Sunday, June 14, 2009

Minutemen Leaders Cannot Back Peddle Away from their Long Association with Shawna Forde!

Shawna Forde and her minuteman partner Gunny Bush have been charged with the May 30 murder of Raul Flores and his nine year old daughter Brisenia.

The Minutemen are scurrying away from Forde now. As I have previously reported, Jim Gilchrist, the leader of the Minuteman Project, has had a long association with Forde. has reported that Gilchrist made it clear Saturday that his earlier support of Forde should in no way be construed as approving the actions now attributed to her. "Am I going to come to her support at this time? Of course not. How can I?" Gilchrist said.
Chuck Stonex, another MM leader and member of Forde's group Minutemen American Defense, told the Associated Press: "This is not what Minutemen do. Minutemen observe, document and report. This is nothing more than a cold-hearted criminal act, and that is all we want to say."
However, how can the Minutemen back away so quickly when they have coached and prodded Forde in her activities for years?

Take for example the Allied Recon of October, 2008. Forde and dozens of other MMs patrolled the border, taking credit for an arrest made by the border patrol. Pictures were taken of this event and posted on the M.A.D. website. Jim Gilchrist's MMPC website boasts of partnering with Forde on this event. Look at the pictures. These border watches show the minutemen with an arsenal of weapons.

All the MM Leaders from Simcox to Schwilk to Gilchrist to Alipac were boasting on their websites of these border watches, the weapons, the camaraderie of using their night vision goggles, rifles at their side, loaded guns on their hips, looking for illeeeeegals!

Countless dead bodies have been found in that area of southern Arizona over the last several years. The city of Arivaca, the site of the May 30 murders, is close to this location.

Now they are calling Forde a loner? Come on!! They CANNOT backpedal away from this! They created her! They were all in this together.
This vigilantism MUST BE STOPPED!!!
UPDATE: the website has been taken down. The MM from this site are disassociating themselves from Shawna Forde and posted the following information. They have also taken down the pictures of their Border Watch (with weapons) from the fall of 2008. It is a good thing I made copies of them. Here is their announcement:

LET IT BE KNOWN:I wish it to be known by every one from this moment forward, that I am no longer associated, affiliated or involved with Minuteman American Defense, M.A.D., Shawna Forde or any other part of that organization. From this point forward, I wish to sever any and all relationships, participation, association, ties or affiliation with Shawna Forde and Minuteman American Defense and it's subsidies.
From Chuck Stonex, Former National Officer, MAD / New Mexico State Director


Vicente Duque said...

The Minutemen are a Paramilitary Organization with lots of Jeeps, Humvees, Special Desert Vehicles, Weapons, Camouflage and lots and lots of Weapons, even assault weapons, or sniper rifles with telescopic sights, night vision binoculars, Global Position Systems GPS, Water tanks, munnitions and lots of Military Paraphernalia.

They act as a police, aiming guns at people with threats of shooting, they make arrests, they take prisoners. They act as police or as a normal army.

To assume that this has no political value or that it does not pose a political pressure is sheer ignorance of History and naivete.

This should be called what it ir really is : a PARAMILITARY organization, and as such it has a political value.

So what happened, that they are commiting crimes and murders should not surprise us. This is probably not new.

And that they killed a beautiful nine year old girl only indicates the level of HATE that this organization teaches.

The Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi Skinheads have also had training camps and lots of dangerous assault weapons. They have also always had PARAMILITARY overtones.

And Hitler had his own personal army of Paramilitaries : The Brownshirts Stormtroopers.

The Sturmabteilung SA (German: “Assault Division”)

The SA protected Nazi Party meetings and assaulted political opponents. They were very useful in breaking the Windows of Jewish Business, harassing Jews, Humiliating Jews, kicking, beating and murdering Jews, Socialists and Communists, etc ..

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

All supporters of secure borders are hugely chagrined and saddened by these murders. We can only hope that the MM repent and realize that their cause has been deeply compromised by the violent elements in their midst and the cooperation of others with these elements.

There was a hope that these new MM were cut out of the same mold as the originals but alas they have been overtaken by extremists and perhaps should be disbanded as their penance for these crimes.

Weapons in an of themselves do not incriminate anyone. As reported here and elsewhere the border and border towns are violent places where one should be prepared to defend oneself. Assuming weapons are legal in those areas I cannot advocate a situation in which only the criminals have access to them.

Our hearts and condolences go out to the family.

Dee said...

Thank you for your comments. We ALL agree. These folks were charged for theses murders. When found guilty, they should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. These crimes should, at a minimum, put an end to the Border Watches -- Vigilantism.

Shannon (N5KOU) McGauley said...

I can see you've been to a border watch or you would know that isn't true.

To blame all minutemen or women for the crimes of a few, is like blaming all cops because a few decide to commit bank robby on their days off.

pcorn54 said...

Yeah, What do you want to bet Stonex is the "4th man"

He was stnading firm for her in January in the Everett Herald, evening going so far as to publich the incorrect name, address and resume of a respected doctor in the Seattle area, with the same name as a commenter who challenged him.

Good work Dee. You are doing what I don't have time for at the moment.

Let's get this to all the national media outlets. I am currently in contact with Nancy Grace and others.

Dee said...

I went back to the original article of the home invasion murder. The police said there were 4 men and a woman. They only arrested 2 men and a woman and that means there are 2 perps still out there!

From aznet:
Sheriff's deputies said they believe the home invaders included four men and one woman. Deputy Jeff Donovan would not say how they knew that or whether they had any leads on the killers. Arivaca is about 50 miles southwest of Tucson.

Contact reporter Ernesto Portillo Jr. at 807-8414 or

Dee said...


You are fantastic!! Nancy Grace will bring the right attention to this heinous crime! We need Justice for Brisenia!

President Shannon (N5KOU) McGauley said...

Chuck Stonex, now that is an interesting twist. I believe he was the one that treated Bush's wounds.

Another question. Has Arizona ever gave a woman death? Texas has.

Denise Lugo said...

"Shoot, reload, shoot, call 911 is my SOP." -Chuck Stonex, January 16, 2009

Early this year, I posted a comment on the Everett Herald's article about her (shooting herself in the arm and staging her rape). Chuck Stonex then attacked me like a rabid dog, defending his precious Shawna Forde. It went back and forth and the editor threated to ban me from the site, so I left my email, thinking Chucky boy would carry on the debate outside of the Herald comment forum. Chuck Stonex then emailed the "info" address...which is EVERYONE in my company... accusing me of being involved in shooting Shawna Forde.

He did the same to another Denise Lugo in my area, a surgeon, and hacked into her bio to change it.

Then he sent another message-this time only to me-blaming his behavior on me... I ruined Dr. Lugo's career and caused her problems... he tried to get me to understand but I wouldn't listen... carried on to call me a "bottom feeding Mexican parasite."

I know he is involved in the murders. Why would he treat the shooters gunshot wound and not advise them to go to a hospital? Wouldn't he have thought it suspicious that they didn't report the incident to police if they had been shot at by a smuggler?

Now he is making himself out to be this innocent naive victim.
Come on! He must think we are all as stupid as they are.

Shoot, reload, shoot, call 911 is Chuck Stonex's SOP. Shoot, reload, shoot is exactly what they did in the Flores home, and the mother called 911.

Denise Lugo

Dee said...

I agree with you Denise. The earlier news reports did say there were 2 more men involved and they were still looking for them.

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