Friday, June 5, 2009

Domestic Terrorist Threatens to Assassinate the President!

Another Domestic Terrorist! This one has threatened to assassinate our President. This one is alleging he has partners. He said "WE are on a mission to kill the President." He is armed and dangerous and is on the run. He has an arsenal of weapons. He has over $85,000 in cash in small bills. He is spouting the same rhetoric about the President that is spouted by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Malkin! Their insane, abusive rantings are being heard by the weak minded making these weak-minded kooks feel their violent actions are rational. These domestic terrorists are a danger to all of us!
Federal prosecutors on Thursday charged a man with making threats against President Barack Obama for allegedly telling employees at a St. George bank that he is "on a mission" to kill the president. The Secret Service doesn't know where Daniel James Murray (36) is; authorities say he has at least eight registered firearms. Court documents say he withdrew the $85,000 in his account last week at a Zions First National Bank branch.
A Secret Service affidavit says Murray opened the saving account at Zions on May 19 with an $85,000 check from a credit union. A bank employee told agents Murray asked her if Zions was a solvent bank and talked about how the "mess" under Obama with the economy could end up in killings if people lose their money.
Murray returned on May 27 and asked to withdraw about $13,000 in bills no larger than $50 and in nonsequential order, court documents say. He allegedly said, "We are 94 million miles from the sun, and are in between the sun and moon, and the eagle that flies between them, and it's a giant step for mankind ... I have traveled thousands of miles to be here and know things that are going to happen ... the banking system will fail and people will die ... there will be chaos in the world." Then, as a teller handed Murray his money, he allegedly said, "We are on a mission to kill the president of the United States." Murray returned the next day and withdrew the rest of his money.
Update: (Question: How do these weak-minded people get guns??)
The gun-loving former New Yorker being sought Friday for threatening to kill President Obama was known in his old neighborhood as the "Cape Man" of Blue Jay Way. Daniel James Murray, who sparked a nationwide federal manhunt by telling a Utah bank manager he was "on a mission to kill" Obama, used to amble through the streets of upstate Rexford, wearing a black cape and muttering to himself, his former neighbors said.
"Everybody started calling him 'Cape Man,' " said Leighann Anastasia, who lives two doors down from the modest but nicely maintained house Murray once called home on Blue Jay Way.
"He was a little whacked out, it was obvious," added another former neighbor, Sam Masrouri. Murray, 36, lived with an elderly couple who the neighbors believe were his parents. They moved out last December to an unknown destination, the neighbors said. The property used to be dotted with assorted religious statues, including a "glowing cross" in the back yard by the tool shed, Anastasia said.
Murray - last seen heading east and driving a blue 2001 Buick LeSabre with New York plates - purportedly threatened Obama on May 27 after withdrawing nearly $13,000 from a bank in the town of St. George, Utah, court papers say. "We are on a mission to kill the President of the United States," Murray reportedly said before he split.Murray returned the next day and withdrew his remaining $72,000. He was spotted later that day at another bank in Cedar City, Utah.
Wearing glasses and a scraggly beard, Murray was dressed in a black T-shirt with the words, "My way is the highway--- God" emblazoned across the chest with a Christian cross sprouting wings, sources said. Murray's pursuers are concerned because he has money to burn - and because he has at least eight registered semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. But they rate his threat to Obama "more aspirational than operational."
"He's obviously a little off his stride, which becomes more of a concern for police officers who might stop his car," a federal law enforcement source told the Daily News. While little is known about Murray, he apparently blames Obama for the economic meltdown that began under the Bush administration. "With all this mess going on under President Obama with banks and the economy, I'm sure if citizens happen to lose their money, they will rise up and we could see killing and deaths," he reportedly ranted on May 19, when he opened a savings account at the Utah bank with $85,000. Eight days later, Murray returned and tried to withdraw $12,698. He flipped out when a teller turned him down because he lacked proper identification.
"Not to be disrespectful, but if I don't get this money, someone is going to die," he said, the court say.The teller then fetched the bank manager, who okayed Murray's withdrawal. He also agreed to Murray's request for no bills larger than $50 - and in non-sequential order. While the teller counted out the money, court paper say Murray declared: "We are 94 million miles from the sun, and are in between the sun and moon, and the eagle that flies between them and it's a giant step for mankind ... I have traveled thousands of miles to be here and know things that are going to happen ... The banking system will fail and people will die ... There will be chaos in the world." Then Murray blurted out his assassination threat and left, authorities say.
Murray, who had recently been in California, Utah, Georgia, Oklahoma and possibly Texas, was born July 12, 1972, stands 6-foot-2, and weighs 250 pounds.
UPDATE: DANIEL MURRAY ARRESTED ON FRIDAY JUNE 6. Father gives the usual excuse. He says his son is mentally ill.
"I'm not sugarcoating it, because you don't threaten the president of the United States," Michael Murray said of his son, Daniel James Murray. "We're hoping that he gets the appropriate treatment. He doesn't accept the fact that he's mentally ill."
Daniel Murray, 36, was due Monday before a federal magistrate judge in Las Vegas on a federal charge of threats against the president, which carries a possible sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He was arrested Friday outside a Colorado River hotel-casino in Laughlin, about 100 miles south of Las Vegas.
Daniel Murray was being held at a lockup in North Las Vegas.
His father said the words sounded characteristic for his son. "I'm sure he will say he didn't do anything wrong," Michael Murray said, "that it's a free country and he can say what he wants."


Dee said...

A comment from about this article:

"If there's one thing I've come to realize is that talking to Right Wingers is a study in human delusion. The people who oppose President Obama are often psychologically wed to the notion that endless war and restrictions on minorities are sound practices. They cannot admit that their hero George W. Bush, screwed up so badly that their very future is at risk. So, they employ circular logic, half-truths and discredited talking points to try to make a case. They are hard to get through to because they ignore reason of favor of talking over you. They never accept facts because these don’t jive with their worldview. And they ignore reality because that would mean a tacit acceptance that what they've believed in for years has been wrong. With President Obama's election, their worst fears have become a reality: That a member of a group they've long held in contempt, might prove to their nation's best hope. "

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

The person that wrote the comment is a genius and a Great Psychologist.

I have looked for this article or comment in the New York Daily News and I can not find it.

I need it to post a link to those Intelligent Comments.

I agree 100% with the idea that these Right Wingers have a closed mind.

If you are so happy viewing Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and a bunch of other idiots, then why change ??

Fox News is instant gratification for those who do not think, and that want to have the lowest common denominator in brain cells.

To be led by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanam and Tom Tancredo.

The brain spends 20% of calories of the Human Body. Republicans spend a very low budget of calories in their brain, perhaps only 10% or lower.

If they find Happiness in Imbecility then so it be.

And that's it.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Click on the word UPDATE and the link is there to the NYPost article.

Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Dee

I can converse with very Mild Conservatives, with Gentle People, but not with these Freaks of Right Wing Extremism.

I can not converse with New Gingrich, Pat Buchanam, Tom Tancredo, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or their likes.

Life is too short to spend it talking to Idiots.

I never start conversation with these Hyper Conservative Minds, in Forums or Blog Comments their opinions are just sheer Hate, Racism, Hatred, Wild Stupid Fantasies, Apocalyptic Scenarios without Reasoning, etc ... It is useless to answer their foolish tirades and rants.

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

How does a violent liberal animal rights activist get explosives? Just wondering.

Dee said...

I have never heard of a murder by an animal rights activist. There are puhhhh-lenty by the right wing nutcases, but not by the flower wearing liberals.

The Arizonian said...

LOL, then you should read this:

Animal rights extremist is one of FBI's most wanted terrorists

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A U.S. citizen suspected of violent animal rights extremism has been added to the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list. It is the first instance of a domestic terrorist being put on the list, which includes international terrorists such as al-Qaida's Osama bin Laden.

The FBI announced April 21 that Daniel Andreas San Diego, 31, had been added to the most wanted list because of his links to bombings at two Northern California biotechnology companies in 2003.

San Diego, a computer network specialist, is accused of planting two bombs at the offices of an Emeryville, Calif., company in August 2003. The first bomb detonated early in the morning, but the second bomb—set to detonate an hour after the initial blast and likely intended to kill or injure first responders—was located, and the area was cleared before it ent off, according to the FBI.

Less than a month later, San Diego allegedly planted another bomb at a Pleasanton, Calif., company. The device was laced with nails to create potentially deadly shrapnel.

Although no one was injured in either case, the construction, placement, and timing of the bombs indicated San Diego intended to cause serious injury or death, the FBI stated.

Investigators say San Diego targeted both companies because he believed they had connections to Huntingdon Life Sciences, an international research firm headquartered in the United Kingdom with an office in New Jersey. The animal rights group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty has been trying to force Huntingdon out of business for years.

San Diego is said to be a member of a domestic cell of the group—SHAC USA—that has waged a campaign of violence and intimidation stateside against companies doing business with Huntingdon.

Placing San Diego on the Most Wanted Terrorist list signifies the seriousness with which law enforcement takes acts of domestic terror. "As a society, we cannot sit idly by and allow violence to become an acceptable solution for social and political problems," said Special Agent in Charge Charlene Thornton of the FBI's San Francisco office. "Mr. San Diego and those like him are every bit as great a threat to the peace and security of the United States as any foreign terrorist."

After each company was bombed, claims of responsibility were posted on the Internet demanding that the businesses end their affiliation with Huntingdon. Future violence was threatened if the demands were not met.

San Diego was initially identified as a suspect after being stopped for a traffic violation in Pleasanton about an hour before the Pleasanton bombing. A subsequent search of his home and vehicle revealed bomb-making materials similar to those used in both attacks.

A federal warrant was issued for San Diego's arrest in October 2003, but he fled before he could be taken into custody. In 2004, a federal grand jury returned an indictment charging San Diego with two counts of destroying or attempting to destroy property with explosives and two counts of use of a destructive device in a crime of violence. The FBI is offering a $250,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest of San Diego.

The FBI believes San Diego's actions have set an example for other extremists in the animal rights movement. In August 2008, for example, individuals espousing similar beliefs set off two firebombs in Santa Cruz, Calif. Although some in the animal rights movement have characterized these acts of violence as mere property crimes, firebombing occupied homes and detonating explosive devices in public areas to further political or social causes are, by definition, acts of terrorism.

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