Monday, June 15, 2009

Minuteman Gunny Bush, Forde's Murder Partner, Arrested for Murdering Another Innocent Latino in 1997!

So much for Minuteman Director Shawna Forde's murder spree partner being a veteran. It turns out Gunny Bush has a long criminal history, years in prison, and has now, on top of being charged for murdering Brisenia and her father, he has been arrested for the 1997 murder of an innocent Latino man, Hector Partida. Since the murder, Bush has bragged to his friends saying "I killed me a Mexkin!"
Wash. murder charge for man accused in AZ killings
WENATCHEE, Wash. (AP) — One of the three people arrested in an Arizona home invasion that left a little girl and her father dead has been charged with the 1997 slaying of a Hispanic man in Washington state.
A second-degree murder charge was filed Friday in Chelan County Superior Court against 34-year-old Jason Eugene Bush in the stabbing death of Hector Lopez Partida, a homeless man.
An informant told Wenatchee police that Bush bragged about killing "a Mexican" behind a store and that Bush had ties to white supremacist groups, according to court documents. Prosecutors say he was linked to the death through DNA evidence.
In the Wenatchee case, police describe Partida as a homeless man sleeping under a blanket behind a store in the early morning hours of July 24, 1997. After being stabbed seven times, he managed to walk to a nearby parking lot, then collapsed, court documents said. Arriving officers asked Partida who had hurt him. He muttered the words: "Gavachos (white guys)." He died minutes later.
A bloodstained shirt was found nearby. In 2005, DNA extracted from the shirt matched Bush's. He had a lengthy criminal record in Washington and had served time in prison in the state.


Vicente Duque said...

He bragged about killing a "Mexican"

Now he killed a 9 year old girl

This is what happens with a Racist Justice System, killers get away with murder to continue killing people and even children.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...


This murderer, Gunny Bush, deserves the maximum penalty for his crimes. He was also a member of the national MM group and was part of their Border Watches.

Can you imagine an evil racist murderer like this with weapons on the border? It boggles the mind!

Anonymous said...

I wish this administration would hear about this case and see the picture of this little girl and do something about this crazy out of control racists, I Am a mother of a 9 yr old girl, I just can't imagine how someone could even be so cruel and kill an innocent child!!

Anonymous said...

This should be considered a hate crime....also felon in posession of a weapon used in a crime of violence is a Federal crime....The FEDS....this is where this guy should chance of getting out over there....

Anonymous said...

Hey Arizona, if you need to borrow a rope or an outlet, I can lend you one. Lets dts and kill this wannabe nazi

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