Monday, May 5, 2008

Latino Trail of Tears: 66 Died in Heinous Family Detention Centers! (for a CIVIL Violation!)

What do we tell our Children?
How do we say we did NOTHING but sit on our hands as 66 people died in Family Detention Centers for NOTHING more than a Civil Violation as our Administration stays hindered by armies of those pushing for restrictionist laws and our government can not move forward with Comprehensive Immigration Reform!?!
The 66 risked their LIVES to provide their Children the Opportunity for the American Dream! Did they die in Vain?

Immigration Agency’s List of Deaths in Custody
Published: May 5, 2008
The document that follows, “
Detainee Deaths 2004-November 2007,” is the government’s fullest account to date of deaths in immigration detention. Compiled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and obtained by The New York Times under the Freedom of Information Act, it lists the names of 66 people who died, their dates of birth and death, where they were last held, where they died and the cause of death...The list does not mention the immigrants’ nationalities or where they lived in the United States. Some names and birth dates appear garbled. For example, No. 39 on the list is Reinaldo Prado-Arencilia, who died in a Houston hospital after an “unwitnessed arrest” in a privately run detention center. (Note: Who is really dying in the Detention Centers? How are they dying? Are they murdered? Who is accountable? Who even cares? These heinous Family Detention Centers reside in such a Veil of Secrecy!) A nationwide database search turned up no one with that name, but found a person named Reinaldo Prado-Arencibia who had lived in Florida. No. 18, N. Enriquez-Betancourt, is missing a first name. The birth date provided for No. 27, Yvel Fils-Aime, would have made him 48 when he died, but a newspaper obituary reported that a 29-year-old named Yvel Filsaime died on the same day in 2004, in the same place in Virginia. On Friday, immigration authorities confirmed that the birth date on the list was incorrect. Mr. Filsaime was born Nov. 2, 1975, they said, not Oct. 3, 1956. The list does not say where two of the detainees were being held, but it does provide locations for the others. It shows that 38 percent of the detainees were held in centers operated by county or local governments, and 27 percent in those run by the federal government. Privately run centers had 32 percent of the deaths, even though they housed only 19 percent of detainees over all, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
There are more than 300 detention centers around the country, but one private operator, the Corrections Corporation of America, had 13 deaths in its centers, including 5 at one in Eloy, Ariz. One locally run detention center, Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Va., had 4 deaths, and another, Kern County’s Lerdo Detention Complex in Bakersfield, Calif., had 3.
The government produced the list after a Congressional hearing last fall into medical care and deaths in immigration custody. Representative Zoe Lofgren of California, the chairwoman of the House subcommittee that held the hearing, pressed for information on detainee deaths.
To all of my Readers,
The heinous Detention Centers are as bad as or worse than all of the atrocities that have gone before! Consider the Trail of Tears, the Japanese Internment Camps, the Holocaust! How can anyone, anyone deny what is happening and somehow, attempt to justify it!!


patriot said...

Here goes dee with her trigger words again, "heinous", "restrictionist".Until you can provide proof that these people died of unatural causes because of abuse in the detention centers you are just blowing smoke as usual, dee.

Here she goes again comparing the past to the present again. You are so predictable, dee.

Dee said...

Pat, What dont you understand about people DYING in Detention Centers? Have you NO COMPASSION??

Dee said...

Look at the horrible descriptions of Death: hanging, renal failure, heart attack, suicide! All of these DEATHS in detention centers with suspect causes. Some of these crony owned detention centers with the highest rates!

Lets test this Pat. Put your mom in one for one month. Lets see you test this!

Dee said...

What EXCUSES for Death did they Use during the Holocaust? Trail of Tears? Japanese Internment Camps?

Lets see what Your Mother can withstand! Has she never been Guilty of a CIVIL violation? Come on Mom. Test it out!

patriot said...

dee, I read the cause of death for these detainees, most of them could not be related to abuse such as lung cancer. Do you also think that everyone in a jail, prison or hospital should be released because some of them die in there? I have no compassion for law breakers. Why the hell should I?

Again, provide undeniable proof that any or even some of these deaths occured because of abuse. Commiting suicide does not prove abuse either.

If my mother broke the law I think whatever penalties that are in place for her crime be it a civil crime or otherwise should apply. I don't think she should be treated special just because she is my mother and that goes for any of my family members. Your arguments are just plain stupid!

The Holocaust and all the other incidents you bring up about the past has nothing to do with our immigration laws today and what policies we have for detainment. Go bitch to our government if you don't like it. I personally am sick of listening to your constant whining in here over law breakers. I will be glad when the day comes again when they start trying certain American citizens for treason.

Anonymous said...

Quit comparing detention centers to the Holocaust! You insult all Jewish people. Jewish people did not break the law and enter another country illegally. Tell your illegal Mexican cronies to stay on their side of the border. 66 people vs 6 million Jews! Are you nuts? And those 66 came here of their own free will. Prove that they were tortured or murdered. I doubt that you can. You really need to get counseling. You are pitiful.

Symsess said...

The "they're law breakers" crowd refuse to take two seconds to have compassion for their situation. Patriot complains about your use of words yet by calling them "law breakers" the implication is that they are violent offenders not that they just happen to be here without permission.

Nobody should have to suffer and die in these conditions. It's just a soulless business. These centers are making money on migrants and have no regulations, nor desire, to ensure they are cared for while they await their hearing.

Anonymous said...

"they just happen to be here without permission."

Are you kidding? Were they dreaming and "poof" they are here?
Immediate deportation would be the most reasonable solution. Let's let our congressman know that there is another solution rather than holding them in detention centers. Immediate deportation and let them know the next time they will go to jail or maybe, just maybe, a detention center.

patriot said...

Sym, law breakers can be petty thefts, civil violaters, misdemeanors or felonies. The word law breaker is all inclusive of these. Don't spin it and try to make the term only denoting felony criminals.

Again as I said with dee, util you can prove that any of these detainess died due to abuse in the centers, then STHU!

Dee said...

Anon and Pat,
You both ignore the blatant abuse of detainees in these Crony Owned, For Profit Detention Centers.

The abuse of detainees in Detention Centers has been well documented. I have posted many of these articles on my blog.

Deplorable Conditions in Hutto Detention Center

ICE Forcibly Drugs Immigration Detainees Against their Will

You both remind me of the elite in Germany that ignored all of the abuse in WW2. Pitiful!!

patriot said...

dee, the documentation you have provided is that of the detainees themselves. That isn't proof of anything. What do you think they would say? They don't want to be detained!

Keep up the personal attacks of us dee. You show yourself for being the desperate ethnocentric that you are. Pro's always debate that and lies.

Hran said...


"66 people vs 6 million Jews! Are you nuts?"

Here here.

Hran said...


Your comparison of the detention centers with the Holocaust is not only incredibly insensitive to Jews, it borders on jingoistic racism. You exalt your ethnic group over all others. Your pain is SO much more important.

Are you antisemitic?

Dee said...

Obviously you did not read the reports, particular by the Canadian journalists. So many people have reported what has happened and now the report of the deaths in these crony owned private prisons! Deplorable. How can you defend them?

Dee said...

Here are reports from journalists:
"You have a child who is sleeping in what was a jail cell for a maximum-security prison that has been converted, but they still leave the exposed toilet, you know, sitting in the middle of their room. There's no privacy. With other children, he's in a room separate from his parents. Now, but the door may be not locked at night, but that door is certainly shut, and it’s a steel heavy door. They are placed in a prison. There's no doubt that this is a prison.

Dee said...

"I Want To Be Free": 9-Year-Old Canadian Citizen Pleads From Texas Immigration Jail

Kevin is nine years old. He's a Canadian citizen (Seeking Asylum in Canada) flying from Iran with his parents. They were flying over the United States, when the plane had to land in Puerto Rico because a passenger had a heart attack, and when they landed, the Majid family was taken off the flight ...taken to Hutto Detention Center.

Dee said...

ICE is forcibly drugging Immigration detainees against their will. According to

Dr. Paul Appelbaum, a professor of psychiatry, law and ethics at Columbia University, reviewed both men's medical records for this report and was stunned by what he discovered.

"I'm really shocked to find out that the government has been using physicians and using potent medications in this way," said Appelbaum, who also serves as a member of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

Dee said...

Crony owned, Privately run centers had 32 percent of the deaths, even though they housed only 19 percent of detainees over all, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Dee said...

one private prison operator, the Corrections Corporation of America, had 13 deaths in its centers, including 5 at one in Eloy, Ariz. One locally run detention center, Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Va., had 4 deaths, and another, Kern County’s Lerdo Detention Complex in Bakersfield, Calif., had 3.

Anonymous said...

dee said,
one private prison operator, the Corrections Corporation of America, had 13 deaths in its centers, including 5 at one in Eloy, Ariz. One locally run detention center, Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Va., had 4 deaths, and another, Kern County’s Lerdo Detention Complex in Bakersfield, Calif., had 3.

Where they murdered dee? Did they die from natural causes? People die in hospitals, prisons, at home
etc every day. Get all your facts together (the cause of death) before posting about deaths in detention centers.

dee, don't you think it would be cheaper and more humane to immediately deport these people?
But we would then have to insure that they will not re-enter this country illegally and explain the grave consequences they will face
if they do. Hire a bus to drive them across the border-this would have to be cheaper than housing and feeding them. There's the solution that the antis and pro-illegal can agree on. Right dee?

anon 1 said...

the fact that we let ppl die is wrong, pro and ANTI debating aside, ppl died in these horrid places and they could've been saved, this could've been avoided, yeah you can say "FIND PROOF OF DEATH," but you know what, when 66 die in a DETENTION CENTER, you KNOW something's wrong

and for the anon's or "JEWS" (I prefer Jewish ppl) that are offended at Dee's comments, why be angry when comparing, there's no comparison in the numbers thats true, but when any amount of ppl that die from racial or religious profiling should focus more on the racist IDIOTS that caused this rather than get upset at the comparison, if you do then your just fooling yourself and falling for the RACIST'S IDIOTS who want you to be fooled into fighting amongst each other, instead we should ban together and stick up for ppl that can't defend themselves from the RACIST IDIOTS WHO CAUSE THIS WRONG, if we would've done this during BOTH scenario's, BOTH scenario's could've been avoided

what's even MORE sad is that genocide still goes on TODAY, but most ppl would rather BUILD A FENCE, GO TO WAR WITH IRAQ

patriot said...

dee, I didn't see a report by any Canadian journalists. Did they go into the detention centers themselves and if so, how would they know if any of these deaths were the result of abuse? Again, where is the PROOF that any of these deaths were the result of abuse?

Who are all these people that are in the know? How would they know?

patriot said...

dee, much if not all of the sub-standard conditions were corrected. None that I know of would have resulted in death anyway. We have gone over and over about this months ago. Why are you dragging the same old stuff up over and over again?

patriot said...

anon1, 66 people dying in detention centers over a period of three whole years does not denote that something is amiss. Most of the causes of death couldn't possibly be attributed to abuse. The rest haven't been proven to be abuse. You and dee are howling at the moon with no proof whatsover. Just admit that you want illegal aliens to enter our country and run free among us with no consequences for breaking our immigration laws and you are looking for excuses to get them released or not detained at all.

patriot said...

anon1, since when is it racist to enforce our immigration laws? Aw, poor defenseless law breakers. Please, I may upchuck my lunch.

Dee said...

Pat, Guess what, your racist side is becoming insufferable! Stop condoning these heinous privately owned, crony owned, private family prisons. Even Liquid and Ulty agree they are wrong and the deaths are wrong.

Pat, here is the media report from the Canadian media:
open it, listen and view it and weep!! (to my larger audience... this is very graphic video of these heinous detention centers.)


patriot said...

dee, don't tell me how to think and call me a racist when you have NO proof of your allegations! Stop our sh@t right now!

Liquidmicro said...

About your 9 yr old Canadian boy:

Dee says: Kevin is nine years old. He's a Canadian citizen (Seeking Asylum in Canada) flying from Iran with his parents.

Your () should state (His parents are Iranian Citizens and are seeking Asylum in Canada, Kevin was born in Canada and is Canadian by Birth) - In general, anyone born in Canada from 1947 onwards acquired Canadian citizenship at birth. The only exceptions concern children born to diplomats, where additional requirements apply.

Majid and Masomeh — they prefer their last name not be used — initially fled Iran for Canada in January, 1995, to seek political asylum. Majid did odd jobs, eventually becoming manager of an east Toronto pizza parlour, paying the rent for their one-bedroom apartment.

In 1997, their only son, Kevin, was born. “For the first time, I was happy,” Majid said from the Hutto detention facility.

“I had my family with me — it's the only family I have — we didn't have any problems and we lived happy in Toronto.”

Kevin attended a Toronto school until Grade 3. Meanwhile, his parents were seeking refugee status, based on fear of persecution in Iran, but their application was denied and, in December, 2005, the family of three was deported.

Upon their arrival in Tehran, Majid said he was taken away from his family to a prison cell. For three months, he was detained, beaten and tortured, he said. When he was released, the three were reunited, and, with the help of friends and relatives, they connected with a people smuggler in Tehran.

“I pay him $40,000 to [get us] to Canada. It included everything: fake passports, tickets. He got $20,000 in Iran, and $20,000 in Turkey.”

Carrying Greek passports — which do not require visas for entry into Canada — they traveled to Guyana, where they eventually boarded a Toronto-bound plane.

Lorne Waldman, an immigration lawyer in Toronto, said that because of the heightened security measures put in place after Sept. 11, 2001, people smugglers have found alternate routes to get into Canada.

“We see people coming in with very exotic and complex and convoluted routes,” he said. “Moscow was one. Guyana is another ... because the smugglers believe it was a route that was subjected to less scrutiny.”

It was that belief that got Kevin and his parents onto a Zoom Airlines chartered, non-stop flight from Georgetown to Toronto.

Seems to me the problem they had in Puerto Rico was that they had false documentation, Greek Passports, and were detained until their identities could be figured out and verified.

September 29, 2007 3:24 PM
Anonymous Liquidmicro said...

When the consular officer at the Canadian consulate in Dallas visited the family at Hutto two weeks ago, Majid said, “he asked about our rooms and our food. Just regarding here. I asked him what he can do for us, and he said, ‘I don't promise now. But we can help Kevin, not you.' ”

David Marshall, a consulate spokesman, said that he could not talk about the case, citing the Privacy Act.

Alain Cacchione, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Canada, would not comment either.

But Audrey Macklin, a professor of immigration at the University of Toronto, said that this case highlights the asymmetry of Canadian citizenship.

“We say that if adults are Canadian citizens, then they can somehow confer protection of their citizenship on their children. But we don't allow the reverse,” she said from Toronto. “Instead, what we do is render, in effect, the Canadian citizenship of the child null, because he can't exercise it [and sponsor his parents]. It's as if his Canadian citizenship doesn't exist or is worthless because his parents don't have it.”

She said that if the Canadian government wanted to protect Kevin, it could.

“If protecting this child means letting the parents into Canada, is that a price worth paying? Well, I think we should seriously consider that.”

If they were allowed back into Canada, Prof. Macklin said, they could seek what is called a pre-risk removal assessment based on “new facts about what happened in Iran when they were deported.”

Above all else, Kevin, Majid and Masomeh say they want to live in Canada.

“We want to be free and safe,” Majid said. “Our plan was to go to Toronto, Canada, because it's my son's home and our home for the past few years. We have nothing there, but we were there for 10 years and it was good.”

Updated: 9-Year-Old Canadian Citizen and Iranian Parents Arrive in Toronto After Six Weeks in Texas Immigration Jail

September 29, 2007 3:30 PM
Anonymous Liquidmicro said...

“Instead, what we do is render, in effect, the Canadian citizenship of the child null, because he can't exercise it [and sponsor his parents]. It's as if his Canadian citizenship doesn't exist or is worthless because his parents don't have it.”

Seems Canada doesn't consider Kevin as a Citizen, due to his parents being Iranian Citizens.

September 29, 2007 3:33 PM
Anonymous Liquidmicro said...

In the end Canada has allowed the family in and will allow them to file a pre-risk removal assessment, maybe they will be given Asylum there.

Hutto is a detention center, this family was using false documentation to enter a country illegally, Canada really didn't want to do anything for them but eventually gave in and allowed them to re-apply for Asylum based on “new facts about what happened in Iran when they were deported.”

Good for them. Hutto did what it was designed to do.

September 29, 2007 3:38 PM

Liquidmicro said...

About ICE forcibly drugging people:

According to the soeoth med record, @ 20:50 hours, 7 Dec 2004, deportation was canceled due to lack of proper notification from ICE DRO. @18:00 hours that same day, pateint was given 4 mg. Cogentin and 5 mg. of Haldol due to his own words @ 09:15 7 Dec 2007 "he will kill himself if deported". Also @18:00 hours, he claimed "he was not ready to go".

Both drugs are for treating nervousness and anxiety.

patriot said...

Wow, a Canadian journalist defending a Canadian boy. Surprise, surprise. No more of a surprise than the many Hispanics like you who are bitching about the detention centers because many of them in it are Hispanics!

This story is 14 months old for God's sake. Is this the best you can do? From what I understand the detention centers needed some corrections and they were done. Yet you continue to bitch as if they have never changed from 14 months ago!

If you think you can beat me into submission to join your own racist point of view, you have a long wait. Till hell freezes over!

You are showing your old colors just like a little bird told me about long ago. Civility my a@@!

patriot said...

Thanks liquid for posting the chronology of events with the Canadian boy and the drug incident. Dee is pretty desperate dragging out old newstories from over a year ago that don't even prove her accusations about the condition of the detention centers TODAY. As far as both of those events go, everything that happened was explained and the actions taken were within the laws of this country.

How long before she brings up yet another story about Sheriff Joe out of desperation?

Dee said...

You are getting pretty desperate when you post your own comments from a previous post of mine about the heinous detention centers as some type of validation for your argument.

The reality is, several sources including Amnesty International have gone on record charging Hutto and other heinous crony owned private prisons for their deplorable treatment of those incarcerated.

patriot said...

"Immigraton Officials show changes at Hutto Detention Center"

patriot said...

There was nothing "heinous" going on in the first place. None of the "verbal" allegations were ever proven. The visable things were improved upon.

I wonder what those who keep whining about children being held in detention with their parents, if released where do they think they would go? They would be seperated from their parents. Is that a good thing? Afterall, we keep hearing about the seperation of families all the time these same whiners.

Dee said...

Pat, You are shameful!
The abuses by these heinous crony owned private family detention center-prisons has been well documented and even amnesty international has cited them for abuses!
Imagine your own family and children held in these centers for a civil violation.
BTW, even the detention centers do not call the prisoners by the term prisoners. They call them detainees because they have not even been charged for the civil violation when they are held!


patriot said...

dee, did you not read the link that I provided about the improvements that were made to Hutto? I saw nothing "heinous" in the first place. Heinous is way over the top to describe the detention centers. As far as your so-called documentations, they are just hearsay, and biased opinion. Are you refusing to answer my question of "would you rather these kids be removed from there and seperated from their parents? You are the shameful one for not having the decency and honesty to addresss the link I provided and not answering the seperation of famiies question that I asked.

neworleanslady61 said...

The people who are spouting off in this blog "Prove it, etc." are so caught up in the idea that this is America we don't do things that way attitude! I am sorry to inform you that yes it does happen in America. Do you think the guards in the jails are going to tell on themselves and each other? Being an undocumented Hispanic in jail in the United States right now is very dangerous. The inmates cannot report the abuse as it only causes more retaliation. Those of you with your head in the sand need to take a look around and see the real world without your rose colored glasses!

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