Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Soap Opera Politics Vol 1, Issue 9: McBush Courts Latino Voters! Si Se Puede!

As Obama and Hillary are duking it out until the end, McCain and the Prez are busy courting the Latino Voters! Here are 2 recent articles. 1st, McCain panders. In the 2nd article, the Prez serenades for votes.
BREAKING NEWS: McCain scheduled to appear at NCLR ("La Raza") Convention in July.
Sen. John McCain said Monday the tenor of the immigration debate has hurt the way Hispanic voters view the Republican Party. Sen. John McCain lauched a Spanish-language Web site on Monday. "I believe the majority of Hispanics share our view that the border must be secured, and the border must be secured first," McCain said in Phoenix, Arizona. "But they also want us to have an attitude which I think most Americans do, that these are God's children and they must be taken care of."
The senator from Arizona used Cinco de Mayo as a launching pad for a new Spanish-language Web site on Monday, and he emphasized his stance on immigration and border security as he tried to court the Hispanic vote. Republican strategists have said
McCain has to do well with Hispanic voters to win in November. When President Bush was re-elected in 2004, he received 44 percent of the Hispanic vote, but that was before the divisive political debate erupted over illegal immigration. McCain is seen as a moderate Republican when it comes to immigration reform, but the conservative base of his party has taken a hard-line approach on the issue. In 2005, McCain angered some in his party when he and Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy unsuccessfully pushed for a comprehensive immigration reform bill that included a path to citizenship.
McCain now says he would focus first on securing the borders before offering other ways to deal with illegal immigration. McCain on Monday empathized with Hispanics who have been mistreated and said low-income Hispanics are often the first to lose their jobs when someone come to the United States illegally.
Article 2 - WTOPNews:
May 5, 2008 - 10:03pm By SUZANNE GAMBOA Associated Press Writer
President Bush wished a gathering of dinner guests a "Feliz Cinco de Maya" Monday in his final White House celebration of the Mexican holiday _ slightly erring in his Spanish, but serving up a reminder of how he snared Hispanic votes in the last presidential election. While the heated immigration debate has caused some strain between the United States and Mexico, Bush was more conciliatory Monday. He said Cinco de Mayo is a chance to prove the two countries are "connected by more than geography." He referred correctly to the day, Cinco de Mayo, in other parts of his brief speech. "We share an interest in making sure our people are prosperous and safe," Bush said of Mexico. "In America, we deeply value the culture and contributions of Mexican Americans. The United States is a richer place, a more vibrant place because people who claim Mexican heritage are now called United States citizens. ... We consider ourselves fortunate that Mexico is a friend and a neighbor."
...The band later backed Spanish singer Shaila Durcal, who sang three songs for the crowd, including the Mexican classic "Volver, Volver." (I´ll return to you..)
Bush has held Cinco de Mayo celebrations since arriving at the White House in 2001, in part as a symbol of the priority he gave the U.S. relationship with Mexico and his effort to curry favor with the Hispanic community. But as he departs, the Republican Party is anxious about losing Hispanic votes in the November elections. Some Hispanics feel anti-immigrant sentiment has become anti-Hispanic as well. In Phoenix on Monday, Republican John McCain acknowledged the focus on illegal immigration during the GOP primary had hurt his party's image among Hispanics.
My Question for McCain: If you care about Latino Voters, then Announce your Opposition to Sheriff Arpaipo´s Racial Profiling Tactics! IF you do not do this, THEN we will know you are only a Politician and making FALSE PROMISES!!
Arizona is YOUR State! RENOUNCE Arpaio and Latinos will acknowledge you are SERIOUS in supporting our issues and NOT merely pandering as a politician!!


patriot said...

Oh, here we go back on Sheriff Joe again. Next week it will be Hutto again. Talk about beating a horse to death!

Hran said...

The Republicans are keen to pander to the Latino vote. Which means, of course, advocating amnesty. And amnesty means an ethnic take-over by Hispanics. No candidate for president thereafter could advocate securing the border or halting the mass immigration from Latin America.

But Latinos have nothing to worry about. As Bush would have gladly signed an amnesty bill, so would his fellow liberals, McCain, Clinton, and Obama. Sheriff Arpaipo is an insignificant wart on the buttocks of Aztlan. Look at the big picture. There is really not much that stands in the way of Reconquista.

Dee said...

Hran, Who are you and your WN members voting for?

Hran said...

Exactly my point. White America is passive, well nigh moribund. It cannot produce candidates that are willing to defend the nation. Thus, there is indeed no one to vote for. I have no idea who other WN are voting for. In fact, I don't personally know any WN.

Dee said...

I am surprised you dont know any other WNs. I thought if you labeled yourself as such then you belonged to some type of organized group.

dianne said...

Is that a composite picture of McCain and Bush or do I need new glasses?

I am sure the pros will settle for nothing less than amnesty including full benefits (overnight) that American taxpayers have worked their whole lives for and still don't get.

Dee said...

It is a composite pix of Bush and McCain. I found it a while ago and saved it for a future blog. I knew something would come up.

I am ok with McCain´s Immigration Reform policies. However I am totally against his stance on the war in Iraq. I do not want my g-babies to worry about 100 more years there.

As far as both Bush and now McCain pandering to the Latinos, it is obvious pandering for votes. The administration is neither pro nor anti. They are for Big Business and Profit. In looking at the Latinos that support them, many of them are crooks and are looking to line their pockets. IF McCain is looking to obtain Latino votes, he has to be honest and I think he has to distance himself from the crooks. My advice to him is to prove he is legitimate and say he is opposed to Arpaio and 2nd, move to close the crony owned Detention Centers.

dianne said...

Well, Dee, you have a point. All sides are pandering, including McCain. Regarding the sheriff, there is no compelling reason for McCain to even address him. It's a no-win for him no matter what he says or does with either the antis or the pros, so he won't, and he's smart enough to know he shouldn't.

I've been thinking about McCain. I don't like him politically, but remember he adopted two children from foreign countries, one of them was on the deathbed when his wife carried her over here. I understand they thrust the child into her arms and said take her! Given that, I can see why he is for amnesty. You know it crossed my mind I wonder if they are legal or citizens. Adoption doesn't guarantee citizenship, does it? Of course it was a humanitarian thing to do, but still I wonder.

The whole political thing is making me ill. I am totally disgusted at the way Hillary is being treated now. In an instant the black community and the liberal media threw her to the woodshed despite everything she and Bill did for them.

I will never vote for Obama. Not only do I not trust him, he doesn't have any political experience other than a short stent in the senate and his Illinois senate. Remember what he did in Illinois though. He ADVOCATED murder of babies born alive after failed abortion. What kind of person could do that? He will never ever get my vote.

Dee said...

I am also totally disgusted by the way the media is treating Hillary. I cannot stand to watch MSNBC anymore. I used to watch them every day. But now, it is a Hillary lynching everyday. Every anchor starts each half hour by begging her to quit. It is beyond belief! Fox bashes her but that is to be expected and they do not bash her to the extent MSNBC does it. CNN is somewhat neutral, but usually boring. It is getting so I read all my updates on the internet and then just decide for myself.

I have no idea who I am supporting for President. Obama was my 2nd choice but with the way Hillary is being treated, I just dont know anymore.

I also have no idea who will win. McCain vs Obama, gosh! War or question mark for our kids future. What do we do?

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