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More Details on Minuteman Shawna Forde's Murder of Flores Family!

As I previously reported, Minuteman Shawna Forde sought out helpers for her murderous plan to build Minutemen funds. Forde was desperate for money. Rumors say she was seeking money because she feared law enforcement was on to her for her role in the shooting of her husband and her false allegations of being raped.
Her plan was to gain money/funds by robbing/murdering those she suspected as drug dealers. She immediately recruited her partner, Gunny Smith. She also gained the support of Chuck Stonex, who continued his support of her through his attacks on innocent commenters on, although he denies any part of her crimes. In April/May, she recruited members of the Colorado minuteman group. Many of them maintained and continued conversations with her although the Colorado MM leader is now CLAIMING he attempted to report these conversations.
Then, Forde recruited known and long term drug dealers in the border town of Arivaca, Albert Gaxiola who we now hear had a local feud with Brisenia's dad. Reports indicate Gaxiola, a local drug dealer, was growing marijuana on Flores' land. When Flores reported Gaxiola to police, he began his plans for an attack on Flores. That is when he got involved with minuteman Shawna Forde. That is when he included his friend Oin Glenn Oakstar who has a long, long history of drug arrests, since the early 90's.
According to Gaxiola, Forde and other minutemen stayed at his home to plan the Home Invasion against the Perez Family.

Then, on May 30, Forde, Bush, Gaxiola and two others (Oakstar and another man) went to the Perez family home and viciously murdered Brisenia and her father and wounded Brisenia's mother. It is only by the grace of God that Brisenia's mom is still alive and was able to call 911, report the crime to the police and provide information to allow the police to identify Gaxiola that same day. Also, by the grace of God the 911 call clearly illustrated her reporting what happened, and, while on the line, Forde and Bush's return and Brisenia's mother's ability to shoot Gunny Bush.
The 200 page police report details what happened in the house: Brisenia's mom told investigators that people came to her home claiming to be law enforcement and saying they needed to come inside the home to look for fugitives, the reports said. Mom, her husband and Brisenia went into the living room and there were two people in the home — a tall man (Gunny Bush) and a woman (Shawna Forde), both in camouflage clothing. One person had tape on the grip of a gun they were carrying. Mom said the woman (Forde) was giving orders to the man (Bush) and talking on a walkie talkie to others who were not in the room. The gunman (Bush) first shot Flores (Dad) several times, then Mom and then Brisenia, the reports say. While Mom lay on the ground wounded, she heard others come into the residence. She said those people were speaking Spanish (Gaxiola and others). Mom was unable to see the intruders but could hear them going through cabinets and drawers.
Mom thought the suspects left the home, so she made her way over to the kitchen where she grabbed her husband’s pistol and called 911. As she spoke with the operator, the tall man (Bush) came back inside and they began exchanging gunfire. At that time a man (Gaxiola) popped his head into the house and said something.
She later recognized that voice as Albert Gaxiola, who was later arrested in connection with the slayings.
It was through Gaxiola and evidence at his house that the police were able to secure Forde and Bush's identities. At Gaxiola’s home, authorities found a 12-gauge shotgun, a number of other firearms, camouflage clothing, face paint, walkie talkie type radios and other military-type gear. They also found a grenade in the closet. When deputies initially went into the Flores home they were concerned because they were aware that the couple had another daughter who was 6 years old. They searched for her on the property until they learned she had stayed with her grandparents that night.
Forde and the wounded Bush were on the run. They called the Colorado Minutemen to help them escape. They relied on their minuteman friend Chuck Stonex to help tend to Bush's bullet wound.
Forde then went on the run again, desperate! She robbed $12,000 from her own brother and family friends in California.

As Forde continued to run, she sought harbor with her nativist friend and hate filled ANTI Immigration zealot Glenn Spencer who provided her safe harbor until the FBI and Law Enforcement caught up with her through cell phone tracking.

News reports also indicate there is a massive, 200 page report which details the timeline and sequence of events of this crime. I am glad law enforcement is tracking this case so closely. It is my understanding the first responders to the crime, the first responders who saw the carnage of Brisenia Flores' murder scene, are taking this crime personally. They are properly documenting the events in detail of this heinous crime so that they will ensure each of the perpetrators will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Additionally, I want to make a promise to my viewers. I am avidly seeking the 200 page document. Once I receive it, I will post it and provide a summary for all of my readers!

We need to follow this case and ALL Hate Crimes so that anyone who even considers committing such a crime will know and understand, ALL OF US will be watching and following these crimes. IF you commit a Hate Crime YOU will be punished to the Fullest Extent of the Law!!! We will make sure of it!! We will cover it until you go to trial! You will go to Prison! You will be PENALIZED!! Each day will seem like 100 days! So, if you do not want this to happen to you, DON'T DO IT!!!
Readers, I am asking your help. Please read the PDF attachments in the 2nd link below. Its the Heraldnet link.
There were a couple of names in the faxed report that weren't reported in the paper: The police were asking about someone named Sandy Stroup alias Sandy Somers. No info about her just her/his name. Its on fax page 24 of the follow up interview with Mom Flores.
The other name is Georgina Sue Moraga. She and Gaxiola were arrested at a McDonald's next to a Quality Inn hotel where her car was parked. The car was her mother's (her mother's name is Georgia Ann Wood) from Tucson. They arrested her for a probation violation.
Both Oakstar and Gaxiola are locals from Arivaca. Both drug dealers.
Here is the weird part. The murders happened around 1:00am on May 30. At 2:00 pm the next day, the police were talking to Gaxiola. The police had a search warrant by 2:30. That's when they found all the weapons. That's when Gaxiola gave up Forde and the Minutemen. He said: "a GROUP of people whom he identified as 'Minute men' had been staying there," the report said. "He stated that he had a RELATIONSHIP with the leader whom he identified as Shawna Forde."

The police report said Gaxiola said a GROUP of Minutemen. Not one. Not two. Not three. A GROUP.
I am also curious about the Teal Van with Arizona plates that was parked in front of Gaxiola's house. He said it was Shawna's van. Arizona plates.
Yet, at Glenn Spencer's house, she was driving a brown SUV.
How does she have so many vehicles? And yet be so desperate for Money??
The police must know who actually owned these vehicles.

Additionally, Gaxiola said he had a RELATIONSHIP with Shawna. A man does NOT say Relationship unless they are sleeping together. I wonder the same about Glenn Spencer. A man does not allow a woman to move in, especially someone like Shawna Forde unless something is going on between them.

There has to be so much more to this and so many more people directly involved.

Readers, I want your feedback. Do you agree with what I am reading in these .pdf files?
There has to be much more Minuteman involvement. There has to be deeper relationships between them, the drug dealers and other groups. Think about the money for the vehicles and weapons alone. There is lots more going on here!!
Case reports reveal more details on Arivaca shootings (contains 18 pages of 200 page report)


Hyphen Life said...

EXCELLENT journalism. We need more people like you spreading the word on this.
We need to make our voices heard that we won't tolerate this crap.

Ted Hesson said...

One of our bloggers has been following the Shawna Forde case closely, if you haven't come across it yet. I'll forward him your links to those PDFs. If you're interested, check out his stuff. Here's the latest:

Dee said...

Hyphen and Ted,
Thank you for your feedback. Yes. It is critical we all stay on top of this story so these Hate Crimes will be stopped.

Thank you Ted for the referral to longislandwins. I read their blog. It is very good. I will add them to my bloglist.

Vicente Duque said...

Do Foreigners have any rights ??? - Do courts make Policy ??
Ius Peregrini, Ius Gentium, Ius Civile, Anglo Saxon "Habeas Corpus" - Consuetudinary Law

All courts in all countries make policy, even where the Law is not very consuetudinary, but very "Napoleonic" or "Roman" or "Law by a Book".

Wikipedia says :

""Consuetudinary (Medieval Latin consuetudinarius, from consuetudo, custom) is a term applied to law where the rule of law is determined by long-standing custom as opposed to case law or statute

Most laws of consuetudinary basis deal with standards of community that have been long-established in a given locale. However the term "consuetudinary" can also apply to areas of international law whre certain standards have been nearly universal in their acceptance as correct bases of action - in example, laws against piracy or slavery (see hostis humani generis). In many, though not all instances, consuetudinary laws will have supportive court rulings and case law that has evolved over time to give additional weight to their rule as law and also to demonstrate the trajectory of evolution (if any) in the interpretation of such law by relevant courts.""

The United States more than most countries is "Consuetudinary", law can evolve and change with any court ruling. This comes from England and the Anglo Saxon Law that entered into effect in the fifth century, after Christ.

I seem to perceive that the rest of the World is moving to consuetudinary and abandoning the books of Laws and Rules, or Religious Books that give recipes for everything.

It seems that some form of "Habbeas Corpus" was Anglo Saxon law ( before invasion of England ) and there was the Ius Peregrini for Italians, later Ius Gentium with some form of protection for foreigners.

More Wikipedia :

"Peregrini were accorded only the basic rights of the ius gentium ("law of peoples"), a sort of international law derived from the commercial law developed by Greek city-states,[5] that was used by the Romans to regulate relations between citizens and non-citizens. But the ius gentium did not confer many of the rights and protections of the ius civile ("law of citizens" i.e. what we call Roman law).

In the sphere of criminal law, there was no law to prevent the torture of peregrini during official interrogations. Peregrini were subject to de plano (summary) justice, including execution, at the discretion of the legatus Augusti (provincial governor). In theory at least, Roman citizens could not be tortured and could insist on being tried by a full hearing of the governor's assize court i.e. court held in rotation at different locations."

Vicente Duque

family friend said...

i would just like to thank you for being determined to reveal the truth that seems to have been buried under a blanket of excuses thrown on top of a couple of scapegoats. I have personal knowledge of the case and knew mr. Flores very well. And,it is about time someone recognized some of the factors that most people aren't aware of. It is my opinion that justice will never be served if Albert is allowed remain in the background when in fact he manipulated these "minutemen" people, the sheriffs dept, and essentially most americans who have heard of the tragedy to believe this was a financially motivated crime. It was a personal vendetta if anyone will pay attention. I commend you for what you are doing here and hope to continue to see your updates on the case as it goes to trial.

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