once called Spanish "the language of living in a ghetto." Yet their glib demand for English-only ballots would require amending the Voting Rights Act and doing away with hard-won legal requirements that have existed for decades.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mayor Taco, 4 Racist Cops, A Good Padre and a Terrorized Latino Community

When you first hear about what happened in New Haven, CT, you think it is a funny story. "Local Latino Group sends Mayor Hundreds of Tacos." But once you delve into the story a bit, you begin to realize the enormity of the abuse Latinos and Minorities have been suffering at the hands of local police for years. The abuse was so extreme, local groups and a Priest asked the DOJ to conduct an investigation.
This past week, the DOJ brought charges against 4 East Haven police officers. They were known as Miller’s Boys, police officers who worked the 4-to-midnight shift, patrolling the largely working-class town of East Haven, Conn., including the small but growing Hispanic community that has spread out in recent years from New Haven.
The officers were more than well known in that community; according to residents and federal authorities, they were FEARED. They stopped and detained people, particularly LATINOS, for no reason. Sometimes they slapped, hit and kicked them when they were handcuffed, and smashed heads into walls. They followed and arrested Latinos and also a local priest - Father Manship, who tried to film their behavior. Father Manship heard about the abuse from his congregation and local store owners. Father Manship bravely tried to film the abuses. Instead he was arrested, with false charges. Miller's Boys claimed he had a gun. He did not. They knew he had a camera. The prosecutor dismissed the charges when the Priest's video tape proved his innocence and proved Miller's Boys were LYING. When the DOJ was asked to investigate, the Prosecutor was supportive of the investigation.

The DOJ indicted (click here to read the indictment) Miller's Boys on charges of conspiracy, false arrest, excessive force and obstruction of justice over what the indictment described as years of mistreatment of individuals, especially Hispanics, and efforts to cover it up. Additionally, the DOJ discovered their racist behavior has been condoned by their Sheriff -- Sheriff Gallo (Co-conspirator 1), a good friend of Mayor (taco) Maturo.
In the 80's and 90's, Sheriff Gallo was part of the old racist brigade that targeted Blacks. Gallo was promoted to Sheriff a few years ago by his good friend, Mayor Maturo, where Gallo (Co Conspirator 1) clearly supported the attacks against Latinos. However, after Maturo left office in 2009, Gallo found himself in hot water with the new Mayor for all of the racist shenanigans by his cops. That was when Gallo was suspended. In 2011, Gallo's friend, Maturo ran for Mayor again and this time - by some means - he won the election. He won by less than 40 votes. Mayor (taco) Maturo' first official act was to bring his friend Sheriff Gallo back as Chief and end his suspension. During their press conference announcing Gallo's re-instatement in November, 2011, he claimed the DOJ investigation was trumped up and would produce nothing.
We've heard the story before: "Racist Cops Terrorize a Latino Community." In Maricopa County Arizona, Arpaio and his masked goons have served as role models for other ANTI Latino goons looking to conduct "Suppression Sweeps" of their own in their Latino Communities. These attacks became popular among the right wing extremists right after the 2006 Immigration marches. The minutemen, Shawna Forde, the murderers of Luis Ramires, Brisenia Flores and her dad, Marcelo Lucero, the murderer Dannie Baker, and countless others have viciously attacked Latinos simply due to the color of their skin and using their so called "Fear of Dirty Mexicans and illeegals" as their rallying cry. What happened in East Haven, Connecticut is a mirror image of what happens in Maricopa County Arizona every day under Arpaio's watch.
The big difference in Connecticut is, these terroristic actions against Latinos have not been reported in the National Media. I only heard of these events recently when the silly story about tacos being sent to the Mayor's office appeared on CNN.

This makes me curious about how rampant racial profiling abuse against Latinos by local police is all across the nation. I believe this abuse and racial profiling is the true root cause of the higher rate of crimes against Latinos and also for the increased rate of deportations of Latinos over recent years.
The positive aspect about this report being on CNN and other news and internet outlets is, the Bad Guys have been indicted by the DOJ and everyone knows about it. The tactics by Mayor Taco, the evil Sheriff and the terroristic, racist "Miller's Boys" are National News now. They have been charged and they will be held accountable! They and other corrupt police officers who are abusing and racially profiling Latinos will take notice when these criminals are prosecuted for their crimes!
Finally the people of East Haven will have some relief from these racist goons who have been terrorizing them for years.
We owe this largely to a brave, good and honorable Padrecito, Father James Manship, for standing strong when he videod the tactics of these goons. Let this be a lesson for ALL LATINOS who are profiled. We must stand strong and together to forever end the abuse!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Racist "Eat Tacos" Mayor Must Resign Now!!!

NYTimes reports: Hispanic residents and civil-rights advocates have raised alarms for years about the police in East Haven, Conn. Their claims gained chilling corroboration on Tuesday. The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested a sergeant and three officers on charges of terrorizing the town’s Hispanic neighborhoods, stopping and detaining people, searching businesses without cause, beating people in handcuffs, smashing a man’s head into a wall.

The charges echoed what the Justice Department reported in December, accusing East Haven police of widespread “biased policing, unconstitutional searches and seizures and the use of excessive force.” This was made more appalling when the mayor, Joseph Maturo Jr., was asked by a reporter how he would respond to the arrests and said that he might have tacos for dinner. First, he said he was joking. When it dawned on him that snide flippancy was the wrong response to grave accusations of police brutality, he said he was sorry for his “off-collar comment.”

That is not enough. Mayor Maturo should now resign. He has shown a stunning incapacity for understanding the severity of the scandal in his government and has been fatally compromised by his knee-jerk support for the tainted police department and its chief. The mayor’s repugnant remark is the least of it. This case is about institutional brutality and oppression.

The East Haven case is one squalid part of the far larger furor over immigration, where Spanish-speaking people are met with suspicion and abuse and states and localities rush to pass laws empowering local police officers to harass presumed illegal immigrants. Racial-profiling is flourishing in this climate, and the Obama administration has rightly stepped up efforts to fight it. Judging from the racism so casually exhibited by Mr. Maturo, it’s going to be a long struggle.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Terrorist "La Bruja" Wags her finger at our President

La Bruja - AZ gov. Jan Brewer attacks again! This time, La Bruja terroristically attacks our President! La Bruja, with absolutely no respect for our President, attacked our President and wagged her evil finger at him. Later, the evil, vicious witch, said she was "afraid" of the scary Black Guy. Oh my! La Bruja, go back to your cauldron!

4 Cops Arrrested for Abusing Latinos! When Asked About Abuse, Racist Mayor Orders Tacos!

On Tuesday, the FBI arrested four East Haven Conn policemen charging them with a conspiracy that one official called “a cancerous cadre” of “bullies with badges” to deprive Latino residents of their constitutional rights. (Extreme Racial Profiling and Abuse). The four officers were Sgt. John Miller, Dennis Spaulding, David Cari and Jason Zullo, according to an indictment released by the office of U.S. Attorney David B. Fein. The indictment paints a devastating picture of abuses, listing more than 30 “overt acts” committed to further the conspiracy. The report also indicates the conspiracy rose to the top of the department.

Zullo worked with Spaulding and Cari under the watch of Miller during the 4 p.m. to midnight shift. The group of officers, all under the age of 35, were known as "Miller's Boys." They frequently bashed and abused arrested Latinos.

After the arrests of the 4 racist officers, a local reporter pointed out to East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. that there were no Latino officers on East Haven's police force. Maturo angrily responded, "And your point being?" Then, when asked what he planned to do for the Latino community in light of the discrimination allegations, the mayor said, "I might have tacos when I go home, I'm not quite sure yet."

Today, a local Latino Group sent the racist Mayor Five Hundred Tacos. "The mayor has shown a total lack of respect for the constituents he has been sworn to serve to the best of his ability," said Henry Fernandez, a local Latino spokesman.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Proud to Say Barack Obama is Our President!

After the months and months of witnessing the embarrassing GOP Debates, watching the State of the Union address tonight, I am so PROUD to say Barack Obama is OUR PRESIDENT. I am so proud he represents us around the world. He is so intelligent, diplomatic and a true American! He comes from the heart, the depth and breadth of America. He is a magnificent representation of a poor American Child achieving the absolute height and pinnacle of the American Dream!

Our President, Barack Obama!


State of the Union:
Recommends DREAM ACT NOW!

During State of the Union Address, Our President Recommends My Jobs Idea from July, 2010

During tonight's State of the Union, our President proposed an idea I recommended on July 5, 2010.

From my archives:
At lunch today, my husband and I discussed ideas to increase Jobs for Americans. We came up with an idea and want to pass it on to President Obama. We call it "The Jobs for Americans Plan." I am advertising this plan here, on Daily Kos and on Facebook. I sent this to the President via his White House website.

Both my husband and I worked for Fortune 500 companies. We know and understand that a number of companies outsource many jobs offshore. These are jobs many Americans, especially middle class Americans want. These are jobs that, when they were outsourced off-shore, meant lay-offs for hard-working Americans. Business says they outsource to save money. Offshore, they are not required to pay employees at the same rate. Offshore, they are not required to maintain OSHA sanctioned, safe environments. Offshore, they are not required to adhere to union bargained contracts. Offshore, these employees do not pay U.S. income taxes, nor are companies required to pay social security taxes or unemployment premiums based on payroll amounts.

Types of jobs sent offshore:
. Production: physical manufacturing (primarily to China)
. IT Services: Software Engineering (primarily to India & other English speaking countries) HP, IBM, Intel, AT&T, AMD, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, BEA, etc.
. Innovation Outsourcing: to South Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Mexico, Russia, etc.
. Transfer of Intellectual Property
. Customer Service: All customer service work to English Speaking Countries (any company that provides Customer Service via phone or internet)

Our "The U.S.A. Jobs for Americans Plan & Honors Program":
1. Identify and report the rate of off-shore staffing in each U.S. based company.
(e.g.: Apple and IBM each staff 100,000 employees. Each staff 20,000 employees offshore = 20%)
2. Each company that outsources offshore is asked to reduce offshore staffing by 50% and replace those workers with US Based employees.
(e.g.: Apple and IBM are each asked to replace 10,000 of their offshore employees with 10,000 US based workers)
3. Each company that participates in the plan receives a tax reduction for each offshore employee replaced by a U.S. employee equal to 25% of each employee's compensation (fully loaded).
4. Each company fully participating in this program will receive a U.S. Honors Award to display company wide. Reports are published monthly. Participating companies may advertise that they have received this award. U.S. Citizens are encouraged to frequent U.S. Honors companies.
(e.g.: Apple fully participates in the Program. IBM does not. Apple reduces offshore jobs by 10,000; advertises and staffs 10,000 U.S. jobs; receives 25% tax cut for 10,000 employees; receives honors award; runs ads - especially during the SuperBowl that they are a U.S. Honors Award Winner. Business thrives. Employees Happy. America is working. Buying Apple products and services.
IBM does not participate; receives no incentives or tax cuts; No new ads; No award program. U.S. Honors Report shows they are not participating in the program. After 2nd year of program, decides to join it and begins hiring U.S. based employees and reducing number of employees offshore.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

TeaParty Republican Congressman who called President Obama a "Tar Baby" refuses to go to the President's State of the Union

TeaParty Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) who called President Obama a "Tar Baby" refuses to go to the President's State of the Union.

Lamborn last made headlines in August, when he compared the idea of working together with Obama to “touching a tar baby.” He apologized for his KKK behavior then. Looks like he still maintains his racist inner core.

Sweaty Santorum refuses to Correct Racist Tea Party Birther Nutcase who Nuttily Claims OUR PRESIDENT Has No Right to be President!

In Florida, Santorum is running KKK Meetings filled with extremist White Nationalists who terroristically refuse to call our President the President and LIE when they absurdly claim he is "an avowed Muslim." The coward Santorum refused to correct this TeaParty Nutcase and says if he is elected, he will name her as his first CZAR. WATCH THE VIDEO!

Obama 2012 - My Poster for our President - Support the American Dream!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Democrats Applaud as Newt Gingrich Pulls A Fast One in South Carolina

Newt Gingrich pulled a fast one over the TeaParty Republicans in South Carolina last night. These TeaParty Republicans are so consumed by their hatred of our Black President and of minorities in general that they have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by this erratic, insider-Washington, bombastic philanderer.

After he was declared the winner of the South Carolina primary, Gingrich boasted of his win and careened around the stage with his horrendous, cheshire cat smile, side by side with the shameless "other woman" who had an adulterous affair with him. Can you begin to imagine her as First Lady???

How could the TeaParty Republicans in South Carolina who proclaim they are Christian Conservatives vote for him?

The Answer: What convinced the TeaParty Republicans to vote for Gingrich were Gingrich's attacks on the media and on minorities during the debates. TeaParty Republicans like Gingrich because he yells, screams loud and turns red in the face as he attacks his opponent. Like a venomous snake, he yelled at the CNN host for daring to ask him about his well documented adulterous affairs. In another debate, he screamed and yelled that our President is a "Food Stamp President" and he advocated that Black/Minority children should take jobs as Janitors while the Black Janitors are Fired from their jobs. The all-white TeaParty Republicans stood up and applauded with their cheers and approval. They want their candidate to be mean, red-faced and angry in debates against our Black President. They want their candidate to attack Immigrants and Mass Deport the 11 Million here and never Pass the Dream Act. Gingrich's attacks against our President, Minorities and Immigrants prove he meets their criteria. That's why he won their votes in South Carolina last night.

However, their approval of Newt is also good news for our President and the Democratic Party. Newt can never be elected. He is far too flawed for the vast majority of American Public to vote for him as President. His many flaws, mistakes and crimes are available for anyone to see with a quick Google search.

Even on the surface, Gingrich is a big Fake! He pretends he is an intellectual but he does so by overusing a few words, including:"Fundamentally." "Profoundly." "Deeply." and "Frankly." Next time you hear him speak, count the number of times he says these words. He is also a big FAKE when he says he is "one of us." No he is not! He and his former mistress, now wife, have a Million Dollar credit line at Tiffanys. He is a millionaire lobbyist who lobbied for Fannie and Freddie. They paid him over $1.6 Million dollars for his efforts. He was charged with 84 Ethic Violations when he was Speaker. He has violated tax law and LIED to the ethics panel. Gingrich was even kicked out as Speaker of the House by his very own Republican party.

As a national pundit said, “Newt Gingrich… is a scam! Newt Gingrich’s profession since he got kicked out of Congress under a cloud of ethics charges related to fundraising, his full-time profession has been selling access to himself as someone who is influential because of his time as a public servant. He has been marketing the Speakership of the House for his own private financial gain to anybody who will pay him. Anybody he can scam money out of, even if he has to do it by fax with fake handwriting. For decades he has been doing this, this is why he is now a zillionaire.”

Friday, January 20, 2012

Why President Obama will WIN In November: He's One of Us!

It is so obvious. President Obama will win in November. Why? He is one of us. He is a real person. He is a true American. He's a Boomer. He can sing! He's just a regular guy.
Compare President Obama to the yahoos we've seen in the Republican Prez Debates. Gingrich! Romney! Santorum! Paul! NO COMPARISON!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Newt! Philanderer Newt!
He cheated on his wife the first time.
He cheated on his next wife the next time.
He asked her for an OPEN MARRIAGE...all while he continued his promiscuous affair with his staffer.. the floozy .. with whom he is now married.
Newt told his cancer-ridden 2nd wife that his mistress Calista was OK with him having SEX with other women.
Then Newt divorced his second wife, cancer ridden, sending in the Divorce papers while she is on her Cancer Bed.
The Conservative Christian Leaders are supporting this philanderer. These so-called Christian Leaders are supporting this evil philanderer.
As they say, once a philanderer, always a philanderer.
It is obvious the Tea Partiers, the leaders among the Social Conservatives, and the Republican Leaders care NOTHING about morales, Christianity, Fidelity or ethics if they support Newt Gingrich.
Of course, when you think about the history of the so-called Christian Conservatives supporting the Conservative Christian agenda, many of them are scandal ridden and even though they very vocally are opposed to, including:
. Ted Haggard
. Jim Baker
. Jimmy Swaggart
. Larry Craig
(I could go on and on but my fingers are feeling pretty sleazy from just typing these names!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NC Republican Prez Debate Audience displays Drowning Racism as Newt Gingrich is blatantly condescending towards Black Commentator Juan Williams!

The mostly White Republican Tea Party audience in North Carolina at the Republican Prez Convention displayed their true Racist gutteral instincts when they booed African American Juan Williams when he asked the very arrogant, condescending and dismissive Newt Gingrich about his racist comments against minorities. The racist Newt called Barack Obama the "Food Stamp President." Gingrich attempted to convey that the only people who receive food stamps are Blacks or minorities who don't want to work. (What a vicious and incorrect stereotype.) However, the mostly white Republican TeaParty Audience cheered Newt when he dismissed Juan by saying, "First of all Juan..." as the very racist audience egged Newt on. It is the most explicit display of elitist racism by a very priveleged, ELITE racist, white audience that I have ever witnessed!

The applause by the White Audience was absolutely drowning. The primarily white North Carolina crowd was rabid with their drowning cheers and applause (Newt, Newt, Newt) Poor Juan Williams was not even provied an opportunity to respond and instead white commenter Brett Baier closed the discussion.

The Republicans will wonder why they will receive nary a minority vote in November. When they ask why, all we have to do to answer their questions is point back to this video.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Anti-Latino Hate Groups Support Santorum and Romney!

NumbersUSA, the Anti-Latino, Anti-Immigrant HATE Group (as designated by the ADL), has said they support Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney as candidates for President in 2012. NumbersUSA was founded/funded/supported by John Tanton, the frothing, rabid, anti Latino/anti Immigrant MAD Doctor from rural Michigan who formed and funded the majority of the early ANTI Latino/Immigrant Hate Groups.

I ask all of my readers to look at the NumbersUSA website. Look to see their support of Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney and WHY they support them.

These HATE Groups support Santorum and Romney because of their views:
. Demolish the Dream Act
. Support MASS Deportation of the 11M here; imprison them in Private Prisons; they support Arpaio and his masked goons terrorizing Latino neighborhoods!!
. Mandate the unfair e-Verify which forces those challenging their current status to be FIRED and (if not here legally) Deported.
. Support sb1070 and other state racial profiling bills
. End the Family Care Act (they call it opposing chain migration)
. Reduce the rate of LEGAL Immigration

NumbersUSA says Santorum and Romney support these Anti-Latino, Hate-Filled views.

Remember this when you VOTE in Novemer, 2012!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

DECISION 2012: We Need to Inform and Prepare Ourselves for the Baby Boomer Retirement Era and for a Better Tomorrow!

The Baby Boomers are aging and it is critically important that we understand the approaching New Era. The Baby Boomer generation was born between 1946 and 1964. With an average of 4 Million born per year, the total is about 78 million Americans. They grew up with Elvis, the Beatles and Disco. They experienced Vietnam, Civil Rights, Equal Rights and Freedom. Now, they are approaching retirement. The first wave turned 65 in 2011. They all will turn 65 between 2011 and 2029.

With life expectancy in America being 75 for men and 80 for women, the majority of baby boomers will die between 2026 and 2044. As our Boomer generation is entering into this stage, it is also important to understand other statistics.

Five Statistics about American Baby Boomers that will Shock You:
1. 40% of Americans do not contribute to a voluntary Retirement Savings Plan nor do they have a Traditional Pension Plan(Employer Funded). This is primarily due to the fact that since the Reagan years, the majority of Businesses no longer provide the Traditional Pension Plan. Instead they offer voluntary retirement savings plans. Additionally, 50% of those with voluntary Retirement Savings Plan access (borrow/withdraw) and often deplete these funds prior to retirement.
2. 40 - 50% of people currently on Social Security rely ENTIRELY on their social security payments as their SOLE income.
3. 70 - 75% of Americans today start claiming social security at 62, the earliest moment they are eligible, many because they do not have any other income.
4. 25 - 40% of Boomers SAY they are postponing their retirement and plan on continuing to work "until they drop" because they do not want to rely on social security as their sole means of income.
5. Studies indicate that after age 65, those that retire at 55 have a 40% higher risk of death than their counterparts that retire at 65.

Illness After Retirement and Healthcare:
Let's think about these numbers. When you retire, most people only have about 10 - 15 years left to live. When you stop working, you are more likely to become ill and require healthcare. The top 5 causes of death of the elderly in America are:
1.Heart Disease 2.Cancer 3.Lower Respiratory Disease 4.Diabetes 5.Alzheimers
Hospitalizations of the elderly for these illnesses are extensive and costly.

Look at the chart. From 2020 - 2040, we will have massive numbers of retired Baby Boomers who will rely entirely upon Social Security as their primary source of income. Many/most of these retirees will experience chronic illnesses, particularly the Top 5 illnesses listed. Who will care for these impoverished, ill, elderly Americans? Many will not be able to take care of themselves. We only have about 10 years to think about this before we suffer the severe impact of this crisis.

In 2012, we are at a Crossroads. The Republicans have already announced their plan. However, there is another choice:
1. The Republican Choice - Hysteria:
We can Cut, Cut, Cut. We can CUT Social Security and we can CUT Medicare as the Republicans are advocating. We can let the Baby Boomer retirees fend for themselves and ship them off to ill-equipped "old folks homes" as we did before and during the Big Depression, prior to Social Security and Medicare.

- or -

2. The Better Choice - A Plan for a Better Tomorrow: Let's HONOR our Seniors!

We cannot allow the Republican scare tactics to drive us into a deeper hole in the future. What we can do is think about the needs of our elderly. Within the next few years, we are going to face severe Labor shortages. We need to refocus on Education in our Country and provide incentives for those that major in the needed jobs of tomorrow. Additionally, instead of allowing restrictionists to DRIVE OFF FUTURE IMMIGRANTS, we need to figure out how to increase the number of new immigrants we are going to need to staff the jobs of tomorrow.

AMERICAN JOBS NEEDED from 2020 - 2050:

. Healthcare: Hospital workers, Doctors, Nurses, Home Care, Hospice; Hospital Equipment; Administration; Food Service
. Pharmaceuticals: Pharmacists, Product & Development, Production
. Insurance: Administration, Sales, Service
. Investment, Retirement Wealth Management: Administration, Sales, Service
. Housing: Retirement Homes; Apartments for the elderly
. Energy: since more people will be living (illness)/working from home
. Innovation: Product Development for items critical to the elderly

. Call Center Workers for each of these industries
. Small Businesses specializing in care for the elderly
(There will be incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs)

These jobs cannot be outsourced. These jobs will remain in the U.S. because the elderly live here. We also must remember: these on-shore American jobs will all pay Income Taxes and Social Security taxes. They will replenish the funds where they are needed most. These jobs will create more jobs. There will be plenty of room for Innovation, Product Development, Customer Service and Manufacturing too. There will be plenty of sources for new income. The Boomer Retirement Era will move us out of our current economic crisis and into a new stage of prosperity for America. That is, if we understand what our future holds in store for us and plan for the needs of our Seniors. We cannot cut them off from their Social Security and Medicare. Instead, we should plan for a better future for all of us as we head into a brighter tomorrow.

President Obama, I ask you to deliver this message to the American Public. Help us all understand what the future holds in store for us and help us understand that TOGETHER we will all prepare ourselves for a better tomorrow!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We ALL Should Keep Ourselves Informed of what is Happening in Iran! And Support our President!

I ask all of my readers to keep yourselves informed of what is happening in Iran.

Tensions are increasing with Iran as International Inspectors say they are getting closer to nuclear capability. The U.S. and Israel and our allies have asked the U.N. to impose economic sanctions against them in order to persuade them to stop. Iran says they are going to proceed.

Covert actions have taken place in Iran. Two Iranian nuclear scientists have been "covertly" killed with no one taking responsibility, but Iran is blaming Israel and the U.S.

With all the tension occurring, Iran is threatening to block U.S. ships from entering the Persian Gulf at the Strait of Hormuz. The United States is vowing not to back down.

Now, the stage seems to be set for war. What is also troubling is, some countries are saying they support Iran's perspective of having nuclear weapons. This includes China, Russia, Venezuela and Cuba. We have to be very careful. We do not want to enter into a 3rd World War.

The debate over how to stop Iran's progress is escalating. Israel and many Republicans are getting impatient. Some are advocating a military "first strike" on Iranian nuclear facilities. Since the 2008 election, John McCain and Sarah Palin have been singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran."

The President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have vowed to keep strong, but level-headed and diplomatic through these discussions.

From my view, I believe level heads and diplomacy must prevail. I am not an advocate of war. I must admit, however, that I do agree with the President's alternative methods to "getting the job done." Utilizing Special Ops to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden was a brilliant manuever. The utilization of drones and satellite technology are also brilliant tactics. These methods save so many innocent lives. Can you imagine the carnage and innocent lives lost if Bin Laden's compound and surrounding city had been bombed? How many soldiers' lives would we have lost had troops been sent in to take over the city?

I've been listening to talk radio to hear the Republican view. Many of them are chastizing our President, saying he is weak for not charging into war with Iran and not taking credit for the killings of the Iranian scientists. They advocate escalation to war. What they are advocating is insanity and would only result in more lost lives of our soldiers and innocent people.

I believe we as a nation must support our President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as they use logic, technology, diplomacy, and receive the backing of our allies and the U.N.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flip Flopper Mitt Romney Says He is For the Dream Act and For Immigration -- No Wait -- He Changed His Mind - No Wait - He Changed it Again! Say What?

Mitt Romney is one scary dude. He is leading the Repub Pack running for President right now. Gingrich and Perry say he is Gordon Gekko from Wall Street - a venture capitalist - Corporate Raider - who, when at Bain Capital,took over and ravaged businesses, laying off thousands - outsourcing offshore even more, and since Wall Street LOVES these ravages, Bains was rewarded by Wall Street and made Millions/Billions for Bain Investors and for Romney and his peers.

Gekko's favorite line was: "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good!"

As I remember 2008, the year of the Great Recession and Stock Dive during George Bush's term, was caused by Venture Capitalists and Corporate Raiders like Romney. Romney is an elitist. That is clear.

Romney is also a flip flopper. It is difficult to believe a word he says. So often, he has taken the opposite side of many issues, including:

Now, sources are saying Mitt Romney is filming ads in Spanish, (He Speaks Spanish) to be played on Univision and other Latino venues. He will talk about his support of Immigration Issues, the Dream Act, the roots of his ancestors in Mexico and more. If Mitt becomes the candidate, as soon as these ads are available, I will post them.

The issue is: No One Can Believe Romney. He is the world's biggest flip - flopper. His decisions will be based on the moods of his backers, whoever provided him the most PAC Monies. Very Scary Stuff!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Republican Plan to End SOCIAL SECURITY as We Know It and Not Only Kick Granny to the Curb, but Stomp on Her While She's Down!

If Republicans win the Presidency and the Senate AND keep the House, they will implement their agenda and Destroy Middle Income and Poor Americans. They plan to End/Privatize Social Security, Destroy the Unions, Reduce/End Unemployment benefits and Reduce the minimum wage.
Today, many seniors rely primarily on their Social Security checks as their only means of support and for their survival. While some Republicans say their proposals will not impact anyone born before 1955, on Friday, Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum called for immediate cuts NOW. Santorum wants to increase the Social Security age to 75 and he wants "means testing." Republican Paul Ryan's plan is to replace Social Security with private savings accounts provided by Big Business.
It is clear, Republicans are NOT interested in the NEEDS of our senior Americans. They are pandering to their Big Business backers. Republicans portray the Social Security fund as being insolvent right now. They are LYING to the American public and they know it.
Today, the Social Security Fund has a SURPLUS. During 2011, the Social Security Trust Fund held $2.6 trillion. Even by Republican statistics, the Social Security fund will remain in surplus through the 2030s. The problem is, starting with the Reagan Administration, the government started borrowing from worker contributions. By 2015, the government is expected to have borrowed nearly $3.25 trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund.
Now let's suppose the Republicans win the election. If they are successful in passing a bill that will END Social Security as we know it, their bill will wreak havoc on our American Seniors:

1. Up the retirement age to 75: Workers in their 50s are having difficulty finding work now. As these workers get into their 60s and 70s, with so many in poor health, how will they find jobs? How will they live if they cannot find or are unable to work and have no income?
a. Big Business GETS RICH - By Privatizing Social Security, what a windfall for Big Investment Companies, the Big Business groups that pay so much to Republican/Politicians' Political Action Committees (PACs).
Question: How many people in America utilize private retirement savings accounts today? (many)
More Importantly: How many Americans who have ACCESS to their retirement funds KEEP IT in their retirement funds, until retirement, at a rate that will allow them to earn a monthly income that will help them survive for the rest of their lives - as Social Security does? The answer - LESS THAN 10%.
Why? Most People who have these type of accounts and have access to their retirement funds withdraw or borrow from them. Life has countless emergencies.
But, what will happen to these millions of elderly Americans who have NO RETIREMENT FUNDS? Republican Scrooges would say "Let them Die and decrease the surplus population."

b. NO PAYBACK TO AMERICANS: With Republican plans to change Social Security immediately, what happens to all of the money each of us have invested into the Social Security Fund? Are Republican proposals planning on giving our funds back to us? Are Republican proposals insisting checks be written to each American who has contributed so we can privately invest our contributions? (NO!)

3. MEANS TEST: Wait until you hear this one. Republicans want to reduce payments to anyone who makes over $55,000 a year. Imagine. Pay into social security but NEVER receive any Social Security checks when we are old and cannot work.
These Republican Plans will have a vast impact on the majority of American Seniors. These Republican plans will put many Seniors into bankruptcy and ruin.

Today, The truth is, over ninety percent of Americans who have access to their retirement funds BORROW or WITHDRAW these funds prior to their retirement.
The truth is, over fifty percent of Americans over 65 rely on their Social Security as their sole means of support. Without Social Security, they will be forced out of their homes and onto the streets. No food. No healthcare. No place to live. Nothing.
The truth is, WE THE PEOPLE cannot and should not elect a Republican as President in 2012.
I advise All AMERICANS to study the Republican proposals. READ about them. Understand them for yourselves.

Their Ludicrous Title to their Plan: "Saving the American Dream - The Heritage Plan to Fix the Debt, Cut Spending and Restore Prosperity."
. Page 11: Changing Social Security

There is a way to ensure Social Security will stay at a level that will sustain our Seniors through the decades and centuries ahead. The fix is simple. Afterall, the Social Security Fund was meant as a form of insurance. We all pay our Social Security taxes. We should be able to collect when we retire while keeping the retirement age where it is.
Here is one small change that will immediately FIX Social Security with LITTLE IMPACT to anyone:
. MODIFY THE PAY IN CAP: Today, each year, workers PAY IN to the Social Security Fund until they earn about $100,000. After that, they stop paying social security taxes for that year

This means someone who earns $400,000 a year only pays social security taxes until March, while the rest of us continue to pay 7.65% of our wages into Social Security for the remainder of the year.
Millionaires pay for one month only.
IF we changed the PAY IN CAP to $250,000, we would more than DOUBLE our Social Security Tax Fund. People making $400K would still only pay into the fund until July and the millionaires only until March.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Republican Plan to End Medicare as We Know It and Kick Granny to the Curb!

If Republicans win the Presidency and the Senate and keep the House, they will implement their agenda. Their first mission is to end Medicare as we know it and stop/end Universal Healthcare -- or as they call it "Obamacare."

They will surely re-introduce and pass Paul Ryan's plan to END MEDICARE As We Know It! Ryan's plan privatizes Medicare. Our elderly will NOT have a choice of the standard medicare plan. Instead, they will be provided a voucher to shop for healthcare from private healthcare companies. There are dollar limits to these vouchers and there are no requirements for these companies to accept anyone with pre-existing conditions.

It's important to understand how current Medicare works before understanding what we are asking our Seniors to give up with Ryan's plan. Counter to what many Americans believe, Medicare is NOT free. Our seniors are required to pay a monthly Premium of about $110 a month. Plus, they pay 20% for doctor visits and a hefty deductible if they have hospital stays. (unless they are on Medicaid)

So now you may be thinking, "So what's the big deal? The Seniors still have to pay some costs. Isn't what they don't pay now sort of like a voucher?"

The answer: No.
Here are the dangers of the Ryan plan.
1. Pre-Existing Conditions: Medicare accepts ALL eligible seniors, regardless of pre-existing conditions. How many seniors with pre-existing conditions will go without care?
2. Vouchers have a cap! Hospital stays are expensive. If seniors require extensive care, they pay. Worse yet, many seniors may opt not to receive care rather than having to pay for what they can't afford.
3. Doctor Fees: Today, doctor's who accept Medicare patients must bill according to Medicare guidelines. Many doctors don't like this. They want to charge whatever they want to charge. With Ryan's plan, they won't have Medicare guidelines. Seniors will be forced to go to care providers that they can afford with their meager vouchers.
4. Prescription Drugs: Today, prescription drug prices must fall within Medicare prices guidelines. Seniors will be forced to purchase what they can afford with their meager vouchers. How will they afford Brand drugs or the outrageously expensive drugs for catastrophic illnesses? Cancer drugs? Will they just stop taking them when they can no longer afford them?

Many seniors today rely primarily on their Social Security to not only pay for their Medicare co-pays, but as their only means of survival.

Here's something else you should be aware of. There are two major reasons we have so many cost overruns with Medicare:
a. the cost the government pays to private healthcare companies to administer Medicare Advantage and Medicare Billing programs.
b. the cost of FRAUD and Waste.

What President Obama is attempting to accomplish with Universal Healthcare is to reduce/eliminate the costs charged by private healthcare providers, utilize technology to reduce waste/redundancy and to monitor/reduce fraud. This will save Billions.

2012 Blog Mission: Plead with the President to Address the Nation about the Impact of the Republican Agenda if Implemented

My blog Mission in 2012 is to convince the President to talk to the American People about the Impact of the Republican Agenda if they are elected and their Agenda is implemented.

The American people need to understand what the Republicans are advocating. Their top 3 issues are:
1. Medicare / Universal Healthcare (Obamacare): Privatize; End as we know it
2. Destroy Middle Income and Poor Americans: End/Privatize Society Security; Destroy the Unions, Reduce/end Unemployment benefits, Reduce the minimum wage.
3. IMMIGRATION: Mass Deportation: Each state enforce existing laws and Mass Deport all 11M here; No Dream Act - Ever!

Today and tomorrow I am going to write blogs about each of these topics to provide a high level explanation of how detrimental to ALL Americans each of these initiatives will be if they are implemented.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rick Santorum and his Immigration Views (From his Mouth!)

Rick Santorum on Hate Crimes:

Rick Santorum on Dream Act: (and Kisses Tea Party Butt!)

Santorum Speech Writers STEAL QUOTES from the movie "NeverEnding Story!"

Some pundits are lauding Rick Santorum's "Big, Strong Hands" speech yesterday. Little did they realize Ole Rick, famous for his ANTI Latino, Racist rhetoric, stole the words from the movie "Never Ending Story." Watch this clip for yourselves. YOU DECIDE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ruben Navarette: Arpaio's Time Has Come!

SAN DIEGO -- Joe Arpaio has always been part Bull Connor, part Barney Fife. When the sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County is not impersonating the commissioner of public safety in Birmingham, Ala., who symbolized bigotry during the civil rights movement, he sort of resembles the bumbling sheriff's deputy who patrolled Mayberry.

Arpaio has been that way for the 13 years that I've written about him, dating back to when I worked for The Arizona Republic newspaper in the late 1990s. That was a different Arizona. It depended on illegal immigrants; it did not despise them. Ever since the state declared open season last year on illegal immigrants and those who might be suspected of being one (read: Latinos), Arpaio has been attracting attention by hunting people with brown skin and Spanish accents.

Arpaio's critics accuse him of abusing his authority and discriminating against Latinos. Now that the Department of Justice and a U.S. District Court judge have consigned those charges -- and added more of their own -- at least those critics know they're not crazy. What they thought was happening might actually be happening.

In recent years, Arpaio has demonstrated an almost pathological desire to pick on Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. I tend to think it's not personal but more about targeting a group that he thinks he can get away with mistreating. Imagine the dust storm at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce if the Republican lawman stopped busting illegal immigrants and started padlocking businesses that employ them.

Like most bullies, Arpaio only picks on people who can't fight back. He is empowered by a population of voters in Maricopa County who obviously feel anxious over changing demographics and need to feel superior to someone. Those who come from south of the border -- or whose ancestors did -- fill this role.

When things go this wrong, the federal government has to make them right. After a three-year investigation, the Justice Department recently issued a scathing report that accused Arpaio's office of having a "pervasive culture of discriminatory bias against Latinos," engaging in "unconstitutional policing" that includes raids based on racially tinged citizen complaints and retaliating against critics.

Meanwhile, U.S. District Judge Murray Snow dealt Arpaio another blow in a case involving a civil rights lawsuit from 2007, in which sheriff's deputies were accused of racially profiling Latinos in immigration sweeps masquerading as traffic stops. In addition to issuing legal sanctions against Arpaio for destroying documents, Snow also barred the sheriff and his deputies from detaining people simply for being in the country illegally. The judge -- who criticized deputies for circulating emails that "compared Mexicans to dogs" -- certified the lawsuit as a class action that would cover all Latinos who have been "stopped, detained, questioned or searched" by Arpaio's officers.

It's about time this bill came due. Arpaio was bending the rules even before the Arizona Legislature passed a tough immigration law last year that requires local and state cops to enforce federal law. He used state anti-smuggling laws to round up illegal immigrants and then accused them of being co-conspirators with the smugglers. And he took full advantage of the federal 287(g) program that allows local law enforcement agencies that want to play Border Patrol agent to enter into agreements with Immigration and Customs Enforcement allowing them to do just that.

But it was when the immigration law passed that Arpaio really went into overdrive. The sheriff's office conducted vehicle checkpoints and raided businesses acting on tips from concerned citizens outraged that there were people -- gasp -- speaking Spanish on the premises.

Opponents of the law predicted this sort of thing would happen, and, for their trouble, they were accused of assuming that all local law enforcement officers were racist.

No, not racist. Just human, burdened with prejudices like anyone else. Given the task of finding illegal immigrants but lacking the training to do so, local law enforcement will instinctively focus on Latinos -- since most illegal immigrants in the United States are from Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

To many people, this is common sense. Yet, many of these same people also insist -- with a straight face -- that local law enforcement officers are not giving Latinos extra scrutiny and that everyone gets the same treatment. They made that ridiculous claim because the truth was too ugly to confront.

Now, they have no choice. It's gone too far. Too many people know. Confront it, they must.

Racist Romney says he will Veto the Dream Act!

Last September, Mitt Romney said he didn't support in-state tuition. Now, pandering to the far-right Tea Party republican caucus members, he promises that IF he becomes the President, he will VETO the Dream Act! “For those who come here illegally, the idea of giving them in-state tuition credits or other special benefits, I find to be contrary to the idea of a nation of laws,” Romney told supporters at a campaign stop in Le Mars, Iowa.

However he said he'd be "DELIGHTED" and may consider "Permanent Residency" (NOT Citizenship) to these same Latinos if they risk/give up their lives in the military.

What a despicable racist!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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