Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Minuteman X Denies Connection to Shawna Forde, Admits "She DID IT!" and Implicates other Minutemen and Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol!!

The Leader of the Colorado Minutemen has gone to Scott North of the Daily Herald to claim he tried to turn Forde in a few weeks ago. Remember, the murders were committed a few weeks ago, on May 30. When you read his story, it is obvious he was very involved and is now just trying to protect himself. He also is clearly implicating members of his Minuteman group, Glenn Spencer and Minutemen Leaders. The police are not confirming what he said and, of course, have no comment.
The Colorado Minutemen (Minuteman X) went to the reporter on the condition of anonymity. What is interesting about his story is about how close-knit all of these ANTI groups are, the Minutemen, American Border Patrol, and all Border Watchers-Vigilantes!
Here is Minuteman X's story:
Minuteman X supplied e-mails that appear to have been sent to him by Forde, 41, in the days after the May 30 robbery and double killing in Arivaca.
. Forde: (June 3 email) "I'm in deep and now have targets on my head including big brother. I don't know who will take me out or set me up."
. In a June 5 e-mail, Forde apparently writes about getting a tip that sheriff's detectives in Tucson were looking for her."So just for your eyes now the po po (police department) is inquiring," the message reads. "Let them."
. Minuteman X said he and others were told by Forde that she was planning a home-invasion robbery in Arizona. Minuteman X said he was contacted early this spring by Forde, who knew of him from his Minutemen activities. Although they had not met, he claims she asked if he would be interested in helping her rob people suspected of involvement in smuggling near the border. The man said he didn't turn Forde down, but in April Minuteman X CLAIMED he told law enforcement officials about her request. Minuteman X said the police showed little interest, he said, declining to identify the officials or their agency.
. Minuteman X claimed he offered to assist in helping an undercover investigator infiltrate Forde's group to make arrests before a crime was committed. Minuteman X said his offer was declined.
. Meanwhile, Minuteman X claimed Forde pressed to set up a meeting to discuss staging robberies. After consulting with others in his group, four of the team decided to attend. They claimed they planned to later secretly share what they learned with law officers, he said."She had no idea," he said of Forde.
. Recounting a May 15 meeting with Forde near Denver, Minuteman X said the conversation initially was hypothetical, and there was an agreement that there would be no action for months. But then, he said, "She starts bringing up Arivaca." Forde allegedly told the group she "had a guy" in Arivaca who could not only identify drug traffickers for home invasions but also help sell any drugs seized, the man said.
. Forde, who was open about needing cash, allegedly pressed for immediate action.
. Forde began contacting members of his Minutemen group directly, trying to recruit them, he said. Minuteman X claimed Forde got no takers.

. Within hours of the Arivaca killings, Forde contacted an Arizona-based associate of the Minuteman X and asked him to bring sutures to patch up one of her crew who had been wounded. Minuteman X claimed his contact did not go. Instead, Chuck Stonex, a New Mexico minuteman who is now saying he is a former member of Forde's minuteman group, has acknowledged binding a wound on the leg of Jason Eugene Bush, 34. . Bush has since been charged along with Forde.
. Minuteman X claimed he learned of the Arivaca killings when an associate sent him a newspaper article a few hours after the shootings. He said the article was sent by another Colorado Minuteman who said of Forde "she did it."

. Minuteman X claimed he called the law enforcement officials who earlier had passed on focusing on Forde."They became very interested when I made a phone call and said 'Well, it happened,' '' he said.
. In the days that followed, the man said he was interviewed by Pima County detectives and worked with investigators to try to get Forde on the phone or to send e-mail messages. Detectives were seeking Forde's whereabouts in part by tracking her cell phone use, he said.
. "Minutemen are the people who put the kink in her tail," he claimed.

Forde was arrested near Sierra Vista, Ariz., by an FBI team that tracked her to the home of Glenn Spencer, president of American Border Patrol, a group that monitors border security using airplane surveillance, Minuteman X said.
Forde was arrested a short distance from Spencer's home. Barkman from Pima County confirmed that FBI agents were involved in Forde's case because she was a fugitive. Spencer on Monday said Forde had no affiliation with his group, although last year he had allowed Forde and her teenage daughter to live in an unused recreational vehicle on his property. Spencer broke ties with Forde over concerns about her behavior and judgment, he said.
"She was actually going to leave her daughter here," he said. "I ... was not happy with this person, and I did not want to affiliate with her any more."
On June 12, almost two weeks after the Arivaca killings, Spencer said Forde simply showed up at his house and was admitted by the woman who runs his office. "I was on my computer working on our report and she showed up right behind me," he said. Forde asked to use one of Spencer's rooms to send an e-mail from her laptop computer. He let her, and then she left. "That's where I want to leave it," Spencer said. Forde was arrested about a mile from Spencer's home when she drove up to an FBI road block. She remained jailed in Tucson on Monday, held in lieu of $1 million bail.
Minuteman says he warned authorites of robbery plot


pcorn54 said...

Weirder and weirder!

She walks into Spencer's house unannounced (nothing about a woman letting her in according to Spencer in his official statement), like she owns the place.

Spencer says she's not welcome yet allows her to use the family room unattended to work on her computer?

Weird! Velly weird!

Hyphen Life said...

The type of people organizations like the Minuteman Project attract make it the perfect breeding ground for corruption and violence.
They are just a very low class type of people with delusions of grandeur. Remember the Ozarks incident?
The type of mentality that Forde had, in which she sees herself as a warrior in some large scale war, is VERY widespread among these people.

To get a taste of it, check out http://www.city-data.com/forum/illegal-immigration.
Some of these "people" will make you sick to your stomach.

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