Sunday, June 7, 2009

Extreme Right Wingers' Broadcast Email Against Sotomayor: "5 Reasons Why White Men Are More Fit for Supreme Court than Latina Woman"

The extreme right wingers frequently send out crazy emails on broadcast lists to their like minded supporters. Their most recent undertaking is a nutty attack against Sonia Sotomayor citing the so-called 5 reasons White Males are more fit for SC than a Latina, a minority or a woman.
You really have to read it to appreciate how ridiculous this email really is and how it actually shows how ridiculous their perspective is. Enjoy!

(PS: Thank you to the rippdemup for publishing it.)

TO: All red-blooded God-fearing Americans
RE: 5 reasons why white men are more fit for the Supreme Court than that Latina woman

• White men are objective. Women and people of color are inherently biased, making all their opinions suspect. This should automatically disqualify them from serving on the bench. White men look out for everyone and aren’t just interested in taking care of their own. Frankly, people of color are secretly “out to get” white men and would use whatever power they have to settle a score.

• White people are color-blind and can transcend race. Today’s racists and sexists are actually people of color and women who cling to their identity politics just for their own gain. Judge Sonia Sotomayor thinks that race shapes one’s experiences and perspectives and that diversity somehow makes things better. Her Puerto Rican roots must be coloring her views for she clearly has little understanding of America or its citizens. No wonder Newt Gingrich authoritatively labels her a “Latina woman racist.” White American-born straight men have secure identities and don’t need identity politics.
Indeed, whites don’t even see race because they don’t really have a race. They’re just part of the human race. They prefer to blend in without calling attention to themselves. And they know that if we’d all just ignore race, then racism would disappear. That’s why Chief Justice John Roberts, when striking down a voluntary school integration plan, nobly asserted, “
The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” In other words, race conscious remedies to address racial inequalities are, by definition, racist. Simple logic. It makes you wonder how the authors of the Brown v. Board of Education decision could have been so blatantly discriminatory.
• White men are more qualified. They consistently score better on standardized tests. That’s why they get into elite schools and high-paying jobs, fair and square, without any affirmative action. If white men excel, it’s only because meritocracy works. Those who make the rules and play by them deserve to succeed.

• White men have the right judicial temperament. The last thing our highest court needs is angry people of color, hysterical women, or both. White men have well-honed skills for staying cool and collected. And they’re less likely to be “activist” judges. In fact, we’d be better off with a strict interpretation of our original constitution--before it got all mucked up with amendments that gave too many people rights they didn’t even earn or deserve, like the right to vote. Look where that’s gotten us.

• White men are the new minority. White men are endangered, having to fend off reverse racism at every turn. With a Black president, who knows what could happen to the Supreme Court and every other sacred institution? Under our unwritten quota system, every vacancy sets off a bean-counting frenzy. Now, anyone and their cousin with dark skin or limited testosterone is instantly qualified for a seat on the Supreme Court. That’s why this nomination fight is the new ground zero of Pat Buchanan’s prophetic “culture war.” And it may well become the frontline of the war on terror. For it’s not just the survival of white men at stake, but the sanctity of our entire social order.


Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Extreme Right Wingers are notoriously Imbecile. These are perfect idiots talking about the low Intelligence of Others.

They are like the proverbial donkey that used to laugh at the ears of other quadrupeds.

The World has lived through many Idiotic Wars, all of them without exception filled with Racist Domination and Extermination.

That is the Great Harm that Racism does to society.

The Victims of Racism, the "darkies" and "brownies" should avoid helping in these massacres. Because "darkies" and "brownies" can be legally killed by Terrorist, coward scoundrels and the Racist Justice System will pronounce it as an accident and absolve the Terrorists.

The best that we can do is replace Racism and Imbecility with Sciences like Genetics, Archaeology, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, etc ..

The practicioners of these sciences are not the best members of the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazi Skinheads. The best customers of these Idiotic Cults are drunken drug addicts and criminals.

It is a Great Tragedy that the Republican Party is directed now by such Idiots like Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanam, Tom Tancredo, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, etc ...

The Future Historians will describe them as pathological deranged minds and losers, like Father Charles Edward Coughlin, the Nazi Priest that millions followed in the 1930s.

Against Racist Imbecility, study Science :

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

Wow, I mean wow. You did say 'extreme-right-wing' though right? As in not the majority of 'right-wingers'? The majority of America lies in the middles, not the extremes.

was good for a laugh though.....

Dee said...

Yes. Extreme right wingers. However, this was to a right winger broadcast email list. Who knows how many actually believe this stuff.

Vicente Duque said...

Prosecutor Sonia Sotomayor against the Sadistic Brutal Criminal "Tarzan" in New York City - Sotomayor Is Recalled as a Driven Rookie Prosecutor

The New York Times
June 7, 2009

Sotomayor Is Recalled as a Driven Rookie Prosecutor

Some excerpts :

"In the early 1980s, the New York police were stumped by a violent crime spree in Harlem. Four killings. Seven other shootings. All in the course of at least 20 burglaries - during which the culprit seemed to float into tenement apartments and leave no sign of forced entry."

"The burglar - sometimes armed with two guns, sometimes with one - seemed to open fire for no reason. In a city buckling under the grim yoke of street crime and a drug plague, the random and wanton nature of the shootings startled even jaded New Yorkers."

"Eventually, the police arrested Richard Maddicks, a drug addict, in the crimes. An athletic and acrobatic man and a longtime burglar, he was on probation when arrested. Mr. Maddicks had swung down from the rooftops or had nimbly traversed airshafts on narrow planks to enter the apartments and shoot and rob his victims."

"He was called the "Tarzan Murderer," and he was tried by two prosecutors, one of them a young woman from the Bronx, an assistant district attorney with a Yale law degree and no previous history of handling homicides. That prosecutor was Sonia Sotomayor."

"Crime is always awful and exacts a huge toll on its victims, but this one was a step above - it was simply evil, and it affects you more profoundly than the run-of-the-mill crimes," Nancy E. Gray, who started in the Manhattan district attorney's office on the same day as Ms. Sotomayor, said of the case."

"The 1983 trial lasted four weeks and had 40 witnesses, including pathologists, a ballistics expert and a cartographer. Ms. Sotomayor, who assisted a lead prosecutor in the case, handled half the witnesses. Her partner, Hugh Mo, recalled that one of her direct examinations of the sister of a victim brought every juror to tears. Mr. Maddicks was convicted and was sentenced to a prison term that will likely keep him behind bars for the rest of his life."

""I think she really stared down evil," Ms. Gray said."

I have found other articles on the excellence and bravery of this Lady fighting against crime as a prosecutor. She was never afraid and worked humbly many hours for "Law and Order".

Hundreds of Articles on Sonia Sotomayor :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

The Klu Klux Klan was started by Democrats

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