Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Beer Ad that All ANTIs Will Love: Drink Us and We'll Hire More Mexicans in Mexico!

Corona Extra Beer, voted the Favorite Beer of Facebook, has a new ad. Some call it a comic, tongue-in-cheek ad poking fun at the racist ANTIs. Others say it is a serious new marketing campaign directed at the extreme Restrictionist ANTIs who prefer Mass Deportation and a walled-in USA. Still others say it is a mix of both looking to sell more beer.

The ad (left) says, "Drink us and we'll hire more Mexicans in Mexico."
Corona was selected in a Facebook “Pick Five” survey where users worldwide choose their favorite five things based on different topics. The Favorite Beers survey collected the opinions of 2.5 million people on Facebook, according to PC World. “Having our brand on the top of a list in an unsolicited survey is definitely proof of the great success of Corona Extra and of the unique brand imagery that distinguishes our brand all over the world,” said Jose Pares, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Grupo Modelo, the maker of Corona Extra. Grupo Modelo is currently present in 159 countries not only through its flagship Corona Extra but also with its other export brands: Modelo Especial, Corona Light, Pacifico and Negra Modelo.

In terms of world consumer preferences all over the world, Corona came in before Heineken, Guinness, Stella Artois and Budweiser.

Grupo Modelo, founded in 1925, is the leader in Mexico in beer production, distribution and marketing, with 63.0% of the total (domestic and export) market share, as of December 31, 2008. It has seven brewing plants in Mexico, with a total annual installed capacity of 60 million hectoliters. Currently, it brews and distributes 12 brands, including Corona Extra, the number one Mexican beer sold in the world, Modelo Especial, Victoria, Pacifico and Negra Modelo. It exports five brands and is present in 159 countries. It is the importer of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s products in Mexico, including Budweiser, Bud Light and O’Doul’s. It also imports the Chinese Tsingtao brand and the Danish beer Carlsberg. Grupo Modelo trades in the Mexican Stock Exchange since 1994 with the ticker symbol GMODELOC. It also quotes as an ADR under the ticker GPMCY in the OTC markets and in Latibex in Spain as XGMD.

A big thank you to
Citizen Orange and Laura Martinez from Mi Blog Es Tu Blog for their posts about this ad.

RNC’s Spanish Translation Of Hispanic Heritage Month Press Release Riddled With Errors

ThinkProgress.org Reports:
Today, the Republican National Committee (RNC) released a statement from Chairman Michael Steele announcing the release of a new video in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. However, though the press release emphasizes the Republican Party’s “commitment to the Hispanic community,” apparently that commitment does not include hiring a qualified Spanish translator. The Spanish translation of Steele’s statement is riddled with embarrassing typos and errors. Even Yahoo’s automatic online translator, Babel Fish, produces better results. A quick revision highlights the multitude of glaring errors.

The substance of the accompanying video isn’t much better. Its main focus is on highlighting the accomplishments of conservative Latinos and completely ignores renowned Latino leaders like civil rights activists César Chávez and Dolores Huerta, and completely sidesteps the recent confirmation of Puerto Rican Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
The video doesn’t even acknowledge one of the Republican Party’s most respected leaders, former Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) who resigned from his post as RNC chairman in 2007 in response to his party’s anti-immigrant views. Before abruptly leaving Congress this past August, Martinez admitted that his party’s “divisive rhetoric” during the 2007 immigration debate had tarnished the GOP brand amongst Latinos, stating “the Republican Party had better figure out how to talk to them [Latinos].” Ironically, while Steele indicated that the GOP would not be changing its position on immigration, he did say that the Party had to work on its messaging, which is often perceived as “insensitive.”

Obamigration Reform: Employer Audits - No ICE Raids

American Apparel, a clothing-maker with a vast garment factory in downtown Los Angeles, is firing about 1,800 immigrant employees in the coming days — more than a quarter of its workforce — after a federal investigation turned up irregularities in the identity documents the workers presented when they were hired.

The firings have become a showcase for the Obama administration’s new immigration policies which are vastly different than the previous administration's attacks on the workers. For those that recall the heinous ICE Raids in Postville, IA:
In May, 2008, ICE raided the Agriprocessor´s plant in Postville, IA. At the time, it was the biggest ICE raid in U.S. History. The city of Postville was in an uproar. Six hundred workers were arrested and hoarded off to cattle barns in preparation for their transport to deplorable Detention Prisons in Texas. Agriprocessors and the town eventually went out of business.

In the Los Angeles raid, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency conducted an on-going audit with American Apparel. The investigation at American Apparel was started 17 months ago, under President George W. Bush. The Obama administration officials point out that they have not followed the Bush pattern of concluding such investigations with a mass round-up of workers. Those raids drew criticism for damaging businesses and dividing immigrant families. Immigration officials said they would now focus on employers, primarily wielding the threat of civil complaints and fines, instead of raids and worker deportation. “Now all manner of companies face the very real possibility that the government, using our basic civil powers, is going to come knocking on the door,” Mr. Morton said. The goal, he said, is to create “a truly national deterrent” to hiring unauthorized labor that would “change the practices of American employers as a class.”

The employees being fired from American Apparel could not resolve discrepancies discovered by investigators in documents they presented at hiring and federal social security or immigration records — probably because the documents were fake. Peter Schey, a lawyer for American Apparel, said that ICE had cited deficiencies in its record keeping, but the authorities had not accused the company of knowingly hiring unauthorized workers. A fine threatened by the agency was withdrawn, Mr. Schey said.

Company Owner, Mr. Charney, is questioning why the authorities made a target of his company. Over the summer he joined his workers in a street protest against the firings. Because the immigration investigation is still underway, Mr. Charney declined to be interviewed for this article but did respond in an e-mail message. The firings “will not help the economy, will not make us safer,” he said. “No matter how we choose to define or label them,” he said, illegal immigrants “are hard-working, taxpaying workers.”

Some workers who are leaving said the company had been a close-knit community for them. Jesús, 30, originally from Puebla, Mexico, said he was hired 10 years ago as a sewing machine operator, then worked and studied his way up to an office job as coordinating manager. “I learned how to think here,” said Jesús, who asked that his last name not be used because of his illegal status. The company provides health and life insurance, he said, and he currently earns about $900 a week, with taxes deducted from his paycheck. Like many others, Jesús said his next move was to hunt for work in Los Angeles. He will not return to Mexico, he said, because he is gay and fears discrimination. “There they treat you and judge you without even knowing you,” Jesús said. But he said several job offers from mainstream garment makers had been withdrawn once he was asked for documents. “Being realistic,” he said, “I guess I’m going to have to go to one of those sweatshop companies where I’m going to get paid under the table.”

ICE has made no arrests so far at the factory. But Mr. Morton of ICE said the agency would not rule out pursuing workers proven to be illegal immigrants. Mr. Schey said company human resources managers had added new scrutiny to hiring procedures. But workers facing dismissal pointed to the line of job applicants outside the factory one recent day, who, like many of them, were almost all Spanish-speaking immigrants.

“I think the Americans think that garment sewing is demeaning work,” said Francisco, 38, a Guatemalan with nine years at the plant who is being forced to leave. A top supervisor, he is training new hires to replace him.

From my perspective, I think Obamigration Reform is a significant improvement vs the Bush/ICE Immigration policies, though not perfect. No more inhumane ICE Raids. No more heinous Detention Centers for entire families. Instead, company audits, working with company owners, release employees with insufficient documents and recruiting and hiring citizens. From an ANTI perspective, they should appreciate the significant cost savings of ICE Agents and privately owned (crony-owned) Private Prisons.

Monday, September 28, 2009

ACORN Video Racist O'Keefe in Black Neighborhoods Ridiculing Minorities in "Bailout Prize Patrol!" Then to Planned Parenthood Targetting Black Babies!

O'Keefe, of ACORN Video fame, has a LONG HISTORY of "gotcha" videos (selectively editted) targetting and ridiculing blacks/minorities. In this video, he targets Black Neighborhoods for his Video Ridicule. You can SEE O'Keefe saying to himself "Stupid nxxxxx!" Look at him!

In this next STING, he targets Planned Parenthood centers and Offers to give a donation if there are "less Black Kids out there."

These videos go to show you what a RACIST, DESPICABLE, SPOILED BRAT THIS O'KEEFE IS!! Additionally, you can see how heavily this video was editted. We never heard the caller call himself by name, yet we hear footage of the receiver calling him David. My question, "What was editted out??" These are RACIST, RACIST videos and it is very clear, O'Keefe only shows what he wants us to hear!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Secretary Gates (Republican) Compliments Obama-- Bush's Wrongful Iraq War a Factor!

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who is a Republican and was a prominent member of former President George W. Bush's Cabinet, said he is enjoying working for President Obama. Gates praised Obama’s approach to decision-making as the nation's commander-in-chief. "He is very analytical. He is very deliberate about the way he goes through things. He wants to understand everything. He delves very deeply into these issues." (What a change from Bush)
As I was reading this report this morning, my mind zipped back to Bush/Cheney getting us involved in the wrongful war in Iraq. All you have to do is look at a map of the Middle East to understand how ridiculous it was to get involved in this war. After 9/11, the world understood Bin Laden/Al Qaeda were the perpetrators. The US government concluded that Osama bin Laden was present during the Battle of Tora Bora, Afghanistan in late 2001, and according to civilian and military officials with first-hand knowledge, failure by the US to commit US ground troops to hunt him led to his escape and was the gravest failure by the US in the war against al Qaeda. Bin Laden began the battle of Tora Bora inside the cave complex along Afghanistan's mountainous eastern border. He somehow managed to escape. Today, Intelligence Reports indicate he escaped to Chitral, Pakistan. Anyone who studies a map of the middle east knows and understands the closeness in proximity of these areas. He escaped to a nearby region. Tora Bora, Afghanistan and Chitral, Pakistan are on the Eastern side of their countries, close to China. Iraq is located on the opposite side of Iran.
It made no sense to go to Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Many of Bush's advisers advised against going there, including Richard Clark. Yet, we still are there. If anyone can get us, perhaps Obama can.
Defense Secretary Gates has worked with both men. I'd say his feedback is a very good sign!
'I very much enjoy working for' Obama, Gates says

Saturday, September 26, 2009

ACORN Videos Were Filmed Illegally Violating the Rule of Law! Now Fox is Soliciting Donations for the Spoiled Harvard LIARS Giles & O'Keefe !

As I previously reported, bloggers Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, two privileged spoiled brats from Harvard, are LIARS and CHEATS! They promoted very selectively editted videos of 3 Acorn employees (out of 400,000 employees) who appeared (but we only saw selective, editted videos) to have succumbed to their very obvious SCAM (dressing as PIMP and WHORE) requesting a place to live.

They pushed their videos by sending their videos to their FRIEND Breitbart, who pushed the vidoes to his friend Drudge, who pushed the videos to his friend crybaby Beck on Fox News who promoted the HELL out the bogus, biasly editted FAKE Videos about ACORN.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am Proud of our President! Republicans have Gone Over the Top in Ridiculing a Little Children's Song About our President.

I am standing up and saying, I am proud of our President Obama! I watched him yesterday as he spoke before the United Nations. He was Brilliant. President Obama signaled a sharp break with the policies of former President Bush and echoed the themes of his own presidential campaign. He urged world leaders to act together to combat global warming, nuclear proliferation, extreme poverty, and continuing conflict in the Middle East. The audience rewarded and honored our President with applause, eight times during his speech. Applause is extremely rare at the United Nations.

I have been proud of previous Presidents. I remember my 5th grade class being so excited and motivated about the Presidential election in 1960. We studied both candidates. We were split almost 50 - 50, with half of our class supporting Candidate Kennedy, and the other half supporting candidate Nixon. I, of course, supported Kennedy. My sister and I saw him when he visited Lansing, our State Capital. I wrote to him and asked for an autographed picture, which he sent me. I was so proud when he was elected. I remember his speech. All of us watched his speech in school. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." I remember talking about his speech in class and asking ourselves what we could do to support our President - support change in America. We all wanted to help him.

The President also started a Physical Fitness program. We started exercising in school (no choice, mandatory, but we all liked it). I remember the song we were told to sing, "Give that chicken fat, Back to the chicken, And don't be chicken again. No, don't be chicken again." The song, Chicken Fat, also known as “The Youth Fitness Song” was composed for President Kennedy’s Physical Fitness Program. Recordings of this song were sent to school districts throughout the United States to accompany the official U.S. Physical Fitness program of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.

I remember many of the President's policies and being so motivated. I believed in equal rights for all, the Civil Rights Movement and Women's Rights. I remember thinking about joining the Peace Corps.

I remember sitting in the living room with my whole family, watching TV as Jackie Kennedy gave us a tour of the White House. I remember thinking how beautiful she was, and how she spoke before world leaders in Spanish, in French, and thinking, I want to speak other languages and learn more about the world.

The sixties were a magical time. The country was proud. The world was proud. We were Patriotic, Motivated for Peace and Equality. I loved those times and I long for us all to be Patriotic, honor our President and joined as a nation again -- in equality!

I saw a bit of the same through other Presidencies. I remember kids sending Jelly Beans to President Reagan. I remember Bush I and II reading to children. Reagan, both Bushes and Clinton spoke to children in school about Reading and Education.

Knowing and living through all of this history, I am totally, totally appalled by what Fox News and Republican Right Wingers are doing to chastise and belittle school children who sang a song about our President. These teabagger, deather, birthers have gone beyond the pale. On youtube footage, these psychos have spliced in footage from Korean dictator Kim Jong. It is just deplorable.

I am showing this video to show you how INSANE these Beck/Hannity supported teabagger, deather, birthers are. Additionally, here are the actual lyrics to the cute song the little children wrote in support of our President. They took these children's beautiful, creative words and tried to turn them into something else. These extreme right wingers are despicable.

First: Here are the cute lyrics created by the children:
"we're going to spread happiness, we're gonna spread freedom.
Obama's gonna change it. Obama's gonna lead em.
Now we'll all lift our voice to say, we with all our heart.
For our children, for our families, Our nation all joined as one."
"yes, we can. can. can."

Next: Here is what the despicable, evil right wingers turned them into:

All I can say is, Thank you Glenn Beck for proving HATRED survives in your depths of depravity! Stop passing it around! Leave the little Children alone!!

Here is a 2nd video, 1st the lyrics:
He said that all must lend a hand, To make this country strong again
Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must be fair today, Equal work means equal pay
He said that we must take a stand, To make sure everyone gets a chance
He said red, yellow, black or white, All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama
Hello, Mr. President we honor you today! For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say "hooray!"
Hooray, Mr. President! You're number one! The first black American to lead this great nation!
Hooray, Mr. President we honor your great plans, To make this country's economy number one again!
Hooray Mr. President, we're really proud of you!And we stand for all Americans under the great Red, White, and Blue!

Now here is how the crazee teabaggers wrote about it on youtube and fox:
Just as the young children of Nazi Germany sang to Adolph Hitler..We are now teaching our children to sing a song to the new fascist leader of the USSA. (funny how this was filmed in June but suddenly this is posted on youtube with these despicable words and FOX immediately reacts!)

Republican/Fox News Hypocrisy re: ACORN while not reporting or chastising the Crimes of Halliburton, Blackwater or Abramoff!!

Why is it that Fox News/Republicans rant on and on about a non-vetted video created by two Harvard spoiled brats pretending to be a pimp and a madame visiting 3 employees (out of 400,000) ACORN employees yet we see nary a report about the outrageous corruption scandals committed against our country and the across the world by Blackwater, Halliburton and Abramoff ?

Fox is obsessing about the unvetted ACORN tapes, reporting for hours and hours on end, Beck crying, Hannity snorting, on and on it goes. Yet they don't talk about the rapes and murder charges against Blackwater and Halliburton. They don't talk about the massive over-charging of billions of dollars by these scoundrels. Nothing! Nada! Not a word. Nor do they talk about the corruption and thievery by Abramoff. Their coverage of controversies involving military contractors that have received billions of dollars in federal contracts and instances of Republican corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. government continues to go unreported.

Ask yourselves WHY! You KNOW the Answer!

Hypocrite Gingrich's 2007 Statement about Spanish and then his Apology in Spanish!

Here is the statement Newt Gingrich made in 2007 about the Spanish language:
“The American people believe English should be the official language of the government. … We should replace bilingual education with immersion in English so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto.”

Now here is his apology to Spanish Speaking People. He made his apology --IN SPANISH -- to hide it from his right wing friends. Now this year, he rolls out a new website called "Americano" which he says is a bilingual website run by Sylvia Garcia, his director of Hispanic outreach and the goal is, to lure Latinos to the GOP and to cash in on Latino Hispanic Heritage Month. Can he spell H-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y? He may as well have put out a youtube/website saying "You speaky espanol, you stupido, voto para yo, un intelligente republicano!":

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hypocrite Gingrich Launches a New Hispanic Website

gawker.com reports:
Newt Gingrich Ama el Dinero Más que ser Racista
Pudgy philandering futurist Newt Gingrich has always opposed brown people and their filthy ghetto language, Spanish. Which is why (??) he is launching a Spanish-language political web site, because he might as well try to make some money off these dirty people.
Gingrich Communications has launched The Americano, a bilingual political news site aimed at Latinos that "will seek to make a profit from advertising." It is being run by Sylvia Garcia, his director of Hispanic outreach. To repeat: It is bilingual. You can choose to get your news in English or in Spanish, a choice that Newt Gingrich—the man whose company is launching this web site—believes is corrosive to our culture:

"Allowing bilingualism to continue to grow is very dangerous," Gingrich said in Atlanta. "We should insist on English as a common language. . . . That's what binds us together." That's from 1995, when Gingrich was defending his massive cuts to bilingual education and support for English-only legislation. As recently as 2007, he repeated the sentiment, saying Spanish people should stop speaking the "language of living in the ghetto," i.e., Spanish, the language of The Americano, of which he is the publisher.

In fact, according to the site's "principles," the editors of The Americano "will..renew our commitment to American values, language and history as the prerequisite for U.S. citizenship." You can read that in Spanish here. So it's basically a web site for illegal immigrants. To yell at them.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Orly Taitz's Clients are Ditching Her!

Salon.com reports:
Orly Taitz's clients are ditching her
Birther lawyer Orly Taitz has gotten herself in some hot water recently. Last week, federal judge in Georgia who was presiding over a suit Taitz brought on behalf of Army Capt. Connie Rhodes got fed up with the Birther-in-Chief's antics and threatened her with $10,000 in sanctions. Now, it seems that the motion Taitz filed that provoked the judge wasn't even authorized by her client. In a letter to Judge Clay Land, her client Capt. Rhodes wrote:
I became aware on last night's local news that a Motion to Stay my deployment had been entered on my behalf. I did not authorize this motion to be filed. I thank you for hearing my case and respect [the ruling dismissing it.] It is evident that the original filing ... was full of political conjecture which was not my interest ....
With that I said (sic), please withdraw the Motion to Stay that Ms. Taitz filed this past Thursday. I did not authorize it and do not wish to proceed. Ms. Taitz never requested my permission nor did I give it ....
Furthermore, I do not wish for Ms. Taitz to file any future motions or represent me in any way in this court. It is my plan to file a complaint with the California State Bar due to her reprehensible and unprofessional actions.
This isn't the first time Taitz has done this sort of thing, despite the fact that it is -- to use the standard, complicated legal jargon -- a big no-no. Lawyers are supposed to represent their clients' wishes, not use their clients to advance their own interests, especially not without their permission. Despite Rhodes' letter and Land's threat to fine her, Taitz appears ready to press on. In posts on her blog, she's talking about filing additional motions in the case, and she writes:
This is very similar to what I have seen in the communist dictatorship in the Soviet Union .... What is next? They will throw me in FEMA GULAG? I hope each and every citizen of this country rises against this tyranny. I will be seeking all means of redress available to me by law. I will be seeking Rule 11 discovery to prove that Obama is indeed illegitimate, my case was not frivolous and not only I don’t owe $10,000 in sanctions, but the defendants owe costs and my reasonable attorneys fees. These fees just went up significantly.


To all my Viewers:

We have a NEW SuperStar on the PRO Immigration Reform Front.
I predict he will become FAMOUS and a front-runner in the Immigration Debate. He is my friend. He is young! He is knowledgeable! He is informed! He is Passionate! And....He is handsome!

His name is Nezua and he writes the blog: "The Unapologetic Mexican!" Maybe you've seen his blog before. Maybe you've heard his name. For all of my viewers: I want to formally introduce you to Nezua, the Unapologetic Mexican!

Look for him to become FAMOUS in the Immigration Debate in the years ahead! I fully endorse him. I bow to him. He is a Superstar!!

HERE IS NEZUA: VIDEO (click here and then scroll own and click on the Video)


(To all of my beautiful nieces: I will introduce you later!)

Insane Immigration Policies Impacting Schoolchildrens' Lives and Education!

Question to Readers: Can we bring logic and civility to the Immigration Reform discussions? Must there be so much anger and rhetoric in this discussion? Do we really need to build more Walls? Do Children need to stop their education? Do we only enforce the "Rule of Law" on the Mexico border? Isn't there room for judgement where it makes sense to do so?

Case Study: For decades upon decades, small, sleepy border towns have led quiet lives. Parents worked. Their kids went to school. Citizens from both the US and Mexico lived on both sides of the border. Americans often bought houses in Mexico, but worked on the US side. The Mexicans, with green cards in hand, worked in the US, but walked across the bridge to go home each evening. This kept both sides of the border prosperous. Such was the case for the small, sleepy town of Del Rio, TX, just across the border from Cuidad Acuna, MX.

Now, times are changing. New enforcement and restrictionist policies are being imposed, primarily due to the surging levels of hate and anger in the immigration debate. Imposing these new enforcement measures, the local school superintendent says, "I'm just doing his job." He estimates 400 of his students do not live in his district and has directed district officials to stake out the Mexico bridge and warn students they could face expulsion if they don't prove they live in the district — a move that's brought complaints from civil rights groups and support from anti-immigrant proponents. The superintendent is violating these students' rights.

Immigration status shouldn't be an issue for these students. A decades-old Supreme Court ruling prevents school officials from even asking about citizenship. Additionally, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, students who use the bridge enter the U.S. legally because they are U.S. citizens, permanent residents with green cards or Mexicans with student visas. Those visas are used by Mexican students who pay tuition, primarily at parochial schools.

However, for tuition-free public school attendance, state law requires students to live in the district — a rule that many officials don't rigidly enforce.
Some are uncomfortable with following the letter of the law because doing so could deny U.S. citizen children access to public schools. Also, turning away students cost the districts money. Texas schools get funding for each student. Statewide, it works out to about $9,400 per student, primarily from local property taxes and state supplements designed to balance rich and poor school districts. Additional grants from the federal government for low-income and special education students account for about $920 per student. Cooper estimates his district of 10,000 students would lose $2.7 million if 400 students were expelled. So not only will the school district lose $2.7M per year, the city can expect to lose countless millions in Sales Revenue, and countless businesses will close.

Some parents are very upset with the news. U.S. residents who have homes in Mexico are scrambling to find a local apartment within the district to ensure their children can stay in school.

In the meantime, Bob Dane, a spokesperson for the hate group FAIR, a John Tanton organization, cheered the superintendent saying said Cooper's bridge stakeout prevented parents from taking advantage of a "duty-free education." Bob Dane is NOT a resident of Texas.
US Superintendent tells Mexican residents attending schools: Prove Texas residency or leave

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Special Alert: Brown Berets To Protest Minuteman Leader Shawna Forde and Brisenia Flores Murder; Minutemen to Counter Protest!

On Friday, September 25 at 9am, members of the Brown Berets de Aztlan (a Mexican American activist group) are planning a demonstration outside of the Pima County Superior Court. The demonstration is a response to the May 30 murders of nine-year-old Brisenia Flores and her dad by Minuteman Leader Shawna Forde and her partner Gunny Bush.

The Brown Berets said the reasons for their demonstration this week are:
1. To DEMAND JUSTICE for the murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores, her dad Raul Flores and all other victims brutalized and murdered by Minutemen.
2. To protest hate Groups and the sponsorship of Minutemen organization by politicians.
3. To ensure Minutemen political supporters are held accountable for their support of these Hate Groups.
4. To demand politicians stop funding and put an end to the Minutemen (and similar)organizations.

Of Note:
The minutemen and their supporters are conducting a counter protest across the street from the Brown Berets protest. Local Tucson racist Roy Warden, best known for burning the Mexican flag in numerous demonstrations, will be leading one of the counter-protests. Laine Lawless, friend (and some say co-conspirator) of Shawna Forde will also be at the counter protest. Jim Gilchrist has talked to azstarnet about attending the counter protest.

Hopefully, enough people will be on hand to ensure the safety of local residents and all involved.

I will reporting about the demonstrations as I hear any updates.

Republicans Continue their Quest to DeLegitimize President Obama, This Time Using LIAR Beck and LIAR Breitbart's Non-Vetted Videos Against ACORN!

The Republicans want nothing more than to be in power again. For months they've tried strategy after strategy to gain popularity with the American people. So far, nothing has worked!

First they tried to take the microphone away from Rush Limbaugh. That didn't work. Instead, even more wackos took to the microphone (Beck, Hannity, Malkin, etc.) Then they tried to find a future Presidential Candidate (Palin, Romney, etc). That didn't work. Then they tried to increase the minority vote, so they named Michael Steele, a black man, to head the RNC. That didn't work.

There is an old lawyer's saying, "When the facts are against you, argue the law. When the law is against you, argue the facts. When the law and the facts are both against you, pound the table." The Republicans are using their stooges, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and Malkin to POUND THE TABLE!

Their strategy is to delegitimize our President. It's a Salad Bowl strategy. Throw in a bunch of LIES and see what sticks. So far, not many of their LIES are sticking except with their hard-core far right wingers and teabaggers.

Their LIES -- ALL Promoted by Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and Malkin:
1. BIRTHERS: Obama is a Muslim. He is not a US Citizen.
2. DEATHERS: Obama's health care bill will kill your granny.
3. Teabaggers: Obama is a Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Anarchist, Racist.
4. YOU LIE: Obama included illegal immigrants in the Healthcare bill.

NONE of these LIES are sticking with the American Public. They are only sticking with the loony tunes, extreme far right wing racists.

Their NEW LIE to delegitimize our President:

To understand what this is all about, let me share with you a little about ACORN:
ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is a collection of community-based organizations in the United States that are advocates for low- and moderate-income families by working on neighborhood safety (think neighborhood watch), voter registration, health care, affordable housing, and other social issues. ACORN has over 400,000 members and more than 1,200 neighborhood chapters in over 100 cities across the U.S. ACORN's priorities include: better housing and wages for the poor, more community development investment from banks and governments, better public schools.

ACORN investigates complaints against companies accused of predatory lending practices. ACORN also works to support strict state laws against predatory practices, organizes against foreclosure rescue scams, and steers borrowers toward loan counseling.

Beck, Limbaugh and Malkin HATE ACORN and have been demonizing them for months. Why? Think about it. Who is behind Predatory Lending practices? Who eased restrictions against lenders? Who receives massive amounts of funding from these lenders' political lobbyists? Republicans.

Now let's look at this particular scandal. Remember, ACORN has over 400,000 members in 1,200 neighborhood chapters across the U.S. Here is the story:

Andrew Breitbart, a good friend of Glenn Beck and Matt Drudge, and owner of the website BigGovernment, apparently scammed four (4) ACORN employees. To date, no one has vetted the tapes. So far, Beck and Fox have taken the words of the scammers and their videos and have publicized the heck out of them in every possible venue. The mainstream media has also picked up and published their reports. But let's look and examine the story.

Two far-right conservative activists, Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, visited a host of ACORN offices around the country posing as a pimp and prostitute. They CLAIMED they asked for help establishing a brothel, and even they SAID they stated that underage girls would be working for them. They had a surveillance camera and recorded at least four interactions with ACORN employees and claimed these employees provided them with assistance. (Note: These videos are NOT Vetted! And no independent party has reviewed them for their validity!)

Remember, this is 4 employees out of 400,000 and an unvetted video tape. I ask ALL Logical, Freedom Loving Americans to distance themselves from Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News and all of the extreme right wing zealots. Please join me and all like minded Americans to Respect our President, Respect our People, and to Respect Peace and Humanity in America! God Bless America! God Bless our President!

Last Tuesday, Beck, who had been demonizing ACORN for some time, began escalating his attacks. He said to his sheep who were just returning from their march on Washington: "But good God almighty, what is wrong with us,that we don't right now get into the cars and drive back to Washington, and surround the Capitol and say, 'What the hell is wrong with you people? Are you soulless? Are you dead inside?' "

That was just the beginning. On Wednesday, another right wing wacko pundit, Monica Crowley said, "Obama is ACORN! Just as he is ACORN, just as he is Van Jones, he is racism." Then wacko Rush Limbaugh jumped on the bandwagon and said the same thing on Thursday! Next, Radio host Jim Quinn said WE are all living in the "United States of ACORN." Then Fox News' Megyn Kelly had Karl Rove on to talk about the tapes exposing what was now a "remarkable criminal enterprise."

Remember, this is 4 employees out of 400,000 and an unvetted video tape. (Note: No one condones the 4 employees who made a mistake. However, the tapes were UN-VETTED! We DO NOT know ALL the Facts! We Do Know that Giles and O'Keefe have LIED already. How many MORE lies did they tell?? --- LIKE THE PRESIDENT, I WELCOME A FULL, FULL INVESTIGATION!! BRING ME THE UNEDITTED TAPES!!)

Remember, ACORN, is a collection of community-based organizations in the United States that are advocates for low- and moderate-income families -- to support US, WE THE PEOPLE!

Next, Hannity, Beck and Fox CLAIMED that ACORN was receiving Billions in Federal Funds --- THIS IS a LIE. ACORN has received a total of $53 million in federal funds over 15 years, NOT Billions or the 67 percent of America's gross domestic product as Hannity and Beck claim.

All week, Fox has been running CRAZEEEEEEEEEEEE with this story. Do you know what kills me about this story? ALL WE KNOW IS WHAT BREITBART AND BECK HAVE TOLD US!! WE KNOW NOTHING ELSE! Were the tapes doctored? Were we shown only what Breitbart wanted us to see? YES!

It is beyond ridiculous! Now the funding to this non-profit humanitarian organization has been denied by Congress all due to a few doctored tapes by an extreme right wing organization that wants to become famous and destroy our President!

Fox is running wild. The first problem was ONE OF LOGIC! Four videos were being promoted as unimpeachable proof that all of ACORN is equally corrupt -- all 1,200 chapters and hundreds of ACORN employees. It was the opposite of how a credible investigation is supposed to function, in which conclusions are withheld until after all the facts are in. By comparison, here, the conservative media had a few isolated facts but were willing to extrapolate an entire thesis from them.

Most important, Fox News failed to vet the tapes. This was made painfully clear with the case of the San Bernardino ACORN office, which was featured in the fourth video to be released. In the footage, ACORN employee Tresa Kaelke claimed that she had murdered her former husband following a period of domestic abuse. On September 15, Beck and Sean Hannity both broadcast Kaelke's assertion. Beck, who had reported on the supposed confession during his radio program, added on Fox, "She never spanked her kids, but she did shoot her husband dead." Later that night, Hannity played the same clip, and in a rare moment of intellectual curiosity, asked about the veracity of the murder claim. "We're working on it," Giles said.

The Police have investigated. The TAPES ARE, IN FACT, A LIE! Kaelke's ex-husbands are alive. The San Bernardino Police Department confirmed this simple fact on September 15, releasing a statement that read: "Investigators have been in contact with the involved party's known former husbands, who are alive and well." (Kaelke was soon quoted in an ACORN press release saying that she had made the claim because she was seeking to mislead the undercover videographers, whom she was suspicious of.) In spite of these developments, the next day, Hannity was still treating the San Bernardino tape as fully credible. He even hosted Giles again but failed to ask her about her own investigation into the truth of the claim.

In the meantime, another pivotal hole in the story began to present itself. During interviews, Breitbart, Giles, and O'Keefe had all asserted that the undercover team had never been kicked out of an ACORN office. Bertha Lewis, ACORN's CEO and chief organizer, had already said this was a falsehood by the time a Philadelphia ACORN employee, Katherine Conway Russell, publicly claimed to have done just that, adding that she had filed a police report after a visit from the conservative pair. The police report was soon produced, raising further serious questions about the credibility of the entire ACORN exposé. It was another major side of the story that Fox News simply hadn't cared to look into.

In this video, Giles and O'Keefe are LIARS!!!! Here is the
Police Report (scroll to bottom of page) of ACORN's Philadelphia office kicking them out!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Evil, Demented, Racist Arpaio and his Masked Goons Continue to Racial Profile Latinos in Maricopa County! Shameful!

I am so disgusted! Sheriff Arpaio is the most racist and evil Racial Profiler in America! He spends millions to terrorize local residents and local businesses. Meanwhile, criminals who are committing felonious crimes are running around free! Last year, figures indicate out of 669 of Arpaio's traffic stops, 665 were Latinos.

He and his goons have to be stopped! Once and for all!! (Click the arrow in the center of this picture to see the video. The masked goon is at minute 1:00.)

I ask all Humanitarians and all Latinos to register to vote and vote in 2010 and 2012. We must make our voices heard!

Check out these Racial Profiling attacks also:

Video 1

Video 2

SHOCKING NEWS: Joe "You Lie" Wilson Is Sympathetic to Non-Latino Illegal Immigrants!

Shocking News!
Joe "You Lie" Wilson is sympathetic to Illegal Immigrants. Well... maybe he is just sympathetic to illegal immigrants that are NOT LATINO!!!
1. Hypocrite: Since he yelled "You Lie" to the President when he mentioned "illegal immigration."
2. Racist: Since he attempted to delegitimize our President and is sympathetic to Legalization for Non-Latinos only.
3. Lies: There is little evidence to prove he ever worked as an Immigration Lawyer. He was a Real Estate lawyer.
TPM reports:
Wilson Authored Bill To Let Illegal Immigrant Stay In U.S.
Rep. Joe ("You Lie") Wilson's outburst during President Obama's speech last week didn't exactly make him out to be sympathetic to illegal immigrants, to put it mildly. There's also little evidence he ever worked as an immigration lawyer, as he's claimed. But the South Carolina Republican's hard line on the issue may not be as consistent as you might expect. In fact, on one recent case, it looks like he went downright soft -- and what's even more interesting is the possible reason why.

In July, Wilson introduced legislation that sought to gain permanent resident status for an illegal immigrant named Sainey H. Fatty. You can see the text of the bill here.

George Finnan, a veteran immigration lawyer, told TPMmuckraker that the measure is what immigration lawyers refer to as a "private bill" -- that is, an effort to win legal residence for one particular immigrant. "It's done, but it's not done often," said Finnan. "If I were a congressman, it would be a nice way to make a constituent happy." So why would Wilson -- the new face of the anti-immigration movement -- have acted to help Fatty? Wilson's spokesman didn't return our call. But could Fatty's Christianity -- and his work on behalf of a Christian ministry -- have spurred Wilson to intervene?

It's unclear what level of threat Fatty would have face were he forced to return to Gambia. A 2008 State Department report found that the Gambian government "generally respected religious freedom in practice." If Fatty genuinely faced persecution in Gambia, Wilson may have acted compassionately in trying to use his position to help him stay in the U.S. (There are many countries with much more dangerous persecution policies, particularly in Central America, particularly Guatemala and El Salvador). But, if nothing else, the congressman's efforts suggest he's a little more selective in his anti-immigrant fervor than the hard right might like to imagine.

Orly Taitz and Birthers Losing It, Going Coo-Coo In Court!

Orly Taitz made a fool of herself in court this week. She is the nutty lawyer who keeps saying President Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii and all of these nutty teabagger birthers believe her.

In court this week, the Judge let her have it. Judge Land tossed the suit as frivolous, granted the defendants (the US Army) court costs and warned wacko birther attorney Orly Taitz that if she brought another such suit into his court she would face legal sanctions.

How did Taitz respond to the Judge's reprimand? Taitz told the folks at Talking Points Memo that Judge Land is “a typical puppet of the regime — just like in the Soviet Union” and that “somebody should consider trying [Land] for treason and aiding and abetting this massive fraud known as Barack Hussein Obama.” This wacko will never learn!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good News: Jamie Leigh Jones' Rape Case against Cheney's Halliburton is Finally Going to Trial!!!

Jamie Leigh Jones (22), the Halliburton/KBR contractor who was gang raped by her Halliburton co-workers in Iraq and then imprisoned in a shipping container after she reported the attack to the company, is finally going to get her day in court.

Jones, a Houston, Texas woman, was gang-raped by Halliburton/KBR coworkers in Baghdad. She said the company and the U.S. government are covering up the incident.
Jones was just 20-years old and in Iraq for just four days, when she was drugged and viciously gang-raped in 2005 by Halliburton/KBR co-workers, leaving her severely bruised and bleeding, with lacerations to her vagina and anus, her breast implants ruptured and her pectoral muscles torn. She required reconstructive surgery to repair her injuries, which left her breasts permanently disfigured and she will require additional operations.

When the effects of the date rape drug began to wear off, she found herself in her bunk, naked and in pain, finding one of her rapists, Halliburton firefighter, Charles Boartz sleeping at the bottom of her bed, unconcerned about suffering any consequences. When she asked him what happened, he admitted to having unprotected sex with her.

What happened next, illustrates how corporations and the government behave when they know they can operate outside the law and virtually get away with murder. Laws put in place primarily under the Bush administration, provided contractors in Iraq with immunity from prosecution under Iraqi law and by extension, U.S. law.

The Halliburton firefighters who raped her in the Baghdad Green Zone that day, realized the actions of their employer as well as their own actions, while working in Iraq, were completely outside the law. When they saw the pretty young Jones, they took what they wanted, unconstrained by criminal laws, which may have worked to curb their behavior. An examination by Army doctors showed multiple men raped her repeatedly, both vaginally and anally. Instead of offering assistance and medical treatment to the frightened Jones suffering from severe physical and emotional trauma, Halliburton/KBR only offered her threats and intimidation.

When her Halliburton/KBR employers learned of the rape, they went into damage control mode, essentially imprisoning Jones, placing her in a sparse shipping container, under armed guard, without medical treatment, food or water and did not allow her to leave, refusing her access to a phone.

Finally, after at least 24 hours without food or water, a guard let her use his cell phone and she was able to reach her father, “Dad, I’ve been raped. I don’t know what to do. I’m in this container, and I’m not able to leave,” said Jones. Her father was able to get help for his daughter and bring her home.

However, Halliburton/KBR failed to take any action against her attackers, and the Justice Department and military also failed to prosecute. Jones then tried to sue the company for failing to protect her. But thanks to an employment contract created during the tenure of former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney, Jones was forced into mandatory binding arbitration, a private forum where Halliburton hired the arbitrator, ensured all the proceedings were secret, and she had no right to appeal if she lost.

After 15 months in arbitration, Jones and her lawyer realized they were getting nowhere and went to court to fight the arbitration agreement in the hopes of bringing her case before a jury. Finally, this Tuesday, two years later, a federal court has sensibly agreed she can take her case to court. Let's hope that Jamie will finally receive the Justice she deserves!

Nutty Republicans Listening to Beck, Malkin over "Czar" Nonsense!

Republicans are going nutz again! They are in an uproar against "Obama's Czars." Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck are leading the charge. First, we have to remember that both Malkin and Beck are a bit unhinged. These nutcases are saying Obama is changing our country into Communists or Socialists or Marxists and Obama has created all of these phony titles/jobs so these Czars will serve him and they will not have to be approved by Congress. What a bunch of Baloney! There they go again, trying to delegitimize the President and scare the teabaggers to death!

HERE ARE THE FACTS: When we talk about Czars, you have to consider the fact that the term "CZAR" exists in our political culture solely as shorthand for the media to discuss individuals with complex portfolios and unwieldy titles. Czars are NOT new. These titles were used going back to the Reagan Administration. Many of these jobs DO go through Congress for approval. Something to think about: George W.Bush had 47 CZARs in his administration. President Obama has only 30.

Now let me give you an example of a so-called Czar:
The "Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics" was dubbed the "Weapons Czar" by the Press. This is not a new job. This job was established in a previous administration, as were the CZARs I listed at the end of this message.

So the next time you hear a crazy wacko like Beck or Malkin or Hannity or Limbaugh, or your nutty teabagger neighbor say, "Obama is a Communist... Look at the Czars he annointed. What does he have, 50? What's up with that!" -- roll your eyes and walk away! Don't bother to explain anything to them because they never listen anyway! Rolling your eyes very, very slowly really helps!! (BTW, this is an actual quote from a teabagger! --at minute 1.50)

. “AIDS Czar” – Actually the Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy, created in 2001 by George W. Bush. . “Border Czar” – Actually the Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs, created in 2003 by George W. Bush. . “California Water Czar” – Actually the Deputy Secretary of the Interior, who was given this extra portfolio by Secretary Ken Salazar in June.
. “Central Region Czar” – The Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for the “Central Region,” on the Nation Security Council.
. “Drug Czar” – Actually the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, created in 1989 by George H.W. Bush.
. “Faith-Based Czar” – Head of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, created in 2001 by George W. Bush.
. “Intelligence Czar” – This is actually the Director of National Intelligence, a position created in 2005.
. “TARP Czar” – Actually the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability of the United States Herb Allison, who was confirmed by the Senate in June.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racist Attacks Against Our President Meant to Delegitimize Him!

mcclatchydc.com reports:
Black Caucus members said Joe Wilson's outburst is but the latest in a long string of ugly events rooted in racism, such as last week's flap over Obama addressing the nation's schoolchildren, protesters showing up outside Obama events carrying licensed firearms, and "birthers" questioning Obama's citizenship. Black Caucus members say such incidents are designed to disrespect the office of the president now that a black man holds it.

"I don't think that this would have happened" to a white president, said Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., a black caucus member. Wilson "wouldn't have done that to (former President George W.) Bush or any of the 43 presidents like that."

The push, experts said, reflects growing anger in the black community over how Obama is being attacked with venomous and false charges that he's a socialist, born in Kenya, a Muslim, and somehow un-American.

"It feels very O.J-ish," said Kathryn Russell-Brown, the director of the Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations at the University of Florida, referring to the racial divide in public opinion over the guilt or innocence of former football star O.J. Simpson for the 1994 murder of his white wife. Surveys found that white majorities thought Simpson guilty was and blacks didn't. Simpson was acquitted in 1995. "It's deja vu all over again. People have staked out their ground: 'It's about race; no it's not about race.'"

Rep. David Scott, D-Ga., also black, said that the racial undercurrent against Obama has been the least discussed aspect of his presidency. Scott said he experienced some of the racial vitriol aimed at Obama when someone painted a swastika on his Smyrna, Ga., office following a contentious town hall meeting on health care last month. One letter sent to his office addressed him as "Nigga David Scott."

"The folks* are not going to stand for socialized medicine even though negro's (sic) refuse to stand on their own two feet," another letter read.

Georgia's Johnson said that Wilson's outburst, and the House Republican leadership's response to it, gives a wink and a nod to racist behavior and that Tuesday's resolution was needed to restore civility.

"The other party has been stoking the flames of disrespect among the people," Johnson said, adding: "I guess we'll have people putting on white hoods and uniforms."

*Bill O'Reilly terminology

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breaking News: Congress REBUKES Joe "YOU LIE" Wilson

Breaking News: House votes to Chastise Rep. Wilson over outburst

Minutes ago, the House of Representatives voted to admonish Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) for HECKLING President Obama when he violated the rules of Congress as he yelled "You Lie" to our President during his healthcare address to Congress last week.

"Wilson made the institution look bad," said Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.). Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) added: "You can't substitute a personal apology for a public offense."
Wilson has refused to provide a meaningfully apologize before Congress and only apologized to Rahm Emmanuel (not the President) because leaders in his party twisted his arm.

A number of Democratic lawmakers contended that Wilson's outburst had been a breach of decorum and that he had brought "discredit to the House" when he accused Obama of lying when the president asserted that his healthcare overhaul would not benefit illegal immigrants. The 238-178 vote for a resolution of House disapproval of Wilson's act was cast largely along party lines. However, seven Republicans voted in favor of the Censure.

Wilson has a history of racism. He is a confederate flag segregationists, supporting the Confederate Flag flying over his state's capital. Wilson's insolence and contempt towards our President warranted this Rebuke.
It appears, however, that Wilson sees glory in this. Wilson continues to twitter he is not going to apologize. Meanwhile he reaps the rewards for his breach of decorum with the number of contributions from his extreme racist right wing teabaggers in his party.

In the meantime, his wife continues to ask her husband, "Who was "the nut" who shouted "You Lie!"

LOOK AT THEIR FACES: Joe Wilson & Republicans KNEW What He Was Going to Say! Strategy to Delegitimize 1st Black President!

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has been circulating a letter to his House Republican colleagues, asking them to sign onto a petition in defense of Rep. Joe “You Lie!” Wilson (R-SC).

King is going so far in his defense of Wilson that he’s defending the South Carolina congressman’s vote in favor of keeping the Confederate flag waving above the state capitol. Here’s what King said this morning on Fox News:

[Wilson] is an officer and a gentleman and everyone who knows him knows that. … Being a son of the South puts you in a different position when it comes to the Confederate flag. It means something entirely different to the people who have ancestors who fought in the Civil War on the south side of the Mason-Dixon line.
One retiring Republican Congressman said his reason for retiring: "Because I am tired of our party being run by the Southern Dominated Rejectionist party."

Tea Party Leader Mark Williams Makes Fool of Himself on CNN

Teabagger Leader Mark Williams was on "Anderson Cooper 360" yesterday and showed the world why they shouldn't take the Teabaggers seriously. Williams denounced his teabaggers who carried ANTI Obama signs saying they were "no more part of the mainstream of America than the hippies who wear nipple clips and feather boas in San Francisco streets during so-called peace demonstrations." Message to Teabaggers: Make sure you wear your Boas and Nipple Clips when you carry your hate-filled Obama signs.

Now to Williams' Hypocrisy: Anderson Cooper then said: "What you're saying makes sense to me here when I'm hearing what you say but then I read on your blog, you say, you call the President an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist in chief."

Remember, Williams chastised the Obama sign carriers. Yet, when Cooper asks Williams about his own demonization of the President, Williams actually NODDED and responded, "Yeah, that's the way he's behaving."

An obviously shocked Anderson Cooper then asked Williams if he really believed Obama is an Indonesian Muslim and a welfare thug. This IDIOT dug the hole even deeper: "He's certainly acting like it. Until he embraces the whole country what else can I conclude." (Williams left fellow guests Carville and Gergen in shocked disbelief that Williams would actually admit to these idiotic, racist claims on National television!)

Teabagger Leader Williams certainly makes it CLEAR! Any Teabagger who carries an ANTI Obama sign or spouts ANTI Obama rhetoric is a Racist "no more part of the mainstream of America than the hippies who wear nipple clips and feather boas in San Francisco streets during so-called peace demonstrations." The problem is, this video clip PROVES this Cretin is TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Breaking News: House Plans Joe Wilson's Rebuke on Tuesday! Crybaby Wilson is NOT Happy About It!

Breaking News:
AP Reports: House plans Wilson rebuke Tuesday
WASHINGTON — House Democrats reaffirmed plans to take up a resolution as early as Tuesday afternoon scolding defiant Republican Rep. Joe Wilson, who shocked colleagues by yelling "You lie!" during President Barack Obama's address to Congress last week.

Democratic aides say Rep. James Clyburn, a fellow South Carolinian, will introduce a resolution of disapproval, probably on Tuesday afternoon, with a vote later in the day. The aides spoke anonymously because no public announcement had been made.

Wilson telephoned White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and "expressed his apologies" after the episode last week but he has rejected Democratic calls to make a similar statement on the House floor.

Wilson says his initial apology was enough.

THANK YOU VIEWERS!! My Viewership has Increased by 20% Since I Started Blogging about Joe Wilson and the Teabaggers Last Thursday!


Thank you for Viewing my Blog!

My viewership has increased by 20% since I started blogging about Joe Wilson last Thursday and the 912 Teabaggers this weekend.

As my long-time viewers know, my steady stream of viewers usually ranges from 10,000 - 12,000 viewers per month, however since last week, my viewership has increased by 20%.

This proves that TRUE Americans are interested in reading and discussing the TRUE FACTS of Healthcare Reform and Immigration Reform.

Thank you Viewers!
I wish you the Best!!


The Problem with the Brainwashed Teabaggers!

The Problem with the Brainwashed Teabaggers:

Funny, these teabaggers were silent when Bush stole two Presidential Elections. No Problem.

Funny, these teabaggers were silent when Bush gave himself and the ruling class obscene tax cuts. No problem.

Funny, these teabaggers were silent when Bush started two wars of imperial aggression. No problem.

Funny, these teabaggers were silent when Bush jacked up the Federal deficits. No problem.

Funny, these teabaggers were silent when Bush deregulated the financial markets that put us Trillions in debt. No problem.

But when a new Democratic, Minority President wants to HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND EXTEND HEALTHCARE TO ALL AMERICANS, suddenly a Big Problem.

Lies Republicans Tell to De-Legitimize our President!

It is very important to know what game the Republicans are playing to delegitimize our President.
That is why we MUST ACT NOW!

Guest Voz-Imagine 2050: Controversial Anti-Immigrant Network Invades the Nation’s Capitol

Guest Voz: Eric Ward from Imagine 2050:
Controversial Anti-Immigrant Network Invades the Nation’s Capitol
In 1925 the white supremacist organization the Ku Klux Klan held its largest demonstration in the United States. Tens of thousands of Klan members marched down the streets of Washington D.C. The march was a call to war against immigrants, African Americans, and Catholics. When it comes to white supremacy much has changed in nearly 85 years. After a devastating loss to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s it is no longer accurate to describe the movement as “supremacists” but rather “nationalists”, yet some things do remain the same.

In 2009 the white nationalist movement spent September 12th marching on the nation’s capitol railing against immigrants, Catholics, and the country’s first Black U.S. President. Of course the racist caricature of the President of the United States as a “reverse minstrel” abounded while mainstream media chose to ignore the racist connotations of Obama as nothing more than man in Black Face. The blog Politico reports that pre-printed signs read ‘Bury Obamacare with Kennedy‘ while the New York Times tells readers that despite the claims of being an “anti-tax” march many in the crowds carried anti-immigrant messages.

Now, coming on the heels of the march on Washington D.C., a group with ties to white nationalism, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) will enter the Capitol in an attempt to influence congressional lawmakers. In Special Bulletin: Pulling the Curtain Back on FAIR released in early September the civil rights organization Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reports that “From September 14-16, 2009, FAIR will host its annual ‘Hold Their Feet to the Fire’ conference, to broadcast its dangerously xenophobic message to Congressional Representatives and the American public.”

Along with attempts to pressure Congressional Representatives, the FAIR event will include a “We the People” Awards and Reception to be held Wednesday, September 15th, 2009 from 7-9 PM at the National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. The National Postal Museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution which can be reached at 202.633.1000. Allen R. Kane is the Director of the National Postal Museum. The reception will feature Lou Dobbs, a controversial CNN news host who has used white nationalist material in his “news” show and falsely accused immigrants of spreading leprosy in the United States.

While the ADL first expressed its concerns about FAIR in 2000, in 2007 the Southern Poverty Law Center listed FAIR as a hate group. The release of its September 2009 Special Bulletin joins a growing chorus of civil rights institutions who have expressed concerns about FAIR. Concerns include:
• FAIR sponsored advertising campaigns with John Vinson’s American Immigration Control Foundation (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Vinson is an advisor to the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens).
• FAIR solicited and received over $1.2 million from the white supremacist Pioneer Fund, a foundation that has a history of promoting the genetic superiority of white, European-Americans. The Pioneer Fund uses its financial largesse to fund groups who promote “race-betterment” – a controversial theory that claims there is a biologically-caused IQ difference between white and non-white people.
• In response to public concern and confusion about FAIR’s solicitation of funding from the Pioneer Fund, FAIR president Dan Stein has been quoted as saying, “I don’t give a shit what they do with their money, my job is to get every dime of Pioneer’s money,” according to an article published by The Progressive in 1993.
• Two of FAIR’s former staffers have been associated with the Council of Conservative Citizens, the reconstituted, segregationist White Citizens’ Councils. FAIR’s former western field representative, Rick Oltman, is also listed as a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens.
• In 1997, FAIR (along with other extremist anti-immigrant groups) published an advertisement in the Citizens Informer, the flagship publication of Council of Conservative Citizens, to recruit supporters to attend its events.
• FAIR founder John Tanton works closely with Wayne Lutton to edit his publication, The Social Contract. Lutton is also a Board of Director for the Charles Martel Society, an anti-Semitic organization that publishes the Occidental Quarterly.

As the pivotal player in the John Tanton Network, a web of controversial anti-immigrant organizations orchestrated by John Tanton, FAIR pulls the strings of today’s anti-immigrant movement. The civil rights organization, Center for New Community, based in Chicago says in a new release on its website that “the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) – while claiming to represent the ‘mainstream’ of the American anti-immigrant movement – is a carefully crafted entity whose mission is to achieve the goal of zero immigration to the U.S. by blaming immigrants as the cause of economic, population and environmental problems.”

In 1924, as it marched on Washington D.C., the Klan used similar language to accuse Irish immigrants of destroying American culture and the economy. Today white nationalism merely exchanges the word “Irish” for “Latino” and white hoods for business suits.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Racist Beck's 912 Teabaggers Carry Racist, Traitorous Signs Against our President Obama! Despicable! BOYCOTT FOX!!!

Beck's 912 Teabaggers Carry Despicable, Racist, Traitorous Signs Against our President!
BOYCOTT FOX, Fox News and ALL of their Advertisers!

Joe Wilson will NOT Apologize before Congress! Boycott Fox News! Boycott Fox! Stand Up America! It is Time for TRUE AMERICANS TO BOYCOTT FOX!!

Pompous, Racist Congressman Joe Wilson has outed himself. An emboldened Wilson said he would NOT say he was sorry again from the floor of the House of Representatives, as Democrats have demanded, because one apology was enough and it had been accepted by Mr Obama.

Egotistical, Racist Wilson said, "People know my civility (LOL), they know that this was a one-time event and was out of frustration," he said. "It's politics. This is exactly what the American people do not want to see, do not want to hear. As the White House advised, let's get to the issues." But Wilson repeated his claim that our President Obama is a LIAR: "I believe in the truth. What I heard was not true."

Wilson is laughing in the face of Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the American People. When Nancy Pelosi asked Wilson to stand in the well of the House and apologize to its members, he said, "I will NOT Apologize!"

Reports are saying Pelosi will schedule a resolution disapproving of Wilson's remark Wednesday night — which Wilson would most likely wear as a badge of honor.
I believe Wilson should be CENSURED! His disrespectful behavior towards our President on the floor of Congress should be held in Contempt, for all to see! Nancy Pelosi, CENSURE JOE WILSON!!! He is Reviled! He is RACIST! His behavior towards our first Minority President will NOT be tolerated!

What can YOU so do to ensure Wilson's racist, heinous behavior NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN?
Remember Martin Luther King! Remember Ghandi!
Peacefully Boycott!

This time, BOYCOTT North Carolina!
BOYCOTT All of Glenn Beck and Fox News Advertisers on the Fox News Network and on the Fox Channel!

Personally, I am boycotting Fox News and the Fox Channel this year!
Please JOIN ME!!

I used to watch American Idol on Fox! I am boycotting Idol this year. I only watched for Paula anyway and now she is gone!
BOYCOTT Advertisers of the Glenn Beck Show and anyone who advertises on Fox!!
Join the NAACP! Join the Black Publishers of America!
BOYCOTT FOX, FOX NEWS, Advertisers of Beck, Teabaggers, and anyone who supports them!

This is the ONLY Way they will listen to us!!
Let your money do the talking! Just like Martin Luther King and Ghandi!

Racist Glenn Beck Incites his 912 Teabaggers to Demonize the President, No Minorities Allowed and he Doesn't Even Show Up in Washington!

The Glenn Beck brain-washed, good ole boy throngs of angry Tea-Baggers numbering +40K filled the streets of Washington DC yesterday. They were bought and paid for by FreedomWorks, the Healthcare-Providers' lobby. Nary a minority was present, except for a few reporters and one ole boy who brought his brain-washed mail-order African bride. The vast majority of the signs the angry mobs carried lashed out against President Obama, calling him a Socialist, Nazi, Hitler, Joker.

In the background, a country band sang, "Speak English Only." Other songs depicted so-called patriotic words, sang with anger and unpatriotic HATE against our President, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. All signs were exactly as their Jim Crow leader, Glenn Beck, asked them to create. These throngs sang Beck's and Fox News' praises for their treasonous promotions of attacks against our President.

Though the brainwashed teabaggers were numerous, one person was famously absent. Who? Glenn Beck. Lord and Master, King of the 912 teabaggers, did not show up for his own event. Why should he? He and Fox have already received their 30 pieces of silver from the Healthcare Provider lobby. Beck is not one of the "little people." He just forms the crowds and fuels them with the 3 L's: Lies, Lies and more Lies! The blind following teabaggers believe him. See this video. They do not even know Beck's preachings. All they know is:
Beck and Fox News Good! Black Obama bad---zzztttringpop...
Beck and Fox News Good! Black Obama bad---zzztttringpop...
Beck and Fox News Good! Black Obama bad---zzztttringpop...
Beck and Fox News Good! Black Obama bad---zzztttringpop...
(in their blind hypnotic trance -- see this video for proof! Notice how this person channels Beck when she mimicks his words like "Hitleresque")

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Republicans Obvious Racist Attempt to Nullify our 1st Black President!

The Republicans are attempting to nullify our President. It is very obvious. You can see it in their body language. It was very obvious during the President's speech before Congress on Thursday. Just look at their behavior. I've labeled their body language in this picture.

Black Publishers in the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) agree. They are particularly outraged by the actions of Joe "You Lie" Wilson. The NNPA are so concerned by Wilson's racist and disrespectful remarks, they are initiating an economic boycott against South Carolina:

"As African-American newspaper publishers we stand in solidarity with the NAACP and fully support the economic boycott of South Carolina," NNPA Chairman Danny J. Bakewell Sr. said. "Rep. Wilson's remarks were racist, disrespectful, and a disingenuous violation -- not only of President Obama -- but to the institution of the presidency and only solidified our position and the importance in not spending black dollars where black people are not respected.
"The continued public and blatant disrespect of President Barack Obama by members of Congress will not be rewarded with our dollars nor will a state that continues to uphold America's shameful past by flying the Confederate flag," he added.

Wilson should be CENSURED for his outrageous, racist, disrespectful behavior!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The New Multi Cultural, Multi Ethnic, Freedom Loving, Women Promoting, Sexual Preference Tolerant America! Land of the Brave! Home of the Free!

I saw this comment on another blog discussing the teabaggers and Beck's 912 march. I decided to post it here! Very Insightful:

"I have watched the tea baggers and watched my neighbors keep their son out of the first day of school so as to avoid the speech by President Obama. I see the fear, hatred and the frustration. Their contorted faces are painful to look at.

I do not know it they are patriotic to America or to the America they see in their dreams. I do know that they are sad and pitiful in their powerless wasteland. Their America is gone, it is never coming back. Gay rights will advance more each year, women will advance in business, the stores will be filled with more and more people of color, speaking languages the patriots never bothered to learn.

This is reality and they are scared to death of the future. I would rather cut off my right hand than be a modern day Republican conservative teabagger."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Censure Joe Wilson for Racist Behavior and Disrespect Towards our President!

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) showed a grave lack of respect towards OUR PRESIDENT and congressional protocol when he shouted, "You lie!" at President Obama during his speech last night about health care reform. For the first time in history, a member of Congress stood up on the Congressional floor and called our President a LIAR. What disrespect, not only towards our President, but towards the office of Presidency. Never before, in American History, has a represenstative from Congress, stood on the Congressional Floor and disrespected a President in such an outrageous manner. Even in the depths of the Clinton presidency, when Newt Gingrich was speaker of the House, or even through the Clinton impeachment hearings, did any Republican disrespect the office of President, or the President himself in such a manner.

Joe Wilson embarrassed himself and his entire constituency. He racistly and racially assaulted the office of Presidency towards our first minority President. By calling our President a Liar on the Congressional floor, he not only demeaned himself, but revealed himself for the racist he is.

My husband and I listened to the President's speech last night. We were both stunned when we heard Wilson's outrageous remarks and disrespect towards our President. It is beyond words. Such Racism!! The audacity!

I go back to my previous blog. Wilson disrespected the office and the man. Would he have held his tongue to Clinton or to Carter? Of course. It is very disturbing that he lashed out against President Obama.

Wilson should be censured!

Meanwhile, Eric Cantor blackberried during the President's speech. Outside the Capitol's walls, an assassin attempted to sneak into a secure area near the Capitol with a gun in his car as the President gave his health care address to Congress.

What disrespect by the republicans and the far right towards our President and towards our Country.

I ask all true Patriotic Americans to stand behind our President and to show your support. Register to vote and VOTE. Vote Democrat in 2010 and 2012.

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