Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Racist TeaParty Republicans DENY the Nomination of Exemplary Hispanic Candidate Mari Carmen Aponte! HINO Marco Rubio Sides with Racist Republicans!

The despicable, Racist TeaParty Republicans in Congress voted DOWN Latino Candidate Mari Carmen Aponte as ambassador to El Salvador and HINO (Hispanic in Name Only) Marco Rubio sided with the racist TeaParty Republicans and voted AGAINST the exemplary Latino candidate Mari Carmen Aponte.

Then, AFTER THE VOTE, the Cowardly HINO Rubio abruptly canceled a meeting with a high-level State Department official on Tuesday, AFTER learning that Democrats had rightfully described HINO Rubio's vote Monday as an insult to the Puerto Ricans HINO Rubio represents in Florida.

The White House lashed out at Republicans, including HINO Rubio, for blocking the vote, calling their move Monday night one that played “politics with America's national interests” when they voted against the very highly regarded Mari Carmen Aponte, who has been serving on an interim basis as ambassador to El Salvador.

“Once again, one of the victims of this political agenda here in Washington, D.C., is someone who is very qualified and happens to be a stellar member of the Latino community,” said Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., in a call put together by the Democratic National Committee. “Most of us are not only disappointed but angered to see politics played at the expense of someone who is so capable.”


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Vicente Duque said...

SB 1070 : Business loves "Federal Preemption" and doesn't like "State Rights" creating regulations and obstacles for them, the Chamber of Commerce too, of course. "Federal Preemption" means less legal actions from states and people against business

"Federal Preemption" means the superiority of the Federal Government over the whims of the states and the supremacy of Congress Law over State Law. That is why Business prefers decisions at the Federal level and not a Hodge-Podge, that is a "mess" or a "jumble" of State Laws and Regulations.

So you see, what the Supreme Court decides in the Case of Arizona v United States, "papers please" or SB 1070 is of enormous interest for Business and sooner or later they are going to feel the glory or the pain.

As far as I understand Business in Arizona is not very happy with Governor Jan Brewer. And not only Business but many Civic Associations, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, City Mayors, Councilors, County Commissioners, Legal Groups and Lawyers don't love the actions of that Lady.

You can tell me that Jurisprudence is an abstract science and that these economic and political considerations have no weight.

May be you are right, but at the end, Business, Money, Civic Associations, Legal Professionals, Professors, Civil Rights Activists etc .... will find a way of being heard. And big political and electoral movements may ensue against this ugly patchwork of legislations by 50 states.


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