Saturday, December 31, 2011

Immigration Talk's TOP STORIES of 2011

Several stories have dominated the "Immigration Talk with a Mexican American" blog in 2011. Throughout the year, we've been reporting the abuses by the various state governments as they've been passing ANTI Latino, Racial Profiling laws. As has been occurring over the last few years, Arizona and Sheriff Arpaio have stood out as the most abusive state and the most abusive sheriff in the Country.

As I reviewed the 2011 articles, the Top 5 Stories include:
1. DOJ finally brings charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio
2. Minuteman Shawna Forde and cohorts finally convicted of murdering Brisenia Flores and her dad.
3. Luis Ramirez' murderers sentenced.
4. Republican Tea Party governors out themselves by pushing their Koch Brothers agendas.
5. Russell Pearce gets Kicked Out

Three themes top the list:
1. WE ARE FINALLY BEING HEARD! Those that have abused, targetted Latinos are finally facing justice.
2. Those that hate Latinos, Immigrants and our President are getting desperate. They are desperate to overthrow our President Obama. They are desperate to find a GOP candidate that supports their views.
3. It is becoming abundantly obvious to the general public that the TeaParty Republicans are extremists and do NOT support the views of the majority of American People. They are pushing the agenda of their Rich contributors (Koch Brothers): Mass Deport ALL Latino Immigrants, End Social Security, End Medicare, End Unemployment benefits, End public schools, End Unions, End Minimum Wage, End Unemployment, End Regulations, End Women's Rights. End Gay Rights. End Global Warming efforts. Promote Guns.
Now, it seems as if the Extremist Right Wing Teapartiers are drawing a line in the sand. They are saying, "My way or the highway!"

My biggest fear is that somehow they will select a candidate that supports their agenda and will somehow fool the American Public into voting for him.

I know and realize that with their 527 groups (who have NO Accountability for their actions) will push negative ads at the American Public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will especially be the case as the election draws nearer. These ads are sure to brainwash countless Americans. Additionally, the Republican Tea Pary governors have made it their mission to pass Jim Crow type laws to SUPPRESS the young, the poor and minorities from voting. While they allow a Gun License as proof of identity to vote, they do not allow a student ID or Medicare card.

2012 will be a World Changing year. IF a Republican is elected and pushes through Republican Laws as they've promoted through the Republican debates, all of us, WE THE PEOPLE, should be very afraid. They will change the world as we know it, and NOT for the better.

We need to rally and support our President until he is re-elected.
May God Bless America!
May God Bless OUR Presidend Barack Obama.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RACIST Arizona Judge Says Factual Mexican-American Studies Program Violates State Law

Arizona is the most racist state in the country. All evil state laws start there. Their state is rampant with evil, racist politicians and judges.

Yesterday, a racist Arizona administrative law judge, Lewis Kowal, has sided with the right wing extremist Tucson school chief John Huppenthal saying the district's very factual Mexican American Studies program runs afoul of the state law. The law in question was passed in May of 2010 amid controversy over Arizona's racial profiling bill sb1070. Another racist Arizona bill, hb2281, specifically targetted Latino studies programs taught by the high schools in the Tucson Unified School District. Now, Tuesday's ruling puts the Mexican American Studies program in jeopardy.

Latinos, one thing we must ALL note: the racsist Judge's ruling is MERELY a recommendation. HOWEVER, his recommendation is to the racist superintendent of schools, Arizona's John Huppenthal. Huppenthal was against the program to begin with. Now it's up to the racist Huppenthal to decide whether the programs should continue. If he stops them, NO MORE TRUTH will be taught. No more teachings about Cesar Chavez or Dolores Huerta. No more teachings about the history of Latinos in America. No more teachings about our roots. No more teachings about the hundreds of years of abuses that occurred. This is like denying Slavery existed or that the Holocaust occurrred. Expect all of American History to be whitewashed.

We must all remember the words of the famed poet, George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011



LATINOS! STAND UP AND PROTEST! This Video Proves Arpaio's Goons MURDERED Latino Military Veteran who was a Legal Citizen!


I am appalled! I just saw the video of Arpaio's goons murdering Latino Military veteran Marty Atencio. Yes he was arrested, but he walked into the room peacefully and he was surrounded by 10 goons. Marty was standing against a wall, arms folded when the goon surrounded him, some with tasers. They tasered him 9 TIMES, ONE TIME for 10 minutes. After he stopped breathing, they dragged him, like a dog, into a room, left to die, like an animal. It was only after he had gone 15 miutes, not breathing, that they called an ambulance. No one tried to revive him or give him CPR. THEY MURDERED HIM, LEFT HIM FOR DEAD! THOSE DEADLY, RACIST MURDERERS! WATCH THE VIDEO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! HE NEVER FOUGHT THEM! THEIR EXCUSES ARE RACIST LIES!!

Hero, the military Hero, is DEAD! A RACIST MURDER by Goons Sanctioned by the racist madman Arpaio! Oh the audacity! Oh the Terror! If Arpaio and his goons are allowed to continue to wreck havoc and terror amongst ALL the Latinos in Maricopa County, how many more deaths will we see? How many deaths are unknown? Arpaio allowed his volunteer goons to wear ski masks as they terrorized little Latino towns like Guadalupe! For years, he allowed thousands of crimes against little Latino girls to go uninvestigated! Oh the lack of humanity! Are we in America? What kind of racist animals are Arpaio and his volunteer goons!

Please President Obama and please Attorney General Holder, PLEASE hold Arpaio and his masked volunteer goons to be responsible for all of their crimes!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The First Christmas, Baby Jesus -- an "Illegal Immigrant"

In order to be in compliance with the census, Mary and Joseph traveled, as immigrants, to Bethlehem. It was not their home land. As immigrants, there was no place for them to stay. They tried to stay at an inn, but there was no room for them. Mary was pregnant, ready to deliver baby Jesus. The only place they could go that was dry and quiet was a stable. As the prophecies foretold, the promised Savior was born in another country. “But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.” [Matthew 2:6] Jesus - an anchor baby -- born in Bethlehem in order to claim the rights and privileges of being the son of David. Jesus, a Jewish child, dark haired with brown skin.

Shortly after Jesus' birth, King Herod ordered the killing of the innocent, all children under the age of two. So Jesus and his parents become fugitives -- illegal immigrants -- criminals under the law of the land. They flee once again, this time to Egypt. Jesus is now an illegal immigrant with a criminal record. The crime is sedition, being born a King when there was already a king in the land. The intent of overthrowing a kingdom is a felony.

When Herod is dead, Jesus’ parents return to their own country, not to Bethlehem where Jesus is a legal citizen, but to Nazareth, where Jesus grows up as an illegal alien where he takes the job of carpenter away from other Nazarenes. Jesus did all this. These are the same actions those of the extremist right wing call "illeegals."

If Jesus were born today in Arizona, Arpaio and his masked goons would arrest Mother Mary and Joseph and place them in pink underwear in vermin and disease infested tent city. They would be forced to eat green bologna or starve to death. Mother Mary would be placed in shackles and chained to her hospital bed as she gave birth.

Jesus would be an anchor baby because the teaparty has not yet been successful in changing the 14th amendment -- the bill that would stop him from becoming a citizen. Joseph and Mary are sent to a detainment facility to await ICE decision to deport them. Jesus, as an American citizen, would be sent to an orphanage. Or if the story unfolded a bit closer to the Biblical text, Joseph would have a dream to flee back into the desert and cross back into Mexico with Mary and newborn Jesus. The trek across the Arizona desert is as treacherous and dangerous as the trek from Bethlehem to Egypt. They would have faced starvation, dehydration, and possible death only to find a wall blocking their way.

This week, the week Baby Jesus was born, we must remember the message Baby Jesus brought to the world. His message is clearly defined in the Prayer of St. Francis:

Make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

This is the message Baby Jesus brought to the World!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas - Feliz Navidad!

Arpaio Admits Guilt by Destroying Records! He's Going Down! Feds have him on the ropes!

HP Reports: PHOENIX -- A judge overseeing a lawsuit of racial profiling in Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's immigration patrols issued punishments against the agency on Friday for its acknowledged destruction of records in the case. The punishments issued by U.S. District Judge Murray Snow came in the form of "adverse inferences" against Arpaio's office that the judge may consider when deciding the case's facts.

The judge, for instance, may assume that among the destroyed documents were citizen complaints - some of which were racially charged and didn't allege actual criminal activity - that requested immigration patrols in spots where the sheriff's office later conducted patrols. Tim Casey, one of Arpaio's lawyers, said he expected the ruling. "I thought that the judge, given the facts, was very fair in his evaluation," he said.

Note from Me to the Judge: All you have to do is look at these pictures of Arpaio and his masked volunteer goons to prove the case against him!

The judge had found grounds in February 2010 to sanction the sheriff's office for throwing away or shredding some records of traffic stops made during Arpaio's immigration patrols, but held off on actually imposing the punishment until Friday.
(Citizen) Latinos who filed the lawsuit have said Arpaio's officers based traffic stops on the race of Hispanics in vehicles, had no probable cause to pull them over and made the stops so they (masked goons) could inquire about their immigration status. Arpaio has denied the racial profiling allegations, saying people pulled over in the patrols were approached because deputies had probable cause to believe they had committed crimes and that it was only afterward that deputies found many of them were undocumented immigrants.

During the patrols Arpaio calls "suppression sweeps," masked volunteer deputies flood an area of a city - in heavily Latino neighborhoods - over several days to seek out traffic violators and arrest other offenders. Undocumented immigrants accounted for only 57 percent of the 1,500 people arrested in the 20 sweeps conducted by his office since January 2008 - while Latinos taken into custody and made to PROVE their Citenship (drivers licenses were NOT allowed) accounted for up to 100% of those arrested!

Under other sanctions issued Friday, Snow said records suggested officers didn't follow a zero-tolerance policy requiring them to stop all traffic offenders and that the documents would have included a higher number of LATINOS arrested than records documenting ordinary patrol activity.

Some sheriff's officials have acknowledged deleting their emails about the patrols and throwing away and shredding officers' records of traffic stops made during the sweeps. The sheriff's office LIED and "said" the destruction (of the documents PROVING racial profiling) was an honest error that sprung from a top official not telling others in his office to preserve the documents.

The office ADMITTED the traffic-stop records (EVIDENCE) were thrown away after supervisors tabulated statistics from them and that thousands of other documents have been handed over. Those records completed during the sweeps contained the number of contacts with the public, criminal arrests and civil citations, and provided a short narrative section where officers can briefly summarize arrests or other incidents.

Some sweeps-related emails that were thought to have been deleted by the sheriff's office turned out to have been saved by the county when it was discovered that the county had backed up emails by the sheriff's office as part of a routine document-preservation step in an unrelated lawsuit. (THIS IS WHERE THE FEDS HAVE ARPAIO AND HIS ASKED GOONS! THEY HAVE BACK UP COPIES OF THE DELETED EMAILS PROVING THEIR RACIAL PROFILING!!) ARPAIO IS GOING DOWN!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fatso TeaParty Republican Sensenbrenner says Michele Obama has a Big Butt!

File this under TeaParty Republican "Strange and Ridiculous."

Tubby Wisconsin Republican and ANTI Latino Advocate Jim Sensenbrenner (a big fat slob) has the audacity to say our First Lady has a Big Butt! OMG! Has he looked in the mirror lately? The teaparty republicans have such disrespect for Our First Family and for the American People!

They choose to continue to pander to the Rich and give them Big Tax Breaks! These Tea Party Republicans are despicable!
I feel very sorry for this tubby's wife!

If he can say such cruel things about a woman who is so physically fit, what could he be saying about his overweight wife? Or is he choosing to make these remarks only to women of color?

Here is what he said:
"Sensenbrenner was recently overheard talking on his cellphone in an airport lounge recounting a recent incident. Apparently, he was at some church function and a citizen came up to him with kind words for Michelle Obama's recent publicity campaign to encourage healthful eating choices. Sensenbrenner apparently said on the telephone that his response was "She lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself."

I recommed teaparty republican and anti latino advocate sensenbrenner LOOK IN THE MIRROR before he starts criticizng!!

More on the racist sensenbrenner:
Sensenbrenner was the main sponsor of H.R. 4437, a bill passed by the House in 2005 that would provide additional criminal penalties for aiding and abetting illegal immigration to the United States.

On September 8, 2005, Sensenbrenner voted against a bill to provide $50 billion in emergency aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina. The bill passed and was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Arpaio's Goons MURDER another Latino! Veteran Mary Atencio MURDERED by Arpaio's Masked Volunteers!

American Citizen and AMERICAN HERO Veteran Marty Atencio is DEAD! And Arpaio and his masked goons are accountable! If you are Latino and arrested in Maricopa County, for any minor infraction, you CANNOT be arrested in Maricopa County. You must FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE!

A young veteran can attest to this. Marty Atencio, a Gulf War Veteran and disabled due to his service is now DEAD, thanks to racist Arpaio and his volunteer goons who he allows to wear ski masks.

Arpaio's goons tasered the hero veteran Atencio. Then they left him in a cell to DIE! This isn't something they would do to a White Veteran. These are despicable services reserved for the Latino.

Veteran Atencio is DEAD! DEAD!

There is only one person to blame for this travesty of justice! The heinous and despicable Joe Arpaio who supports his masked goons in arresting, abusing and murdering young Latinos (and veterans) like Marty Atencio! Arpaio should be ARRESTED and IMPRISONED for his RACIST CRIMES!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Latino Man is BEAT DOWN by Arpaio's Goons!

A Latino man, Ernest Atencio - 44 (an American Citizen) being booked into a Maricopa County jail early Friday remains in critical condition today. Unfortunately for Atencio, Phoenix police brought Atencio in for booking at 3 a.m. on Friday. During the booking process, Maricopa County sheriff's officials (masked goons) SAID Ernest was "abusive" and "combative", which "forced them" to use "defensive efforts" to beat him into a coma.

On the heels of a report by the U.S. Department of Justice condemning the MCSO for engaging in "discriminatory policing" and blasting its treatment of Latinos in and out of its jails, this report of this "Beat Down" of a Latino Citizen by Arpaio's Masked Goons offers more proof of the DOJ report's findings.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Feds CHARGE Arpaio with Civil Rights Violations and Racial Profiling Against Latinos!

The Department of Justice (DOJ) released the results of a three-year investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Masked Goon Squad. They concluded what we've been telling you all along. Arpyao and his deputies are the ones who've been breaking law.

According to the DOJ's investigation, Arpaio and his Goons routinely discriminate against Latinos and retaliate against anyone they view as their enemy. This is in violation of both the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act.

Thomas Perez, assistant Attorney General for the DOJ's Civil Rights Division, says the investigation uncovered rampant widespread racial profiling. "Our experts found that Latino drivers were four to nine times more likely to be stopped than similarly situated non-Latino drivers." Perez added Latinos were often stopped without cause. "This case involved the most egregious racial profiling in the United States that he had ever personally observed in the course of his work."

Federal investigators made two more critical findings regarding the Maricopa County sheriff's office.
1. An illegal pattern of retaliation that comes straight from the top of the department. "People opposed to the department's policies were frequently arrested and jailed for no reason or forced to defend against specious civil complaints or other baseless charges." Those retaliated against include local government officials, attorneys who raised the specter of discrimination by the sheriff and even some reporters in the community.

2. Arpayaso's Detention officers (goons) rampantly and maliciously punish Latino inmates, particulary those with accents, for failing to immediately respond to commands in English. The goons REFUSE to accept grievance complaints written in Spanish and they routinely FORCE Latino inmates to sign English-language forms that could waive their constitutional rights without offering translation help.

In the sheriff's jail, for example, detention officers invoked offensive slurs and profanities against Latinos, calling them "wetbacks," "Mexican bitches," and "stupid Mexicans," the Justice Department letter said. "Sheriff Arpaio's own actions have helped nurture MCSO's culture of bias," said the letter, written to the Maricopa County attorney. For example, the sheriff apparently endorsed one constituent's letter asking for a "round-up" at one Phoenix street corner of "dark-skin(ned)" people: Arpaio told a member of his command staff in a note to "(h)ave someone handle this," the Justice Department said.

Additionally, during today's press conference, the DOJ reported: "We are also reviewing allegations that MCSO has failed to investigate a large number of sex crimes." The sheriff's office has acknowledged to federal authorities that 432 cases of sexual assault and child molestation were not properly investigated over a three-year period ending in 2007, and many of the victims apparently were Latinos, the Justice Department said.

The DOJ said: "In short, MCSO is broken in a number of critical respects. The problems are deeply rooted in (Maricopa County Sheriff's Office) culture, and are compounded by (its) penchant for retaliation against individuals who speak out," The DOJ authorities are also looking at allegations of excessive force and a deliberate failure to provide law enforcement services in Latino communities.


But Arpaio is hardly the victim of a conspiracy. The Justice Department's scathing report makes that clear. An expert hired by the department said this case involves "the most egregious racial profiling in the United States" that he has ever seen in the course of his work, according to the report. On Arpaio's watch, deputies went unchecked. One officer used his patrol car to intentionally hit and drag a Latino man and then instructed other deputies to "leave him there," investigators said. A Latino motorist was incarcerated for 13 days for failing to use his turn signal.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Racist TeaParty Republicans DENY the Nomination of Exemplary Hispanic Candidate Mari Carmen Aponte! HINO Marco Rubio Sides with Racist Republicans!

The despicable, Racist TeaParty Republicans in Congress voted DOWN Latino Candidate Mari Carmen Aponte as ambassador to El Salvador and HINO (Hispanic in Name Only) Marco Rubio sided with the racist TeaParty Republicans and voted AGAINST the exemplary Latino candidate Mari Carmen Aponte.

Then, AFTER THE VOTE, the Cowardly HINO Rubio abruptly canceled a meeting with a high-level State Department official on Tuesday, AFTER learning that Democrats had rightfully described HINO Rubio's vote Monday as an insult to the Puerto Ricans HINO Rubio represents in Florida.

The White House lashed out at Republicans, including HINO Rubio, for blocking the vote, calling their move Monday night one that played “politics with America's national interests” when they voted against the very highly regarded Mari Carmen Aponte, who has been serving on an interim basis as ambassador to El Salvador.

“Once again, one of the victims of this political agenda here in Washington, D.C., is someone who is very qualified and happens to be a stellar member of the Latino community,” said Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., in a call put together by the Democratic National Committee. “Most of us are not only disappointed but angered to see politics played at the expense of someone who is so capable.”


Monday, December 12, 2011

To Racial Profile or NOT to Racial Profile: Arizona's Racial Profiling Law to be Reviewed by Republican Controlled Supreme Court!


The Republican Controlled Supreme Court took another step into the political fray this morning when it agreed to determine the fate of several key provisions in Arizona's controversial racial profiling bill - SB 1070. The case, Arizona v. United States, tests states' abilities to pass their own racial profiling type immigration measures. Immigration Laws are areas of the law typically reserved for the Federal government. This ensures these type of laws which have significant impact on minorities, are not swayed by corrupt and bias local governments.

Debates over the Extremist Conservative issues (eg: Immigration, Healthcare, Ending Regulation, Ending Social Security/Medicare, Ending Unemployment Benefits, Ending Child Worker Laws/Ending Minimum Wage, Ending Civil Rights Laws, Ending Women's Rights Laws, Ending Unions -- all in all, Republicans WAR Against the Middle Class) have dominated the Republican primary contest and will surely play an outsized role once the Republican nominee squares off against President Obama. The justices' decision to rule this term on the constitutionality of both SB 1070 and the Affordable Care Act will place the Court at the storm center of American politics.

The United States is hoping to preserve its victories over Arizona in the lower courts, which blocked four sections of the law from coming into effect. Two of the blocked sections would make it a crime under state law for an undocumented immigrant to be present in the state, fail to register with the federal government and attempt to obtain work or to hold a job without governmental authorization. Another section requires state and local police officers to check the immigration status of anyone who has been arrested, stopped or detained that the police reasonably suspect to be in the country illegally. The fourth provision at issue allows for the warrantless arrests of individuals that police officers have probable cause (RACIAL PROFILING) to believe have committed deportable offenses.

The 9th Circuit held that each of these provisions improperly invaded the U.S. government's comprehensive immigration regulation authority under federal law. Yet Republican Tea Party Arizona argues that these racial profiling provisions supplement, rather than step on, those federal laws. In its petition to the justices, Republican Tea Party Arizona characterizes SB 1070 as directing "state law-enforcement officers to cooperate and communicate with federal officials regarding the enforcement of federal immigration law." The Court's ruling in this case will likely impact similar immigration laws passed by Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana and Utah.

To the detriment of all fair minded people in America, Justice Elena Kagan selflessly recused herself from the case because of her involvement as Solicitor General when the United States decided to bring suit against Arizona in 2010. Justice Kagan's absence raises the sad possibility of a 4-4 deadlock among the justices, which would uphold the 9th Circuit's decision for the United States (whew). If past is prologue, however, Kagan's recusal may not make a difference.

Last term, Kagan recused herself from another immigration case coming out of Arizona that many viewed as a trial balloon for SB 1070's legality. In a 5-3 decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy gave his crucial vote to the Court's conservative wing. Kennedy wrote a majority opinion that allowed Arizona to revoke the business licenses of employers that knowingly hired undocumented immigrants, and also allowed the state to require businesses to check their employees' immigration status on the federal government's electronic verification system. The three dissenters believed that federal immigration laws pre-empted Arizona's efforts.

For both Arizona v. United States and the review of the Affordable Care Act, the Court will hear oral arguments in March or April, and hand down decisions by the end of June -- just in time to insert itself as a political football for the general election.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Michele Bachmann: Undocumented 'Can Be' Dragged On Buses Before Their Crying Children

HP Reports: Michele Bachmann: Undocumented 'Can Be' Dragged On Buses Before Their Crying Children
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has no problem "dragging undocumented immigrants onto buses" in front of their crying children. "It can be done," she told Bill O'Reilly on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor. Bachmann doesn't appear concerned that families are being torn apart with devastating consequences to U.S.-citizen children.

Amid a record number of detentions and deportations by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detentions, more than 5,000 children are in foster care around the country, according to a study, "Shattered Families," by the Applied Research Center. O'Reilly told the GOP presidential hopeful: "Look, if you pick up some guy in a car, and he's an illegal alien -- he's got three kids at home -- what are you gonna do, throw him and his kids on a bus the next day? Is that what you're gonna do? Can you imagine that?"

Bachmann, reinforcing her hard-line stance on the issue, replied: "Well Bill, what we have to do is end the practice of anchor babies in the United States" because that's when "illegal aliens come in." O'Reilly said, "I'm not justifying it. I'm just saying on a human basis, I don't think that -- theory is one thing. Dragging people out, putting them on a bus with their children's crying can be quite something else."

Bachmann said matter-of-factly: "It can be done. That's the thing, it can be done."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tea Partier Surprised That Louie C.K. is Mexican American! Latino Americans Are Everywhere!

Latino Americans Are Everywhere! Some (Teapartiers) are surprised when they have fair skin and blue eyes. But stand-up comic Louis C.K. (ginger hair and all) is Mexican-American. Louis C.K. was born in Washington D.C. to a Mexican father. The family moved to Mexico City, where he lived until the age of seven. His first language is Spanish, and he retains his Mexican citizenship (dual), according to Best Of Comedy Online. So, C.K. is actually Latino and has a Mexican passport.

On his last visit to The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, the comedian poked fun of the racism surrounding immigration, referring to a comment a Tea Party woman once made against Mexicans. The woman was left speechless after she found out C.K. was Mexican. He talked about when he first came to the U.S. as "a young Mexican boy" and thought, "America es muy bonito!" ("America is very pretty!"), as he put it a child's voice.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Newt Gingrich Does NOT Believe in the American Dream! He Believes ALL Minorities are DOOMED to be Janitors OR Pimps & Hoes!

The Root reports: ABC News' Jake Tapper talked to GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich about topics including a defense of his charge that child-labor laws are stupid because poor children need to "learn how to go to work." We're pretty sure he wasn't kidding. Check out his idea in these highlights of the exchange:

“Look,” Gingrich said, “at a time when you have up to 43% black teenage unemployment, you have entire communities that are devastated, you have neighborhoods where nobody has worked and nobody has any habit of work ... "

“Young children who are poor ought to learn how to go to work,” he continued. “What I’ve said is, for example, it would be great if inner city schools and poor neighborhood schools actually hired the children to do things. Some of the things they could do is work in the library, work in the front office. Some of them frankly, could be janitorial ... "

"[W]hat if they cleaned out the bathrooms and what if they mopped the floors? What if in the summer they repainted the school? What if in that process they were actually learning to work, learning to earn money, they had money on their own, they didn’t have to become a pimp or a prostitute or a drug dealer, they had money on their own?

“Now that’s not a casual comment,” Gingrich said. “It actually grows out of a lot of thinking over many years of trying to figure out who do we break out people trapped in poverty who have no habits of work."

"I am sure for [President Obama] it [whether he has done enough for the black community] has to almost involve cognitive dissonance because how can he look in -- how can he say, ‘This is the community I have done so little for?’ “I think as Americans, forget the president for a moment, Americans if you truly believe you are endowed by our Creator with the right to pursue happiness, one of my major goals, is to apply that to the poorest neighborhoods in America in very very different ways and try to break out of what we have trapped people into for the last forty years.”

Hmmm, so after "a lot of years" of thinking about how to harness the potential of inner-city kids, Gingrich's most innovative and inspired idea involves cleaning bathrooms, and he thinks he understands better than Obama what "our Creator" would like to see for the African-American community?

Also, we're confused -- why are black and poor kids the only ones who need to do manual labor, while their wealthier peers get ahead academically? Sounds like a great recipe for perpetuating inequality instead of changing the structures that cause it. If Gingrich keeps it up with this type of policy brainstorming, he might be just the person to reignite passionate black support for the president's re-election.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Right Wing Nativist Barbara Coe Ridicules Suicide of Undocumented High School Student Despondent Over His Legal Status

Guest Voz - Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly: Barbara Coe is, if nothing else, at least true to the false friend of her name: barbaric. We have written many blog posts over the years tracking her vicious words, whether wishing death on President Barack Obama, ridiculing gays and Mexis (and gay Mexis!) and many, many more.

Yet the head witch of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform outdid herself this week with her treatment of the suicide of Joaquin Luna.

Good people in this country were shocked that Luna--an 18-year-old high school student from Texas--committed suicide recently andd left behind a note stating the reason: because he faced next-to-no future as an undocumented youth in country that refuses to accept such Americans as, well, Americans.

For Coe, however, it was just another "sicko yellow-belly coward illegal alien 'sob story,'" as she put it in a Tuesday email to her minions. "We wonder how law-abiding American citizen kids feel when they are denied ANY taxpayer funds for their college education while illegal alien lawbreakers are awarded their American parents' tax dollars??? [Gustavo note: as usual, all italics, CAPS, space errors, underlined words and other grammatical Easter eggs in the original] This is just another PR stunt promoting an Illegal Alien AMNESTY...if this illegal alien kid was so mentally deranged he could not not live without American taxpayer 'freebees', so be it."

Way to get your devil wings there, Babs!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

House Approves Immigration Bill that Brings Latino Families Together!

SignonSanDiego reports: The House measure to expand the number of family visas for relatives of U.S. residents hoping to make the U.S. home is expected to benefit, among others, Mexicans, who often wait roughly 10 years for permission to live here. Under a measure approved by the House Tuesday, with a 389-15 vote, family-based visa limits rise from 7 percent per country to 15 percent per country, an adjustment that could slightly ease the backlog for naturalized citizens, particularly from Mexico and the Philippines, trying to bring relatives into the United States.

The majority of immigrants in the United States are admitted through family-based visas. Mexicans account for about 30 percent of the U.S. immigrant population – that includes Mexicans of all immigration status – and nearly all Mexicans who are granted U.S. permanent residency, known casually as having a "green card," are admitted into the country on family-based visas.

Almost 60 percent of Mexicans admitted into the United States were immediate relatives sponsored by U.S. citizens, about 35 percent were non-immediate relatives. Immediate relatives of a U.S. citizens include a spouse, unmarried children under 21 years of age, or the parent of someone who is at least 21. Visas for these categories typically are not subject to caps.

So-called family preference immigrant visas are subject to caps, and that can affect the length of time between the day a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident submits a petition for admission to the United States, and the day that person ultimately may get admitted. These visas are subject to caps, and are the ones that would change under the House bill, which next will go to the Senate for a vote.

These visas cover such relatives as sons and daughters, over the age of 21, of U.S. citizens; spouses and minor children of legal U.S. permanent residents; and brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens, among others. The legislation was hailed by people on different sides of the immigration debate as a rare example of bipartisan accord on immigration, an issue that largely has been avoided during the current session of Congress because of the political sensitivities involved.

The measure also would eliminate the current law that says employment-based visas to any one country can't exceed 7 percent of the total number of such visas given out. Instead, permanent residence visas or green cards would be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

“This will significantly shorten the wait for the people in the family queues,” said Tamar Jacoby, president of ImmigrationWorks USA, a national federation of small business owners working for changes in immigration laws.

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