Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prominent Republican Grover Norquist Supports Immigration Reform. Mocks Tea Party.

Anti-tax leader Grover Norquist said Immigration Reform has developed a very broad coalition of supporters which ensures passage of the bill, even with anti-amnesty groups vehemently opposing it. Support from the Chamber of Commerce, the Religious Right, the Catholic Church and high-tech groups has dramatically cut the number of voters who are anti-immigrant.

Norquist voiced his support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform by asking, "Where is the power of the anti-amnesty groups? It is not in the pews, not in the churches, not in the business community. Every free market group in this town is against them except for Heritage."

Norquist said every frontrunner mulling a 2016 presidential bid has come out in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, giving even more political credibility to GOP efforts to overhaul the current system.

Then, as if to MOCK the Tea Party, he added: "The core conservative wing of the party thinks this is important. The future of the Republican Party is all here."

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