Monday, May 26, 2008

Who Cares About a Recession or High Gas Prices! It´s All Daddy´s Money Anyway!

I went to the casino yesterday. I was sitting at a slot machine. The chair next to me became open. A flamboyant, bejeweled, middle aged woman walked by, saw the gentleman next to me winning and took the chair next to me. She loudly talked to him and to all of us in our row. She was excited and wanted to win, like my neighbor.
Two young people in their early twenties stopped by, intermittently, to talk to her. She started winning and she started cheering for herself. Soon, the two young people sat on her right as machines became open. They all were putting lots of money into the slots. As they continued, it became obvious these two were her step children. The flamboyant woman left to cash in her winnings as her step daughter took over her machine. The two young people, side by side, were both losing. The boy said to the girl, “Who cares. It´s all Daddy´s money anyway.” They laughed to themselves.
Their comment struck me. As I looked around the casino, this huge casino, I saw it was packed with people, American Citizens. They were young, old, mostly Anglo but many ethnicities. There were close to three thousand people here. The casino´s parking lot was filled to capacity. This casino is one hour north of Dallas, on the Oklahoma border, out here in the middle of nowhere. Most of the license plates were from Texas. That meant not one of these people were worried about the $4 per gallon gas it took to drive here or the amount of Daddy´s money they were losing.
Today, I looked up the number of casinos in the U.S. The number was 1507. If all of the casinos averaged just 1000 people and if each of the people averaged just $100 loss, then that tells me, that just yesterday, Americans lost $150M in casinos. Additionally, I checked the revenues for the six Cherokee Casinos in Oklahoma. For 2008, their total revenues = $418.6M. This report details how the profits support Native American jobs, casino operating expenses, Native American community services, and Profit.

You ask, "Why is she telling us all this?"
I am writing this because it suddenly struck me.
The media is telling all of us to be worried about the Recession and high Gas Prices. We are supposed to be worried about jobs. We are supposed to be worried about terrorists. So many people are worried that Latinos are taking over this country. We keep having these workplace sweeps. So many people say we don´t have labor shortages and our young people are going to do the jobs the 12M are doing.
Yet. I sat in the casino and no one was worried about anything. No one worried about the recession. No one worried about Gas Prices. No one was worried about jobs. No one was worried about terrorists. No one was worried about Latinos and Brown people, especially since all the workers in the casino were brown. I knew those young people sure were not worried about jobs and or money. And they certainly would NOT do any jobs migrants are doing, certainly NOT in the fields, and probably not even the Casino jobs.
As I said, their words struck me! "Who Cares! It´s All Daddy´s Money Anyway!"
PS: And according to the Cherokee Casino report, their massive profits are all going to Native Americans.


patriot said...

Just because Americans are still going to the casinos doesn't mean that they aren't worried about every single one of the things that you mentioned, dee. Americans work hard but we still try to have some fun. They will just cut corners to be able to do so. We have several Indian casinos out where I live and they tell me that business is down overall. Of course on a holiday weekend you wouldn't notice it.

The casinos I go to have a mix of ethnicities working there including Whites so I don't know where you get that the employees are all "brown". You exaggerate and I don't know what point you are trying to make with that. Probably just another put down of yours implying that Whites are lazy and don't want to work.

Pointing out the lackadaisial remarks of some young spoiled youth who probably have well off parents means nothing either. They don't represent middle class hard working Americans who are still concerned about their jobs, the gas prices, illegal immigration and terroism. Sometimes a little diversion like going to a casino now and then helps relieve stress just as long as you don't turn it into a gambling problem.

Dee said...

Gosh Pat,
Sounds like you like the Casino. I do too. The point is, no one was worried about the economy or gas prices. Every day, when I watch the news reports, they say we should be worried, yet no one was.

I´ve been out to Casinos in your area. My sister lives in your state. In fact, she works at one, part time.

patriot said...

You are out of your mind dee if you don't think that Americans are concerned about the economy, gas prices, etc. just because "some" of them visit a casino from time to time. As for myself, I only go occasionally. Probably less than you do!

I was told by someone who works at a local one (she is White, by the way) that business is down at the casino because of the economy so right there is proof that Americans are concerned about the economy and spending less on frivilous things.

ultima said...

What me worry? This too will end!

In the last 20 years, China has moved 250 million people from the farms and villages into the cities. Their plan is to move another 300 million in the next 20 years. When you put that many people into the cities, you have to find work for them. That’s why China is addicted to manufacturing; they have to put all the relocated people to work. When we decide to
manufacture something in the U.S.; it’s based on market needs and the opportunity to make a profit. In China, they make the decision because they want the jobs, which is a very different calculation.
While China is addicted to manufacturing, Americans are addicted to low prices. As a result, a unique kind of economic codependency has developed between the two countries. If we ever stop buying from China, they will explode politically. If China stops selling to us, our economy will take a huge hit because prices will jump. We are subsidizing their economic development; they are subsidizing our economic growth.
Because of their huge growth in manufacturing, China is hungry for raw materials, which drives prices up worldwide. China is also thirsty for oil, which is one reason oil is now over $100 a barrel. By 2020, China will produce more cars than the U.S. China is also buying its way into the oil infrastructure around the world. They are doing it in the open market and paying fair market prices, but millions of barrels of oil that would have gone to the U.S. are now going to China. China’s quest to assure it has the oil it needs to fuel its economy is a major factor in world politics and economics.

Liquidmicro said...

Whats the percentage of the population that is in the casino at the time? I'm betting close to maybe 1% or less, which doesn't account for any where near what the economy is doing.

Dee said...

As with "no jail time for the employers", I see the free-wheeling, What Me Worry attitude of the American public regarding the economy doesnt bother your side either. (with the exception of Ulty).


"For 2008, their total revenues = $418.6M."

anon 1 said...

Did you win at the casino or you were a SAL(S*ckA$$ loser)?

Dee said...

Anon 1, The reality is, no one ever consistently wins at the casinos. They are fun, but, when you think about it, they hurt the American Public, especially senior citizens and those who can least afford it. Of course I saw a number of well heeled, bejeweled SALs there too. When I lived in KC, I used to go once a week. Here in Dallas, thank heavens they are so far away so I only go once a month or every other month. I feel sorry for those addicted. But even those addicted didnt seem to care.

anon 1 said...

exactly, thats why I hate going, I'll go 4 times out of the year with a set amount to spend and walk away satisfied if I win or lose cuz I feel at least I got my money's worth, but your right Dee, the slots are only good for playing on ppl's addictions, poker or other games, usually when it involves competition, It's alot more fair and alot more fun

dianne said...

This from a recent NY Times article:

"As the forces of economic downturn ripple widely across the United States, the job market of 2008 is shaping up as the weakest in more than half a century for teenagers looking for summer work, according to labor economists, government data and companies that hire young people."

Lots of reasons and varies by region, but bottom line is economy...high gas prices, people cutting down on eating at restaurants, etc. and they also mentioned illegal immigrants working those types of jobs. There are also teens who are going to school in the summer rather than work..more affluent types. Minority students (blacks AND latinos particularly hard hit).

Where I live the economy is still in fairly good shape except for construction, which is suffering. But, nearly every middle class person you talk to is really scaling back on things that aren't necessities becasue gas and food prices have skyrocketed. I haven't been to the casino since January and then it was in Illinois but my sis said revenues are way down at the casinos there. I also read LasVegas is hurting.

Bottom line is we're not in good times at all and I'm fearing it's going to get much worse. And as far as those having fun with daddy's money, well, I know they're out there, but they don't live in my neighborhood.

Dee said...

Dianne, I agree with what you are saying. Maybe people just havent felt the impact here yet.
What was curious is, CNN just reported Gas prices kept people home this holiday weekend. Maybe they are sticking close to home and going to local casinos. Ours were packed!

patriot said...

Casinos are always packed on holiday weekends no matter what. Even welfare recipiants go to casinos whether the economy is good or bad. It is just a fact of life. It is a human diversion from the stress in their lives including the economy. Some people think they will win money to help compensate for the bad economy and how it is affecting them. Ridiculous as it is. It is just human nature. There is no hidden meaning in it.

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