Thursday, January 31, 2013

National Review's RACIST ATTACK against Latinos and My Response to Them!

The Editors of the National Review wrote an Op-Ed about the proposed Immigration bills being proposed. Their editorial was AWFUL. Here's the LINK, but don't get too angry.
In a nutshell, they said about Latinos, "While many are in business for themselves, they express hostile attitudes toward free enterprise in polls. They are disproportionately low-income and disproportionately likely to receive some form of government support. More than half of Hispanic births are out of wedlock. Take away the Spanish surname and Latino voters look a great deal like many other Democratic constituencies. Low-income households headed by single mothers and dependent upon some form of welfare are not looking for an excuse to join forces with Paul Ryan and Pat Toomey. Given the growing size of the Hispanic vote, it would help Republicans significantly to lose it by smaller margins than they have recently. But the idea that an amnesty is going to put Latinos squarely in the GOP tent is a fantasy."
Please don't get too angry.
Here is my response to the National Review. I wonder if they have the GUTS to print it:

Dear Editors,

Your analysis in this op-ed regarding why Latinos did not vote Republican is ludicrous.
I am a Mexican American. My family has lived here over 200 years. I am a business woman. I have worked over 40 years of my life. So much for your "takers" theory.

Your editorial proves you have no clue as to why Americans of Hispanic Descent, such as me, are in support of Immigration Reform and why I voted for President Obama.

We Latino Citizens are over 55 million strong, yet people like you demagogue us.

I support CIR because I am tired of people like you, people like Sheriff Arpaio and Gov. Brewer and FAIR, NumbersUSA, Kris Kobach, John Tanton and others treat us like second class citizens.

Your vision of "Rule of Law" is to allow rogue law enforcement like Arpaio, to treat us like 2nd class citizens. You cheer him as he raids sleepy towns like Guadalupe AZ, allowing his ski masked volunteer posse to conduct "Suppression Sweeps" to Latino children in a Confirmation Mass.

Jan Brewer said, "I don't know what an Illeegal looks like." Sharon Angle told a class of Latino students, "You all look Asian to me."

When we say we oppose racial profiling bills like sb1070, your supporters say "If you were truly American, you would accept all of this racial profiling because YOU FIT THE PROFILE." Even one of your icons, Bill Bennett said this. (plus Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.)

When an undocumented Latino is involved in a DUI, you indict us all. We are ALL Guilty.

We are continually demonized by your cohorts. FAIR, Numbers USA, the Heritage Foundation, CIS, National Review, Alipac and so many other right wing groups and websites.

Yet, my community has been quiet. We are hard working. We are Christian. We are humble. When you attack us, we remain humble. We accepted your chastisement. In the past, your groups weren't so obvious about your extremism and targeting against Latinos.

However, last election, your GOP Candidates decided to take a stand. It was obvious. You decided this was a crossroads election. You knew that our country's demographics were changing. We are rapidly evolving to a multi cultural society (Roy Beck's Gumball theory).

We are at a crossroads. Will America allow this change and accept that ALL are created equal? Or will we, from your perspective, RIGHT the Course and put minorities in their place. Will we limit Immigration to solely those with advanced degrees in Science, Math and Technology.

Your candidates, Romney, Santorum, Perry, all proudly spoke of their vision, along with their beliefs on wedge issues. They laid their agenda out there for everyone to see. Mass Deportation, Rule of Racial Profiling Law, etc. etc., everything you laid out here in your Op-Ed.

And guess what? The vast majority of Americans, and especially the Vast Majority of all minority Americans of EVERY ethnicity. SAID NO. In fact they said HELL NO! We don't support your right wing extremist, NON multi cultural Agenda!

We said, "Obama isn't perfect, but we sure as HELL do NOT support Racial Profiling, MASS Deportation, your ANTI Women, ANTI Gay agenda."

Now about your editorial here. You Doubled Down.

Do you really think we are all "illegals"? All 55M voter citizens? And why do you call people "illegals" anyway?? Why do YOU say we are "disproportionately
low-income and disproportionately likely to receive some form of government
support." I would ponder to say that I have a much higher income than many of your editorial bloviaters. As Robert DeNiro said, "Are you talkin' to me?"

I'm going to lay it on the line, right here for you, so that you and your young Editorial writers understand.

1. STOP your Damn Racial Profiling laws like sb1070. You yahoos call it "Border Enforcement." We call it what it is, RACIAL PROFILING. Just Stop It! This is the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE. WE ARE ALL EQUAL DAMN IT! (And put that racial profiler Arpaio and his hooded volunteer posse in Jail!)

2. ACCEPT the fact that we in the USA are becoming a Beautiful, Multi Cultural Society!

3. Understand that these Immigration Laws are restrictionist and based on the very first Immigration Law in America - the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Immigration Act of 1924. They are New to the 20th century and have NOT been in place since Columbus.

4. STOP using your "Rule of Law" rhetoric to impose restrictionist, racial profiling laws.

5. And one more thing. One of your most irritating lines in your op-ed was: "While many are in business for themselves, they express hostile attitudes toward free enterprise in polls," Let me ask, HOW OLD ARE YOUR EDITORS? or in other words "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" You are DEMONIZING an entire demographic. You make me shake just thinking about it!

We Latinos are like every other American in America. We work hard. We love our Families. We want to achieve the American Dream. AND, we will VOTE for whomever supports our rights as Americans!!

You Got It Now?

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The President Provides a Few Details about his Impending Proposal for CIR

President Obama briefly spoke about Immigration Reform before a group of students in Las Vegas today.

The President didn't go into detail. He barely touched on the subject.
While I was hoping for more detail, here are the topics he touched upon.

The President's major point: If the bipartisan committee doesn't move forward quickly with their plan, he will quickly advance his own proposal, particular Directly to the American Public:

1.        Border Security
Boots on ground southern border. Stay focused
2.        Enforcement Efforts
Deportations at all time low
3.        Dreamer Policy
1.        Pathway to Citizenship
a.        Background checks
b.        Pay taxes & penalty
c.        Learn English
d.        Go to back of line ; not quick but fair
2.        Improve/update Immigration Process
a.        Streamline immigration
b.        Reduce backlog
c.        Fast track for best and brightest

Over the days ahead, I will provide a gentle comparison between the President's and the Group of 8's plan. All of the Latino Community is hoping they will work together and pass a workable CIR solution.

However my BIG ARTICLE later this week will be to provide you with the Far Right Extremists' strategy to attack BOTH Plans! These extremists have already laid out their devious course. ALSO, the KEY ARCHITECTS for their  heinous plans have already revealed themselves. Their cast of characters is long and deep. You already know who they are. Their strategy, however, is a bit unique and many in the media are unaware. It will be VERY FUN EXPOSING these FAR RIGHT Zealots,.

Monday, January 28, 2013


The Bipartisan Group of 8 (SENATORS SCHUMER, MCCAIN, DURBIN, GRAHAM, MENENDEZ, RUBIO, BENNET & FLAKE), have rolled out their Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill recommendation. This bill has some interesting aspects and some of their recommendations are a good start. Others are extremely questionable.
I'm providing you a good summary. I'm NOT going to critique them tonight. However, I am highlighting in RED the aspects of the bill that I have questions about.
The President is going to roll out his recommendation tomorrow.
Later this week, I'll be providing a side by side comparison of both recommendations.

SOUTHERN BORDER ENFORCEMENT FIRST:  demonstrate commitment to securing borders and combatting Visa overstays by requiring enforced any immigrant on probationary status can earn a green card.
. More Border Patrol on Mexico Border (Not Canadian)
. Provide Surveillance Technology including more Drones.
NO Racial Profiling
. Include verbiage for No Racial Profiling. Hear feedback from border communities re: Racial Profiling abuses.
Visa Overstays
. Electronically track all guest/temporary Visas to make sure they don’t overstay. (how will it work)
Pathway to Legalization for 11M
. While Security measures are put in place, 11M will register with the government, including passing background check, pay fine and back taxes, earn probationary legal status and stay/work in the US. Those with serious criminal record or who pose threat to national security are ineligible and subject to deportation. May be immediately deported.
NO Federal Public Benefits, including Healthcare, Food Stamps or any Federal Public Benefits
. Non-Citizens and ALL those in process will NOT have access to ANY Federal Public Benefits.
Southern Border Commission
. Create a commission comprised of Border Governors, Attorney Generals, and Community Leaders living along the Southwest border to monitor the progress of securing the Southern Border to make recommendations regarding when the security measures outlined in the legislation are completed. They will determine IF Measures are completed, and THEN and Only THEN will Probationary Immigrants be allowed to apply for citizenship.
Pathway to Citizenship for the 11M here:
. go to back of line; pass additional background checks
. will receive a green card once ALL who have been waiting in line at the time legislation is enacted has received green card.
. pay taxes; learn English & civics; demonstrate history of work in US; eventually earn a green card
Different Punishments for Different Immigrants
(I’m thinking about this category so it’s not in Red)
Dream Act: Different Requirements
Agricultural Workers: Different Requirements
Special Treatment for PhD & Masters’ Degree

II. Improving our Legal Immigration System and Attracting the World’s Best and Brightest

Award Green Cards to applying Immigrants who have received PhD or Masters’ degree in science, technology, engineering or math from an American University.
(I’m thinking about this category so it’s not in Red)

III. Strong Employment Verification

Develop tough, fair, effective and mandatory employment verification system. (Not eVerify)
. Hold employers accountable
(Need more info on this one; what will replace?)

IV. Admitting New Workers and Protecting Workers’ Rights

. Guest Worker Program
Provide employers ability to hire low skilled workers in a timely manner where Americans are unavailable or unwilling to fill those jobs. (Need more info on implementation)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Immigration 2013: President Obama, McCain and Group of Six Will Propose ONE BILL which includes Path to Citizenship

President Obama is travelling to Las Vegas on Tuesday and is set to begin his push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The White House said, "The President will be traveling to Nevada on Tuesday to redouble the Administration's efforts to work with Congress to fix the broken immigration system this year." President Obama's public campaign is to build support for ONE comprehensive immigration package that will include a pathway to citizenship for the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of six senators also plans to release a detailed framework laying out their principals for ONE bill as soon as the end of this week. Senators include: Democrats Charles Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Robert Menendez of New Jersey; and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Marco Rubio of Florida,

On ABC's "This Week" John McCain said, "We can't go on forever with 11 million people living in this country in the shadows in an illegal status. We cannot forever have children who were born here -- who were brought here by their parents when they were small children to live in the shadows, as well." McCain has changed his view since his campaign days where he was opposed to "Amnesty" because he wanted the support of the far right wing. When asked why he had this change of view, McCain responded, "Look at the last election. We are losing dramatically the Hispanic vote, which we think should be ours, for a variety of reasons, and we've got to understand that."

On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Menendez said that "family unification" would be a high priority in any plan, which he said would include Dream Act legislation to provide undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children with a path to citizenship.

With Durbin, Menendez and McCain appearing on Sunday Talk Shows today, all supporting ONE Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill which includes a Pathway to Citizenship and Passage of the DREAM ACT - with citizenship, it will be interesting to see how Marco Rubio explains this approach to his friends in the extreme right wing/Tea Party and Talk Radio. Last week, he told them his recommendations were for a Piece Meal approach and pathway to legalization without citizenship. These changes will certainly anger them. Stay tuned for their attacks against our President AND the Gang of Six, especially Rubio if he supports this plan.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Guest Voz: Raul Reyes -- Rep. Steve King’s bill to deny birthright citizenship is unconstitutional

Guest Voz: Raul Reyes -- Rep. Steve King’s bill to deny birthright citizenship is unconstitutional
Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) kicked off the new session of Congress by introducing a bill that takes aim at the 14th Amendment.  King is against birthright citizenship – the automatic granting of citizenship to all persons born in the U.S. – for the children of undocumented immigrants.  He wants to change a section of the Immigration and Nationality Act, to limit the classes of people defined as citizens.
King’s bill is nothing more than divisive, ignorant pandering.  It defies legal precedent, and would do nothing to solve our illegal immigration problem. Instead it scapegoats kids, tramples on American values, and reinforces the image of the GOP as hostile to immigrants and Hispanics.
The language of the 14th Amendment is clear: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”  For over a century, the Supreme Court has interpreted this to mean that anyone born here is a citizen; in Kim Wong Ark v. U.S. (1898), the court found that the U.S.-born son of Chinese immigrants was indeed an American. So although King may not like the 14th Amendment, he cannot legislate around it.  The Constitution is the law of the land.

“The current practice of extending U.S. citizenship to hundreds of thousands of ‘anchor babies’ must end,” King says in a press release, “because it creates a magnet for illegal immigration into our country.”  Actually, his reasoning stems from a fallacy.  The offensive term “anchor baby” is based on the notion that a U.S.-born child can protect an undocumented family from deportation.  In fact, having a citizen child does not protect undocumented parents.  In the last two years, over 200,000 undocumented parents with citizen children have been deported.  Being a high-profile case is no help, either.  Undocumented immigrant Elvira Arellano gained national attention when she took sanctuary in a Chicago church.  Despite being the mother of an American-born son, she was deported anyway.
While King claims that citizenship is a “magnet” for illegal immigration, he offers no evidence to support this claim.  He can’t, because there isn’t any.  The “magnet” for undocumented immigrants is jobs, which is why illegal immigration is currently at net zero.  What’s more, if birthright citizenship were curtailed, it would increase the size of the undocumented population by creating a new class of people who are “illegal by birth.”  Not only is that a less-than-desirable outcome, it goes against the fundamental American principle that all men are created equal.
Then again, King has compared undocumented immigrants to dogs and livestock.  He has stated that he can tell who is undocumented by their shoes.  During the 2012 election, he opined that the GOP shouldn’t even try for Latino votes, because the Democrats would be giving Hispanics “a great big check.”  All this from a congressman who sits on the House Judiciary Committee – and on a subcommittee handling immigration policy and enforcement.
King’s posturing makes it harder for the GOP to connect with Latinos.  But there are more moderate, constructive voices in the party.  Just last Friday, prominent Republicans met in Miami to strategize on Hispanic outreach.  Still, their work will be stymied by outspoken extremists like King.  He does not represent the views of mainstream Republicans.  He is not presenting a legitimate immigration policy option.  He is holding the GOP back at a time when it is trying to figure out how to go forward.
King’s attack on the children of undocumented immigrants is cynical, mean-spirited, and pointless.  He offers no solution on immigration, only inaccurate rhetoric.  And if Republicans do not rein him in, he may well undo the GOP’s effort to remake their party for the future.

Fulfilling the DREAM with SERVICE!

WASHINGTON -- A group of young undocumented immigrants ramped up a push this week for the ability to join the military, with about 20 visiting recruiting offices on Thursday to ask about enlistment.
Undocumented immigrants are barred from enlisting. But these young people all came to the United States as children and are now trying to gain legal status. Under a recent directive called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals they are allowed to work -- now they want President Barack Obama to allow that work to be in the military.
The first groups visited recruiting offices in New York and Hanford, Calif., on Thursday, and others will do the same in other cities in the coming weeks, organized by advocacy groups Dream Action Coalition and Let Us Serve.
"For myself, I live in New York City and after 9/11, it was very personal for me," said C├ęsar Vargas, 28, executive director of the Dream Action Coalition and one of the undocumented immigrants who visited the New York recruiting office. "For me, it was really about serving my country and to really send a message to a lot of people who oppose the Dream Act or immigration, for them to see who we are, that we are as American as they are."
Michelle Rodriguez, 26, is also hoping to enlist. She came to the United States from Mexico 21 years ago, and is now earning her bachelor's degree with hopes of attending nursing school. She decided after the Sept. 11 attacks that she wanted to join the military, and her goal is toy become a nurse in the Marines. It would be possible to serve in the military with a U-Visa, she said, but she wants to join as soon as she can.
"It would mean fulfilling one of my dreams. It's one of my dreams to be able to serve," she said. "I think I have what it takes to be a Marine."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will Our Medical Inventors Develop a Solution?

I have a recommendation for all of our Technology Gurus. Invent this:

Abortion Solution.
Let's look at Abortion.
A female wants an Abortion.
Why does she want an Abortion:
1. She was raped
2. She is under-aged.
3. She has no means of support
4. She is Ill and will Die if she has the Baby
5. She is broke. She has no husband. She has no way to support the Baby.

New Innovation: Develop a means for the fetus to be removed from the mother, incubated in an outside, artificial womb, then, when born, the child is put up for adoption.

In this way, the Mother is removed from the dilemma.
The child is born.
A child-less couple is able to Adopt the child.

I challenge all Medical Inventors to develop this Solution.

I don't believe this is too far fetched.
We may be close to a Solution.

Maybe we should ask our Medical Inventors to Develop this Solution.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Marco Rubio's Immigration Plan demands Latino’s continue to be the Working Underclass, Second Class citizens

There are discussions across all the Cable News Channels about passing Immigration Reform. The President has said passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform is at the top of his agenda this year. Republicans are saying they are amenable to passing some form of Immigration Reform as a means to obtain the Latino Vote especially since they did so poorly with the Latino Vote during the 2013 Presidential Election.
Yesterday, on ABC This Week, Rick Santorum said the Republican Party is “ready to do something about Immigration.” However, he said, Republicans are NOT willing to allow a Pathway to Citizenship for the 11M here. Instead, he said (sounding like Marco Rubio) Republicans are ready to target specific areas of Immigration, especially “the rule of law” and “fortifying our borders.” In other words, he was talking about Walls, ICE Raids, Deportations and Racial Profiling Laws. They also want to “ease restrictions” for those with advanced degrees.
It is clear that Santorum, Rubio and most Republican politicians don’t have a clue as to why Latinos are not voting for them nor why we want Immigration Reform.  The answer is very simple. Latinos are not voting for Republicans because over the last several years, as a result of their Border Enforcement and Rule of Law measures, racial profiling laws like Arizona’s sb1070 have been passed. They have been passed in several states. Because of Enforcement Laws like sb1070, all 55 Million Latino U.S. Citizens have been targets of racial profiling and harassment by law enforcement. Sheriff Arpaio and his ski-masked volunteer posse are key examples of this abuse. Any Latino driving or walking in Maricopa County knows this. Ask anyone in the town of Guadalupe, Arizona about Arpaio and his “suppression sweeps.”
What those who are pushing these racial profiling laws don’t understand is, the vast majority of the 55M Latino US Citizens are like my family. We are NOT NEW IMMIGRANTS. We have lived here for over 200 years.  In fact, by ethnicity, our ethnicity is 50% Native to Northern America. We ARE Native Americans.  Yet, those pushing the “Rule of Law” Racial Profiling laws say -- Latino Citizens should “accept” this racial profiling because “we fit the profile.” How ludicrous. That’s like saying “teens and twenty somethings” should accept Profiling any time a school shooting occurs. Or when a serial killing occurs or a Wife Murder occurs, all White Males in their 40s and 50s should be profiled, just because “they fit the profile.” Would this be acceptable? Of course not! And neither should racial profiling against Latino Citizens or sleepy little Latino neighborhoods like Guadalupe, Arizona.
All 55M Latino US Citizens in America want to be treated equal to all other Americans. Through our own hard work, we want to have the ability to achieve the American Dream. It is that simple.  
We Latinos will never vote for a party that insists upon these racial profiling laws – or – as they term them “Rule of Law” and “Border Enforcement” measures. Those that support these heinous laws say they are not racial profiling laws and even put these words in their bills saying they are NOT racial profiling, but there is NO DOUBT that these laws are intended and enacted as racial profiling laws specifically targeting Latinos.
Another troubling aspect of Rubio’s Immigration Plan is his refusal to include a pathway to citizenship for the 11M here. Instead, his Plan allows a Legal Status only. As reported in the Wall St. Journal:
Rubio would grant temporary legal status to those who passed background checks, underwent fingerprinting, demonstrated English skills, and could prove having an extended residence in the country. These newly legalized immigrants could apply for permanent residency leading to citizenship but would not receive any expedited consideration. They would have to apply through the same channels as aspiring immigrants outside the nation’s borders.
This has caused some concern among Latino advocates who worry that some immigrants would have to wait years or even decades to convert their temporary status to permanent legal status. But Rubio has assured potential critics that he does not want to create a worker underclass akin to what exists in France and Germany.
“I don’t have a solution for that question right now,” Rubio told reporters and editors at The New York Times. He has proposed accelerating the process for granting green cards to legal immigrants.
It is clear. In Rubio’s plan, Latino’s continue to be the Working Underclass, Second Class citizens, here only to do the jobs Anglo Americans don’t want to do. His Plan calls for easing restrictions for the Elitist Northern Europeans with Advanced Degrees. Yet, there is NOTHING in his plan asking for Citizenship status for the Latinos who have been working on their hands and knees, harvesting fruits and vegetables for the American Dinner Table.
We Latinos want ONE THING:  We want to be treated equal to all other Americans. Through our own hard work, we want to have the ability to achieve the American Dream. It’s that simple.  

Our President Obama is Inaugurated by Justice Roberts! VP Joe Biden by Latina Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were sworn in today (officially yesterday) by Chief Justice Roberts and Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in front of a hundred thousand cheering Americans!
It was a glorious ceremony.
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic member of the high court, administered the oath of office to Vice President Biden before Obama was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts.
Richard Blanco, the son of Cuban exiles, was the first Latino inaugural poet. Actress Eva Longoria led a Latino tribute to Obama that featured top Hispanic entertainers Sunday night.
"It all shows the power of Latinos in the country and how they're finally being recognized as movers and shakers," said Mryna Orozco, 22, an inauguration attendee from Kansas City, Mo.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ted Cruz is NOT Hispanic and is ANTI-Comprehensive Immigration Reform

I don’t know why anyone considers Ted Cruz a Hispanic. Cruz is Canadian, born in the Canadian city of Calgary, Alberta, on Dec. 22, 1970. His mother is of Irish descent. His father, Rafael, though from Cuba, was a friend of Castro and fought along-side him until he came to America in 1957.
Cruz’ father did not become a US Citizen until 2005 when Cruz began his quest to run for office. Cruz did not even acknowledge his so-called Hispanic heritage until he ran for Senate.
The Tea Party says about Cruz, “We have a new messiah, it seems. Another polished orator with a made-for-TV smile and a Harvard law degree. A success story born of humble beginnings and exotic demographic... A young, sudden star who, barely a week after winning a Republican primary runoff for U.S. Senate (his first election!) is being mentioned as a presidential contender in 2016."
The Tea Party and Republicans characterize Cruz as a Latino, a Minority. Many TRUE Latinos say HE IS NOT! Look at him. Look at his Dad. Look at his family. Cruz USES his surname as a banner to boast of his so called Hispanic heritage. It is A LIE, wrapped in deceit. This Canadian is USING his last name to PRETEND he is Hispanic to advance his own personal political aspirations. It is clear, Cruz is a HINO = Hispanic in Name Only!
Regarding Immigration, he is ANTI-Latino! Here are Cruz’s VIEWS on Immigration:
No path to citizenship for the 11M here; No Dream Act
Give police more power to ask about immigration status (Racial Profiling) and supports sb1070
Boots on the ground, plus a WALL
Triple the size of the Border Patrol
Strengthen border security and increase enforcement; Detention; Deportation

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Republicans Using BAIT & SWITCH Policy to FOOL Latinos into Supporting Their Immigration Reform Plan!

The Republican Party is facing a self- imposed crisis. Their core base is comprised of extremists. They hate our President. They call him a Muslim. They call him a Kenyan. They call him a Socialist.  They don't acknowledge him as our President.

The political views of their constituents are extreme and often irrational – since many of them utilize the very programs they say they oppose. The say they want to privatize Medicare and Social Security.  They say they oppose Women’s Healthcare, including coverage of Birth Control products. They are Anti-Gay. They are PRO Assault Weapons and Large Ammo Clips. They are PRO War and Pro Torture. They watch Fox News and Glenn Beck. They are ANTI Comprehensive Immigration Reform and have frequently advocated Mass Deportation, Changing the 14th Amendment (Birthright Citizenship), Demand English Only and advocate stringent Enforcement Measures, including ICE Raids, Detention in Private Prisons and sb1070 racial profiling laws  -- similar to Arizona’s sb1070. They demand that Latinos accept these Racial Profiling measures and call Latinos Un American if we don’t support them.
Actually, NONE of their views are new. They’ve been around for centuries. They are the views of the Rich, Non-Minority Elitists. These viewpoints have been around since the Civil War. They’ve been around since the Chinese Exclusion Act.  They’ve been around since “Operation Wetback.” They’ve been around since Roosevelt and Johnson passed Social Security and Medicare. They’ve been around since Jim Crow.
The vast majority of Americans don’t feel this way. This was proven in the Last Election. The majority of Americans voted for President Obama. The majority of Americans know our President is American. They support Social Security and Medicare as they are and support Universal Healthcare. They demand Peace in our World. They are ANTI Assault Weapons and Ammo Clips. They support Gay Rights and Women’s Rights. They demand the END of Racial Profiling and want Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Republican Leaders are SAYING they need to change, so are their Think Tanks. However, WE MUST BE VERY LEARY OF THEIR INTENTIONS!
We Latinos have to be very careful right now. Are Republicans actually modifying their ideology? Or are they actually “Playing” us?  We can find the answer by going to the website for the Republican Party’s THINK TANK.

The Republican Party’s THINK TANK in Washington DC is called “The Heritage Foundation.”  The Mission of the Heritage Foundation is to: formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”
The Heritage Foundation has a very clear directive regarding Immigration Reform. Their PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is the EXACT FORMULA of Marco Rubio’s Plan. They are opposed to Comprehensive Immigration Reform package and instead DEMAND a piece meal approach… ONE BILL AT A TIME. AND, it starts with Border Security which equals State “Racial Profiling” bills, ICE Raids and expanded eVerify.  It asks for STREAMLINING Immigration Reform for “Highly Skilled Workers.”  The only difference is, they demand MASS Deportation and don’t tip toe around any type of path for legal status, no matter how vague Rubio’s Bogus “Pathway to Legal Status” Plan is.

Let’s be Very Clear. Here is the Heritage Foundation’s recommendation for Immigration Reform. You can find it on their website:
Recommended Bills:
What they Really Mean:
Mass Deport. NO PATH to CITIZENSHIP EVER; change the 14th Amendment (No More Anchor Babies); English Only
Reform the legal immigration system
Increase the number of visas for "highly-skilled" workers from Northern European Countries.
Make immigration more responsive to the needs of the economy
Guest Worker Programs for Farm Workers and they will Never receive Citizenship or Legal Status (EVER)
Enhance border security efforts
Border Walls, Cameras, Border Security
Reinvigorate interior enforcement measures
e-Verify; ICE Raids; Racial Profiling; "Secure Communities" program; Detention Centers for Families
Recognize state and local authorities as responsible partners
Arpaio Suppression Sweeps, 287(g) programs; "Secure Communities" program

I ask for ALL LATINOS to go to the Heritage Foundation website and see their TRUE AGENDA for themselves.
There are NO PLANS for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In fact, they will NOT SUPPORT IT. Instead, they are USING Marco Rubio as a Stooge! An Uncle Tom! He is presenting his Piece Meal Immigration bill as a HOAX! To Blind Side Us! To make it SEEM as if they are supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform when they are NOT!

GO TO THEIR WEBSITE and see their True Agenda for Yourselves!
Their PLAN:
1.       BAIT & SWITCH: Pretend they support Comprehensive Immigration Reform when they actually are pushing a Piece Meal Mass Deportation and ICE Raid Worksite Enforcement Policy

2.       HINO Rubio and Cruz: Use Latino Incumbents to Push their Plans

Friday, January 18, 2013

Immigration Reform 2013: Obama's Plan vs Rubio's Plan

The President’s annual State of the Union address (SOTU) is scheduled on February 12, 2013. This speech is important because he will be outlining his key priorities for this fiscal year. Among his top priorities is Immigration reform. President Obama said he will present legislation in 2013.
Since 2006, Republicans have strongly opposed Immigration Reform. This year however, in lieu of their poor performance with Latino voters, Republicans are more inclined to support some form of Immigration reform. In fact, Marco Rubio has presented a proposal.  
President Obama has provided a high level view of his recommendations, so has Rubio. Let’s compare them:
OBAMA Plan: One Bill
Rubio: 6 Separate Bills
R Pass ?
PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP: PAY BACK TAXES, criminal background checks, learn English and paying a processing fee.
BILL1: PATHWAY TO Legal Status: PAY BACK TAXES, criminal background checks, learn English and paying a processing fee.. Then apply for Green Card & Potential Legal Status.
Enhanced Border Security
Enhanced Border Security
E-Verify: Enhanced enforcement on businesses that employ undocumented immigrants
BILL 3: E-Verify: Enhanced enforcement on businesses that employ undocumented immigrants
Improving legal immigration: grants a green card to foreign students who earn advanced science and technology degrees in the U.S
BILL 4: Increase the number of visas for "highly-skilled" workers
Pass the Dream Act: pathway to citizenship to undocumented youth seeking a higher education or military service
BILL 5: Pathway to Dream Legal Status
Guest Worker Program
BILL 6: Guest Worker Program, especially for guest farm workers
Improve Immigration Processing/Reduce Backlogs from Entering Countries and Backlogged Court Proceedings

The President supports One overall plan of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Rubio says his plan will be introduced in six separate bills.  It is easy to see why. Rubio can brag that he is introducing Comprehensive Immigration Reform and many Republicans will jump on board, all the while proclaiming their support of Latinos.
Which bills will Republicans support first? It is obvious:
1. Enhance Border Security, 2. e-Verify, 3. Increase # of Visas for "highly-skilled" workers.
Enhanced Border Security is just more of the SAME RACIAL PROFILING BILLS that have antagonized Latinos for years. Sheriff Arpaio and Arizona are notorious for sb1070. John Tanton's K-K-Kris Kobach WROTE THE BILL, for Heaven's sake! Just because the bill indicates there is "No Racial Profiling Permitted," we all know that Arpaio allows his ski masked posse to terrorize Latino neighborhoods with their "Suppression Sweeps." It is obvious that Republicans DON'T GET IT! We Latinos will NEVER vote for them as long as Latinos are treated as 2nd Class Citizens and told we MUST endure this Racial Profiling just because "We Fit the Profile" of what they believe an "Illeegal" looks like.  Enhanced Border Security should NOT be used to sugar coat all of this racial profiling. We have 55 Million Latino Citizens in our Country. We will NOT vote for anyone who promotes these racial profiling bills.
Republicans will also embrace the enforcement of e-Verify. We have it now, but next they plan to make the rules more stringent, even though the database has numerous flaws.
The third measure they will immediately advance is their support for giving shortcuts to Immigrants they deem are "highly-skilled" workers. Read this to mean more Northern European immigrants with advanced degrees.
So now that we know which bills Republicans will support, which bills will they IGNORE? They will absolutely drag their feet on Rubio's version of Pathway to Legal Status. Rubio's version is a PIG IN A POKE. It's FAKE! First of all, Rubio's version does NOT include a Pathway to Citizenship for the 11M here. Instead, he says if you complete several steps and if you pass them all, then we MAY provide you some type of temporary Legal Status.  Then, if you are very good, we will give you several more rules to follow, pay more fines, then we just might let you get in line and apply for citizenship.
As far as the Dream Act goes, Republicans don't want the Dreamers to become citizens. Rubio's bill allows them (after several hoops jumped) to obtain legal status, but they will have to get in line and leave to become citizens.
The Guest Worker program is being supported, particularly for farmworkers. Both sides need the work and the cheap pay to continue.
One area Rubio nor the Republicans are touching is streamlining the Immigration process so we don't have 12 - 20 year backlogs for entry from Latino countries and so we don't have years long backlog in Immigration Courts for people who are trying to resolve their Visa issues.
The President is right. We do need One Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill passed, otherwise, we will be stuck with Rubio's Phony piece meal approach. If passed his way, expect many more racial profiling bills enacted, more Employer ICE Sweeps and more Broken Immigration Reform promises. 

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