Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prominent Republican Grover Norquist Supports Immigration Reform. Mocks Tea Party.

Anti-tax leader Grover Norquist said Immigration Reform has developed a very broad coalition of supporters which ensures passage of the bill, even with anti-amnesty groups vehemently opposing it. Support from the Chamber of Commerce, the Religious Right, the Catholic Church and high-tech groups has dramatically cut the number of voters who are anti-immigrant.

Norquist voiced his support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform by asking, "Where is the power of the anti-amnesty groups? It is not in the pews, not in the churches, not in the business community. Every free market group in this town is against them except for Heritage."

Norquist said every frontrunner mulling a 2016 presidential bid has come out in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, giving even more political credibility to GOP efforts to overhaul the current system.

Then, as if to MOCK the Tea Party, he added: "The core conservative wing of the party thinks this is important. The future of the Republican Party is all here."

Friday, May 24, 2013

Arpaio's Nemesis Rebecca Jimenez Elected Mayor of Guadalupe!

Arpaio's Nemesis Rebecca Jimenez has been elected Mayor of Guadalupe. She was the Voter's Clear Choice.

Congratulations Rebecca! Keep Standing Strong against Arpaio and his Masked Goon Squad.

Arpaio GUILTY of Racial Profiling!

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow issued the ruling Friday: Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has engaged in racial profiling and must not use Hispanic ancestry as a factor when making law-enforcement decisions.

The trial examined Arpaio's longstanding emphasis on immigration enforcement which led deputies to target Latino drivers based on their race, and that by doing so, they violated the constitutional rights of Latinos in Maricopa County residents.

Dan Pochoda of the Arizona chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union called the ruling “a real vindication for the community. It was a terrific win — it was a very solid, comprehensive piece of work, and clearly demonstrated the unconstitutionality from top to bottom at MCSO for many years."

The Hispanic citizens that brought the racial-profiling lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office never sought monetary damages. Instead, the group asked for the court to issue injunctions barring Arpaio’s office from discriminatory policing. Judge Snow obliged — and indicated more remedies could be ordered in the future. Snow ruled: “Therefore, in the absence of further facts that would give rise to reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a violation of either federal criminal law or applicable state law is occurring, the MCSO is enjoined from (1) enforcing its LEAR policy (on checking the immigration status of people detained without state charges), (2) using Hispanic ancestry or race as any factor in making law enforcement decisions pertaining to whether a person is authorized to be in the country, and (3) unconstitutionally lengthening stops,” Snow wrote in his 142-page ruling.
“The evidence introduced at trial establishes that, in the past, the MCSO has aggressively protected its right to engage in immigration and immigration–related enforcement operations even when it had no accurate legal basis for doing so,” Snow said.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day - 2013: A Tribute to Hard-Working Latina Mothers

I've been thinking about my Mom today. Mom was one of the hardest workers and best role models I have ever met. Momma -- as I called her as a six year old, taught us our work ethic. She, like most Latina Women, took her role very seriously. We were taught to Honor God, Family and Work!

As I've frequently written, every summer from the time I was 6 until I was 12, we went up to the Traverse City area to pick Cherries. There are numerous Farms across Michigan. Regardless of what the right wing believes, most ALL of us were American Citizens. 95 - 99 percent of us were Latino. Occasionally, there was a white family, but the ones I saw over the years never stayed an entire season.

Each farm housed about a dozen families. Each family was housed in one bedroom garage apartments. Electricity was provided. They were furnished with bunk-beds, a gas stove and an icebox. There was a community outhouse and showers. The housing was very similar to what was seen on the TV show M.A.S.H.

Our family usually had 5 kids and Mom working each year. My Dad stayed working at the Factory and my oldest brother and sister were in the Army and Air Force. So for the first few years, it was my next oldest two brothers, my older sister, my brother that was just 3 years older than me, my mom and me. My younger brother and sister were babies and my youngest sister wasn't born until 2 years later. We usually had one older woman (an Abuelita) who took care of the babies for all of the working families.

Every morning, Mom woke us up at 6:00 am. However, she herself always woke up an hour earlier so she could prepare our breakfasts and make our lunches. Mom was a great cook. For breakfast, she often made homemade breakfast cake and Mexican Hot Chocolate. The hot chocolate was always delicious. It was a mixture of Hershey's cocoa, milk and a stick of cinnamon. I still remember the taste. For lunch, she made us burritos of bean, meat or egg. She always made her tortillas and beans from scratch. She packed them in a picnic basket with plenty of water and made Kool-Aid for our lunch drink.

Then, we left for work and arrived in the Cherry fields just before seven am. The owner assigned each of the families two long rows of Cherry Trees. My mom assigned my older sister a ladder and the older boys the bottom half of the trees, then they moved to the ladders when they finished the bottom. My brother and I, being younger, were selected to climb the trees and pick the middle and very top of the trees. My mother picked the bottom and supervised the entire operation. She trained us how to carefully pick the cherries, making sure to keep the stems on the cherries while not bruising the fruit. She also encouraged the older boys to race and would name a champion for the most lugs picked. We each were assigned our own large buckets with a back harness across our backs. We filled our buckets about 3/4 full and them poured them into wooden lugs.

Mom had us line up the lugs around every 5th tree in each row. We then stacked the lugs. That way, the owner would come by and pick up the lugs and load them on a low, flat bed trailer which was attached to a farm-tractor. When the lugs were collected, the owner gave our Mom a ticket for each lug. She was paid 50 cents a ticket.

We worked 7am - 6pm, Monday through Friday and from 7am to Noon on Saturday. We often went swimming in the evening at Lake Leelanau. There was a special area reserved for the "Mexicans" separate from the local swimmers. It didn't matter to us. We had fun swimming together, then playing games until dusk.

Our family picked about 100 lugs a day. By the end of the week, Mom had about 550 tickets = $275.
Every Saturday afternoon, we went to the local, little town. My mom shopped for groceries and usually spent about $50 a week.

We each earned an allowance. Each one of us received our weekly pay. The older boys received about $35. My sister about $25. My brother received 10 and I received 5. While mom went shopping, each of us spent part of our weekly allowance on sodas or going to the movies. What ever my mom had left over, she saved to give to my Dad when he came up to visit every other weekend.

Each Saturday evening in the farm camp, we usually played records. Everyone loved rock and roll or Mexican music. We laughed, sang and danced until about 11. Then, our mothers rushed us off to bed. We couldn't stay up too late because we all went to church on Sunday morning. We were ALL Catholic. The local church reserved a special Mass in Spanish for all of the workers. We went to Mass, prayed, all as Family. After Mass, our mothers all made us a nice Sunday dinner. It was always special. This was the one day we had a big Chicken dinner. Afterwards, the children all played in the big farmyard. I loved playing Tag, or using a cardboard to slide down a nearby hill. Sometimes we played softball, soccer or frozen tag.

I always thought these summers were so much fun. We were all poor, hard working families, who loved our parents and knew how important it was to work hard and look out for one another. Our Mothers taught us this. We ALL believed the way to achieve the American Dream was in honoring God, Family and having a good work ethic.

Monday, May 6, 2013

At NRA Convention, Racists TARGET the President!

The NRA Convention was held in Houston, TX and ran from May 3 - May 5th. The NRA allowed a company, Zombie Industries, to sell a range of three-dimensional "life sized" targets that "bleed when you shoot them." The Obama likenesses were on display until the last day of the Convention.  A Zombie Industries booth worker told BuzzFeed: "They thought (the Zombie) looked like President Obama." When asked if the Obama likeness was intentional the worker said, "Let's just say I gave my Republican father one for Christmas."

There was tons of anti-American bashing of our President. The new President of the NRA called our President a "Fake President." Crazeee Wayne La Pierre said our President “launched an historic, all-out attack, a siege on our gun rights.”  Meanwhile, at the Bushmaster booth on the bustling exposition floor, Bushmaster invited little children to pose for photos with a .50-caliber sniper rifle with a 30-inch barrel. Air-headed Sarah Palin used her usual rhetoric to attack our President. Republican Rep. Steve Stockman attacked our President screaming "Impeach Obama." He also invited far right extremist Ted Nugent to the affair. Glenn Beck held assault weapons, spewing attacks against our President. Ted Cruz, his usual self, was also on the attack.

The Tea Party Republicans are on their last leg. Patriotic Americans are on to them. TeaParty NPA members are clowns, spewing racist attacks against our President, his Administration and the safety of the American People, all to support the rich and powerful NRA. They are sounding more and more like Domestic Terrorists.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Food Costs Don't Matter! It all depends on the Tender Loving Care of the Peron Preparing the Food!

I read an article today in the Daily Mail (British) that detailed the eating habits and costs (per week) comparisons. The list is just amazing.

The poorest countries eat Fruits, Vegetables and home-grown foods. The richest countries eat packaged and processed foods. The US eats plenty of fast foods, especially the minorities. US Whites eat plenty of processed cereals. Japan eats plenty of seafood. Australia loves eggs. France loves water and wine. Rich people from Luxembourg love pasta. Germany spends the most and they love their bottled drinks.

This takes me back to my childhood. My mom was a stay at home mom and my Dad worked 3 jobs. During the day he worked in the Factory. In the afternoon/evening, he painted houses. On weekends, he hauled sawdust for the Factory. We were poor, but didn't know it.

My mom was a great cook. Her grocery shopping for her family: 25 pounds of beans. 25 pounds of rice. 50 pounds of Flour and potatoes. She bought large cans of shortening. She grew her own tomatoes and peppers. She canned them. She bought spices: Cumin, Garlic, Chili Powder, Salt, Pepper, Basil, Baking Powder/Soda.

Every meal for her family of 10 children included the staples: Beans, Rice or Pappas (potatoes), homemade tortillas. Monday - Thursday there was some recipe made with hamburger. On Friday, there was some recipe of Fish - whether tuna, fish-sticks or salmon paddies. On Saturday, some type of burritos. On Sunday, Chicken. She spent a minimal amount of money for groceries for 10 children. Maybe $30 per week. She was just amazing. However, besides rice, potatoes or tomatoes, we didn't eat many vegetables other than corn or peas. It wasn't until I met and married my husband that I started eating mixed vegetables, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and other veggies. On Holidays, we ate Tamales, Menudo, Barbacoa and other specialty foods. She always made wonderful deserts, including home made cakes (never a boxed batter), pies, canned fruits and jellies. She often made "chocolate' " which was made almost like coffee with Hershey's chocolate, water and cinnamon sticks. Very delicious. I don't know how my mother did it. She made the most delicious dishes, spending just pennies for groceries.

Looking over this article and this list, it makes you realize, it's NOT about money. It's about the tender, loving care of the person preparing the meals.

Cinco de Mayo -- An American - Latino Celebration - "Freedom and Equality for All"

Cinco de Mayo is more of an American Holiday than a Mexican holiday. The celebration is in honor of Mexican troops defeating the French troops as they invaded the Mexican town of Puebla en route to Mexico City, en route to help the South defeat the North during the Civil War.

On the morning of May 5, 1862, the uniformed French troops charged the walls of Puebla, expecting no resistance. To their surprise, the inexperienced, but valiant troops of the Mexican army put up a fierce resistance, and to the world’s surprise, overthrew the French troops. Mexican morale quickly rose and stunned, the French troops who re-grouped, then charged again. And again, Puebla’s gutsy defenders threw back the French invaders. A third French charge failed and the discouraged Imperial troops slunk back behind their lines. Finally, realizing that the French could be defeated, the Mexicans left the security of the walls of Puebla the next day and formed a battle line on the open field, eager to take on the French, positive they could beat the forces of the empire in a formal, frontal battle. However, the French, their morale destroyed, had broken camp during the night and fled back to their stronghold on the coast by Vera Cruz. The news traveled quickly from Mexico City to San Francisco, arriving three weeks later. On May 27, 1862, the Spanish-language newspaper, “La Voz de Mejico” proudly proclaimed the news to Mexicans in California (Californios): “Retirada de los Franceses. Viva Mejico! Viva la Independencia! Vivan los valientes soldados Mejicanos! (The French retreat. Hooray for Mexico! Hooray for independence! Hooray for the valiant Mexican soldiers)

Thus began the "Californio" Celebrations of "Cinco de Mayo" with the rallying cry of "Freedom and Equality for All!" It was through these years, the 1860's, that the Californio's strongly denounced Slavery. California was part of the Republic of Mexico. Slavery was abolished in Mexico - decades before it was dismantled in the United States. The Californios who helped write the California constitution in 1849 demanded that slavery be kept out of the state, and California’s subsequent entry as a “free state” tipped the balance between free and slave territory, and thwarted the original “Southern strategy” to extend slave territory all across the US to the Pacific coast.

Though Cinco de Mayo celebration began in California, over the years, celebrations extended to the Tejanos and to the rest of the Southwest, Northwest and other states. Celebrations increased in the 1960's with the Chicano Civil Rights Movement and the causes supported by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.

Happy Cinco de Mayo -  "Freedom and Equality for All!"

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Joke in Honor of Cinco de Mayo: "Two Chips"

This reminds me of how I used to tell a joke

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Women's Rights, Human RIights, Abortion, Birth Control and my Views about Choices!

America has evolved dramatically since I was a teenager.
When I was young, we were all expected to be "Good Girls."
My parents were strict and expected us to be Virgins and NOT have sex until we were Married, or at least, out of the house. We were expected to cook, serve the men dinner, pick up the dishes, wash them, clean the house, and not talk back.
Minorities also faced many restrictions. We deferred to males, white males, at work, at play and at home.

For ALL people, there were so many inequities. Subservience, incest, sexual abuse, hidden sexuality, drug use, child molestation, date rape, abuse, were all in the under-current.
I remember my mother saying, "It is your responsibility to look after and protect your two younger sisters and your younger brothers. Always look out for them." It was my duty to take them to the movies and watch over them as we walked downtown, had lunch, went to the park. I remember going to the movies and seeing "dirty old men" sitting up front in the kids section. It was my duty to sit close to my siblings, and always make sure no stranger talked to them or hurt them in any way.
I always believed in protecting my siblings, keeping them out of harm's way. I also believed many of the restrictions and biases against women and minorities were wrong. I believed in Women's Rights, Human Rights and Equality.

Through my teenage years, our Country evolved! Women and Minorities demanded equality and we were granted our rights, at least legally. We stood strong.
Through this same time, communications and technology evolved. From music, dancing, phones, to computers, to the internet, we evolved. I believe that today, we have achieved the "Tree of Knowledge." We now realize that ALL people are created equal. However, from nation to nation, we are at different levels of understanding. I do believe that over the next 20 years, we will at last realize equality.

While I understand and demand equality, there are more factors and issues at play.
Here is what I believe:

1. Women's Rights:
a. I am and always have been an advocate of Women's Rights. I believe Women are equal to Men in all ways except for physical muscle.
b. Sexual Freedom: I personally believe that Sex is a part of Love. However, if you believe otherwise, that is your choice.
c. Birth Control: Birth control should be available to teenagers, but perhaps at the age of 14 forward. The day after pill should be available from 14 forward, without parental consent. (My view is very fluid in this area)
d. Abortion: I personally have never believed in Abortion for myself. However, I do believe in a Woman's Right to Choose. From 14 - 18, choice made with parent. Afterwards, by woman.
e. Adoption: I  believe that Adoption is a viable choice for all women and it needs to be promoted as an option/alternative to Abortion.

2. Minority Rights:
a. ALL PEOPLE are Created Equal
b. No one is superior to anyone else

3. Education:
a. Education is the great differentiator and should be available, from K - 12, at no cost, and to all.

4. Discipline:
a. I believe that discipline and focus are required in order to pursue and achieve the American Dream.

Dastardly Canadian Ted Cruz Attacks -- and his Minions Attack Latinos and Comprehensive Immigration Reform!

The Rats are Coming Home to Roost!
Dastardly Canadian Ted Cruz is leading the charge! He is rallying the Tea Party Republicans in Congress to ATTACK the Bi-Partisan Gang of Eight's Resolution for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and by doing so, is attacking ALL Latinos in America, advocating Racial Profiling towards all of us!!!

We've heard all of the racist hate bashing by the likes of Ted Cruz, before!
This racist rhetoric will NOT be tolerated by American Latinos.

We do NOT want the racial profiling of the likes of the racist sheriff Arpaio to continue!
STOP this racial profiling!
STOP this FALSE equivalency! DO NOT use your so called "Secure the Mexican Border" to resurrect the heinous "Operation Wetback!" WE THE PEOPLE will NOT Tolerate it! IF you attempt such tactics, WE THE PEOPLE, especially the LATINO Americans, will NEVER vote for a racial profiling Republican Again!

SUPPORT Comprehensive Immigration Reform!!!
God Bless America!
God Bless OUR President, Barack Obama!

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