Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heinous Sheriff Arpaio In the News!

Three new updates on the happenings of Sheriff Arpaio:
1. Napolitano: New task force will focus on felony warrants (Real Criminals) vs Civil Violations:
Gov. Janet Napolitano said her decision to pull $1.2 million from a task force charged with enforcing the state's human smuggling laws was driven by a need to track down and arrest thousands of fugitive felony suspects. Napolitano signed an executive order a day earlier that effectively shut down a joint task force between the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Arpaio. "It's much better with a task force," Napolitano said. "And the overwhelming amount of these fugitive warrants are here in Maricopa County, something like two-thirds of them, well over 40,000. So, we're talking a big backlog and I'd like to get that backlog cleaned up." But the Democrat governor's actions have drawn criticism from many of the state's Republican leaders - and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in particular - who see it as political retaliation for Arpaio's aggressive approach to enforcing illegal immigration laws. (NOTE: The Governor said the task force targets Felonious Criminals vs Landscape workers whose papers have lapsed). Arpaio, for his part, called a press conference May 13 to lambast his most outspoken opponents - including the governor, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox (and Guadalupe Mayor Jimenez)- for what he characterized as conspiring against him. And he vowed to continue his efforts despite the financial setback. (REVENGE promised!)
2. Arpaio Racial Profiles the Guadalupe Mayor: (REVENGE delivered 1 day later!)
Two citations were issued to Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez late Tuesday night after a Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy pulled her over for what they said was a broken headlight. An MCSO official told ABC15 that Jimenez was unable to show proof of insurance and registration.Jimenez was not placed under arrest, because these are civil violations.She has been clashing with Sheriff Joe Arpaio over the recent crime sweeps in her town.In April, he gave the mayor a 180-day notice that he will pull deputies out of Guadalupe, leaving the town with no police force.The 180 days will be up in October.The notice came after Jimenez accused Arpaio of racially profiling during a two-day illegal immigration enforcement patrol in April, in which 120 people were cited.Jimenez said she has already met with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and plans to submit a formal request to the Phoenix Police Department, asking for its services.
3. Columbus D-Day: Activists crash Joe Arpaio fete at Italian Club ...Arpaio lost his "Fear & Intimidation Factor" this week. As part of a last-minute anti-Arpaio demonstration, hastily organized via the Internet, about 80 protesters from the Phoenix arts community and various immigrant rights organizations besieged the gates of the Arizona American Italian Club, where Nickel Bag Joe spoke Monday evening before an audience of nativists, bikers, and a vast, unwashed army of the dentally challenged.


Liquidmicro said...

"This was a law enforcement decision that was brought to me by the director of the Department of Public Safety who is a career highway safety member and was an elected sheriff himself," she said (Napolitano). "... We have these thousands and thousands unserved warrants. Many of them are for individuals who are "Illegal Immigrants" that we ought to move into a task-force situation and deploy those monies there. And through that mechanism, we'll get a better public-safety outcome in terms of the money that we're spending."

Fancy that, Napolitano admits that thousands and thousands of felony warrants are for "Illegal Immigrants"

Napolitano: New task force will focus on felony warrants

A recent crime-suppression operation in Guadalupe cost more than $18,000 for more than 80 sheriff's staff members to work. The high-profile crime sweep resulted in 47 arrests and cleared 18 warrants.
The most common, and an effective, way law enforcement catches people with outstanding warrants is through the everyday duties of the patrol officer. Valley police officers and deputies regularly run warrant checks on nearly everyone they come into contact with at a crime or accident scene.

Outside of that, however, agencies have few resources to tackle the task.

In Mesa, for instance, the two detectives responsible for felony warrants also have other responsibilities.

Detective Chris Arvayo, a Mesa police spokesman, says that to maximize the department's effectiveness, it concentrates on "the 10 percent of offenders who commit over half of the crime."

Targeting those individuals means the department gets to solve a case and clear an outstanding warrant from its logs, Arvayo said.

In Phoenix, which has the largest number of felony warrants in the county, police train their eyes first on fugitives involved in violent crimes, hitting some familiar areas around town, said department spokesman Sgt. Joel Tranter.

"In between looking for high-profile people that are fugitives, detectives on a regular basis go and visit hotels and motels in the Phoenix metro area," Tranter said. The limited staffing also means that law-enforcement agencies sometimes team up for special sweeps.

Last month, a task force sifted through 1,200 felony warrants and whittled it down to several hundred "worst of the worst" offenders.

It took more than 120 detectives from 22 Valley and federal agencies a full week to track and arrest 236 felony fugitives.

Arrest warrants piling up in Valley
Police agencies struggle to clear 41,000 felony cases

Me thinks Napolitano is soon to be removed from office come next election.

George said...

Dee. I was just going to email you about these events. It's no wonder that Napolitano is considered one of the top governors in the nation. I like her comment, "We ought to focus it on those we already know have broken the law and are dangerous to the community. And that is what this task force is designed to do." That makes so much more sense than enforcing windshield crack violations on brown-skinned people in a circus-like atmosphere targeting the 6 o'clock news.

Liquidmicro said...

Napolitano is complaining about the monies spent by Arpaio and his crime sweeps. Lets see $18,000.00 for 80 officers for 2 days arresting 47 and clearing 18 Felony Warrants vs. 120 Detectives from 22 agencies 7 days to clear 236 Felony Warrants at what cost? $100K? $200K?

I'm betting much greater than what Arpaio is spending and having the same if not better results.

Liquidmicro said...

Was Jimenez's headlight out? If so, then why does she not carry her registration and proof of insurance in her vehicle as required by State code? Is she vying for publicity, trying to prove something that isn't there, racial profiling? Maybe Mrs. Jimenez should be concerned with her code violations and correcting them before she opines in the future.

Liquidmicro said...

You post something from another blog? Nothing like your biasness.... It only shows the bloggers opinion, which to be truthful, matters not.

patriot said...

That is what I was wondering about, liquid. The Mayor of the city doesn't even carry proof of insurance and her registration in her car?

Liquid said...


Dee said...

George, I agree! The governor is right! This makes much more sense.

Dee said...

Arpaio promised revenge the night before. I think his goons butted her light and followed her.
Civil Violations ... sheeshh...No wonder the good governor has to step in!

Liquidmicro said...

Broken headlight is a vehicle safety issue, civil violation or not, it could cause an accident and hurt others. As Law enforcement is supposed to do, "Protect and Serve". They did their job. Her negligence is nothing more then a fix-it ticket, fix the light and bring your documentation to a local police office and have it signed off by an officer on duty. No costs other then the headlight replacement.

dianne said...

Regarding #2, in my county she would have gone to jail for no proof of insurance or registration. It happens every single day and I can prove it by the sheriff's report which is on line. Doesn't matter what race you are either.

Dee said...

Arpaio said the day before he was going to get revenge. Then the next day his goons put out her headlight! He is dubious!
No wonder the good Governor made the decision to stop Arpaio once and for all!!

dianne said...

Where is the reference that "his goons put out her headlight?"

Liquidmicro said...

Dee is making things up as she goes again. Jimenez admits to having a headlight out.

Guadalupe mayor accuses Arpaio of retaliation

In the memo, Deputy John Brown wrote he spotted a vehicle a little after 9 p.m. driving down the town’s main street, Avenida del Yaqui, with a broken headlight.

When he stopped the car, Jimenez got out and walked up to Brown, asking, “Why did you pull me over?”

After a short conversation, she told him she didn’t have proof of insurance or registration and asked whether she was getting a ticket, according to the report. Brown told her yes.

That’s when she said she believed it was retaliation for her criticism of the sheriff, according to both the report and Jimenez.

“Would I have been given a warning if I had not been the mayor?” Jimenez said Wednesday. “That’s what you have to decide.”

Jimenez said she intends to pay the ticket and probably won’t fight it.

“Whatever the fee is, and I’m hoping it’s not a big one, I’ll have to pay it,” Jimenez said.

Liquidmicro said...

It seems Mrs. Jimenez was very combative towards the officer.


As soon as the vehicle (AZ AAD 4881) came to a complete stop, the driver immediately exited the vehicle and
proceeded to walk towards my patrol car which prompted me to immediately exit my vehicle. The driver of the
above mentioned vehicle vehicle asked, "What did you pull me over for?". I responded, "I pulled you over
because you only have one operating head light, the other head light is inoperable".
The driver of the vehicle, later identified as Rebecca Marie Jimenez (DOB 12/31/1971) asked, "Is there a town
code or something that allows you to pull me over for only having one working headlight?". I replied, "Yes ma'am,
there is actually an Arizona statute that allows me to conduct a traffic stop on vehicle's with only one operating

Now, any knowledgeable person knows that a headlight being out is a State safety issue. Mrs. Jimenez seems to be very ignorant of what the Vehicle Codes are for her State, I question her for being fit to be in an elected office of the Government of the State of AZ.

"Jimenez stated, "You seem like a nice guy, you should go work for the Phoenix police department". As I began to
explain the citation that I was about to give Jimenez, she stopped me and stated, "You already told me that you
pulled me over for my headlight, I'll just have to go to Judge Melton and take care of it, I don' t need you to explain
it". Jimenez also asked, "What is your name?", as she read my name tag which was situated on my uniform shirt
pocket. I explained that my name is Deputy Brown, badge number S1643 and that my information will also be on
the citation.
Jimenez stated, "Well, your name will probably be in the NewTimes and on the News." As I gave Jimenez the
citation, attempting to explain the infractions and court date and time, Jimenez stopped me again and stated, "I'm
not going to sign the citation, it is my right, I don't have to sign it". I acknowledged that she was correct and wrote
"refused to sign" on the citation.
As I was completing the citation, Jimenez stated, "Can you please hurry up? My daughter has to pee and she is
only six!" I replied, "Yes ma'am" and gave Jimenez her copy of the citation."

This Jimenez is one ignorant BI@TCH!! Her ignorance only justifies what Law Enforcement stands for. The officer was very courteous while she shows her true colors. What a woman. Pathetic excuse for a Mayor!!

And you condone her actions, Dee??!!! Truly amazing.

Dee said...

When is something too much of a coincidence? When you say you are going to take revenge one day and take it the next!

How easy is it to butt out a light?

Dee said...

I see nothing wrong with the Honorable Mayor asking questions. Every citizen has a right to ask questions. Also Liquid, no need to call her honor the B word.

Obviously this deputy works for the Sheriff.

If I were the mayor I would have someone check the headlight to see if it was purposely butted out. I would bet a good investigator would find the imprint of a police stick.

Now I think the local newspapers should investigate this aggressive deputy. He seems a bit overzealous.

Liquidmicro said...

Surely you jest. She admits her headlight was out. She admits to not having the correct vehicle required operating informational paperwork with her. This officer did his job. She is purely pathetic.

Please show where Arpaio threatened revenge on her, as I have not read it any where other than from Jimenez's assumptions and yours.

Truly pathetic on your behalf.

Liquidmicro said...

If I were the Officer, I would have impounded the vehicle for being unsafe.

This "mayor" needs to have her head checked. She needs to be a little more respectful of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS.

dianne said...

Here's aggressive for you. She immediately got out of the car and came towards HIM. She's lucky he didn't pull a gun on her. Everybody knows that's very aggressive action with a cop.

Dee said...


It was in the post, part 1.

"Arpaio, for his part, called a press conference May 13 to LAMBAST his most outspoken opponents - including the governor, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox (and Guadalupe Mayor Jimenez)- for what HE characterized as conspiring against him. And he VOWED to continue his efforts despite the financial setback." (REVENGE PROMISED!)

Dee said...

I have seen many people get out of a car when they are stopped. Saying this is aggressive is a huge stretch.

The FACTS are Arpaio said he was going to get REVENGE and the overzealous deputy of his got it for him the next day.

Then the heinous Arpaio is OUTRAGEOUS in putting the Deputys very opinionated report in EVERY NEWSPAPER and MEDIA OUTLET in the World! OUTRAGEOUS! This report contains personal information! Shame on Arpaio!

Dee said...

I think he is racial profiling her as he is pursuing his revenge!

Very private information including her birthday, license number, all easily attainable by every ANTI in the world! Horrible!!

The Sheriff should be SUED!!
I hope she pursues this!!

Liquidmicro said...

"Vowed to continue his efforts" is to continue to arrest and apprehend "Illegal Immigrants" even though all the hoopla against him from these few people. This is by no means (REVENGE PROMISED). You are taking something way out of context that has nothing to do with what you are implying.

When pulled over, do you get out of your vehicle immediately and approach the officer before he gets out of his squad car? I bet if you do, he gets out and pulls a gun on you, tells you to get on the ground, and then continues to place you in hand cuffs.

You better do more research, your assumptions are beginning to smell funny.

Liquidmicro said...

Actually go to the Texas DOT web site, I can get all your info, i.e. Drivers License #, Vehicle Registrations, Vehicle License #'s, address, etc., just by knowing your name. It's all public information.

Liquidmicro said...

All of Jimineze's arguments are saying she believes it is retaliation for the April sweeps and her bad mouthing him. She is not stating what you are saying it is about. So I think you have it wrong as usual.

Dee said...

Liquid, Revenge is revenge and the Honorable Mayor is the target.

I admire her for standing up to the big bully!

Liquidmicro said...

There is no REVENGE in what happened to Jimenez. The officer had NO IDEA who she was until she gave him her Drivers License.

The retaliation is accusations from her and you, neither of you have any proof to back up said accusations.

Dee said...

When the proof arrives, I will wait for my apology from you and she from him! We wont hold our breaths.

Liquidmicro said...

Please, Hold Your Breath!! Both of you!!

Now, you know she has crossed the line in her accusations and that you have as well. You want civil discourse and debate, yet you continuously use "trigger words" and fallacies that are assumed.

Dee said...

I find it incredible you can continue to defend Arpaio, especially when he goes around advertising his invent for Revenge! Then, beyond the ticket incident, he goes to every media site and publishes the opinionated Police Report with her birthday, license plate info. He might as well give the ANTI goons her home address!

Dee said...

Listen to Arpaio´s latest rants! He is now being measured for his white jacket:

"Earlier this week, Arpaio's office was cut off from state funds to help pay for some of those illegal immigration operations, but Arpaio vowed Thursday to continue the sweeps, despite the proposed reduction in county money.

"If I don't get it back, we're still going to do what we're doing," Arpaio said. "I've got news for them: I'm going to double the arrests. They can put that in their PIPE AND SMOKE IT."


Dee said...

His tent city cot prison is already roach and vermin infested. He has paid millions in wrongful death lawsuits, and yet Arpaio says,

"We're going to be more streamlined, but we will continue our policies on illegal immigration," Arpaio said. "Nothing else is going to change."

The cuts won't impact Arpaio's plans to add an additional 500 beds to tent city, bringing the jail's potential population to 2,500, but the sheriff said he could reduce food prices for inmates even further."

dianne said...

I don't know or care about Sheriff Joe. I don't know or care about the Mayor. What I care about is in my own backyard and I see illegal immigrants and their EMPLOYERS getting away with crimes which end up costing me money. So, I will vote. So, I will send plenty of e-mails to my elected officials. I don't belong to any organization except an on-line registration with Grassfire, so I'm just going to do what I keep doing. Making a few small waves and hoping they combined with others turn into a tsunami. And, blowing off steam on this blog.

Dee said...

You are doing the right thing. Keeping aware and trying to stop what bothers you most.

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