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Breaking News: ANTI Leader of Alipac Gheen Accuses Minutemen Leader Gilchrist & ABP Leader Spencer of Assisting Shawna Forde After Murder!

Hot off the presses from Heraldnet.com:
Leaders of anti-llegal immigration groups trade insults over Forde case
By Scott North - Herald Writer
EVERETT -- Controversy over an Everett woman charged with two killings in Arizona now has the national leaders of anti-illegal immigration groups calling one another idiots.
Shawna Forde, 41, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and other crimes in connection with a May 30 raid on an Arivaca, Ariz., family. Killed were Raul Flores, 29, and his daughter, Brisenia, 9. The child's mother also received gunshot wounds, but survived and drove the attackers away in a gun battle that was recorded during a her frantic 911 call to police.

The sheriff's department in Pima County, Ariz., has alleged Forde led the raid believing Flores was a drug trafficker, and she could net money to support her Minutemen American Defense group
Even before the shootings Forde was a polarizing figure for people who endorse the idea that self-styled Minutemen engaged in surveillance and patrols are part of the solution to illegal immigration, human smuggling and drug trafficking along on the U.S.-Mexico border. Forde conducted border watches and patrols in Arizona, and was an ally of Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Orange County, Calif.-based Minutemen Project.

An e-mail obtained by The Herald shows that Gilchrist was one of 17 people Forde apparently wanted contacted if she was arrested or killed after the Arivaca homicides. Last week, Gilchrist acknowledged that he'd been told Forde was wanted for questioning by police prior to her arrest in Arizona. He said he called her about eight days before she was captured, but she denied being in trouble.
He's since publicly withdrawn all support for Forde.

Forde was arrested June 12 by FBI agents and others at a roadblock about a mile from the Sierra Vista, Ariz., ranch owned by Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol, a group that monitors the border using cameras and aerial surveillance. Spencer last week said Forde was taken into custody after she'd made a brief, uninvited stop at his home. He said he'd broken ties with her a year earlier.

On Monday, William Gheen, president of ALIPAC -- Americans for Legal Immigration -- posted on his group's Web site a repudiation of Gilchrist and Spencer in which he flatly accused them of assisting Forde after the Arivaca killings.
"We warned the nation and all group leaders, including Spencer and Gilchrist, about Shawna Forde many months before these murders," Gheen wrote.
The warnings did appear on Gheen's group's Web site earlier this year and largely regurgitated reports by The Herald that raised questions about Forde's link to a string of violent incidents in Everett. At the time, police were investigating the Dec. 29 shooting of Forde's ex-husband, her claim that she'd was beaten and raped a week later by people she suggested were connected to Mexican drug cartels, and her own gunshot injury Jan. 15 in an Everett alley. Everett police recently said they've ceased investigating Forde's rape report based on insufficient evidence.

Spencer on Monday denied that he got any warning about Forde from Gheen, and asserted that he didn't need one anyway because he'd long before decided against associating with her. After her rape report Spencer wrote that he told his staff again that Forde "was unstable and not welcome as a guest on the ranch."

Spencer added:
"The idea that I would put the reputation of American Border Patrol at risk by assisting someone that I knew to be unstable is outrageous and slanderous ... By making these totally false accusations with no evidence whatsoever to back them up, Mr. Gheen has proven himself to be unprofessional and exploitative of the problems of unfortunate people like Shawna Forde. He is doing this to make money by tearing his 'competitors' down, pure and simple.

"There is really only one way to deal with people like Mr. Gheen and it is not to mince words. To wit: Wm. Gheen is an idiot," he added.
On Gheen's Web site there is more cross fire today, including a post that describes Spencer and an employee as idiots, too.
Gheen has been contacting reporters since Forde's arrest, arguing that readers aren't being told enough about the difference among those in border-watch groups, particularly when it came to support of Forde.
"Outside of the media, to my knowledge, nobody has done more before these murders to stop Shawna Forde," Gheen said of himself during a recent interview. He said his group raised doubts about Forde's claims of being attacked in Everett. He noted that Gilchrist stood by her, even after The Herald published a story detailing the woman's troubled past. The article also contained Forde's acknowledgment that she'd privately been telling police that local street toughs -- not drug cartel killers -- likely were behind the violence involving herself and her ex-husband this winter in Everett.
Questioning Forde's story at the time was the right thing to do, Gheen said.
"If I had not done that, the Shawna story would have gone nuclear through our movement," he said.

Forde was arraigned on the murder charges Monday in Tucson, Ariz. Prosecutors there are considering whether to seek the death penalty.

Minutemen Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush Arraigned for Murder of 9 Year Old Brisenia Flores! Prosecutors have 60 Days to Decide Death Penalty!

Minutemen Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush were arraigned in Pima County Superior Court for the murders of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father Raul. In addition to two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder, they are facing burglary, aggravated-assault and robbery charges in the May 30 incident.

Pima County hearing officer Roger Duncan entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of Shawna Forde, 41, Albert Robert Gaxiola, 42, and Jason Eugene Bush, 34. Duncan also assigned county-paid attorneys for all three defendants and scheduled their next court appearance for Aug. 18.
Prosecutors have until 60 days after the arraignment to announce if they intend to seek the death penalty.
3 arraigned in killings of girl, 9, father

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Demise of the Republican Party: Gov. Mark Sanford - the Face of Hypocrisy

I have been trying to avoid writing about the Mark Sanford "affair" but after watching the CAD compare himself to King David and the pathetic responses by the right-wing biased Fox media, I find it impossible to avoid the hypocrisy of it all. Therefore, I am writing this one blog about it.
For those of you who haven't heard, Republican governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, went missing for six days over Father's Day weekend. The governor, married and father of four, was not seen in public nor by his children from June 18 to June 24. Neither his family nor his staff knew where he was, although his staff told the media Sanford was out hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Then Sanford was spotted by a reporter on June 24 in Atlanta's International Airport returning home from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sanford CRIED when he confessed before the cameras (boo hoo). He admitted having an affair (since the local newspaper caught him in the act). He said, "I've been unfaithful to my wife. I developed a relationship with what started as a dear, dear friend from Argentina." His voice choking at times, Sanford apologized to his wife and four sons, his staff and supporters, and said he would resign immediately as head of the Republican Governors Association. He said the affair began last year and his wife discovered the affair five months ago. He added that he and his wife were trying to work through it.
I do admire Jenny Sanford's strength through these difficult times. She said, "We reached a point where I felt it was important to look my sons in the eye and maintain my dignity, self-respect, and my basic sense of right and wrong. I therefore asked my husband to leave two weeks ago. This trial separation was agreed to with the goal of ultimately strengthening our marriage."

The other woman is a beautiful Latina by the name of Maria Belen Chapur. She is a former TV News anchor, divorced mother of two teenage sons. There is no one you can blame for the affair other than the married Mark Sanford. His wife has been a wonderful mother. The other woman was single and available.
What is worse is, after his wife found out about the affair, Sanford asked his wife for permission to visit his lover. His wife responded, "Absolutely not. It's one thing to forgive adultery; it's another thing to condone it!" For Jenny Sanford, the focus is the couple's four sons. During her interview with AP, she wept as she displayed the stellar report cards earned by her eldest two sons at their exclusive private school in Columbia.

Mark Sanford is a CAD for asking his wife to be complicit with his affair. Despicable.
Not only was he a CAD, but he used his mistress in the fact he had no plans of ever divorcing his wife.
He was also a CAD to the State. It wasn't until after his affair was revealed and after a reporter used the Freedom of Information Act to seek records of what public funds were used to pay for Sanford's trip to Argentina, that Sanford said he would reimburse taxpayers for expenses he had incurred one year earlier with his mistress in Argentina. He said, "I made a mistake while I was there in meeting with the woman who I was unfaithful to my wife with. That has raised some very legitimate concerns and questions, and as such I am going to reimburse the state for the full cost of the Argentina leg of this trip.”

Sanford is also a hypocrite. He demonized Bill Clinton when he had an affair.

In 1998, Sanford was a Republican congressman from South Carolina when he demanded "moral clarity" from Clinton and called on him to resign. Sanford told the Post and Courier newspaper in Sept. 1998: "Very damaging stuff. This one's pretty cut and dried. I think it would be much better for the country and for him personally [to resign]."

If this whole fiasco had ended at this point, I probably would not have blogged about this story. However, what happened next got on my last nerve.

The AP reports: About an hour after Jenny Sanford talked of her pain and feelings of betrayal, her husband brushed aside any suggestion he might immediately resign, citing the Bible and the story of King David _ who continued to lead after sleeping with another man's wife, Bathsheba, having the husband slain, then marrying the widow.
"What I find interesting is the story of David, and the way in which he fell mightily _ fell in very, very significant ways, but then picked up the pieces and built from there," Sanford told members of his cabinet in a session called so he could apologize to them in person and tell them the business of government must continue.
Meanwhile, questions grew about a trip to Argentina he took last summer. While Sanford has agreed to reimburse the state for part of a more-than $8,000 tab that enabled him to see the mistress, state officials indicated they never intended a South American economic development trip to hold meetings in Argentina. That was only done at the governor's behest, said Kara Borie, a spokeswoman for the state Commerce Department.

(Should Jenny Sanford be worried as her husband compares himself with someone who had an affair and murdered the spouse?)

Can you believe the monumental ego this philanderer has? Comparing himself to King David? After asking his wife to be complicit??
After reading all this, you would think Fox News, the self proclaimed leader of "fair and balanced" news and believers in Christian Conservatism would be ferocious in reporting this story, demanding for Sanford's resignation as they did for Bill Clinton or John Edwards. Think so? Think not! Here is what they are actually reporting:
. Did Email Hacker Bring About Gov. Sanford’s Fall?
. Bill O'Reilly devoted 3 segments of his show talking with Karl Rove who both blamed Democrats for "celebrating" the affair. Then O'Reilly (who had an affair with Andrea Makris and paid her off to keep quiet) LIED again by saying “The right has been fairly restrained about the John Edwards situation." Hah! I remember entire shows on Fox with Ann Coulter, Malkin, Hannity and others just revelling in tearing Edwards apart. What Lies and Hypocrisy!

Mark Sanford and the Fox News pundits are Cads, Liars and Hypocrites!
They CLAIM to be Christian Conservatives. Instead, they are attack dogs. Whenever a Democrat/Liberal politician strays, Faux News relentlessly demonizes them. Yet they overlook their own (Republican) scandals. It is happening again with Sanford.

Frankly, I am sick and tired of the Hypocrisy of the Republican Party. I think ALL of America is catching on to their tactics. Their politicians do not adhere to the moral values of the Christian Conservatives. They merely PANDER to the Christian Conservative movement for their votes.

I am sick and tired of the moral lectures from Fox News and Republican politicians. If they are ever to get in the good graces of Americans again, what they have to learn is, we are all human. Everyone has human failings. No more lectures. No more demands that everyone adhere to your political agenda. Don't cry and thump on the Bible and say "I have sinned." Don't call yourself King David. Don't demand resignations of ANY Democrat or anyone you disagree with when they cheat on their wives. Stop saying the little rural areas are the "true American areas." Stop saying you are the patriotic party.

WE ARE ALL AMERICAN. ALL AREAS OF AMERICA ARE PATRIOTIC AREAS. WE ALL SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. AND SOMETIMES ALL OF US SIN. Republican Politicians, my advice to you is: Stick to politics. Stick to supporting our President. Stick to improving the economy. AND ABOVE ALL, STOP THE HYPOCRISY!!!

Guest Voz - Old Field Guy: Right Wing Extremists Terrorize America

During my daily search routine of news articles and blogs about politics, immigration and hate crimes, I came across this excellent article titled "Right Wing Extremists Terrorize America," written by "Old Field Guy" (OFG) whose blog is titled "Just Not Right."
OFG wrote an excellent article about the Right Wing Extremists who have been terrorizing America. These are the same extremists I have been writing about whose crimes have been especially prevalent over the last several months, particularly after the election. While OFG has listed several in a very neat timeline, there are others I would like to add, including the murder of Marcelo Lucero by the Caucasian Crew and the murder of Luis Ramirez by 6 football jocks. Additionally, we should also include the numerous assassination attempts/threats to our President Obama by these right wing extremists.
The very first crime he lists was committed by far right wing extremist, white supremist and neo-nazi Keith Luke. His rape and murder spree of innocent immigrants was targetted at non-whites. Just look at him as he appeared in court in May to plead INNOCENT for the rapes and murders he committed.
He is ONE SCARY/INTIMIDATING GUY... As are ALL of the Murderers on the List.
I agree with AFG when he says these Hate Crimes are fueled by the extreme right wing political climate and they are the products of the semper fi-ish punditocracy. I also agree that these murderers are not lone wolves.
These murderers must be held accountable for their crimes and punished to the fullest extent of the law. If not, we can only expect more of these Hate Crimes to occur!
Guest Voz: Old Field Guy from the "Just Not Right" blog
Right Wing Extremists Terrorize America
Since Obama's inauguration, America has suffered nine attacks from right-wing extremists. Many of these attacks resulted in numerous fatalities from Nazi loving, xenophobic, women hating, racists coked to the gills on white power Aryan victimhood. After DHS secretary Janet Napolitano released the report initiated during the Bush administration titled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment," every right-wing pundit in America was outraged. Even though no names were mentioned, curiously these pundits stepped in and demanded an apology, for slandering them personally--a blatant admission that they too, are right-wing extremists.

What is it exactly do we have to fear from these right-wing extremists that have a protective and Semper Fi-ish punditocracy who forced Napolitano into multiple apologies and retraction of the report?

1. The day after Obama's inauguration, Keith Luke kicks things off with a raping and murderous rampage. His plan was to kill as many "non-whites" as possible before killing himself.
2. Twenty days later, on February 10, Hitler admirer, Nazi memorabilia collector and serial wife-beater James Cummins was killed by his wife. Police found radioactive "dirty bomb" materials in his home.
3. Sixteen days later, on February 26, Dannie Baker walks into a townhouse where 14 Chilean students, here legally, were gathered and opened fire. He kills two and injures five, out of fear immigrants are taking over the country.
4. Thirty eight days later, on April 5, Richard Popalowski, a white supremacist, gun nut and cop killer lay in wait, wearing a bulletproof vest, for police. He killed three officers in the ensuing gun battle.
5. Twenty three days later, on April 28, Army Reservist, wife-beater, cop killer and Obama hater Joshua Cartwright shot and killed two deputy sheriffs when they tried to arrest him on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery.
6. Eight days later, on May 6, racist Jew-hater Stephen P. Morgan guns down, in cold blood, a female Jewish Wesleyan student. He kept a journal where he wrote down his belief that it is, "Okay to kill Jews and go on a killing spree."
7. Twenty four days later, on May 30, founder and Executive Director of the militant vigilante group Minutemen American Defense (MAD)Shawna Forde along with some thug followers, allegedly did a home invasion where two of the occupants were murdered. Husband and father Raul Flores, along with his nine-year-old daughter were mercilessly gunned down. The wife and mother was wounded in the invasion.
8. The next day, on May 31, far right extremist Scott Roeder assasinated Doctor George Tiller in church.
9. Ten days later, on June 10, white-power Aryan nutcase and Jew-hater James Wenneker von Brunn walks into the national Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and opens fire, killing a security guard.

These cannot be brushed aside as "lone wolf" isolated incidents as I am sure the mighty right-wing wurlitzer will try to claim but it is disturbing to watch them attempt to call these right-wing extremists as lefties. More of these attacks will surely occur, and they seem to be coming with higher frequency. More and more Americans will recoil from such acts, which will further isolate the right wing. And like a stalker, the more you ignore them, the more brazen they will become.

We're in for a long, hot summer.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guest Voz - Maegan 'La Mamita Mala': Our Muertos Never Rest In Peace

On June 22 in Washington DC a commuter train rear ended another, and ripped open cars in the system's worst accident in 33 years. Seven people were killed and countless injured. Of the seven killed, a Latino name appeared, Ana Fernandez. Ana, a Latino legal immigrant, died in the accident. After her death, the family, in mourning, received racist hate calls from ANTI Immigration Reform extremists.
Our Guest Voz, Maegen, la mamita mala - from Vivir Latino, wrote about this on Vivir Latino:
Guest Voz: Maegan la Mamita Mala from Vivir Latino
Title: Our Muertos Never Rest In Peace

Date: June 26
Between last night and now there are cries all over the internet about letting the dead rest in peace. When the reality is that our dead never get to rest in peace. Take the death of Ana Fernandez, a mujer who lost her life on the DC Metro when it crashed earlier this week. Fernandez, who left behind six children, doesn’t get the benefit of resting in peace. Instead her last name and image has made her suspect in the eyes of many who have begun calling her bereaved family about her immigration status.

Her family gathered outside her Hyattsville apartment Wednesday. A
crying woman who identified herself as Ana’s sister said the accusations
aren’t true.

“Right now, the whole family is in pain. She was here
legally, and all her children are legal. They were born here.”
Now why does a mourning family have to deal with this on top of the pain of loss and helping 6 children who now have no mother? Are the anti-immigrant haters angry that they didn’t get to claim Ana’s life, the way they claimed Brisenia, her father, Marcelo Lucero, Luis Ramirez, José Sucuzhañay?
Jose Sucuzhanay's family commented on Maegan's blog. Here is what they wrote:

I’m So Upset To Know That They Are Questioning Their Immigration Status. Whoever Is Making Those Kinds Of Questions Is Instead Of Questioning Whether Those Children’s Will Have A Safe Future Without Their Mother Is INTOLERANT, RACIST, HEARTLESS, PITILESS, INHUMANE, INHUMAN, Etc

I’m The Brother Of Jose Sucuzhanay And I Know The Pain For Which the Fernandez Family Is Going Through. My Deepest Condolences To The All The Ana Fernandez Family; Especially To The 6 Orphan’s!

To Be An Immigrant Is Not a Crime; It Is An EXAMPLE OF LIFE. People For Millions Of Year Have Moved From One Place To Another Looking For Better Opportunities and Because of Immigrations we have the America today. Please make no mistake. We are all Immigrants.

Diego Sucuzhanay And All The Sucuzhanay Family.

President Obama Introduces 1st Steps to Immigration Reform

On Thursday, President Obama met with members of Congress to discuss Immigration Reform. Some 30 influential lawmakers from both parties and both chambers attended, and after the meeting, the president released a statement saying: “My administration is fully behind an effort to achieve comprehensive immigration reform.”

The President made no promises about timing, but he made very clear that it’s time to get to work – “not put it off until a year, two years, three, five years from now, but to start working on this thing right now.”

Additionally, Sen. John McCain led Republicans in voicing strong support for what Business needs in a bill: an ample pipeline for the foreign workers we as a nation will need in the future to grow the economy to enter the country legally. After the meeting, McCain told reporters: the reforms also must include a temporary worker program for agricultural and high-tech industries that rely on non-U.S. citizen labor. "I can't support any proposal that doesn't have a legal temporary worker program and I would expect the president of the United States to put his influence on the unions in order to change their position," McCain added.

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer told reporters after the White House meeting that Obama had set a goal of passing legislation by the end of this year or early next year. The President said, "It's going to require some heavy lifting. It's going to require a victory of practicality and common sense and good policymaking over short-term politics."

In the meantime, President Obama asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to meet regularly with lawmakers to systematically work through a number of controversial issues, such as how to handle the 12 million illegal immigrants already in the United States and how to prevent future illegal immigration.
Obama pledges push this year for immigration reform
Obama Introduces First Steps To Immigration Reform

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Right Wing Extremist "Joe the Plumber" Suggests Lynching Senator Chris Dodd!

On Thursday evening, while in Wausau, WI at an event for Americans for Prosperity (a Conservative Group which helped organize the Tea Parties) Samuel "Joe the Plumber" (JtP) Wurzelbacher suggested Senator Chris Dodd should be lynched. The Teapartiers in the group were outrageous as they compared the Obama administration to Stalinist Russia. JtP peppered his hate speech against Obama with insults hurled at Sen. Dodd saying several times, "Why hasn't he been strung up?"

With the current environment of Hate Crimes on the rise, it is unbelievable that Wurzelbacher is screaming these epiteths and agitating those in his audience, suggesting any politician be assassinated as he did. He is absolutely disgraceful!!!

It is unbelievable that he is allowed to speak this way. This is NOT free speech! These are death threats! He should be arrested! Any groups (including his friends at AFP and Fox News (e.g.: Hannity, Beck) condoning his words/actions should be chastised by the American Public.

Digg It: New York Times Finally Reports on the Murder by the Minutemen!

Please Digg this Article!

The Mainstream Media outlet - the New York Times - has finally reported on the murders of Brisenia Flores and her father by minutemen Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush.

Please Digg the Article so the mainstream media will continue to report on it.


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Breaking News: Video Shows Pima County Sheriff's Dept. Officer as a member of Shawna Forde's M.A.D. Group

Breaking News: The Norwegian Video documentary of Shawna Forde's Minuteman American Defense (M.A.D.) group includes interviews with Shawna Forde, Chuck Stonex and a M.A.D. member by the name of Todd Hezlitt (see picture on left from the video).

After I saw the Norwegian video, I decided to do a few google searches on this new name. I was amazed by what I found. I found documents indicating Todd Hezlitt is a member of the Pima County Sheriff's department. I also found his myspace and a website called guerrillatactics.us. Pictures and certificates indicate they are all the same Todd Hezlitt. Other google searches identify him as the Judge Advocate in the Tucson VFW post.

The Norwegian video shows him as a M.A.D. member. He is armed and wearing camouflage clothing, just as Shawna Forde and Chuck Stonex are wearing.

Arivaca, AZ, the location of the Brisenia Flores murder, is in Pima County.

As followers of this murder case know and understand, it was the Pima County Sheriff's department that was the first to the scene of the crime and provided copies of their police reports to the GreenValley News.

What connection does the Pima County Sheriff's department have to Shawna Forde and her minuteman group? What connection does the VFW have to Shawna Forde? Remember, Hezlitt is a high ranking member of the Tucson VFW. Remember, in January, Forde's alibi the night she said she was shot in the alley: she was walking home from the VFW.

These are all interesting questions. Anyone who has seen the Norwegian video saw Todd Hezlitt's name and could google this information just as easily as I did. I think these are all questions that should be asked by the FBI, the investigating officers and the District Attorney's office.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dannie Baker's PreTrial Hearing Reset to August 20. Jury Selection Expected to Begin Sept. 14.

Chilean Student Murderer Danny Baker's PreTrial hearing has been postponed yet again. The PreTrial Hearing is reset to August 20. The Jury Selection is expected to begin on September 14. (see details of the crime)

The court appointed attorney, Lenny Platterborze, said more time was needed for a mental health specialist to issue an opinion on Baker. Platterborze also said there were "several pages of names of witnesses" who he planned to depose. Platterborze said Baker was willing to waive his right to a speedy trial in order to allow this specialist to issue his opinion.

If Dr. James Larson, the defense's psychologist, thinks Baker is incompetent to stand trial, the prosecution is allowed to have Baker evaluated with an expert of their own. If the psychologists have differing opinions, Judge Wells could ask for a third opinion. If the judge finds Baker is unfit to stand trial, Baker could be sent to a state hospital, where the staff would treat him and try to help him regain competency for a trial. (Sounds like Baker is pretty competent since he understands all of this and is waiving his right to a speedy trial! It is clear to me that he and is lawyer are waiting for attention to this trial to die down. Guess What! We are going to keep reporting on it until he is found guilty for his crimes!)

Meanwhile, while the defense is dragging its feet, the consul general for Chile, Juan Luis Nilo, traveled from Miami on Thursday to attend accused murderer Dannie Baker's pretrial hearing. Understandably, the entire country of Chile is extremely upset over the murders of these innocent students. Nilo clarified that the victims' families aren't worried about justice in the United States, they're simply not familiar with the court system and it makes them anxious. Nilo said he is working as a liaison to help them understand what is happening because they cannot attend. "They're very touched and suffering and recovering," Nilo said. "It's very hard for the families to accept what happened. They are waiting for answers and I'm trying to give them the answers they are looking for."

Assistant State Attorney Greg Anchors said the state will pay for essential witnesses and representatives of the victims' families to travel to the trial. Prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty for Baker, who has entered a plea of not guilty.

"We are very confident," Nilo said. "We're very pleased with the level of professionalism of the State Attorney's office."

Michael Jackson (50) Passed Away Today!

Very sad news today. Michael Jackson (50) died. News reports are saying he died of a heart attack. For years he has been very thin and in not the best of health. Stress and the media assaults on him probably had a lot to do with it. Although he had been charged in a couple of court cases, he was always found not guilty. We in America believe in innocence until proven guilty, so for any haters out there who say harsh things about Michael but say they believe in "the rule of law" should remember this.

I always loved Michael Jackson and his music. He and his family were so talented. The first song I remember hearing was "ABC" in 1970. My little brother brought it home. I remember when my little brother brought the album home, I kidded him by saying "Oh good. Now you can learn the ABCs at home." My baby bro and I always kidded each other like that, even to this day.

I grew to love the Jackson 5 and all of their music. There was such a rhythm to his music. I grew up loving Motown especially the Temptations, the Supremes, Smokey Robinson and the Four Tops. In the mid-seventies, Michael's music began to evolve. There were so many beautiful songs in his album "Off the Wall." I cried to "She's out of my life", danced to "Don't stop til you get enough" and "Rock with You." The seventies were the times of miniskirts, hot pants, disco boots and Discos. In the discos, we danced and danced to them all.

Then my lovely husband and I married. I had my oldest son a year later. I always say my son saved my life because he brought so much more love and happiness (and maturity) to our family. He was so beautiful. He was a brilliant baby. He learned to walk at 10 months. He was potty trained at 18 months. He was reading Grover's "Monster at the end of this book" at the age of two. And he was rockin' to Michael Jackson's music since he was born. When he was four or five years old, I bought the Thriller cassette tape. He loooooooooooved Michael Jackson. I bought him his own walkman with headphones for the Thriller tape. He was so cute rocking and moving to the music. There were so many great songs on that tape. Besides "Thriller", there was "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" and more.

My husband played softball every summer and my son and I watched his games from the stands. While on the stands, my son wore his earphones and rocked to the tapes. Everyone just loved him. Some of the jocks would say, "What you got there little buddy?" My son proudly beamed, "Michael Jackson's Thriller tape."
When the TV Special "Motown 25" came out, we all sat in front of the TV watching it. When Michael Jackson did the moonwalk for "Billie Jean", we all started screaming in awe. My baby son immediately got up and started imitating the moonwalk. It was beautiful!

Thriller remained my sons favorite album for years.

By the nineties, when my son became a young teenager, he moved on to other music, other interests. I think this happened to a lot of people. My son and my music interests parted at that time. He became interested in Hard Rock and I stuck with the Oldies, Pop and Country. But through those teenage years, every Halloween, I brought out the old Thriller tapes and we danced again to Michael's music.
Those times will always, always hold a special place in my heart.

Chilling Video of Minuteman Shawna Forde Armed & Patrolling Border Area Near Murder Site

Last year a Norwegian news crew interviewed Shawna Forde while she was out on "patrol" for illegal border crossers in the vicinity of Arivaca, Arizona -- the same area where, less than a year later, she would be arrested for the cold-blooded murder of a 9-year-old girl and her father. It's pretty chilling, particularly when she describes their activities in the desert, and then there's the shot where you see her stick her gun down her pants.

A big thank you to David Niewert at Crooks & Liars for posting and sharing this video.

David also references this excellent article by Patrick Young from Long Island Wins providing more details on how VDARE, Gilchrist and Simcox are all linked to Shawna Forde.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Details on Minuteman Shawna Forde's Murder of Flores Family!

As I previously reported, Minuteman Shawna Forde sought out helpers for her murderous plan to build Minutemen funds. Forde was desperate for money. Rumors say she was seeking money because she feared law enforcement was on to her for her role in the shooting of her husband and her false allegations of being raped.
Her plan was to gain money/funds by robbing/murdering those she suspected as drug dealers. She immediately recruited her partner, Gunny Smith. She also gained the support of Chuck Stonex, who continued his support of her through his attacks on innocent commenters on Heraldnet.com, although he denies any part of her crimes. In April/May, she recruited members of the Colorado minuteman group. Many of them maintained and continued conversations with her although the Colorado MM leader is now CLAIMING he attempted to report these conversations.
Then, Forde recruited known and long term drug dealers in the border town of Arivaca, Albert Gaxiola who we now hear had a local feud with Brisenia's dad. Reports indicate Gaxiola, a local drug dealer, was growing marijuana on Flores' land. When Flores reported Gaxiola to police, he began his plans for an attack on Flores. That is when he got involved with minuteman Shawna Forde. That is when he included his friend Oin Glenn Oakstar who has a long, long history of drug arrests, since the early 90's.
According to Gaxiola, Forde and other minutemen stayed at his home to plan the Home Invasion against the Perez Family.

Then, on May 30, Forde, Bush, Gaxiola and two others (Oakstar and another man) went to the Perez family home and viciously murdered Brisenia and her father and wounded Brisenia's mother. It is only by the grace of God that Brisenia's mom is still alive and was able to call 911, report the crime to the police and provide information to allow the police to identify Gaxiola that same day. Also, by the grace of God the 911 call clearly illustrated her reporting what happened, and, while on the line, Forde and Bush's return and Brisenia's mother's ability to shoot Gunny Bush.
The 200 page police report details what happened in the house: Brisenia's mom told investigators that people came to her home claiming to be law enforcement and saying they needed to come inside the home to look for fugitives, the reports said. Mom, her husband and Brisenia went into the living room and there were two people in the home — a tall man (Gunny Bush) and a woman (Shawna Forde), both in camouflage clothing. One person had tape on the grip of a gun they were carrying. Mom said the woman (Forde) was giving orders to the man (Bush) and talking on a walkie talkie to others who were not in the room. The gunman (Bush) first shot Flores (Dad) several times, then Mom and then Brisenia, the reports say. While Mom lay on the ground wounded, she heard others come into the residence. She said those people were speaking Spanish (Gaxiola and others). Mom was unable to see the intruders but could hear them going through cabinets and drawers.
Mom thought the suspects left the home, so she made her way over to the kitchen where she grabbed her husband’s pistol and called 911. As she spoke with the operator, the tall man (Bush) came back inside and they began exchanging gunfire. At that time a man (Gaxiola) popped his head into the house and said something.
She later recognized that voice as Albert Gaxiola, who was later arrested in connection with the slayings.
It was through Gaxiola and evidence at his house that the police were able to secure Forde and Bush's identities. At Gaxiola’s home, authorities found a 12-gauge shotgun, a number of other firearms, camouflage clothing, face paint, walkie talkie type radios and other military-type gear. They also found a grenade in the closet. When deputies initially went into the Flores home they were concerned because they were aware that the couple had another daughter who was 6 years old. They searched for her on the property until they learned she had stayed with her grandparents that night.
Forde and the wounded Bush were on the run. They called the Colorado Minutemen to help them escape. They relied on their minuteman friend Chuck Stonex to help tend to Bush's bullet wound.
Forde then went on the run again, desperate! She robbed $12,000 from her own brother and family friends in California.

As Forde continued to run, she sought harbor with her nativist friend and hate filled ANTI Immigration zealot Glenn Spencer who provided her safe harbor until the FBI and Law Enforcement caught up with her through cell phone tracking.

News reports also indicate there is a massive, 200 page report which details the timeline and sequence of events of this crime. I am glad law enforcement is tracking this case so closely. It is my understanding the first responders to the crime, the first responders who saw the carnage of Brisenia Flores' murder scene, are taking this crime personally. They are properly documenting the events in detail of this heinous crime so that they will ensure each of the perpetrators will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Additionally, I want to make a promise to my viewers. I am avidly seeking the 200 page document. Once I receive it, I will post it and provide a summary for all of my readers!

We need to follow this case and ALL Hate Crimes so that anyone who even considers committing such a crime will know and understand, ALL OF US will be watching and following these crimes. IF you commit a Hate Crime YOU will be punished to the Fullest Extent of the Law!!! We will make sure of it!! We will cover it until you go to trial! You will go to Prison! You will be PENALIZED!! Each day will seem like 100 days! So, if you do not want this to happen to you, DON'T DO IT!!!
Readers, I am asking your help. Please read the PDF attachments in the 2nd link below. Its the Heraldnet link.
There were a couple of names in the faxed report that weren't reported in the paper: The police were asking about someone named Sandy Stroup alias Sandy Somers. No info about her just her/his name. Its on fax page 24 of the follow up interview with Mom Flores.
The other name is Georgina Sue Moraga. She and Gaxiola were arrested at a McDonald's next to a Quality Inn hotel where her car was parked. The car was her mother's (her mother's name is Georgia Ann Wood) from Tucson. They arrested her for a probation violation.
Both Oakstar and Gaxiola are locals from Arivaca. Both drug dealers.
Here is the weird part. The murders happened around 1:00am on May 30. At 2:00 pm the next day, the police were talking to Gaxiola. The police had a search warrant by 2:30. That's when they found all the weapons. That's when Gaxiola gave up Forde and the Minutemen. He said: "a GROUP of people whom he identified as 'Minute men' had been staying there," the report said. "He stated that he had a RELATIONSHIP with the leader whom he identified as Shawna Forde."

The police report said Gaxiola said a GROUP of Minutemen. Not one. Not two. Not three. A GROUP.
I am also curious about the Teal Van with Arizona plates that was parked in front of Gaxiola's house. He said it was Shawna's van. Arizona plates.
Yet, at Glenn Spencer's house, she was driving a brown SUV.
How does she have so many vehicles? And yet be so desperate for Money??
The police must know who actually owned these vehicles.

Additionally, Gaxiola said he had a RELATIONSHIP with Shawna. A man does NOT say Relationship unless they are sleeping together. I wonder the same about Glenn Spencer. A man does not allow a woman to move in, especially someone like Shawna Forde unless something is going on between them.

There has to be so much more to this and so many more people directly involved.

Readers, I want your feedback. Do you agree with what I am reading in these .pdf files?
There has to be much more Minuteman involvement. There has to be deeper relationships between them, the drug dealers and other groups. Think about the money for the vehicles and weapons alone. There is lots more going on here!!
Case reports reveal more details on Arivaca shootings (contains 18 pages of 200 page report)

Glenn Spencer Attempts to Tap Dance Away from his Involvement with Murderer Minuteman Shawna Forde

Glenn Spencer, the head of the hate group American Border Patrol (ABP), is attempting to tap dance away from his involvement with minuteman murderer Shawna Forde.

As I previously reported, Shawna Forde was captured and arrested by the FBI on Glenn Spencer's property, which is also headquarters for the ABP.

In Spencer's "Full Disclosure about Shawna Forde" statement, he details how Shawna Forde and her daughter were invited residents on his property last summer, living in the ABPs RV. On the day of Forde's arrest, she was using his PC to send emails to her fellow minutemen. She was on the run. The FBI and Detectives had a search warrant and searched his house and property.

Yet, remarkably, even though she LIVED with him, he says he hardly knew her and denies any affiliation with her or ANY of the Minutemen. Spencer must have forgotten his long association with Jim Gilchrist (another long time supporter of Shawna Forde) and his partnership with Gilchrist and the Texas Minutemen for "Operation Sovereignty."

Yes. Spencer is dancing as fast as he can, as the Minutemen are, even though these groups are responsible for creating the likes of Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


BREAKING NEWS: Minutemen Shawna Forde, 41, Gunny Bush, 34, and Albert Gaxiola, 42, will be arraigned in Pima County Superior Court June 29 in the slayings of nine year old Brisenia Flores, Raul Junior Flores, 29, and the attempted murder of Gina Marie Gonzalez.

In addition to two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder, the trio are facing burglary, aggravated assault and robbery charges in the May 30 incident.

Prosecutors have until 60 days after the arraignment to announce if they intend to seek the death penalty.

Minuteman X Denies Connection to Shawna Forde, Admits "She DID IT!" and Implicates other Minutemen and Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol!!

The Leader of the Colorado Minutemen has gone to Scott North of the Daily Herald to claim he tried to turn Forde in a few weeks ago. Remember, the murders were committed a few weeks ago, on May 30. When you read his story, it is obvious he was very involved and is now just trying to protect himself. He also is clearly implicating members of his Minuteman group, Glenn Spencer and Minutemen Leaders. The police are not confirming what he said and, of course, have no comment.
The Colorado Minutemen (Minuteman X) went to the reporter on the condition of anonymity. What is interesting about his story is about how close-knit all of these ANTI groups are, the Minutemen, American Border Patrol, and all Border Watchers-Vigilantes!
Here is Minuteman X's story:
Minuteman X supplied e-mails that appear to have been sent to him by Forde, 41, in the days after the May 30 robbery and double killing in Arivaca.
. Forde: (June 3 email) "I'm in deep and now have targets on my head including big brother. I don't know who will take me out or set me up."
. In a June 5 e-mail, Forde apparently writes about getting a tip that sheriff's detectives in Tucson were looking for her."So just for your eyes now the po po (police department) is inquiring," the message reads. "Let them."
. Minuteman X said he and others were told by Forde that she was planning a home-invasion robbery in Arizona. Minuteman X said he was contacted early this spring by Forde, who knew of him from his Minutemen activities. Although they had not met, he claims she asked if he would be interested in helping her rob people suspected of involvement in smuggling near the border. The man said he didn't turn Forde down, but in April Minuteman X CLAIMED he told law enforcement officials about her request. Minuteman X said the police showed little interest, he said, declining to identify the officials or their agency.
. Minuteman X claimed he offered to assist in helping an undercover investigator infiltrate Forde's group to make arrests before a crime was committed. Minuteman X said his offer was declined.
. Meanwhile, Minuteman X claimed Forde pressed to set up a meeting to discuss staging robberies. After consulting with others in his group, four of the team decided to attend. They claimed they planned to later secretly share what they learned with law officers, he said."She had no idea," he said of Forde.
. Recounting a May 15 meeting with Forde near Denver, Minuteman X said the conversation initially was hypothetical, and there was an agreement that there would be no action for months. But then, he said, "She starts bringing up Arivaca." Forde allegedly told the group she "had a guy" in Arivaca who could not only identify drug traffickers for home invasions but also help sell any drugs seized, the man said.
. Forde, who was open about needing cash, allegedly pressed for immediate action.
. Forde began contacting members of his Minutemen group directly, trying to recruit them, he said. Minuteman X claimed Forde got no takers.

. Within hours of the Arivaca killings, Forde contacted an Arizona-based associate of the Minuteman X and asked him to bring sutures to patch up one of her crew who had been wounded. Minuteman X claimed his contact did not go. Instead, Chuck Stonex, a New Mexico minuteman who is now saying he is a former member of Forde's minuteman group, has acknowledged binding a wound on the leg of Jason Eugene Bush, 34. . Bush has since been charged along with Forde.
. Minuteman X claimed he learned of the Arivaca killings when an associate sent him a newspaper article a few hours after the shootings. He said the article was sent by another Colorado Minuteman who said of Forde "she did it."

. Minuteman X claimed he called the law enforcement officials who earlier had passed on focusing on Forde."They became very interested when I made a phone call and said 'Well, it happened,' '' he said.
. In the days that followed, the man said he was interviewed by Pima County detectives and worked with investigators to try to get Forde on the phone or to send e-mail messages. Detectives were seeking Forde's whereabouts in part by tracking her cell phone use, he said.
. "Minutemen are the people who put the kink in her tail," he claimed.

Forde was arrested near Sierra Vista, Ariz., by an FBI team that tracked her to the home of Glenn Spencer, president of American Border Patrol, a group that monitors border security using airplane surveillance, Minuteman X said.
Forde was arrested a short distance from Spencer's home. Barkman from Pima County confirmed that FBI agents were involved in Forde's case because she was a fugitive. Spencer on Monday said Forde had no affiliation with his group, although last year he had allowed Forde and her teenage daughter to live in an unused recreational vehicle on his property. Spencer broke ties with Forde over concerns about her behavior and judgment, he said.
"She was actually going to leave her daughter here," he said. "I ... was not happy with this person, and I did not want to affiliate with her any more."
On June 12, almost two weeks after the Arivaca killings, Spencer said Forde simply showed up at his house and was admitted by the woman who runs his office. "I was on my computer working on our report and she showed up right behind me," he said. Forde asked to use one of Spencer's rooms to send an e-mail from her laptop computer. He let her, and then she left. "That's where I want to leave it," Spencer said. Forde was arrested about a mile from Spencer's home when she drove up to an FBI road block. She remained jailed in Tucson on Monday, held in lieu of $1 million bail.
Minuteman says he warned authorites of robbery plot

Chilean Student Murderer Dannie Baker to Appear in Court Thursday, June 25 for PreTrial Hearing

In February, one of the most heinous HATE Crimes against Latinos in U.S. history was committed by Dannie Baker. Baker, a Republican activist and Christian Conservative, viciously murdered two young Latino - Chilean students and wounded three others.
On March 27, his attorney Lenny Platterborze entered a written plea of not guilty for him. On March 31, the State Attorney's Office officially notified the court they intended to seek the death penalty. Baker is being held with no bond and is set to appear in court this Thursday, June 25 at 8:30 a.m. for a pretrial hearing.
I have contacted the local newspapers, the Northwest Florida Daily News and the Panhandle Parade and asked if they will be in court and reporting on this story. I have not heard back from them but will be calling them today.
The Hate Crimes against Latinos inspired by the Hate Talk from the extreme right, including Beck, Dobbs and Limbaugh, must be stopped. We have seen far too many of them this past year. We have seen corruption, a biased jury and a very light sentence in the Luis Ramirez case. The next case before the court is the Dannie Baker case. Next the murderers of Marcelo Lucero, the Caucasian Crew of Patchogue, NY. Soon we will see the minutemen murderers Shawna Forde/Gunny Bush tried for the murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father.
We need to keep all of these cases on the front burner. We need to follow them so that the perpetrators of these crimes will be punished to the fullest extent of the law! Each day they spend incarcerated will seem like 100 days! That way, anyone even considering a similar Hate Crime will take pause. They will know that if they commit such a crime, all of us who value Justice, Humanity and non-violence will continue to report and follow their cases until they are punished to the fullest extent of the law! If even ONE murder is stopped due to our diligence, then it will be worth all of our efforts!
God Bless America!
May there be Freedom, Justice, Peace and Equality for ALL!!

Witness Intimidation: Ramirez Murder Witness Terrorized/ Forced to Testify for the Defense! Sues District Attorney & Prison Staff for over $1 Million!

Diego Tovar, a DEFENSE witness at the Ramirez murder trial, is suing the District Attorney, the Defense lawyers, Prison officials, his public defender lawyer and Piekarksy's mother for their role in forcing him to testify for the defense in the Ramirez case and for forcing him to plead guilty in an unrelated court case. He is suing them for violating his Civil Rights and for mistreatment in the prison system. He is suing them for over a million dollars.

On the surface, his accusations appear outrageous. However, reading the live blog from the Ramirez Murder trial makes his accusations extremely believable.

The Defense put on a very weak case. The trial began Monday, April 27. The Prosecution called witnesses for their case from Monday through Wednesday afternoon. The Defense called only 4 witnesses and they were only on the stand for 2 hours on Thursday morning. The witnesses called were:

1. Officer Robert Senape (9:09 - 9:28) said Arielle said Scully was the kicker. (She denied this; she said she KNEW Scully but did NOT identify him as the kicker)
2. Officer Michele Ashman (9:28 - 9:47) said she saw officer Hayes (Piekarsky's mom's boyfriend) interview Arielle and said she identified Scully as the kicker. Ashman said she found a broken BB gun.
3. Diego Tovar (9:47 - 10:23 ) -- Said he arrived after the fight. Had the broken BB gun under his shirt but never brought it out. Sheriff's deputies made a BIG SHOW of hustling Tovar out of the courtroom. News reports were quick to say Tovar had a warrant for his arrest.
4. Detective Anthony Carroll (10:59 - 11:21) Said he did not recall Arielle saying Scully was the kicker. Said he thought BB gun was broken.

After the defense put on their case, the courtroom and all readers of the Live Blog were SHOCKED! The defense put on only 4 witnesses!! And none of their testimony added value to the case. The Prosecution brought out the eyewitness testimony of Walsh, Piekarsky, other jocks, Arielle and her boyfriend who witnessed the murder. The defense did NOT dispell ANY of their testimony. And, it was obvious, the only reason Tovar was brought to the court and hustled off police style by the "friends of Piekarsky's mom's boyfriend, Officer Hayes" was to caste a negative light on the victim -- Guilt by Association. (Why would a Judge allow the Defense's obvious courtroom antics and even if the Judge was surprised by the antics, why didn't he at least instruct the jury to disregard them?) ALL of the testimony provided indicated Tovar did not even show up until after Piekarsky's fatal kick to the unconscious victim Ramirez' head.

Now we find out Tovar was terrorized and forced to testify for the defense.

These are truly despicable antics by the protectors of murderers Piekarsky and Donchak! The DOJ and the FBI should take this information into consideration as they move forward with the Federal case against these murderers and those who assisted in the cover-up and witness tampering!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mother, Brother and Detailed Police Reports Provide Inside Look into Minuteman Shawna Forde's Whereabouts!

Rena Caudle, Shawna Forde's mother, spoke to the press this week. She said Forde has always had a strong drive to be famous. "Maybe," Caudle said, "that helps explain how Forde went from a person who expressed no particular interest in border issues to founding a group called Minutemen American Defense and talking about taking armed action against drug traffickers. It brought her the attention of others in a movement dominated by middle-aged and older men, and it got her coverage in the news media."

Some of the problems associated with Forde may have begun when she was a toddler, her mother said. Caudle put her daughter Shawna Forde up for adoption at about 18 months old, and Forde alleged she was abused by her adoptive family. When Forde tracked down her birth mother at about age 20, Caudle met a daughter who could be kind, but often to serve her own needs. "She would play people, and she would have no conscience about it," Caudle said by phone from Redding, Calif. "I thought maybe she had sociopathic tendencies." But Caudle said: "I always said having Shawna around was like having a whirlwind coming through the house."

Gunny Smith had his own problems. He bragged to minutemen insiders that he was a decorated Special Forces veteran who survived combat in Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The truth is, however, Smith was NEVER in the military. Court papers show that Bush has been in trouble with the law since age 15, when he was prosecuted for felony property crimes in northern Idaho. He was convicted in Kansas in 1994 for burglary as well as assault on a female corrections officer and attempted escape. Bush also is charged with second-degree murder for the 1997 stabbing death of a Wenatchee man. After the murder, he bragged to friends saying he killed a Mexican. Shawna Forde LIED when she introduced Bush on her Minuteman website as someone who had served six overseas tours and had received the Purple Heart and the Silver Star.

Early this year, Forde told her brother, Merrill Metzger, and her mother that she planned to start attacking drug traffickers on the Arizona-Mexico border and robbing them to fund her group's activities, family members said.

Forde and Bush are accused of having passed themselves off as law enforcement officers to force their way into the Perez home on May 30. When they entered the home, they shot and murdered 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father. They also shot Brisenia's mother and went back to kill her and Brisenia's sister. However her mother called 911, returned fire and shot Gunny Bush causing Bush and Forde and their accomplices to run.

Minuteman Chuck Stonex said Forde called him May 30, the day of the attack, while he was in Arizona. Stonex said Forde told him Bush had been shot in the leg and needed him to help dress the wound. Stonex told police that Forde told him Bush had been shot by a smuggler while on border patrol in the desert.

Police used cell phone records to check Forde's and Bush's next step. They moved from Arivaca, AZ to Redding, CA where her mother and brother live and to Shasta Lake, California. Peter Meyers of Shasta Lake, told police he recognized Bush as one of the two men who posed as federal agents to get inside his home June 8 and then robbed him at gunpoint of nearly $12,000. Police still are looking for the second robber, who was described as white, in his mid-20s, clean shaven and with short brown hair.

Forde's half-brother, Merrill Metzger of Redding, Calif., said police detectives told him that Forde and Bush have been connected to that robbery as well as a burglary the next day at Metzger's home. Metzger said detectives told him that cell-phone records show that six days after the Arivaca killings, Forde and Bush went to California, where they checked into a motel outside Redding. At one point, the pair asked the motel manager for a pry bar, he said, because they wanted to open a safe. Metzger said detectives told him "the safe they were trying to open was mine."

Like his mother, Metzger said Forde had previously talked about creating an "underground" group to rob suspected drug traffickers and also businesses that she believed may be friendly to illegal immigrants. He said Forde bragged of connections to white supremacists and said some in her organization were willing to kill. One of the potential targets, Metzger said, was a store in Phoenix where the owner was said to cash checks for people working illegally in the U.S. "She just sat here and told me, just outright blatantly told me, what she was going to do," Metzger said.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exclusive: Inside the Minds of the Minutemen (Part 3)

I continue to receive emails from "Inside Minuteman" (IMM). Even the grannies are in their pickup trucks "Locked & Loaded!"
Here are his latest Updates:
IMM says MCDC's Carmen Mercer's denials of knowing Shawna Forde are LIES:
. Quote from a “call to muster” Simcox's MCDC group posted on its Web site in 2006: “We have identified leaders among us like Shawna Forde, Bob and Kathy Dameron and Rody Martin, and we are now getting into confronting employers who break our laws by knowingly hiring illegal aliens.”
IMM defines "Who's Who in the Minutemen":
. MCDC - Mostly in AZ. Founded by Chris Simcox. Simcox lies a lot. He lived with MCDC's Carmen Mercer until he dumped her for a younger women who came out for the Original MMP. Simcox is running for Senate against McCain.
. Border Auxiliary: NO connection to the border patrol. Run by Carl Braun and Ken Dreager. Former MCDC who started their own group. Unlike most people who start their own groups, they stayed friendly with MCDC. They like to dress up like Border Patrol Agents.
. Camp Vigilence: Used by Border Auxilery and MCDC.
. San Diego Minutemen: Run by Jeff Schwilk. He is a mean, angry man. Very successful for while. Large protests with lots of media exposure. Successful in court. Lately seems to be mostly on a campaign against Jim Gilchrist and harassing people via email. Last girl friend posted pictures of him wearing her bathing suits. They are on line somewhere. Recently lost a slander suit and was ordered to pay $135,000.
. Save our State: Started by Joe Turner. Very succesful for a while. Large protests with lots of media exposure. Joe left and turned it over to Chelene Nightingale who has pretty much destroyed it. She and Schwilk mostly complain about Jim Gilchrist, obsess about money and look for internal enemies a la Richard Nixon. Denounce people as spies and infiltrators. Claims to have "lots of sources." Bans people from the group faster than they sign up. Inexplicably has a 501C3 IRS Designation.
. CCIR: Run by Barb Coe out of Huntington Beach. Famous for prop 187 ten years ago. More recently tanked the congressional campaign of Tan Nyguen by sending fliers stating that immigrants are not allow to vote.
. Mountain Minutemen / Tacate Citizen Patrol: Founded by Robert Crook after he was kicked out of MCDC and MMP. Famous for this video. Supported by all the above groups. Crooks was removed from the border against his will for unknown reasons a year ago. Whines because Jim Gilchrist did not give him money. HIGHLY supported by CCIR. Eagle Forum and Bob Shuff, wealthy Orange County Republican and CCIR member.
. Southern CA Coalition: Organized by Schwilk. Several Small groups. To Join requires the group to denounce Gilchrist.
Banned from the BBQ
. Jim Gilchrist and Minuteman Project.
. Campo Minutemen - Nemesis of the Mountain Minutemen. Leader once beat up Robert Crooks in the town of Campo. Banned for talking to media about Shawna Forde and refusing to denounce Gilchrist.
. No more Invasion - people Banned from Save Our State by Chelene.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Exclusive: Inside the Minds of Shawna Forde's Minutemen (Part 2)

I've been debating with myself for the last couple of days about blogging about some private emails I have been receiving from an anonymous Minuteman insider. He has shared some insider insights with me about the inner workings of the Minutemen. He is doing so because he is so concerned about all of the corruptness at the top of the National Minutemen organization and the crimes committed by the evil Shawna Forde, Gunny Bush as well as some of the current leaders of the MM national organization.
While some in the Minuteman ranks may believe in their cause, many would say the Leaders of the Minuteman organization are extremely corrupt. As I have said for some time, it is Chris Simcox, Jim Gilchrist, Jeff Schwilk, and other ANTI Leaders (including Tanton, Tancredo, Willie Gheen, etc.) that appear to be corrupt and appear to be leading their organizations into violence, racism and corruptness. Many would say they have created the likes of Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush. Many would say they have created an atmosphere of Hate and Violence. Many would say it is time for these so-called Leaders to step DOWN and OUT of the National Spotlight and go back to the mental homes they came from and seek treatment!
I want to protect IMM's bravery for coming out and taking a stand. For now, I will just call him IMM for Insider Minuteman. Here are some of IMM's thoughts:
IMM: Seems Jeff Schwilk is raging against the truth coming out.
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:11:49 -0700
Subject: A wave of Gilchrist Lies in print courtesy of new Propaganda Minister DEBORAH CRAIG!
Gilchrist has supported Shawna throughout this year including donations to help fund her border operations. He and he alone gave aid and comfort to her and her plans back at the border.

Deb Craig's tactic of spreading known lies to the mass media is working pretty good for them. Hopefully the new AP article coming out soon will focus on Gilly on not on MCDC who fired Shawna back in 2006. Deb Craig is a NOBODY in this movement, yet she is quoted by multiple media now. That seems very strange to me. Many people suspect Craig to be an agitator to our movement.

IMM Continued: More Spin. Jeff Schwilk has developed this odd fixation on Jim Gilchrist and getting him to resign. He is an angry man and he sends out these hysterical emails. There is NO evidence that the ID was fake. No one ever said at the time that she was not allowed to be there. No one said she had a fake ID. There are so many groups it is hard to keep them straight. There is a group, "Border Auxiliary" that works out of Camp Vigilance that seems to be somehow connected with MCDC (Chris Simcox). MCDC has stated that they lease the land there. Anyone with a valid MCDC ID card can supposedly access the property. With regard to the second email, below, I am not sure who "they" are supposed to be. A nine year old girl was murdered and people are trying to politicize it, not to mention harassing, and intimidating someone who is trying to provide accurate information. It is pretty disturbing, reallyOther Activists Upset with the way this is being handled.
1st email:
ayatollahgondola@aol.com wrote: I do not understand this. this event is being seized upon for the most improper of uses. Chelene and Schwilk are both tossing this huge bone to the left by expanding this event as much as the open borders folks are, just because they see it as a perfect opportunity to beat gilchrist down. What in the world are they thinking?
2nd email:
Original Message --------
Re: Everett Herald Exclusive: Shawna Forde told people she would go violent prior to murders!
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 07:32:08 -0700
From: Carl Braun
To: Jeff Schwilk
CC: , "Ken Dreger, Murrieta"
She is not and never has been a leader. SHe showed up at camp with an MCDC ID Card and our new caretaker let her in.
I've never met her. She has never attended an MCDC-CA muster.
I'm at the border. When I get home tonight we'll respond directly.
-------- Original Message --------
RE: MMP Tries to Smear MCDC re Shawna Forde ?
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 21:14:10 -0700
To: , "Jeff Schwilk"
CC: Carl Braun, RB, BP Aux , Chris Simcox , Al Garza, AZ , carmen mercer carmenmerc@minutemanhq.com
I will give you the DETAILS, Shawna Forde & others came to Camp Vigilance in August 2008 and presented false MCDC membership identification to our NEW caretaker of one week. They convinced him to open the comm center and proceeded to take photos of camp Vigilance. We were called then about them being on the property and we instructed our caretaker to immediately remove them from the facility. They never performed any operations with ANY MCDC or BPAUX formal or informal operations in CA.
Once we found that the photos were on the Web site I asked to have them removed and explained why and how they were taken under false pretences. That request was honored, but various emails were supposedly sent out to people using the photos where these people requested donations. Our Camp, or CA-MCDC, MCCI or BPAUX had no knowledge of these emails, nor were we ever in favor of these being sent out using our name or facility.
Since that occurrence access to Camp Vigilance has been under a restricted access by Camp leadership only, NO Exceptions, and a select few are permanently restricted from access to camp.
In the event that any of these people on the restricted list attempt to gain access to Camp V facilities, or partake in any activities with MCCI, MCDC-CA or BPAUX they will immediately be TOLD to leave and not return and if they refuse local law enforcement will be notified immediately.
Ken Dreger
Camp Vigilance leadership
I asked IMM about Ken Dreger and the BP Aux:
how is Dreger connected to the Border Patrol. Did he just start the BP auxilary on his own or was he a former Border Patrol in some capacity?
IMM Responded:
He started the BP auxilary on his own, with a guy named Carl Braun. They have never been Border Patrol agents and are not connected with the Border Patrol in any way. They are more like "dress up and play border patrol."
IMM Later wrote:
And below is an email exchange from Jeff Schwilk San Diego Minutemen and Robert Crooks who created the video of them killing Migrants. Robert Crooks was moved off the border, but not out of the hearts of the Minutemen.
This EXCHANGE was AFTER the Flores Family
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Jeff Schwilk
robert crooks

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Minutescam Project is done! His aiding and abetting of Shawna Forde (accused murderer of 9 year old girl) is being investigated by the Pima County Sheriffs.
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robert crooks

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"SECURE THE BORDER"..............................lil"Dog"
http://www.mountainminutemen.com/ ---
On Sat, 6/13/09, robert crooks <casamigrand@yahoo.com> wrote:
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Subject: cockroach hunter:
Saturday, June 13, 2009, 9:52 PM

Racist Senator Imhofe Refuses to Meet with Sotomayor

Senator Imhofe refused to meet with the honorable Justice Sotomayor. To date, he is the only Senator that has refused to meet with President Obama's nominee for Supreme Court Justice. Regardless of any or all of his biases, you would think he would want to sit down and talk with her. After all, wouldn't any logical person want to sit down and talk to people they have concerns about?

I guess logic is not an issue, especially when you study the background of Sen. James Imhofe of Oklahoma. First of all, we must recall, Oklahoma is ground zero for militia terrorist attacks against America. We all remember the Oklahoma City bombings. Then we need to remember some of the most stringent Immigration laws in the country are in Oklahoma, supported and funded by the Minutemen extremists. Then we need to look at Imhofe himself. In May, it was Sen. Imhofe who proposed the racist "English Only" law. Who funds and supports the majority of ProEnglish legislation? It is none other than the godfather of the ANTIS and perhaps the most racist man in America, John Tanton. Imhofe has close ties to Tanton and they have been commiserating for years!!

It is probably a good thing Imhofe refused to meet with the honorable Judge Sotomayor. We do not want her to dwell in the land of darkness with the likes of Imhofe. For people who recall recent history, Imhofe voted against her eleven years ago when she was nominated for her current position. We can hardly expect for this racist to change his stripes.

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