Thursday, May 2, 2013

Women's Rights, Human RIights, Abortion, Birth Control and my Views about Choices!

America has evolved dramatically since I was a teenager.
When I was young, we were all expected to be "Good Girls."
My parents were strict and expected us to be Virgins and NOT have sex until we were Married, or at least, out of the house. We were expected to cook, serve the men dinner, pick up the dishes, wash them, clean the house, and not talk back.
Minorities also faced many restrictions. We deferred to males, white males, at work, at play and at home.

For ALL people, there were so many inequities. Subservience, incest, sexual abuse, hidden sexuality, drug use, child molestation, date rape, abuse, were all in the under-current.
I remember my mother saying, "It is your responsibility to look after and protect your two younger sisters and your younger brothers. Always look out for them." It was my duty to take them to the movies and watch over them as we walked downtown, had lunch, went to the park. I remember going to the movies and seeing "dirty old men" sitting up front in the kids section. It was my duty to sit close to my siblings, and always make sure no stranger talked to them or hurt them in any way.
I always believed in protecting my siblings, keeping them out of harm's way. I also believed many of the restrictions and biases against women and minorities were wrong. I believed in Women's Rights, Human Rights and Equality.

Through my teenage years, our Country evolved! Women and Minorities demanded equality and we were granted our rights, at least legally. We stood strong.
Through this same time, communications and technology evolved. From music, dancing, phones, to computers, to the internet, we evolved. I believe that today, we have achieved the "Tree of Knowledge." We now realize that ALL people are created equal. However, from nation to nation, we are at different levels of understanding. I do believe that over the next 20 years, we will at last realize equality.

While I understand and demand equality, there are more factors and issues at play.
Here is what I believe:

1. Women's Rights:
a. I am and always have been an advocate of Women's Rights. I believe Women are equal to Men in all ways except for physical muscle.
b. Sexual Freedom: I personally believe that Sex is a part of Love. However, if you believe otherwise, that is your choice.
c. Birth Control: Birth control should be available to teenagers, but perhaps at the age of 14 forward. The day after pill should be available from 14 forward, without parental consent. (My view is very fluid in this area)
d. Abortion: I personally have never believed in Abortion for myself. However, I do believe in a Woman's Right to Choose. From 14 - 18, choice made with parent. Afterwards, by woman.
e. Adoption: I  believe that Adoption is a viable choice for all women and it needs to be promoted as an option/alternative to Abortion.

2. Minority Rights:
a. ALL PEOPLE are Created Equal
b. No one is superior to anyone else

3. Education:
a. Education is the great differentiator and should be available, from K - 12, at no cost, and to all.

4. Discipline:
a. I believe that discipline and focus are required in order to pursue and achieve the American Dream.

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