Monday, January 16, 2012

Anti-Latino Hate Groups Support Santorum and Romney!

NumbersUSA, the Anti-Latino, Anti-Immigrant HATE Group (as designated by the ADL), has said they support Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney as candidates for President in 2012. NumbersUSA was founded/funded/supported by John Tanton, the frothing, rabid, anti Latino/anti Immigrant MAD Doctor from rural Michigan who formed and funded the majority of the early ANTI Latino/Immigrant Hate Groups.

I ask all of my readers to look at the NumbersUSA website. Look to see their support of Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney and WHY they support them.

These HATE Groups support Santorum and Romney because of their views:
. Demolish the Dream Act
. Support MASS Deportation of the 11M here; imprison them in Private Prisons; they support Arpaio and his masked goons terrorizing Latino neighborhoods!!
. Mandate the unfair e-Verify which forces those challenging their current status to be FIRED and (if not here legally) Deported.
. Support sb1070 and other state racial profiling bills
. End the Family Care Act (they call it opposing chain migration)
. Reduce the rate of LEGAL Immigration

NumbersUSA says Santorum and Romney support these Anti-Latino, Hate-Filled views.

Remember this when you VOTE in Novemer, 2012!


J. Allen said...

How does being opposed to illegal immigration and pro-enforcement of our immigration laws equate to being an anti-Latino hater?

J. Allen said...

Numbers, USA is not anti-immigrant, they are anti-illegal immigration. Wanting a reduction in legal immigration until the state of our nation improves does not make them anti-immigrant either. Surely, you can reason that out in your own head, can't you?

pcorn54 said...

Nothing new here Dee....

And if you'll notice, these hate groups are losing relevancy day by day.

People are tired of their lies and trash talk and largely ignoring them. That will become evident at the polls in November.

The economy is improving. More and more jobs are being created and none of that can be traced back to anything the Republicans have done.

And for your trolls, no, I am not an Obama supporter, but I do support the office of the Presidency

Dee said...

Of course NumbersUSA is ANTI Latino. The ADL designated them as a Hate Group.
They support Arpaio's "suppression sweeps" in Latino neighborhoods. They support the racial profiling bill sb1070.
They not only want to stop illegal immigration, they want to stop legal immigration as well.
additionally, if you ever watched Roy Beck's gumball video, he directly targets Latinos in his charts saying if the Census Bureau's predictions are correct, then we will be majority minority. He uses this as a SCARE tactic vs embracing our evolution to a multi cultural, free society.

Additionally, they were founded by John Tanton, one of the most racist ANTI Latino / ANTI Black zealots in US History. He said Latinos and Blacks were not "educatable." Tanton was Beck's sponsor in starting up NumbersUSA.


Dee said...


You are right, of course.

These racist hate groups are becoming more irrelevant as they come out of the dark and reveal themselves for their racist agendas and fear of minorities.

Anonymous said...

These people are loosers,racist people are retards

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