Friday, June 19, 2009

Exclusive: Inside the Minds of Shawna Forde's Minutemen (Part 1)

Guest Voz: Denise Lugo - Everett (Washington) Herald Commenter

"Shoot, reload, shoot, call 911 is my SOP." -Minuteman Chuck Stonex, January 16, 2009

Early this year, I posted a comment on the Everett Herald's article about her (shooting herself in the arm and staging her rape). Chuck Stonex then attacked me like a rabid dog, defending his precious Shawna Forde. It went back and forth and the editor threated to ban me from the site, so I left my email, thinking Chucky boy would carry on the debate outside of the Herald comment forum. Chuck Stonex then emailed the "info" address...which is EVERYONE in my company... accusing me of being involved in shooting Shawna Forde.

He did the same to another Denise Lugo in my area, a surgeon, and hacked into her bio to change it.

Then he sent another message-this time only to me-blaming his behavior on me... I ruined Dr. Lugo's career and caused her problems... he tried to get me to understand but I wouldn't listen... carried on to call me a "bottom feeding Mexican parasite."

I know he is involved in the murders. Why would he treat the shooters gunshot wound and not advise them to go to a hospital? Wouldn't he have thought it suspicious that they didn't report the incident to police if they had been shot at by a smuggler?

Now he is making himself out to be this innocent naive victim. Come on! He must think we are all as stupid as they are.Shoot, reload, shoot, call 911 is Chuck Stonex's SOP.

Shoot, reload, shoot is exactly what they did in the Flores home, and the mother called 911.

Denise Lugo


pcorn54 said...

You go Denise.

For anyone who doubts what the lady says, read this article.

Denise is a good friend and a good woman with a beautiful family and in no way deserves the treatment she received from Stonex for venturing her opinion.

Stonex, on the other hand, like the other racist haters, is tryng his damndest to distance himself from his close friends and allies.

Let's hope people don't allow Bresenia and her father to become just another statistic.

I'm not!

Vicente Duque said...

Tales of the Goatsucker, the Minutemen and other Monsters that kill Children

There has been big speculation about the existence of the Goatsucker or Chupacabras monster, the animal that kills goats, dogs, cats, chicken and cattle.

Some dead corpses has been shown as proof of the existence of the Goatsucker. ... The problem is that the scientists are not convinced, because they examine the skulls, the canine teeth, the jaws, the claws, etc ... and they find that the creature is a dog. ... If the Anamotical Morphology is that of a dog then the creature must be a god. And the DNA tests confirm the big dog quality of the monster remains.

Enter the Minutemen, they preach an ideology of Racism and Hate .... They are a paramilitary armed organization that commits many abuses. Many Mexicans or Latinos are mysteriously shot, wounded or killed in the desert, they appear with bullets inside their heads, and nobody is responsible.

And now prominent Minutemen Leaders have killed a beautiful 9 year old girl, called Brisenia Flores and her father. The "Lady" Shawna Forde spoke in Racist Meetings as representative of FAIR and nobody complained.

She was the Executive President or Leader of the Minutemen, In fact she was the Minutemen Defense of America National Director.

And they are committing the most Brutal Racist Murders. Her friend and companion in crime Gunny Bush, has bragged of killing other Mexicans, and in fact DNA exams has shown that he was the murderer of a lonely man in Washington State.

These Minutemen receive the Criminal Elements, the Mentally Weak, the Troubled Sons of Dysfunctional Families, those overloaded with Inferiority Complexes, inadequacies and self-inflicted shortcomings. The Minutemen is an excellent organization for Losers and Failed Lives, that is the Lowest Scum or Racists.

If it barks and bays like a god, if it wags the tail like a dog then it is a dog.

They are Paramilitary Racists, Coward Scoundrels, a Right Wing Army of Cruelty and Sadism.

Vicente Duque

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