Friday, June 29, 2007

The Immigration Bill (CIS) Was Defeated. Now What?

The ANTI forums are rejoicing their Victory. They are giving each other Virtual High Fives! We all know the ANTI are a small group of zealots, but a very noisy, pompous group of zealots, nevertheless. "What next? What can we tackle next?" is their outcry. Give them an inch, now they want a mile.

Some ANTIs are calling for English as the Official Language (I will write about the problems with this in a future blog). Others are calling for an end to the 14th Ammendment - Jus Soli or "Anchor Babies" as they call them.

Many ANTIs are now pushing a new bill proposed in the House: HR 499. It is on Rep Baker´s website. This bill calls for enforcement of the current immigration laws, strict prosecution and some new xenophobic sections.

Here is a summary of HR 499
1. Increased-trained Border Patrol agents
2. Increased Immigration investigators

1. Implement entry-exit portions of Visitor Visa Indicators
2. Enforce Immigrant Affadavidits, Prosecute anyone caught and returned (vs escorting to border and allowing them to self return as is done today)
3. Strict Employer Sanctions and increased workplace sweeps
4. Prosecute anyone helping bring in an undocumented worker, regardless 1 or more.
5. 700 Mile Fence

1. Stop Financial Institutions from accepting Matricula Cards as ID
2. Stop In-state college tuition for anyone undocumented
3. Increase Prison Beds by 16,000 by end of 2007
4. Expedite removal (With increased sweeps, this equals Mass Deportation)

They close it by saying "taking the steps described in paragraph (1) will lead to a substantial reduction in illegal immigration and will greatly improve the border security of the United States."


The ANTIs believe anything short of Deportation is Amnesty. Most of the ANTI websites are calling for an immediate return of all 12M (or as they say 20 - 60M)to their country of origin. We all know how devastating this would be to our country. Bernanke has said the 12M have saved us from a recession. We are facing severe labor shortages as the Boomers age. Now the ANTIs, with one victory under their belt are looking for Mass Deportation.

Sad times ahead my friends. Sad Times!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Study the Immigration Issues and Know the Facts

I encourage everyone to study the Immigration issues and visit the Immigration websites.

For some of you that have responded, please go to the ANTI websites and view their rhetoric for yourselves. Then come back and discuss them with me.

Share with me how you feel it is more American to be ANTI and please leave your email so we can dialogue.

Read about the Minutemen:

Try Stormfront at their website

Try YouTube


Saturday, June 9, 2007

IMMIGRATION Games: Bill Fails, ANTIs Rejoice!

Now that the Comprehensive Immigration Bill appears dead, I´ve been thinking about “What is next.”

I´ve visited the ANTI websites. They are rejoicing. They believe they were responsible for stopping the bill. They believe their clogging up the emails, faxes and phone lines of Congress and the Media with their form letters and scripted calls defeated the bill.

Frankly, I agree with them.

This small minority of Americans, those with specific agendas, those looking for power, and those with hidden agendas are responsible for this bill´s failure, not the vast majority of the American public. Dobbs was their guy, as well as a few other AM Radio shock jocks.

I visit the ANTI sites and now they are saying “now that we beat the bill, what next?” Their fearless leader is saying the ANTIs are going on the offensive now. They are going to bash Congress with their chain emails, faxes, etc again. This time they are going to try to force Mass Deportation. They are going to try to force jailing employers. They are going to force challenging the 14th amendment. They are going to try to force stopping of all services to the 12M. Their fearless leaders are saying they are tired of being on the defense.

Their fearless leaders want power, and hate and anger.

Now that they believe they have a little power, we will see what these zealots will do next.

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