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Guest Voz - Old Field Guy: Right Wing Extremists Terrorize America

During my daily search routine of news articles and blogs about politics, immigration and hate crimes, I came across this excellent article titled "Right Wing Extremists Terrorize America," written by "Old Field Guy" (OFG) whose blog is titled "Just Not Right."
OFG wrote an excellent article about the Right Wing Extremists who have been terrorizing America. These are the same extremists I have been writing about whose crimes have been especially prevalent over the last several months, particularly after the election. While OFG has listed several in a very neat timeline, there are others I would like to add, including the murder of Marcelo Lucero by the Caucasian Crew and the murder of Luis Ramirez by 6 football jocks. Additionally, we should also include the numerous assassination attempts/threats to our President Obama by these right wing extremists.
The very first crime he lists was committed by far right wing extremist, white supremist and neo-nazi Keith Luke. His rape and murder spree of innocent immigrants was targetted at non-whites. Just look at him as he appeared in court in May to plead INNOCENT for the rapes and murders he committed.
He is ONE SCARY/INTIMIDATING GUY... As are ALL of the Murderers on the List.
I agree with AFG when he says these Hate Crimes are fueled by the extreme right wing political climate and they are the products of the semper fi-ish punditocracy. I also agree that these murderers are not lone wolves.
These murderers must be held accountable for their crimes and punished to the fullest extent of the law. If not, we can only expect more of these Hate Crimes to occur!
Guest Voz: Old Field Guy from the "Just Not Right" blog
Right Wing Extremists Terrorize America
Since Obama's inauguration, America has suffered nine attacks from right-wing extremists. Many of these attacks resulted in numerous fatalities from Nazi loving, xenophobic, women hating, racists coked to the gills on white power Aryan victimhood. After DHS secretary Janet Napolitano released the report initiated during the Bush administration titled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment," every right-wing pundit in America was outraged. Even though no names were mentioned, curiously these pundits stepped in and demanded an apology, for slandering them personally--a blatant admission that they too, are right-wing extremists.

What is it exactly do we have to fear from these right-wing extremists that have a protective and Semper Fi-ish punditocracy who forced Napolitano into multiple apologies and retraction of the report?

1. The day after Obama's inauguration, Keith Luke kicks things off with a raping and murderous rampage. His plan was to kill as many "non-whites" as possible before killing himself.
2. Twenty days later, on February 10, Hitler admirer, Nazi memorabilia collector and serial wife-beater James Cummins was killed by his wife. Police found radioactive "dirty bomb" materials in his home.
3. Sixteen days later, on February 26, Dannie Baker walks into a townhouse where 14 Chilean students, here legally, were gathered and opened fire. He kills two and injures five, out of fear immigrants are taking over the country.
4. Thirty eight days later, on April 5, Richard Popalowski, a white supremacist, gun nut and cop killer lay in wait, wearing a bulletproof vest, for police. He killed three officers in the ensuing gun battle.
5. Twenty three days later, on April 28, Army Reservist, wife-beater, cop killer and Obama hater Joshua Cartwright shot and killed two deputy sheriffs when they tried to arrest him on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery.
6. Eight days later, on May 6, racist Jew-hater Stephen P. Morgan guns down, in cold blood, a female Jewish Wesleyan student. He kept a journal where he wrote down his belief that it is, "Okay to kill Jews and go on a killing spree."
7. Twenty four days later, on May 30, founder and Executive Director of the militant vigilante group Minutemen American Defense (MAD)Shawna Forde along with some thug followers, allegedly did a home invasion where two of the occupants were murdered. Husband and father Raul Flores, along with his nine-year-old daughter were mercilessly gunned down. The wife and mother was wounded in the invasion.
8. The next day, on May 31, far right extremist Scott Roeder assasinated Doctor George Tiller in church.
9. Ten days later, on June 10, white-power Aryan nutcase and Jew-hater James Wenneker von Brunn walks into the national Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and opens fire, killing a security guard.

These cannot be brushed aside as "lone wolf" isolated incidents as I am sure the mighty right-wing wurlitzer will try to claim but it is disturbing to watch them attempt to call these right-wing extremists as lefties. More of these attacks will surely occur, and they seem to be coming with higher frequency. More and more Americans will recoil from such acts, which will further isolate the right wing. And like a stalker, the more you ignore them, the more brazen they will become.

We're in for a long, hot summer.


Hector said...

Great post. I knew someone out there had to have a list of all of the recent terrorist acts.

Dee said...

Thank you Hector.

This is a story that has to be told and told over again until the mainstream media starts picking up on it.

We have a large group of homegrown domestic terrorists from the extremist right wing fringe that are committing terrorist acts of rape and murder against all those they disagree with. They must be stopped. Those caught must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

ultima said...

The focus on right wingnuts without percentagewise context and without a word about left wingnuts and racial incidents against other minorities and whites causes these posts to assigned to the trask heap as hopelessly inflated and biased. This is not in any way "wurlitzering" tragedies of a violent nature wherever they occur or whoever the perpetrators are. Balance is what is needed in reporting but we have come to realize the Left doesn't see it that way.

ultima said...

The vast majority of Americans have nothing to fear from wingnuts of any kind. Most of this is just sensationalism, picking out of the tranquil American countryside those few incidents which make a point while ignoring all those that would put these crimes in perspective. Counting all the incidents you have cited, what percentage do they represent of the total number of crimes commmitted in the U.S. and and how many incidents is that per capita?

Oilfieldguy said...

Dee, thank you for reposting this, and without a doubt, I missed some wingnuttia horrors.

I would like to address a couple of points ultima raised, in that s/he falls into the corporate media mindset that issues such as the topic of the post, namely murderous rage brought about by racism and perceived victimization of white wingtards by Dobbsian and Archie Bunker punditocracy.

Do not confuse, as the corporate media does, "sides and balance" with "facts and truth." One persons "enhanced withdrawal technique" is called "bank robbery" by another. Yet the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN etc still use the frame, "enhanced interrogation techniques that some call torture..."

To give a "percentagewise context," I feel we have a 40 million strong confederate sleeper cell Manchurian electorate that can be turned on and off by a switch, and whose ire and adoration can be regulated like burners on a camp stove.

As far as your second comment accusing me of engaging in sensationalism against the tranquility against the "vast majority of Americans" and wanting some sort of statistical analysis I must admit you have a valid point. Just because 19 fanatics invaded America with boxcutters should in no way cause us to completely devastate an innocent nation, spend our military, break our financial necks, ruin our cred, torture people and such like that.

But see, I am not advocating all of that. I am just merely pointing out the crazy republican base is dangerous and has a Stepford cheering section with enough stroke to make the Federal Government actually apologize for being aware of it.

Vicente Duque said...

"We now have 100 Saddam Husseins" - Six Years of Destruction and impoverished Iraq - Refugee Women in Prostitution in Syria, Burkas in Iraq

Huffington Post
By Jodie Evans
Jodie Evans is the co-founder of CODEPINK Women for Peace and environmental, peace and justice activist for more than 30 years.

July 1, 2009

Iraq: What We Leave As We Withdraw

Some excerpts :

Returning a few months later, however, we found the country devastated. Bustling markets were empty, the streets were those of a ghost town. Electricity was rare if at all and gas lines were miles long. U.S. soldiers in Humvees sped down the streets with an embarrassing arrogance. Jerry Bremer had just arrived and had issued 100 edicts that infuriated every Iraqi. The story on the street was that it only took Saddam a month to get the country back in shape after the Gulf War, thus, impatience and anger toward the U.S. were growing. Over and over, we heard from Iraqis, "We had one Saddam and now we have hundreds."

There is nothing made in Iraq for sale. Not even those fantastic cucumbers we loved so much on our drives through the country. Bremer had created a five-percent flat tax for imports in one of his edicts, so Iraqi can't produce anything. It will always be cheaper to bring products from the outside. No other country would ever allow such a thing. The Bremer policies were made to destroy Iraq from the inside out.

I asked Zainab about her grandfather's house, a beautiful home on the Tigres River where she had held her first classes for W4WI there six years ago. She has since closed W4WI because it became too dangerous, in the meantime it had become a torture den then a brothel. This turned the conversation to trafficking, which she said is horrendous. Most of the girls in prison are between the ages of 12 to 18. They were kidnapped, taken to Syria or surrounds, trafficked and when they get sick or too old, brought home to the authorities because they didn't have the right papers and put in jail. Midwives also told her of a huge increase in abortions from the prostitution.

Just six years ago, only the old and very religious were covered, women were employed everywhere and Baghdad University was bustling with young women. Now it is bleak. Zainab was able to go uncovered but it is still mandatory for the Iraqi women. Most businesses she visited had no women working, not to say they did not try, but they're just fired within days. Some older women were able to keep their jobs but young women have no way in. She said the university was very sad with much less women. Women, young women have been sent back to the dark ages.

She too can't find the way to affect the gridlock of people believing it is over. The U.S. has not taken responsibility to restore the country it destroyed. Iraqis need us to hold those responsible who have done this to them and to leave them to rebuild from the shambles.

The True Story of the Three Wars ( Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan ) :

Vicente Duque

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