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Guest Voz - Maegan 'La Mamita Mala': Our Muertos Never Rest In Peace

On June 22 in Washington DC a commuter train rear ended another, and ripped open cars in the system's worst accident in 33 years. Seven people were killed and countless injured. Of the seven killed, a Latino name appeared, Ana Fernandez. Ana, a Latino legal immigrant, died in the accident. After her death, the family, in mourning, received racist hate calls from ANTI Immigration Reform extremists.
Our Guest Voz, Maegen, la mamita mala - from Vivir Latino, wrote about this on Vivir Latino:
Guest Voz: Maegan la Mamita Mala from Vivir Latino
Title: Our Muertos Never Rest In Peace

Date: June 26
Between last night and now there are cries all over the internet about letting the dead rest in peace. When the reality is that our dead never get to rest in peace. Take the death of Ana Fernandez, a mujer who lost her life on the DC Metro when it crashed earlier this week. Fernandez, who left behind six children, doesn’t get the benefit of resting in peace. Instead her last name and image has made her suspect in the eyes of many who have begun calling her bereaved family about her immigration status.

Her family gathered outside her Hyattsville apartment Wednesday. A
crying woman who identified herself as Ana’s sister said the accusations
aren’t true.

“Right now, the whole family is in pain. She was here
legally, and all her children are legal. They were born here.”
Now why does a mourning family have to deal with this on top of the pain of loss and helping 6 children who now have no mother? Are the anti-immigrant haters angry that they didn’t get to claim Ana’s life, the way they claimed Brisenia, her father, Marcelo Lucero, Luis Ramirez, José Sucuzhañay?
Jose Sucuzhanay's family commented on Maegan's blog. Here is what they wrote:

I’m So Upset To Know That They Are Questioning Their Immigration Status. Whoever Is Making Those Kinds Of Questions Is Instead Of Questioning Whether Those Children’s Will Have A Safe Future Without Their Mother Is INTOLERANT, RACIST, HEARTLESS, PITILESS, INHUMANE, INHUMAN, Etc

I’m The Brother Of Jose Sucuzhanay And I Know The Pain For Which the Fernandez Family Is Going Through. My Deepest Condolences To The All The Ana Fernandez Family; Especially To The 6 Orphan’s!

To Be An Immigrant Is Not a Crime; It Is An EXAMPLE OF LIFE. People For Millions Of Year Have Moved From One Place To Another Looking For Better Opportunities and Because of Immigrations we have the America today. Please make no mistake. We are all Immigrants.

Diego Sucuzhanay And All The Sucuzhanay Family.


Vicente Duque said...

The Indigenous Xicano - Prime Minister Disraeli - Hitler, Himmler, Nazi Archaeology, Racism, We are all Modern Africans ( Anthropologists )

My friend "The Indigenous Xicano" says :

"I am indigenous and I have a spiritual connection to this land. We are all indigenous to the Earth and no matter where we presently live, we need to learn to share our spaces without hate or ethnocentrism. I am Xicano. It is my political identity that has been formulated from my life experiences of being a Brown American of Anahuacan ancestry."

Here is Xicano :

The Indigenous Xicano

And he congratulated me for my studies on Anthropology and Ancient Art 100,000 years old. ( here in RACIALITY.COM ) .... He said :

"Creativity is inherent in our nature"

My comment to Xicanos Declarations of being Indigenous :

We are all indigenous and we are all made from earth .... As the Maya Myth says we were made of Maize Corn by the Gods.

Thanks for commenting on my articles on Ancient Intelligence of Homo Sapiens, Revelations and Intimations of Artistic Creativity from 100,000 years ago.

All these articles and information about bead collars of 100,000 years in South Africa, and musical instruments of 35,000 years in Germany, show that human intelligence developed by evolution very early and inside Africa. ( those early flute playing "Europeans" have just unpacked from their trip from Africa ).

That is why we are all Modern Africans, including today's Africans, of course. We are all indigenous and natives.

The Racists want us to believe that Intelligence is a modern development and that only Northern Europeans developed it.

In fact the ProtoIndoEuropeans or "Aryans" 4,000 years ago, were not Germanic Looking or Nordic Looking but more like Anatolians, or West Asians.

And the same for the Invention of Agriculture, Ceramics, Metals, Villages, Chariots, domestication of animals. Those industries and inventions were not the product of a Hitlerian or Himmlerian Race of Blue Eyed Blonde Beasts ( The term "beast" is from Hitler ).

In fact Pakistan and India figure very prominently in the Earliest Civilizations 8,000 years ago, when the Northern Europeans were savages.

Hitler at the end of his life was frustrated because Himmler and the SS Archaeology did not find any proof of a Great German or Proto-German Civilizaton, No blonde blue eyed Aryans.

And Prime Minister Disraeli laughed in the English Parliament at the Imbecility of the Lords and Commons that despised him for being a Jew.

Disraeli : "My ancestors had a Great Civilization in Ancient Israel when yours were painted savages in the woods of Britain".

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Thanks to “Maegan la Mamita Mala” and Dee I knew of this grave event and the Despicable People that throw insults to the suffering family for having lost a Loving Mother.

This is very sad and I join you in my protest against this bad behaviour.

After the horrible death of Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah Pennyslvania there has been also a lot of Racism and Hatred against the Widow and the Latinos in that town.

That People are so mean and so low that they have no respect for the pain of a grave loss in a family. A Loving Father in the case of Luis Ramirez. We always feel a lot of sympathy and never forget Ms Crystal Dillman that has to raise now three children being alone.

We also remember Jose Orlando Sucuzhany and Marcelo Lucero, and their families and will never forget them.

That is why I want to greet Diego Sucuzhanay and make company to the two Ecuadorean Families in remembering those Great Hard Working Men that disappeared so sadly.

I will use my site RACIALITY.COM to make sure that Ramirez, Lucero and Sucuzhanay will never be forgotten. And to prevent futher occurrences of these Racial Murders.

With my heart :

Vicente Duque

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