Friday, May 30, 2008

What is the Real ID Act? And why are so many Freedom Loving Americans opposing it? (including more and more ANTI sites)

More and more ANTI sites are opposing the SAVE ACT due to its e-Verify-RealID provisions. The latest site defines the details of the RealID Act. Click here and then on "What Is ´Real ID´for the details.

Let us sum up the provisions of the Real ID Act:
1. All state-issued driver's licenses and non-driver ID shall include a "biometric parameter," commonly understood to mean fingerprints, from at least two of the identified person's fingers. This will result in a dramatic increase in the number of people fingerprinted and in the size of computerized fingerprint databases. Currently, fingerprinting is common in conjunction with arrests, as well as for certain forms of employment, but is not usually required for a driver's license.
2. All of the above-mentioned documents are to include a "common machine-readable technology," understood to mean that the cards will be swipe-able like a credit card, and that all of the information encoded on the card would be available to the owner of the card-reading machine. The legislation itself does not specify whether only government agencies or private persons such as bar owners checking the age of patrons would have access to the encoded data, but "common" does imply that the authorities in California would be able to read licenses from New York, so the card-reading machines would have to be pretty generic. The Department of Homeland Security is pushing for the introduction of RFID chips, also known as "proximity chips," into licenses and ID cards, which enable anyone with the right instrument to read the card while it is still in its owner's pocket. The Digimarc Corporation has already sold systems for "contactless" smart card driver's licenses to North Carolina and other states. Digimarc touts the smart card licenses for their ability to be scanned by border authorities on the Mexican and Canadian side, more or less the way tolls are paid via Easy Pass at bridges and tunnels, at quite a distance.
3. In order to obtain a driver's license, a real geographical address will have to be provided, not a post office box. This will essentially bar homeless people (or people whose home is their car) from obtaining licenses.
4. The Real ID Act requires states to link the databases of information on their issued IDs into a national database and to share this data with Federal law enforcement officials, as well as those from other states, and from Canada and Mexico.
5. Real ID includes several provisions that do not pertain to identification at all, but to immigration policy. One of these deprives state and local authorities of the right to use their own zoning or eminent domain provisions to interfere with the building of the border fence that is intended to hinder illegal immigration. Another allows the Department of Homeland Security to arbitrarily define the meaning of the word "terrorist" when deciding who shall and shall not be allowed to enter the country. This provision will probably be used to restrict the ability of non-citizens opposed to U.S. policies on a whole range of issues to travel in and out of the country, effectively cutting off the free exchange of information on those issues.
USID LEGEND: 1. USID number = SS #; 2. Optical Memory Strip (like small CD) for digitized fingerprints and personal information; 3. Photograph; 4. Smart Card Technology (the card can perform data manipulation and run cryptographic algorithms, include medical history but could include travel history, education, work histories, other histories); 5. Internal Memory Strip (A high-capacity device could store rich biometric data such as several fingerprints, iris scans, face scans, heartbeat characteristics, or DNA sequences); 6. 2-D Bar Code: This low-tech info coding could be used by officials who don't have more sophisticated optical reading devices.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

RNC Crony ´Agriprocessors´ Still in Business. Owners Unpunished!

Craig from ProjectUSA (an ANTI website) wrote a brilliant blog about the heinous Employer ´Agriprocessors
As I wrote a few weeks ago, on May 13, ICE swept through the Agriprocessors´plant and swept 390 migrants away in the largest raid in US History. As Craig wrote, "The 390 detainees who were working in Agriprocessors’ slaughterhouse are the vanilla surface of a much darker story underneath—a deeply troubling story that demands the owners of Agriprocessors, among others, be prosecuted under the full weight of the law."
Craig´s research indicates the Agriprocessor owners have a much darker history.

Agriprocessors..have two lucrative and pernicious schemes going:
Scheme 1: The recruitment, hiring and exploitation of desperate Guatemalans and other Latino workers, driving wages down to bare subsistence to work in its slaughterhouse.
Scheme 2: The Fraudulent Sale of EW-3 Visas to Chinese Nationals. The Chinese Nationals pay $30K for each visa, through which they may obtain a Green Card. This results in thousands of green cards delivered each year through fraudulent means -- fraudently claiming the United States has run out of native-born meat-cutters and then, with the help of American Immigration Lawyers Association member Christopher Teras, securing work visas for foreigners worth $30,000 each on the street in Guangzhou. The end result is millions of dollars in profit for Agriprocessors.
Please read Craig´s detailed report for the full report.

I agree with Craig. "If this story doesn’t end with significant prison sentences handed down for Agriprocessor owners, there is, as they say, no justice."

I again say, ANTIs and PROs should come to agreement on sanctioning, imprisoning the Business Owners, particularly Agriprocessors for their heinous crimes!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: from The Jewish Press
Agriprocessors Founder Orders Shake-Up
NEW YORK (JTA) -- Mounting pressure from Jewish groups and members of Congress has led the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the United States to start searching for a new CEO less than two weeks after federal agents arrested nearly 400 of its employees in a massive immigration raid. Aaron Rubashkin, the founder of Agriprocessors, announced May 23 that he intends to find a replacement for his son Sholom as company CEO.

Note: Some Blogs are reporting this is Agriprocessors way of hiding the owner´s son in Israel to avoid Legal Action against him!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thank You, Blog Viewers, for making my Blog so Popular!!

I started my Blog one year ago. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I envision the popularity I would have on my Blog. My mission has never been about popularity. My mission is as stated on my blog:
"To provide a forum where people, both PRO and ANTI, can discuss American Immigration Issues civilly, freely and safely thereby reducing the hate, anger and misunderstandings currently inherent in most of these discussions."
The reason I became involved in the Immigration discussion has been extremely clear to me. In May, 2006, after the Immigration Marches, I started seeing the cable news channels talking very negatively about illegal immigration. I found many internet sites were talking negatively about legal and illegal immigration issues. Since I do research on the job, I started conducting Immigration research on the web. I joined several Immigration websites and I researched others. Over that time, I learned so much about Immigration issues. I had been participating on a Discussion Board. For various reasons, they wanted to change their format. I liked the concept of having both sides, ANTIs and PROs, debating each other civilly. I decided to start my own Blog to fill this need. I was very, very fortunate that many of the intelligent participants from my previous discussion board followed me to my blog!! For that, I am very grateful to them!! (especially Ulty and Liquid!)
I want to thank all of my visitors and commenters for visiting my blog!
I was reviewing my eBlogger Dashboard Visitor Report today. This month (May 2008), I have had over 5000 visitors with over 10,000 page views to my blog with an average of 200 – 300 visitors per day.
(I love these reports. )
While most of my visitors are from the US (over 95%), I have visitors from all over the world. 154 from Canada. 31 from Mexico. 2 from Guatemala. 1 from Panama. 10 from Brazil. 2 from Argentina. 5 from Chile. 10 from Spain. 43 from UK. 41 from Germany. 8 from Italy. Dozens from other European countries. 4 from Russia. 6 from Japan. 1 from China. 2 from Malasia. 18 from Australia. Several from the Islands. Over a dozen from several countries in Africa.
I owe the popularity of my blog to YOU, My Welcome Visitors! I am especially proud of all of you and the intelligent and civil debate we conduct on my Blog!
Thank you so Much!!
PS: Pat, before you start, I even welcome and am glad you are here!! Thank you! (be nice, just for once, in this comment section!)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ILLEGAL MMIGRATION: How ANTIs Totally Misunderstand and Misrepresent the PRO Perspective

ANTI pundits and Bloggers constantly mis-interpret the Immigration debate. The National Review published this article titled “Immigration 2008.” The author, Victor Davis Hanson (the famed author of “Mexifornia”), shares his opinion on the current status of Immigration. While he does recognize the importance of this issue, particularly in relation to the Presidential Campaign, I found it incredible that he totally missed the mark when he attempted to interpret the PRO perspective. (or did he purposely misinterpret it?)
Hanson lists the following as the PRO perspective:
1. Open Borders
2. Carrying the Mexican Flag
3. Sending the poor to the US; Mexico remittances
Hanson´s list is totally off the mark. Most PROs, including most PRO Humanitarian organizations, call for:
1. Secure Borders, more trained BP agents
2. Employer Sanctions, especially those that exploit workers. (e.g. Agriprocessors)
3. Fix the Immigration process; Clean up the backlog; End the quid pro quo of the process so people apply and come here the right way.
4. Pathway to citizenship for those here
5. End to Detention Centers, Racial Profiling and End the Scape-Goating (ala Dobbs and Limbaugh) of all Latinos over these Immigration Issues.
The Mexican flag has little to nothing to do with this entire discussion, except for the fact the media and some ANTI groups utilize this ploy as a rallying call to stir up anger. Another rallying call Hanson mentions is the promotion of a Black vs Brown race war and Asians vs Brown educational imbalances. All ludicrous rhetoric to incite anger. Additionally, most PROs care nothing about Remittances to Mexico.

Hanson lists the following as the ANTI perspective:
1. Secure Borders
2. Mass Deportation
What I found interesting is, Hanson himself said Mass Deportation is a “losing issue.” Hanson continues, “(Mass Deportation) the practicality and morality of which are rarely considered by those rightly calling for an end to illegal immigration. Busing every illegal alien back to Mexico right now might resemble the past messy partition of India and Pakistan, and reopen the issue in a way that Democrats can legitimately exploit.”

Another interesting observation: Nowhere on the ANTI agenda do we see ANYTHING in regards to Employer Sanctions. Nor does he talk about the joy the ANTIs revel in when they discuss Sweeps (e.g. Arpaio Sweeps) or Detention Centers (most crony owned private prisons).

Hanson´s recommendations:
Close the border now through fencing, more agents, employer sanctions, enforcement of the law, and verifiable identification. Restore faith in the melting pot by insisting that new legal arrivals learn English and the customs and protocols of the United States.Explain to the Mexican and Central American governments that using the United States to avoid addressing internal problems — while making easy dollars off the backs of their own expatriate laborers — is over.
What is amazing is, most of Hanson´s recommendations fall in line with the PRO recommendations. It is the ANTIs that so adamantly promote deportation of the 12M here and refuse to consider any path to citizenship for those here.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Who Cares About a Recession or High Gas Prices! It´s All Daddy´s Money Anyway!

I went to the casino yesterday. I was sitting at a slot machine. The chair next to me became open. A flamboyant, bejeweled, middle aged woman walked by, saw the gentleman next to me winning and took the chair next to me. She loudly talked to him and to all of us in our row. She was excited and wanted to win, like my neighbor.
Two young people in their early twenties stopped by, intermittently, to talk to her. She started winning and she started cheering for herself. Soon, the two young people sat on her right as machines became open. They all were putting lots of money into the slots. As they continued, it became obvious these two were her step children. The flamboyant woman left to cash in her winnings as her step daughter took over her machine. The two young people, side by side, were both losing. The boy said to the girl, “Who cares. It´s all Daddy´s money anyway.” They laughed to themselves.
Their comment struck me. As I looked around the casino, this huge casino, I saw it was packed with people, American Citizens. They were young, old, mostly Anglo but many ethnicities. There were close to three thousand people here. The casino´s parking lot was filled to capacity. This casino is one hour north of Dallas, on the Oklahoma border, out here in the middle of nowhere. Most of the license plates were from Texas. That meant not one of these people were worried about the $4 per gallon gas it took to drive here or the amount of Daddy´s money they were losing.
Today, I looked up the number of casinos in the U.S. The number was 1507. If all of the casinos averaged just 1000 people and if each of the people averaged just $100 loss, then that tells me, that just yesterday, Americans lost $150M in casinos. Additionally, I checked the revenues for the six Cherokee Casinos in Oklahoma. For 2008, their total revenues = $418.6M. This report details how the profits support Native American jobs, casino operating expenses, Native American community services, and Profit.

You ask, "Why is she telling us all this?"
I am writing this because it suddenly struck me.
The media is telling all of us to be worried about the Recession and high Gas Prices. We are supposed to be worried about jobs. We are supposed to be worried about terrorists. So many people are worried that Latinos are taking over this country. We keep having these workplace sweeps. So many people say we don´t have labor shortages and our young people are going to do the jobs the 12M are doing.
Yet. I sat in the casino and no one was worried about anything. No one worried about the recession. No one worried about Gas Prices. No one was worried about jobs. No one was worried about terrorists. No one was worried about Latinos and Brown people, especially since all the workers in the casino were brown. I knew those young people sure were not worried about jobs and or money. And they certainly would NOT do any jobs migrants are doing, certainly NOT in the fields, and probably not even the Casino jobs.
As I said, their words struck me! "Who Cares! It´s All Daddy´s Money Anyway!"
PS: And according to the Cherokee Casino report, their massive profits are all going to Native Americans.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gilchrist says: "The Party is OVER for the Minutemen! The ANTI Mission is Lost-Forgotten!"

Jim Gilchrist says, "The Party is Over for the Minutemen!" Experts Agree!!

Could infighting end Minuteman movement?
Anti-illegal immigration group struggling as chapters disband, donations slow
Daily Herald - 5/19/2008
One of the most visible groups in the anti-illegal immigration movement could be defunct in seven months, its leader says. "We've lost the battle," said Minuteman project founder Jim Gilchrist. "My intuition tells me … this entire movement will fizzle to nothing by the end of the year." Gilchrist, a former California accountant, founded the project in October 2004. In two years, the grass-roots border-control group had grown to boast more than 200 chapters across the country. Today, Gilchrist says, a host of internal problems are bringing the movement to its knees. More than 20 chapters, including the Skokie-based Illinois Minuteman project, have disbanded, leaving fewer than 180 in operation. Dozens of chapters are fighting with one another and vying for attention, he said. "Donations are way down. Communication is way down … instead of people getting organized and unified, they're attacking each other more than the issues," Gilchrist said. "We're still fighting the fight, but I want to be clear: I'm firing a warning shot." Lindenhurst resident Rick Biesada, director of the Chicago Minuteman Project, calls the infighting "disheartening. Everyone wants to be a chief these days. But nobody wants to be an Indian." When chapters close, Gilchrist said, more times than not members do not join another chapter -- they leave the movement. The hundreds of members of the Illinois Minuteman Project, which shut down after leader Rosanna Pulido went to work for the Washington-based Federation for American Immigration Reform, haven't joined the Chicago project, Biesada said. Jack Martin, a project director for FAIR, could not comment on whether his organization has reaped the benefits of the Minuteman chapter's collapse. "I don't think that we have any good idea as to whether people who come to us have been members of Minuteman chapters or are members, we don't have that data," he said. Still, Martin said, FAIR numbers and operations remain steady. Though Biesada says the two remaining local Minuteman chapters, the Chicago Minuteman and the Minuteman Midwest, are staying strong for the time being, "as far as staying together as a national movement, it's up in the air right now." That type of conjecture, immigration experts say, is reasonable. "For all these reasons and more, plus the current context," said Barry Chiswick, an immigration and economics professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, "the anti-illegal immigration movement could very well collapse."
Two factors: 1. the presidential election 2. the economy
have shifted focus away from the issue of illegal immigration, taking the wind out of the Minuteman sails.
Candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain all have kept the subject on the back burner, Chiswick said. "Hispanics are a key demographic group in this election," he said. "A large number of them are interested in easier immigration. If you come out for stricter enforcement during a campaign, you're only risking making people angry."
Then there's the economic downturn, says Notre Dame's Institute of Latino Studies Director Allert Brown-Gort. "There are other things to talk about that are more pressing," than immigration, Brown-Gort said. "It's taken the wind out of the movement." Rising fuel prices make it more difficult for many to attend meetings and protests. Biesada, who runs a trucking business, says "normally, if I'd go to a protest or rally, I'd hire someone to work for me. Now I can't afford to do it. The price of diesel fuel is just killing us." Economic woes may even blunt the Minuteman Project's reason for being. The construction industry, traditionally a draw for Hispanic immigrants, according to nonpartisan Pew Research Center, is at a near standstill. "If you're not likely to find a job, I think we're going to see a serious downturn in the number of people coming across the border. It's a response to the market," Brown-Gort said. Fewer job opportunities and the falling value of the dollar "means that coming to the United States is less attractive than it has been," Chiswick said. "Even if you find a job, that job is less valuable." With a combination of the economic downturn, the lack of national attention and a slowing of illegal immigrant traffic, McHenry County Latino Coalition director Carlos Acosta said he believes it's getting harder and harder for anti-immigration groups to connect with the general population. "Their message has become a little stale," Acosta said. "Because the economy has gone down, everybody's out of work. It's harder to blame an immigrant for losing a job." Still, Acosta said, if the Minuteman movement were to dwindle, in some ways it could hurt immigration advocacy groups.
Local Minuteman protests have created a few unexpected alliances, Acosta said. "We have been able to reach out to other groups locally that have not been traditionally involved -- a much better relationship with the McHenry County Peace group -- they had not historically been involved in immigration matters." "The Minuteman movement, in some ways, really strengthened immigrant advocacy groups," Acosta said. "It forced us to find ways to really explain to the general population what are the benefits of comprehensive immigration reform."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

"We´re Mad as Hell...", Hispanic Caucus Tells Dems to Shape Up!

As ANTIs & Lawmakers continue to demonize, chastise & Scapegoat all Latinos for Illegal Immigration issues, the Hispanic Caucus has stepped forward & said, "WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" We Need Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) once & for all!!
May 17, 2008, 11:33PM
The lawmakers say comprehensive immigration bills are needed, soon
By RICHARD S. DUNHAMCopyright 2008 Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON — Rep. Joe Baca, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, is steamed. Latinos have become a political "punching bag" this year, the California Democrat complained recently, attacked by "the misinformed" and "the misguided." ..The target of Baca's ire is the House Democratic leadership. Baca and other Latino lawmakers on Capitol Hill are angry at their fellow Democrats — and they say they're not going to take it anymore. They've held a press conference on the steps of a House office building to denounce their leadership's willingness to cater to immigration critics by holding hearings on enforcement measures proposed by endangered Democratic moderates.
They've threatened to block progress on immigration proposals backed by business interests and pushed by key Democrats, such as special visas for high-tech workers or agricultural help, unless leaders also move forward with comprehensive immigration legislation. They've even accused their leadership of betraying bedrock Democratic principles.
"Today, my party wants to do what's easy, not what's right," said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.
'The frustration ... is real'In a bid for anti-immigrant votes, Gutierrez says, his party is "betraying the Democrats' traditional fight for justice."
Lawmakers in the 20-member Hispanic Caucus know they are not going to get their political wish this year: another shot at comprehensive immigration (CIR) legislation, something that died in the Senate last year. But they are frustrated that their party has not been aggressive at pushing back against the heated rhetoric of the Right.
"The frustration that you sense is real," said Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, D-San Antonio, a caucus vice chairman."We allowed the opponents of comprehensive immigration reform to frame the debate."
Latino lawmakers are most upset about a proposal by conservative Democrat Heath Shuler, D-N.C., to step up border enforcement and tighten requirements forcing employers to verify the legal status of their workers. Republicans are trying to force House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who opposes Shuler's "Secure America through Verification and Enforcement" Act, to bring the measure to the House floor for a vote through a petition signed by 218 lawmakers. Several dozen Democratic moderates, including Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford, have angered the Hispanic caucus by signing the petition. In addition, Lampson has proposed legislation to double penalties against smugglers who bring criminals into the U.S. Rep. Ruben Hinojosa, D-Mercedes, said he and other Hispanic lawmakers are tired of the Democratic leadership scheduling hearings on "piecemeal legislation" while ignoring comprehensive reform.
"We continue to have to deal with pointless political stunts and fear-mongering," Hinojosa said.
The political consequences of a Hispanic rebellion — if it occurs — could be significant.
If alienated Latinos stay home from the polls in November, it could cost Democrats dearly in closely contested local elections in Texas, Arizona and other states. And if Hispanics conclude that their party is no different on immigration than Republican presidential candidate John McCain — a longtime supporter of comprehensive reform— it could tip the balance to the GOP in presidential contests in swing states such as New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. To neutralize McCain's appeal to Latino voters, said Antonio Gonzalez, president of the William C. Velasquez Institute, a San Antonio-based think tank, Democrats need to make an effort this year to pass some sort of immigration measure that deals with issues other than enforcement.
"It doesn't have to be the whole enchilada," said Gonzalez. "It can be a down payment on immigration reform."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ANTIs throwing Hissy Fit over Feinstein´s Needed Farm Worker Bill

The ANTI sites are in an uproar over the AgJobs Bill Dianne Feinstein has tagged on to an Iraq spending bill which is destined for the Senate Floor next week. Roy Beck from NumbersUSA, alipac and other sites are having their robotic ANTI followers mass sending pre-written rage email, free faxes and scripted phone calls to the beleaguered members of Congress. Hopefully Congress will understand these blind sheep do not represent the vast majority of Americans who are tired of spending outrageous amounts of $$ for fruit and vegetables and are actually looking for some relief to the overpricing and gas gouging currently taxing their pocketbooks! Check out some of the ANTI sites and read their "Hissy Fits" over the possibility of this bill passing and saving Citizens millions in future grocery bills.
Now, Read the SCOOP on what Sen. Feinstein is actually trying to accomplish:
OC Register Reports: Thursday, May 15, 2008
Determined to address an emergency situation in the U.S. agriculture industry, Senator Dianne Feinstein persuaded her colleagues on the Appropriations Committee today to add a scaled-down version of her Ag Jobs bill to the Iraq spending bill destined for the Senate floor. "We need this legislation because in the last year 13,280 farms in the United States have shut down, and others have moved their operation to Mexico'' between 2006 and 2007, Feinstein, D-Calif., said at the Appropriations panel meeting to vote on the Iraq bill. Of the closed farms, 1,000 were in California. The committee approved her measure by a 17-12 vote.
The provision Feinstein hopes can survive a Senate floor vote and get approved by House members as well falls short of the permanent fix she had hoped to provide for an industry she says is in crisis because of an acute labor shortage. Under today's amendment, farm workers who have worked in agriculture within the past four years will be able to work legally for growers for five years. The measure doesn't include any path to legal status or citizenship...
This more modest approach is likely to draw support, especially from lawmakers who don't want to give any permanent status to immigrants who entered the country illegally or who overstayed their visas.
But there is a determined group of senators and House members who oppose any benefits for people who broke immigration law and say there wouldn't be a labor shortage if growers paid higher wages. And it's likely that those lawmakers might try and add enforcement provisions to the bill that would be objected to by members who might otherwise approve of the agriculture provisions. Some immigration advocates have also expressed concern that if individual immigration issues are dealt with separately, it will make it harder to get a broad comprehensive bill passed. But Michele Waslin, senior policy analyst for the Immigration Policy Center, a pro-immigration think tank, said agriculture "has always been its own issue. I think Feinstein is showing us there is an appetite for balanced reform. Employers need workers and it just makes sense at this point in time."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heinous Sheriff Arpaio In the News!

Three new updates on the happenings of Sheriff Arpaio:
1. Napolitano: New task force will focus on felony warrants (Real Criminals) vs Civil Violations:
Gov. Janet Napolitano said her decision to pull $1.2 million from a task force charged with enforcing the state's human smuggling laws was driven by a need to track down and arrest thousands of fugitive felony suspects. Napolitano signed an executive order a day earlier that effectively shut down a joint task force between the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Arpaio. "It's much better with a task force," Napolitano said. "And the overwhelming amount of these fugitive warrants are here in Maricopa County, something like two-thirds of them, well over 40,000. So, we're talking a big backlog and I'd like to get that backlog cleaned up." But the Democrat governor's actions have drawn criticism from many of the state's Republican leaders - and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in particular - who see it as political retaliation for Arpaio's aggressive approach to enforcing illegal immigration laws. (NOTE: The Governor said the task force targets Felonious Criminals vs Landscape workers whose papers have lapsed). Arpaio, for his part, called a press conference May 13 to lambast his most outspoken opponents - including the governor, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox (and Guadalupe Mayor Jimenez)- for what he characterized as conspiring against him. And he vowed to continue his efforts despite the financial setback. (REVENGE promised!)
2. Arpaio Racial Profiles the Guadalupe Mayor: (REVENGE delivered 1 day later!)
Two citations were issued to Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez late Tuesday night after a Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy pulled her over for what they said was a broken headlight. An MCSO official told ABC15 that Jimenez was unable to show proof of insurance and registration.Jimenez was not placed under arrest, because these are civil violations.She has been clashing with Sheriff Joe Arpaio over the recent crime sweeps in her town.In April, he gave the mayor a 180-day notice that he will pull deputies out of Guadalupe, leaving the town with no police force.The 180 days will be up in October.The notice came after Jimenez accused Arpaio of racially profiling during a two-day illegal immigration enforcement patrol in April, in which 120 people were cited.Jimenez said she has already met with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and plans to submit a formal request to the Phoenix Police Department, asking for its services.
3. Columbus D-Day: Activists crash Joe Arpaio fete at Italian Club ...Arpaio lost his "Fear & Intimidation Factor" this week. As part of a last-minute anti-Arpaio demonstration, hastily organized via the Internet, about 80 protesters from the Phoenix arts community and various immigrant rights organizations besieged the gates of the Arizona American Italian Club, where Nickel Bag Joe spoke Monday evening before an audience of nativists, bikers, and a vast, unwashed army of the dentally challenged.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

GOP Pal Employer Going Scot Free as Largest Ever ICE Raid Nets over 390 Illegal Immigrants and Sweeps them to Detention!

On the surface the News reports read like any other Immigration Raid. As Drudge reported:
"Federal officials say a raid at a northeastern Iowa meat processing plant this week was the largest in US History. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say 390 people have been arrested on immigration charges after Monday's raid at Agriprocessors Inc. in Postville. The facility is the world's largest kosher meatpacking plant. The raid was aimed at seeking evidence of identity theft, stolen Social Security numbers and people who are in the country illegally. Fifty-six of those arrested have been released on humanitarian grounds; many of them have to take care of children. Others arrested in the raid at are being held in county jails and at a converted fairgrounds."
But peel back the onion and a tale of one of the most heinous employers in US History is revealed. Yet, of all the arrests, no arrests were conducted in the Employer ranks. Let´s investigate:
. In 1987, Rabbi Aaron Rubashkin purchased an unused meat-rendering plant in Postville and turned it into a state-of-the-art facility for producing Glatt kosher meat. Today, AgriProcessors provides 60 percent of the kosher retail meat and 40 percent of the kosher poultry nationally, and most retail chains depend on it for supply. The company was also the sole American packing plant whose products are accepted in Israel.
. Rubashkin Family Members are Large Republican Campaign Contributors.
. The Rubashkins belong to a Hasidic Jewish community called the Lubavitchers, who scrupulously follow the Torah. When the plant initially opened, a few hundred Hasim moved to Postville to help manage and operate the facility. Meanwhile, Postville´s population of 1,300 Lutherans had a mixed relationship with the Hasidim. In 2000, author Bloom detailed the struggles between the Lutherans and the Hassidic Jewish population in a book, "Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America." Throughout the book, Bloom describes the power struggles between the two groups and how both groups remained separate.
. Since 2004, the company has twice been sanctioned by PETA for animal abuses.
According to the Des Moines Register:
. Hiring of Illegal Immigrants: 700 complaints of illegal immigration violations
. ICE agents interviewed a former plant supervisor – identified as “Source 1” – in November 2007, who told them that the plant employed foreign nationals from Mexico, Guatemala and Eastern Europe. Roughly 80 percent of those workers were living illegally in the U.S., the supervisor said.
. A plant employee identified as “Source 11” told authorities that he/she was hired without presenting employment documents or filling out any forms. The worker’s first paycheck had a different person’s name on it, which was then cashed at another part of the plant.
. An Iowa Department of Transportation investigator learned from talking with Des Moines County Treasurer's Office personnel that Source #14 was involved in making applications to title and register cars on behalf of people living in Postville. The source said that, more than 200 times, he or she received application information and money and had the registrations and titles sent to various Burlington/West Burlington addresses. Source #14 then arranged to pick up the documents and sent them to the vehicle owners in Postville.
. The supervisors also described an encounter with the plant’s human resources manager about three separate Social Security cards from different employees with the same number. The human resources manager "laughed when this matter was brought to her attention," the supervisor told federal agents.
. Agriprocessors was notified of more than 1,000 discrepancies between names and Social Security numbers on workers' W-2 forms sent to the IRS between 2002 and 2005.
. “Source 1” told federal agents that some employees were running a methamphetamine lab in the plant, and were bringing weapons to work. The supervisor confronted a higher-level manager about the drugs, and shortly after was fired.
. three-fourths of the company's workers at the end of last year were using fraudulent Social Security numbers.
. Employee Abuse: a supervisor covered the eyes of an employee with duct tape and struck him with a meat hook.
. undocumented workers were paid $5 an hour for their first few months before receiving a pay increase to $6 per hour. The minimum wage in Iowa is $7.25 an hour.
ICE RAID: Monday, May 12, 2008
Officials say 314 men and 76 women were initially taken into custody by ICE agents. Of that number, 56 have been released on humanitarian grounds, typically because their arrest would leave a child with no custodian. Those arrested are being held in county jails and at a fairgrounds.
So now we get to WHY the Raids:
. RUBASHKIN TARGET OF ONGOING STATE & FEDERAL LABOR PROBE – Rubashkin Alleged to Employ Underage Illegal Workers Paid Under the Table, Fake OSHA Report
. The Des Moines Register is reporting United Food and Commercial Workers Union leadership asked ICE not to raid Agriprocessors.

Because there is an ongoing Iowa and federal labor law violations investigation of Agriprocessors and the union fears Rubashkin will use the raid to intimidate workers and throw the next unionization vote.
Mark Lauritsen, International Vice President of the United Food and Commercial Workers, wrote a May 2 letter to ICE: ICE action could result in employees leaving the plant, interfering with a government investigation that would “ultimately uncover unscrupulous employer acts,” he said.

Update: Tuesday, May 13, 2008
The slaughter line is operating this morning at Agriprocessors in Postville, Iowa. The I.C.E. raid, carried out yesterday in conjunction with 14 other federal and state agencies, only stopped production yesterday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

DeWeese letter to Beck: "Just Say NO to SAVE Act!" (Even the ANTIs Agree!)

An open letter from famous ANTI Leader Tom DeWeese (American Policy Center) to famous ANTI Leader Roy Beck (NumbersUSA) advocates "Just Say NO to the SAVE Act!" As I have shared, and as DeWeese explains, we ALL lose our Civil Liberties if this heinous Act is passed.

Dear Roy,
As we agreed during our conference call in December, I want to fulfill on my obligation to address our concerns with Sections 201, (Mandatory Employment Authorization Verification through the E-Verify System) and 203 (Establishment of Electronic Birth and Death Registration Systems) of the SAVE Act (Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act. H.R. 4088) ...The question of whether a National ID is good or bad is really a question of who is the predator and who is the prey. In the case of illegal immigration clearly those of us who want to rid the nation of illegals are the predators. So it is easy to support such means to rid us of this threat. Some of us may even take pride in being able to "show our papers" to prove "we are American citizens." It's pretty compelling - until the same system is used to make us the prey. That is my fear, and that is why I oppose any excuse to create even a small piece of a National ID databank system. Like you, I certainly have political enemies. Someday I will certainly be the prey.
Once begun, even for an honorable purpose, how can the system be controlled? Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff has said, "Again, eventually, this might allow us to do double-duty or triple duty, have the same license also be used to cross the border, and be used for a whole host of other purposes where you now have to carry different identification." Could it be that those other purposes won't match what you are hoping to accomplish? Could it be that once such a system is in place it will be out of our control?
Congressional testimony by Professor Ben Shneiderman of the University of Maryland explains in great detail the problems inherent in trying to integrate existing data banks as a means to guarantee identification.
"While most proposals have been well intentioned, some have been misguided in that they overlook the potential for unintended consequences or underestimate the technical challenges and risks inherent in their implementation." Professor Shneiderman, an expert in human-computer interaction, went on to say: "A national ID system requires a complex integration of social and technical systems, including humans to enter and verify data, plus hardware, software and networks to store and transmit. Such socio-technical systems are always vulnerable to error, breakdown, sabotage and destruction by natural events or by people with malicious intentions.
For this reason, the creation of a single system of identification could unintentionally result in degrading the overall safety and security of the nation, because of the unrealistic trust in the efficacy of the technology... The fact is the Real ID Act is not going to just help create a NATIONAL ID, instead it is helping to create an INTERNATIONAL Biometric ID Card. The world is being enrolled into a single global biometric ID system through documents purported to establish and authenticate identity - passports, driver's license Social Security card and others. On March 1, 2007 REAL ID's "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" was issued, revealing REAL ID's global biometric connection. The three main entities driving this system are: The Department of Homeland Security, The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, (AAMVA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). ..Together, DHS, AAMVA and ICAO are fulfilling the three elements necessary for a global biometric system. The fact is, whether it is your intention or not, by including Sections 201 and 203 into the SAVE Act, you are aiding this international ID effort. This won̢۪t increase security, but rather prepare us for a tyranny unknown in human history. ..
Freedom is a difficult concept to retain. We live in dangerous times indeed and we must be very careful in our actions as we seek to achieve certain goals. Just because the technology exists, does not mean that it is the solution to our problem. Nor does its existence require us to use it, especially if such use will make this or other problems worse. This is the case with integrating unrelated, and poorly verified data bases which always has unintended consequences. I believe Sections 201 and 203 of the SAVE Act are helping to create parts of a matrix that will lead to a National ID system which will destroy our liberty. Those are the very liberties you see as threatened by illegal immigration. Illegal immigration can be stopped - but if allowed to start, a National ID will be forever. In such a system today's predators will be tomorrow's prey.
For these reasons, the American Policy Center and others are now prepared to resume our fight to oppose the SAVE Act.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

HATE Sites Advocating Race War between Latinos and Blacks! (Attempting to Thwart a Decades Long Civil Rights Partnership)

The "ANTI" Hate groups are advocating a race war between Latinos and Blacks. These groups include Nazis (NSM), White Nationalists, Numbers USA,, Stormfront, Minutemen, and more. These groups use this as a means to gain supporters, rile their troops and to raise funds-donations for their causes.
As an example, the ANTI groups targetted a story about lunchroom fights breaking out in an LA High School. What is interesting about these ANTI spins of news articles is, they do not discuss any of the unrest that has been occurring in schoolrooms across the nation such as Columbine. Instead, they target a lunchroom fight in LA where both Blacks and Latinos are in the majority and try to insinuate and instigate a battle between the two minority groups.
When these ANTI groups disagree with the media reports, they say the MSM is "sanitizing" the news reports.
Statements from ANTI leaders include:
. The AP Sanitized the story again! They always do this! This was not a gang fight this was a race riot!
. Race Riot in LA! AP Censors the truth again!
. It appears this story was contained to California and the AP put out the article above that omitted the black vs latino information.
. Very interesting development here folks. It appears this story was contained to California and the AP put out the article above that omitted the black vs latino information.
. This is how the monopoly media manipulates the news, ostensibly they keep their credibility by reporting the whole story only after the watered down version makes the BIG splash
What these ANTI sites do not realize is, Blacks and Latinos have been partners since the Civil Rights Movement and continue to maintain close political and personal relationships. Besides, why would these two minority groups fight when they both realize this would play right into the ANTIs agenda?

As Chris Rock said on a recent HBO Special, "I know they (ANTIs) want us to side with them against the Mexicans, but WE know once they (ANTIs) get rid of them, WE are next!"

To all my readers: I will continue to watch and monitor these ANTI websites and keep you apprised of their agendas.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Census Counts Latinos in the US. Immigrants since 1990 = 45M. This doesn´t include: "Prior to 1990" & Ethnically Diverse Millions!

The Census Bureau has released new data this month detailing stats for the Hispanic population in our nation. The headline reads: U.S. Hispanic Population Surpasses 45 MillionNow 15 Percent of Total.
As I read into the details it says:
"The nation’s Hispanic population increased to 45.5 M on July 1, 2007, or 15.1 percent of the estimated total U.S. population of 301.6 M. Hispanic population exceeded 500,000 in 16 states. Hispanics remained the largest minority group, with blacks second at 40.7M.
Hispanics were the fastest-growing minority group. Asians were the second fastest-growing minority group.
Overall, the nation’s minority population reached 102.5 million in 2007 — 34 percent of the total. California had a minority population of 20.9 million — 20 percent of the nation’s total, Texas had a minority population of 12.5 million — 12 percent of the U.S. total.
As I dive down into the detail, I notice something interesting. The numbers do not describe people like me. They describe Latinos that have Immigrated. I am not an immigrant, nor a recent immigrant. My family and countless families like mine across the Southwest, have been here hundreds of years and we have married into other ethnicities.
You will come to the same conclusion once you read into the demogrpahics of what the Census Bureau percieves as the statistics associated with Latinos in the US.
Highlights - Hispanics:
. California (13.2 million) had the largest Hispanic population of any state as of July 1, 2007, followed by Texas (8.6 million) and Florida (3.8 million). Texas had the largest numerical increase between 2006 and 2007 (308,000), followed by California (268,000) and Florida (131,000). In New Mexico, Hispanics comprised the highest proportion of the total population (44 percent), with California and Texas (36 percent each) next in line.
. The Hispanic population in 2007 had a median age of 27.6, compared with the population as a whole at 36.6. Almost 34 percent of the Hispanic population was younger than 18, compared with 25 percent of the total population.
As I have said on countless occasions, we are an ethnically diverse society. We marry into different ethnic groups and our children have multi-ethnic DNA. The census cannot count this and they don´t attempt to. Instead, the numbers they DO count as Latino are the number of IMMIGRANTS!! Recent IMMIGRANTS. Read below to determine how they are NOT counting my family (and countless millions like mine) in these demographics. Here is how (link):
Summary of Issues
Race and Hispanic origin are two separate concepts in the federal statistical system.
People who are Hispanic may be of any race.
People in each race group may be either Hispanic or Not Hispanic.
Each person has two attributes, their race (or races) and whether or not they are Hispanic.
Overlap of race and Hispanic origin is the main comparability issue.
For example, Black Hispanics (Hispanic Blacks) are included in both the number of Blacks and in the number of Hispanics.
"More than one race" option increases possible numbers and overlapping groups.
For example, the three categories of Blacks, Hispanics, and people reporting two or more races produce multiple overlapping groups.
The complete cross tabulation of race and Hispanic origin data is problematic.
This option allows experienced users to tailor data for their specific use, but can confuse general users.
Comparability of data on race and Hispanic origin is affected by several other factors.
The universe differs across sources (censuses, national surveys, postcensal population estimates).
The allocation of "Some other race" responses from the Census 2000 category to standard OMB race categories increases the totals for each race, but does not affect the number of Hispanics.
The "Two or more races" category is present in Census 2000 and in the postcensal population estimates, but not in the 2002 Current Population Survey (CPS). It will be in the CPS every year, beginning with 2003
Additionally, here is a link to another article that utilizes this same census report to determine the demographics of Latino Women in the US. They are NOT counting my demographic.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Unbelievable! ICE RAIDS are now sweeping across California High Schools and Elementary Schools, racially profiling all Latino Children in the affected schools.
Are Immigration Authorities Going After School Children Now?
By New American Media. Posted May 8, 2008
.Editor's Note: Immigration raids near schools in Berkeley and Oakland have sent waves of panic in the communities and may keep undocumented students from attending class, writes NAM education reporter Amanda Martinez.
OAKLAND, Calif. - ...As word of the presence of ICE agents in the neighborhood spread, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums rushed over to Esperanza Elementary School, where a number of parents and community members had gathered. Addressing them, the Mayor called the situation the "the ugly side of government." He labeled the ICE actions "inappropriate and unnecessary" and reiterated that children needed education, not harassment. "There should be no raids in Oakland," he said. "As a sanctuary city," Dellums said, "we're all in unison. We don't want this type of intimidation. Immigrants are human beings, and need to be dealt with respect." Oakland Vice Mayor Larry Reid, who also showed up at the school, said there was no warning about the ICE raids. "ICE just rolls in and tells our police department after the fact," he said. "The students are upset and crying. The school's administration said some of the kids are very shook up." ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice said that the agency is mindful of the sensitivities associated with schools. She said there was no truth to the reports that ICE was targeting schools on this day, and that the two ICE fugitive operations teams based in the Bay Area go out virtually every day seeking immigrant fugitives.
She confirmed that on the morning of May 6, ICE officers arrested four immigration violators who were from Mexico, and were living at a residence in Berkeley. A fifth person was arrested at a residence in Oakland, she said, noting that all five have been released, pending immigration hearings. Sara Nuno of the Family and Community Office of the OUSD dismissed ICE's assertion that there was no targeting of any schools. "They are targeting schools and we are watching them do it," she asserted. Ellen Murry, who had come to the school to pick up her grandnephew, said that she believed these types of government actions hurt all students, not just the undocumented ones. She said that if students stayed away from school out of fear, it could impact the school district's income, the bulk of which comes from student attendance. Troy Flint, communications officer of OUSD, pointed out that such raids distracted students who were taking the state standardized test. He assured students that the OUSD would do everything it could to allow them to finish taking the tests. Parents and local groups, including the Alameda Labor Council, sent out more than 900 e-mails letting parents know of what was taking place. One parent liaison, who helped to make phone calls throughout the day to concerned parents, said he thought the fear of deportation was serious. If parents sought his advice, he said, he would tell them to keep their chidren at home, even though the OUSD has assured them that the students would be protected.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

As the Economy Worsens, Consumers´ Buying Behavior Is Changing. How will Immigration Issues Impact the Slowing Economy?

I found this very interesting Newsweek article about the change of Consumers´buying habits. As our economy worsens, consumers continue to buy groceries, health products and gas at any price. They are cutting back on furniture, appliances, fancy restaurants, vacations, clothes and jewelry.
It seems the mood of the nation this summer will be staying at home for family barbecues. Also, it appears Wal-Mart will not be impacted by the downturn in the economy.
My Question to my readers is, will you be affected? Do you think the Immigration issues will impact the Slowing Economy?
As Goes Wal-Mart, So Goes the Nation
For a better understanding of our budget consciousness, check out the world's largest retailer.
By Jennifer Barrett Newsweek Web Exclusive May 7, 2008

No matter how bad the economy gets this year, Americans aren't about to stop buying groceries or gas. But as fuel tops $4 a gallon and the costs of basics like bread and milk rise, consumers are learning to economize. How? For a clear view of our readjusted shopping habits, head to Wal-Mart. With an average of more than 100 million customers a week, the world's largest retailer offers a telling glimpse of how consumers are responding to the economic downturn. Not surprisingly, the company has largely benefited from the increase in budget-consciousness: it reported record sales of more than $106 billion for the quarter that ended Jan. 31, the majority of that coming from its domestic stores. What's hot and not? During a presentation to analysts last week, Eduardo Castro-Wright, CEO of Wal-Mart's U.S. stores, pointed to strong sales in groceries, health and wellness products, as well as flat-screen televisions and other consumer electronics. Clothing and furniture, however, are not selling well.
Apparently, new wardrobes and home-decorating projects are giving way to economic woes. Recently, the Labor Department said clothing prices nationwide fell by 1.3 percent in March, the largest monthly drop in nearly a decade. Recent markdowns, say analysts, haven't done much to move clothes off the racks or furniture off the showroom floors. Furniture stores have reported slower sales in the first quarter of the year. "

Soap Opera Politics Vol 1, Issue 9: McBush Courts Latino Voters! Si Se Puede!

As Obama and Hillary are duking it out until the end, McCain and the Prez are busy courting the Latino Voters! Here are 2 recent articles. 1st, McCain panders. In the 2nd article, the Prez serenades for votes.
BREAKING NEWS: McCain scheduled to appear at NCLR ("La Raza") Convention in July.
Sen. John McCain said Monday the tenor of the immigration debate has hurt the way Hispanic voters view the Republican Party. Sen. John McCain lauched a Spanish-language Web site on Monday. "I believe the majority of Hispanics share our view that the border must be secured, and the border must be secured first," McCain said in Phoenix, Arizona. "But they also want us to have an attitude which I think most Americans do, that these are God's children and they must be taken care of."
The senator from Arizona used Cinco de Mayo as a launching pad for a new Spanish-language Web site on Monday, and he emphasized his stance on immigration and border security as he tried to court the Hispanic vote. Republican strategists have said
McCain has to do well with Hispanic voters to win in November. When President Bush was re-elected in 2004, he received 44 percent of the Hispanic vote, but that was before the divisive political debate erupted over illegal immigration. McCain is seen as a moderate Republican when it comes to immigration reform, but the conservative base of his party has taken a hard-line approach on the issue. In 2005, McCain angered some in his party when he and Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy unsuccessfully pushed for a comprehensive immigration reform bill that included a path to citizenship.
McCain now says he would focus first on securing the borders before offering other ways to deal with illegal immigration. McCain on Monday empathized with Hispanics who have been mistreated and said low-income Hispanics are often the first to lose their jobs when someone come to the United States illegally.
Article 2 - WTOPNews:
May 5, 2008 - 10:03pm By SUZANNE GAMBOA Associated Press Writer
President Bush wished a gathering of dinner guests a "Feliz Cinco de Maya" Monday in his final White House celebration of the Mexican holiday _ slightly erring in his Spanish, but serving up a reminder of how he snared Hispanic votes in the last presidential election. While the heated immigration debate has caused some strain between the United States and Mexico, Bush was more conciliatory Monday. He said Cinco de Mayo is a chance to prove the two countries are "connected by more than geography." He referred correctly to the day, Cinco de Mayo, in other parts of his brief speech. "We share an interest in making sure our people are prosperous and safe," Bush said of Mexico. "In America, we deeply value the culture and contributions of Mexican Americans. The United States is a richer place, a more vibrant place because people who claim Mexican heritage are now called United States citizens. ... We consider ourselves fortunate that Mexico is a friend and a neighbor."
...The band later backed Spanish singer Shaila Durcal, who sang three songs for the crowd, including the Mexican classic "Volver, Volver." (I´ll return to you..)
Bush has held Cinco de Mayo celebrations since arriving at the White House in 2001, in part as a symbol of the priority he gave the U.S. relationship with Mexico and his effort to curry favor with the Hispanic community. But as he departs, the Republican Party is anxious about losing Hispanic votes in the November elections. Some Hispanics feel anti-immigrant sentiment has become anti-Hispanic as well. In Phoenix on Monday, Republican John McCain acknowledged the focus on illegal immigration during the GOP primary had hurt his party's image among Hispanics.
My Question for McCain: If you care about Latino Voters, then Announce your Opposition to Sheriff Arpaipo´s Racial Profiling Tactics! IF you do not do this, THEN we will know you are only a Politician and making FALSE PROMISES!!
Arizona is YOUR State! RENOUNCE Arpaio and Latinos will acknowledge you are SERIOUS in supporting our issues and NOT merely pandering as a politician!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Racist Limbaugh Calls Mayor Villaraigosa a "Shoe Shine Boy!"

Rush Limbaugh appeared on Fox News this week and insulted Los Angeles’ Hispanic mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Limbaugh said the first time he saw Mayor Villaraigosa he thought the Latino was a "Shoe Shine Boy." He was shocked to learn this Latino held such a high office and was, in fact, the Mayor of Los Angeles. Limbaugh repeated the same comment yesterday on his show.
I guess we should not be surprised by any outrageous, sexist or racist statements Limbaugh makes. As a reminder, some of Rush´s famous quotes include:
- Barack Obama a "Magic Negro."
- "I mean, let's face it, we didn't have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I'm not saying we should bring it back; I'm just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark. "
- We're not sexists, we're chauvinists — we're male chauvinist pigs, and we're happy to be because we think that's what men were destined to be. We think that's what women want.
Limbaugh has made numerous outrageous remarks. These media zealots! They make a mockery of all Journalists.
Today, Penn Jillette was on Morning Joe. He joked and called Hillary the B word. Why are misogynistic insults ok? Why are racist terms ok? Have we degenerated to such low levels of communication that we view them all as ok? Are Sad Times Ahead?

Mixed Media Reports:
Hey, you know what's a riot? Comparing one of the country's foremost Latino politicians to "a shoeshine guy" because of his race.
A spokesman for Antonio Villaraigosa says the Los Angeles mayor is planning a statement in response to an ethnically-flavored drive-by served up by Rush Limbaugh yesterday.

Limbaugh recalled in a segment about Hillary Clinton, the right-wing radio blabber recounted meeting Villaraigosa, who became the first Latino to head his city's government in 130 years in 2005, when Bill Clinton introduced the two of them in a restaurant last year.
"I shook [Clinton's] hand, he left, comes back [with] the mayor of Los Angeles," he told listeners. "I thought it was a Secret Service agent, maybe a shoeshine guy. Turns out he gives me his card, I said, 'Oh, my gosh, it's the mayor of Los Angeles.'"
Oh my gosh indeed! He's just like a real-live mayor, but pigmenty. Who'd a thunk? Maybe Limbaugh will claim he was actually lampooning racist stereotypes, as Don Imus did after he called then-New York Times reporter
Gwen Ifill "the cleaning lady." (Ifill's black. Get it?)
Update, 2:08 p.m.: Alex Nogales, president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, says: "What can I tell you? It's the same kind of nasty, bigoted, racist type of comment that has become so prevalent in today's society, as practiced by Lou Dobbs, as practiced by [Sean] Hannity, [Bill] O'Reilly, [Michael] Savage -- all these guys who are appealing to a particular bigoted audience, and fanning the fires of bigotry and racism by doing these kinds of things without real concern about the consequences of their words. And the consequences are that these kinds of comments have helped in raising the rate of crimes against Latinos 35 percent in last three years." (He attributes that figure to the FBI.) "These guys have no civility in their makeup, no compassion, and very little intelligence when it comes to opening their mouths."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Latino Trail of Tears: 66 Died in Heinous Family Detention Centers! (for a CIVIL Violation!)

What do we tell our Children?
How do we say we did NOTHING but sit on our hands as 66 people died in Family Detention Centers for NOTHING more than a Civil Violation as our Administration stays hindered by armies of those pushing for restrictionist laws and our government can not move forward with Comprehensive Immigration Reform!?!
The 66 risked their LIVES to provide their Children the Opportunity for the American Dream! Did they die in Vain?

Immigration Agency’s List of Deaths in Custody
Published: May 5, 2008
The document that follows, “
Detainee Deaths 2004-November 2007,” is the government’s fullest account to date of deaths in immigration detention. Compiled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and obtained by The New York Times under the Freedom of Information Act, it lists the names of 66 people who died, their dates of birth and death, where they were last held, where they died and the cause of death...The list does not mention the immigrants’ nationalities or where they lived in the United States. Some names and birth dates appear garbled. For example, No. 39 on the list is Reinaldo Prado-Arencilia, who died in a Houston hospital after an “unwitnessed arrest” in a privately run detention center. (Note: Who is really dying in the Detention Centers? How are they dying? Are they murdered? Who is accountable? Who even cares? These heinous Family Detention Centers reside in such a Veil of Secrecy!) A nationwide database search turned up no one with that name, but found a person named Reinaldo Prado-Arencibia who had lived in Florida. No. 18, N. Enriquez-Betancourt, is missing a first name. The birth date provided for No. 27, Yvel Fils-Aime, would have made him 48 when he died, but a newspaper obituary reported that a 29-year-old named Yvel Filsaime died on the same day in 2004, in the same place in Virginia. On Friday, immigration authorities confirmed that the birth date on the list was incorrect. Mr. Filsaime was born Nov. 2, 1975, they said, not Oct. 3, 1956. The list does not say where two of the detainees were being held, but it does provide locations for the others. It shows that 38 percent of the detainees were held in centers operated by county or local governments, and 27 percent in those run by the federal government. Privately run centers had 32 percent of the deaths, even though they housed only 19 percent of detainees over all, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
There are more than 300 detention centers around the country, but one private operator, the Corrections Corporation of America, had 13 deaths in its centers, including 5 at one in Eloy, Ariz. One locally run detention center, Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Va., had 4 deaths, and another, Kern County’s Lerdo Detention Complex in Bakersfield, Calif., had 3.
The government produced the list after a Congressional hearing last fall into medical care and deaths in immigration custody. Representative Zoe Lofgren of California, the chairwoman of the House subcommittee that held the hearing, pressed for information on detainee deaths.
To all of my Readers,
The heinous Detention Centers are as bad as or worse than all of the atrocities that have gone before! Consider the Trail of Tears, the Japanese Internment Camps, the Holocaust! How can anyone, anyone deny what is happening and somehow, attempt to justify it!!

Angry Nutcase Tancredo tells US City of Brownsville: "I suggest you build this fence around the northern part of your city!"

Tom Tancredo lost his last marble.
Tancredo was an invited guest in Brownsville, Texas last week to discuss solutions to the issues regarding the Border Fence in this border city. Those constructing the Border Fence say it is not feasibile to build the wall along the existing border, the Rio Grande, and they were discussing optimum alternatives. Some of the alternatives included building the fence on US property (see map below). The residents voiced their concerns about this, which is logical, since their land is within a US city and they prefer not to be fenced off from the US. During the extremely confrontational debate, Tancredo, an invited guest, insulted the local Brownsville citizens when he angrily proclaimed, "I suggest you build this fence around the NORTHERN part of your city!"
Local Brownsville citizens were taken aback and some responded with boos and jeers to his outrageous remarks. (Note: Brownsville, TX is a majority Latino citizen city)
Some of the comments among the audience members included:
"I think he's just ignorant," said student Alexis Fruia. "He doesn't really know where we stand here."
"A congressman in the United States of America saying that about the same city in the USA, its just outrageous," said student Chris Martinez.
For the students and staff, his strong statements hit especially close to home.
"It might take some of our campus away and we've come a long way to have this university," explained Fitness Instructor Diana Rojas. "And that's just something that not just me, but a lot of people don't agree with it."
Fruia said the fence would complicate going to classes. "I go to school in the education building on the other side of campus and they were saying we were going to need a passport to go to class."
But, despite the controversy on campus, students and staff say they're glad even those with a different viewpoint on the border wall came to their school for the hearing.
"I was glad they were here to see campus and what was going to be destroyed by this border wall," explained Martinez.
Fruia agreed. "This is where I live, this is my background, this is my life," Fruia added. "Suggesting we're in Mexico? I live in the U.S."
Texas State Representative Eddie Lucio III said he doesn't believe they changed anyone's minds in the hearings Tuesday, he does believe that the Rio Grande Valley made a strong stand showing of unity against the border wall.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Latinos on the Front Lines: WW2 Marine War Hero May be Awarded Additional Honors

A Latino War Hero, Silver Star-Navy Cross winner, may finally be receiving the well earned Medal of Honor.
Hispanic private coaxed 1,000 Japanese to surrender on Saipan
As an 18-year-old Marine private, Guy Gabaldon single-handedly persuaded more than 1,000 Japanese soldiers to surrender in the World War II battle for Saipan.
MIAMI - Armed but alone, Marine Pfc. Guy Gabaldon roamed Saipan's caves and pillboxes, persuading enemy soldiers and civilians to surrender during the hellish World War II battle on the island. Using the Japanese language skills he learned as a boy, he warned the Japanese they would die if they stayed hidden and told them Marines were not torturers as they had heard. The Marines, he said, would feed them and give them medical care. Many agreed, and Gabaldon, just 18, led them back to U.S. lines. By the battle's end, Gabaldon had coaxed more than 1,000 Japanese out of the steamy caves. He was praised as being brave and compassionate, and he received a Silver Star — later upgraded to a Navy Cross.
Now, almost two years after his death, there is a renewed campaign to give Gabaldon the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military award. A new documentary, "East L.A. Marine," asks whether Gabaldon's Hispanic heritage prevented him from receiving the medal, though others blame his tough and outspoken nature.
"It's a much bigger issue than any of us realize," said Steve Rubin, who directed the documentary, which will be available online May 6. "Guy is a symbol not only of a hero in war, but a man who treated people humanely. He killed people, sure, but having grown up essentially as a Japanese, he treated them as human beings."

Friday, May 2, 2008

Two Faced Napolitano & McCain! Restrictionist Arizona Laws Causes State to Lose $! Now new program invites new Mexican Guest Workers!

Arizona. In 2007, the home of the Nation´s severist restrictionist Immigration Laws. These laws promised to "come down hard" on not only illegal immigrants but on employers. Since the laws have passed, Arizona has seen changes, however not the changes they wanted.
As Sheriff Arpaio came down hard on Latinos, legal and illegal, via Racial Profiling Sweeps of Latino majority cities and towns. Latinos, both legal and illegal, fled in terror of being caught up in these raids.
While to date, not ONE employer has been arrested or sanctioned, Arizona is suffering the impacts of these restrictionist laws. Business owners are going out of business and they are suffering from the inability to hire workers needed to do the job, all while the state is experiencing one of their lowest unemployment rates in history.
Fast forward to May, 2008. Arizona , John McCain´s home state, the state with the most broken immigration policies, is seeking to change their laws and invite in more Guest Workers from Mexico.
My only question is to the bad-boy Sheriff Arpaio, "whatcha gonna do when they come for you..." All of the invited Guest Workers!
The Tucson Citizen Reports:
PHOENIX - With lawmakers temporarily diverting their focus from the state's budget crisis, the hot-button issue of immigration is getting renewed attention in the state Senate, where one lawmaker vows to conduct what would amount to a filibuster. Senators this week are expected to consider both a bill to revise the 2007 employer sanctions law penalizing businesses that knowingly hire illegal workers and a separate proposal creating a new state guest worker program. Arizona is the nation's busiest border crossing point for illegal immigrants, and the 2007 employer sanctions law was enacted in an attempt to eliminate jobs as a magnet for illegal entrants. The bill (SB 1374) to make numerous changes to the sanctions law is a response to criticism from business owners and others about its fairness and workability. Proposed changes include making its penalties for employers apply only to workers hired on or after Jan. 1 and establishing a new voluntary compliance program. The guest worker proposal would ask for federal permission so Arizona could create a program to provide temporary foreign workers for employers who experience labor shortages. ..

Proponents argue that creation of the program would help employers while diminishing unregulated illegal immigration, but it drew fire during a Republican caucus Tuesday as senators said it could undercut American workers and open the door for unreimbursed health care costs. The measure's sponsor, Democratic Sen. Marsha Arzberger of Willcox, later said she has commitments from enough fellow senators for passage. She briefly flashed a "laundry list" of checkmarks next to names of senators but declined to allow a reporter to examine it in detail. Arzberger said work for Americans would be protected because the state Industrial Commission, one of the agencies that would help administer the program, would determine whether businesses had made adequate attempts to hire local workers. The immigration-related measures are among numerous pieces of legislation being considered during a lull in budget action.

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