Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It is time for America to Unite and STOP the petty bickering between the Left and Far Right Extremists! WE NEED TO START PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT'S HAPPENING IN SYRIA AND THE POTENTIAL OF WORLD WAR 3!!

It is time for America to Unite and STOP the petty bickering between the Left and the Far Right Extremists!

The Middle East is erupting and WE THE PEOPLE need to start Paying Attention to What is Going On! (READ THIS ARTICLE!) If this thing explodes, we need to understand how this will effect America! While the Left is reluctant about entering into a World War, they will support it if these continued terrorist actions (Chemical Weapon Killings) continue to occur. Republicans, of course, will be pro-active in supporting a war. However, if a World War ERUPTS, it will involve not only the Pro-War supporters, it will also involve ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. This will effect our own Families -- my sons -- my grandsons -- your own children!


While this "Middle East War" has been erupting for the last 4,000 years and there has always been some conflict in the Middle East, this time, it's different. The world powers are different. This time the world powers are taking sides, just like before previous World Wars. It's the U.S. and their Allies VS the Middle East extremists and their allies in Russia, China, Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

We as a Nation, for the most part, have tried to stay out of the Middle East in-fighting. Now, however, situations are likened to those prior to previous World Wars. There is actual PROOF that the Syrian government has carried out a large-scale chemical weapons attack against their own civilian people last week. (Much like in WW2 Germany).

The U.N. and America have advised the Syrian Government that they will not abide with the use of these Chemical Weapons on PEOPLE. Syria was warned months ago, yet they murdered even more innocent people last week, with the continued use of these chemical weapons.

Yesterday, our President responded. He advised Syria that the U.S. and our Allies (UN & Europe) WILL RESPOND.

As we are about to indicate how WE as a Nation and Our Allies will respond, Russia and China have already stated they will respond to our Response.

While WE AS A NATION Pray For Peace -- WE AS A NATION & Our Allies will NOT Tolerate the use and abuse of Weapons of Mass Destruction against Innocent People.

Given this potential preamble to WW3, here is my prediction as to what COULD Happen Next:

1. The U.S. & their Allies, will respond. We will either disperse Drones or a trained Elite Task Force to "take out" the person most responsible for approving the use of Chemical Weapons that Killed Innocent Victims. (Read this to be "Kill Syrian President Assad")
2. If/When  this happens, the Syrian Military will react and declare some type of response to the U.S. and their Allies -- Israel is closest.
3. Russia and China will somehow become engaged. Next North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.
4. The Possibilities: IF Russia and China become Engaged, will this mean World War 3.

If my predictions happen, and we begin the first stages of WW3, then the next steps include the re-instatement of The Draft in the U.S. Look around you. Think of your children and grandchildren -- anyone between the ages of 17 and 27. Will they be drafted into the next World War?

If a WW3 occurs, this will mean a drastic change for ALL of our Futures.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Far Right Wing Using Pointless Murders to Attack ALL Blacks and ALL Minorities!!

The right wing websites and some of my Bad Anons are going crazy over two recent crimes on White Males. My Bad Anons are clamoring for me to write about these cases and "give it the same coverage you gave the Trayvon Martin case."

The crimes were atrocious. The victims innocent. However the crimes were different.

Unlike the Trayvon Martin case, with both killings, the killers were arrested within days of the crime. There is plenty of coverage in the news about these crimes. Both right wing and left are covering them. George Zimmerman, Trayvon's Killer, was NOT charged for Trayon's death for many months and there was no media coverage for the case for months.

The first crime:
Last Friday, Christopher Lane, 22, a white, Australian baseball athlete, was shot and killed as he was jogging down a quiet street in the rural town of Duncan, Oklahoma. The shooter was a half black, half white 16 year old and has been charged with 1st degree murder. A second teen, a 15 year black teenager, was also charged with 1st degree murder even though he was not the shooter. I find this a bit odd, but given the media attention to some months old "facebook gun selfies", it's not surprising he was charged with 1st degree murder just due to the negative media coverage.
Both were charged as adults. The 17 year old white driver was charged as an accessory, but charged as a juvenile, probably because he confessed that the other two were the perps. All three are in jail and will stay in jail until the trial.

The 2nd Crime:
Last Thursday at 2:00am in Spokane, Washington, Delbert Belton, 88, a World War II veteran was brutally murdered in the parking lot of an American Legion hall. The killers were two 16 year olds. They were black. They were looking to rob him and they beat him over the head with a flashlight. The killers have been arrested and are charged with 1st degree murder and 1st degree robbery.  Both are jailed and will stay in jail until the trial.

Zimmerman's Brother:
This weekend, Robert Zimmerman, the brother of the set free killer of Trayvon Martin, attacked our President, charging that his spokesperson should have known about the Christopher Lane killing, saying our President has a hatred for White People.
My View:
I feel sadness for the Victims and their Families. I feel sorrow for the deaths of Christopher Lane, Delbert Belton and for Trayvon Martin. All three of them were needlessly killed. Their Killers should have been:
. Immediately Arrested
. Charged to the Fullest Degree of the Law
This WAS the case for Victims Lane and Belton. NOT the case for Trayvon Martin.

AND our courts should NEVER:
. Put the Victim on Trial
. Never go back into their phone records & accuse them of being responsible for their own deaths.

THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE for Victims Lane and Belton. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Trayvon Martin.

The good news:
1. the killers of Lane and Belton were immediately arrested and charged for their crimes; no bail and will be in jail until their trials.
2. the victims are being treated as victims. They will not be put on trial.
3. The police will NOT:
a. check into their cell phone records for the last 2 years to see if they took pictures of themselves with guns.
b. they will not search their facebook posts to see if there are any comments that could allude to any "partying" behavior.
c. even though one victim was coming out of a bar at 2:00am, their drinking history will NOT be put on trial.

THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. The police and the courts will treat Victims Lane and Belton as VICTIMS and NOT put them on Trial. Unfortunately this was NOT the case for Trayvon Martin.

Additionally, and I find this the most atrocious.
READ THE COMMENTS on the articles about Victims Lane and Belton. The far right wing commenters not only chastise the perpetrators, they blast ALL Blacks and Minorities. They call them Animals. They shout out "they don't belong in our country."
They blame our President, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton for these crimes.

Here are some comments from the Daily Caller:
1. White deaths do not appear on community organizer radar. (Blaming President)
2. Wonder how Rev. Al will cover it ?... or... NOT cover it !
3. Yep, a crack smoking homosexual that has a penchant for bath houses. (BlamingPresident)
4. It is way too late. It is so over. The complexion of our country is nothing like it was even 20 years ago. The liberals have flooded our population with muslims, African Africans and Mexicans just to jerrymander with the vote. They are some sick puppies.
5. More like Meximerica.
6. How about Mexmusmerica?
7. That's right, America is going to be become a Sharia country because of Obama.

All in all, one of my biggest peeves is, the Far Right Wing's methodology in attacking and blaming ALL MINORITIES when a crime involving a minority perpetrator occurs -- or blaming the Victim if the Victim is a Minority, AND at the same time, IF a there is a crime committed by a White Perpetrator, then it is AN ISOLATED Incident committed by a Crazed Gunman.

Examples 1:
Right Wingers View Crimes by Whites = Isolated Incident by Crazed Gunman:
1. Columbine School Shootings (Any School Shootings)
2. Aurora Movie Shootings
3. Gabby Giffords Shootings
4. Serial Killers: BTK, Bundy, Gacy, etc. etc. etc.

Example 2:
Right Wingers View Crimes by Minorities = All Minorities should Leave the USA; they're ALL Animals
1. Any drunk driving charge by minority/illeegal
2. Any killing near border where an unknown minority/illeegal MIGHT have done the killing
3. Any killing by a minority or 1 person in the group was a minority

The proof is in the Comments of any newspaper following these articles.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Movie Review: "The World's End" -- Thumbs Down

Movie Review: "The World's End"  -- Thumbs Down
My husband and I go to the movies every weekend and we love going to the movies together. Either he picks or I pick. This week, I picked "The World's End." I picked the movie based on the rave reviews critics gave this movie. My husband will tell me he likes a movie or hates a movie. This week, he hated the movie I selected. I have mixed views about the movie. The critics – especially the elite critics on both coasts -- are raving about this movie. My husband and I always rate each other’s pick. After the movie, I wasn’t looking forward to his rating.
The movie: “The World’s End.”
It stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I loved their movie “Paul.” I read the reviews for “The World’s End” and based upon the reviews, I thought this movie would be similar – Extra-Terrestrial, Funny, Endearing, Good Moral. This movie was all of the above.  However, there was a big difference. “Paul” was about a couple of Brits vacationing in America who happen upon an extra-terrestrial. “The World’s End” was different. This time the movie was based in England. The humor, especially the first hour, was strictly stiff upper lip, British.  I suppose this plays well for the New York urban crowd, but for regular Americans, the British have an entirely different, non-American point of view.
I was never a big fan of British movies. Actually, my husband fell asleep about 15 minutes into the movie. He thought it was so very boring. I had to agree.

So for the first hour, the movie plods along, British humor, stiff upper lip, pub crawl. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Then, about an hour in, the film, we get our Socks Knocked Off!!
When the film gets its kick-start, they go into a different ozone layer. It goes over the top! Bizarre! Almost Crazy. Insane. You are knocked off of your seats. Maybe not in a good way. I certainly did not feel comfortable with the transition, nor settle down to any happy ending through to the end. The movie just made me feel manipulated, jacked around, laughing, angry, happy for the hero.
For those who haven’t seen the movie, please stop reading.
The movie was about a young man who was the teenage leader of his crowd. He was at the top of his heap. King of his pack.  His pack attempted to complete “The World’s End Tour (drinking tour)” but failed. After they failed, he lost his dreams, lost everything, became an alcoholic, tried to commit suicide and nearly succeeded. At 40, he escaped from his mental institution and attempted to relive his dream, finding his old “pack” in their current, middle-aged doldrums and convincing them to complete the tour.

That’s the starting point of The World’s End. His meeting up with his childhood friends and attempting to complete the 12 bar drinking tour that they failed as teenagers. As he attempts to relive his lost childhood, he and his friends find that his old hometown was overtaken by extra-terrestrials. Ultimately he redeems himself by defeating them and starting a new pack of friends. Then the ET’s destroy the world as we know it. Somehow our world is NOT defeated. The strong survive and rebuild from their grassroots. (Sort of like the future world of Terminator.)
“The World’s End” is a redeeming and intelligent story, but this redemption and intelligence was NOT enough to save the movie nor save it from a failure at the box office, regardless how much the Elite Critics praise the movie.

I don’t believe American audiences will like this movie. It’s too slow. It’s too focused on British Rural, Middle-Aged Culture. I've seen comments about Simon Pegg being the revitalization of Monty Python. But what volumes of young persons today will relate to Monty Python?
All I can say is, my husband fell asleep twice in the first hour. During the first hour, it bored me too. Plus, after the movie did its dynamic turn to extra-terrestrial and good moral ending, for some reason, it didn’t touch my heart. It should have touched my heart (as “Paul” did).

My husband gave this movie a Resounding THUMBS DOWN and added, “What the Hell did We Just See!! From now on, I pick!” I have to mention that most people in our audience were agreeing with my husband.

I chose the movie wanting a WIN and based on reviews and the fact I loved the movie “Paul.” I like Simon Pegg and his partner Nick Frost. I should have WON today. I lost. I ultimately have to agree with my husband.
Like it or not, Hollywood needs to focus on people like my husband and people like me. We love movies. We go every weekend. We want to see a movie we can relate to.  If a movie is attempting to relate to an audience, you cannot focus on a “Stiff Upper Lip” mentality for American audiences.

I think most people want to see a good story they can relate to. We don’t want to be bored by stories pushing a specific culture that is NON familiar to American audiences. We don’t want a story or moral pushed upon us. I got the story. I understand the redeeming values. I wanted this story to work. I picked it. In the end, I lost. He gave it a thumbs down. It is very clear to me that this movie failed.
I believe American audiences will agree with me.

Post note: I understand and "Get" that the elitist reviewers will attempt to demonize American audiences for "being stupid" and not understanding what this movie was attempting to accomplish. I disagree. The media and critics LOVE the British and fawn all over anything they publish or any movie they release. American audiences are NOT stupid. We want to relate to what we know. NOT to what the elitists or British audiences want us to relate to.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"The Butler" Demonstrates the Progress We've Made with Civil Rights and the Distance We Have to Go!

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen the movie yet and are planning to go this week, you may want to wait to read this review until after you've seen it.

The movie "The Butler" is based on a True Story. The story begins when Cecil Gaines is about 10 years old. His family worked on a cotton farm. His parents and his siblings were hard at work, picking cotton. His father showed Cecil how to pick the crop. During this instruction, the cruel landowner grabbed Cecil's mother and took her off to a shanty on the side of the cotton field. Cecil starts to protest, but his father hushes him saying he cannot say anything to "The Man." All the farmworkers hear his mother's screams and Cecil asked, "Daddy...aren't you going to do anything?" His father slowly shook his head and looked down. When the landowner came out of the shed pulling up his pants, Cecil looked to his Dad. As the landowner walked by, Cecil's Dad stood up and glared at the landowner. The landowner glared back, took out his gun and shot his Dad square in the forehead. He fell over, dead. Cecil and the farmworkers were shocked, mouths open, in fear. The landowner's mother ran outside when she heard the noise. She too stood in shock, then she glared at her son as he brushed past her and went inside the house. She turned to the farmworkers and ordered them to bury Cecil's dad. She then turned to Cecil, grabbing him around his shoulders and said, "Come inside boy. We're going to make you a "House Niggah."

Cecil, in shock, follows her into the house and begins his training. The elder House Worker trains him how to "Serve the Man." He must have two faces: one for "The Man" and one for his own people. Cecil learns how to cater to the Master's every whim and never look him in the eye. "The room should feel empty when you're in it."

So begins The Butler's life of Service to "The Man." Cecil grew to a young man (now played by Forest Whitaker) and moved to the city where he found a job in a bakery. Here he learned more lessons, more bowing, scraping and serving. Then he moved to Washington DC and worked in a large, majestic Hotel that catered to those who worked in Government. He did his job well and was spotted by someone who worked for the White House who recommended Cecil for a job as a Server in the White House. Cecil adapts well and makes friends with many of his fellow servers.

Before he left the hotel, he met and married Gloria (Oprah Winfrey). She had been a maid at the hotel. Where Cecil is quiet, demure and soft-spoken, Gloria is loud, boisterous, allowing herself to "hang out" all over the place with her wild hair, clothes and eyes. Cecil was always working which left plenty of time for Gloria to throw house parties and even have time for a quick affair with her neighbor's husband.

They raised two sons. They were good young men. The younger son, Charlie, was an obedient son who tried to please his parents, loved his brother and eventually joined the military and was killed in Vietnam. The older son, Louis, loved his parents but was closer to his mother. He finished high school and went to college. There he participated in the Civil Rights Movement, joining Dr. King in peaceful protests, from lunch counters to Freedom Riders. Cecil was disappointed in him, that he was not adapting and conforming to the current society's norm.

Perhaps the most important scene in the movie was when the older son, Louis, came home to dinner, bringing along a young woman from college who was a fellow protester. They came dressed in Berets and Afros. Cecil was dressed in a conservative sweater and Gloria in a dress. Gloria talked glowingly about Sidney Poitier in "In the Heat of the Night." Louis said, "Sidney Poitier is the White Man's fantasy of what the White Man wants us to be." Cecil said, "What are you talking about? He's breaking down barriers for all of us." Louis responds, "He's teaching us how to be White. Sidney Poitier ain't nothing but a rich Uncle Tom." Cecil, now angry, says, "Get the Hell outta my house." Chaos erupts. Cecil tries to shove his son away from the table while Gloria attempts to calm everyone down. Then Louis shouts, "I'm sorry, Mr. Butler, I didn't mean to make fun of your hero." To which Gloria abruptly slaps her son. "That Butler brought us to where we are today." Louis, shocked, leaves the house with his friend.

Throughout the movie we see several historic moments that occurred throughout various Presidencies, from Eisenhower to Kennedy to LBJ to Nixon to Ford, Jimmy Carter, Reagan and finally to Obama.

We also see several historic moments regarding Racism in America, the Civil Rights Movement - including the assassination of Martin Luther King and the murder of Emmett Till.

The essence of the film was the conflict between Father and Son.
The Father, Cecil, after seeing so much cruelty and racism as a child, accepted the fact he was a Black Man living in a White Man's world and modified his behavior to cater and serve "The Man." Cecil felt it was his duty to teach this to his son. He believed that the son was causing more trouble for himself and his family by refusing to accept his beliefs and protesting. He believed his son was a radical.

The son, Louis, believed that All Men are created equal and in order to make change happen, he must participate in the Civil Rights movement and peacefully protest, regardless the consequences. Though he wanted a better relationship with his Dad, Louis felt it was his duty not to conform as his father had and continue to participate in the movement.

Towards the end of the film, Cecil looked back on his life. He worked hard and did his best to raise a good family. Cecil was recognized for his Service to The Man, but was never truly accepted as an equal.

It wasn't until Barack Obama was elected that Cecil looked back at pictures of his son's participation in the Civil Rights movement -- his being jailed, being beaten, the pain he had to endure, his resilience to continue the fight -- and he realized that his son was a hero.

The last scene of the picture shows Cecil visiting Louis, now a Professor teaching young students about equality. Cecil, at last, reconciled with his son.
I had mixed feelings about the movie. The acting was excellent. Forest Whitaker was so understated and believable. Oprah was good too, showing raw emotion and exposing her vulnerabilities. David Oyelowo -- who played Louis, reminded me of the awakenings we all felt in the 60s and 70s. Television allowed us all to see the truth. Minorities, especially Blacks, were treated as 2nd class citizens. In a country where our founding fathers vowed ALL PEOPLE were created equal, Television allowed us to see the truth. Racism was rampant. One hundred years after the Civil War, minorities were treated disparately and non equally.

My mixed feelings came from seeing the raw depth of racism in action. Seeing the hate filled glares, the beatings, the murders and the police brutality was heart wrenching.

In the sixties, the vast majority of Americans accepted this unequal treatment of people. Even the minorities themselves accepted this treatment and conformed their own behavior to it.

It took a lifetime for Cecil to realize the truth. It wasn't until the last years of his life that he realized his son Louis was right. Since Cecil was a child, he expected the abuse and conditioned his own behavior to accept it. It was difficult for him to understand that the abuse was wrong and by his own behaviors, he was condoning the abuse and allowing it to continue. He couldn't understand why his son was unwilling to continue to cycle.

Cecil finally realized it was necessary for the facts to be televised. It was necessary to protest. It was necessary to be willing to be jailed and worse -- in order for the needed changes to occur.

So the reason that the Sidney Poitier "Slap" is the most important scene in the film is because it was at that moment, that very moment, that anyone watching and truly understanding what was occurring in the film understood that Louis was right. What Sidney Poitier was doing in "In the Heat of the Night" was exactly what Cecil was attempting to teach Louis -- How to Act White in order to be acceptable to "The Man." 

In today's experience, this is called "Assimilation." Tom Tancredo and Steve King claim assimilation means all minority groups must conform to the White Northern European standards established in America.

It is obvious our country has come a long way since the sixties.
But it is just as obvious that we still have a long way to go.

It is critically important that we continue to use all methods of communication (TV, Internet, Movies) and speak the truth when injustice occurs.
Afterall, our great country was founded on the fact that ALL PEOPLE are Created Equal.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tea Party Rodeo Clowns' Last Stand! Koch Brothers, Glenn Beck and Others Display Level of Racism

I am convinced that the Republican Far Right Wing, Tea Party base is comprised of those that have hidden their racism from the public and from themselves. They are former KKK Members, White Nationalists, Hate Groups like John Tanton's F.A.I.R., NumbersUSA, Alipac, (etc), Segregationists, Xenophobes, Misogynists and Gay Bashers. Let's give this group a Name. Let's call them the Rodeo Clowns.

These Rodeo Clowns have very vocal, far right extremist supporters. Their lead supporter is Glenn Beck. I don't believe Glenn Beck has their core hate. Beck is an opportunist. He is the true Side Show Barker, pulling in these Rodeo Clown Crowds. Raising all the ticket prices to reap all of the rewards for himself.

These Rodeo Clowns do NOT comprise the ENTIRE Republican Base. However, these Rodeo Clowns  are the Loudest and the Most Vocal of the Tea Party members and are attempting to DOMINATE and Push Forward their views. Why? Because they believe they are supporting the "Last Stand of the White Man."

From their View: Minorities are NOT Equal. Minorities are Responsible for ALL Crimes. That's why Racial Profiling is OK. That's why they support "Stop and Frisk." They don't care that even though it has been proven by statistics -- 9 out 10 minorities have done nothing wrong and are released during these Stop and Frisks, pundits like the very racist Pat Buchanan say Stop and Frisk is OK because "You Go Where the Ducks Are."

To these racists, Minorities include: Anyone NOT White -- all Blacks, Hispanics, Gays. They also say Women must be kept in their place. They can work, but can't have a voice. If they get pregnant, or are raped, it's their own fault. None of them should get healthcare, contraceptives, or any benefit if they get old. If they do, they somehow believe any benefits they receive are "Off of their Own Paycheck."

Never mind that most of these Rodeo Clowns are ON Social Security and are collecting some type of benefit themselves. When these Rodeo Clowns do it, they feel they are entitled. They figure they paid into it so they are Not Abusers.

The most maddening aspect of these Rodeo Clowns is that they are being Funded AND Manipulated by the Most Extreme (and Fiscally Abusive) 1 % who are USING the Rodeo Clowns to serve their own agenda. The 1% are exemplified by the Koch Brothers and other Very Rich and Powerful Republican Supporters of the Citizens' United legislation.

We are at a Crossroads in America. The 1% are attempting to Manipulate us -- WE THE PEOPLE. It is clear they have been successful in manipulating the Far Right Extremist Rodeo Clowns AND the Side Show Barkers.

At the same time, we are experiencing the Baby Boomers' transition into Retirement and Social Security. This is a Huge Factor.

We have to make a choice in America:
1. Do we Support the 1%:
-- The 1% is exploiting and manipulating the weakest of our Fellow Americans through their own biases.
-- The 1% are strong, powerful and often control the messages in the media and through our politicians.

2. Do WE THE PEOPLE Support a Land of Immigrants -- the Land of the Free -- Home of the Brave? Do WE Truly Believe that ALL PEOPLE are Created Equal?

Do We? Rich or Poor? White or Black? Man or Woman? Gay or Straight? Working or Not? Christian or Not?  We all have to think within our OWN SOUL -- Is this what WE THE PEOPLE believe?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Are the President and Chuck Schumer saying they Support a Piece Meal Approach to Immigration Reform? THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Oh My Gosh!!
Articles I am reading are saying that the President AND Chuck Schumer from the Gang of 8 are saying they are supporting the GOP House of Reps in passing a Piece Meal Approach to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

According to GOPUSA Articles: Sen. Chuck Schumer said he'd support the Republican-led House's piecemeal approach to U.S. immigration reform, provided it offered a path to citizenship. "We would much prefer a big comprehensive bill, but any way that the House can get there is OK by us," the New York Democrat told CNN. "I actually am optimistic that we will get this done." Schumer, a leader of the bipartisan "Gang of Eight" senators whose comprehensive immigration-reform legislation passed the Senate in June, said he'd "had a lot of discussions with various members of both parties in the House. Things are moving in the right direction. "The initial reaction was the House isn't going to take up any bill," Schumer added. "That would have been very bad -- no bill. Now, they're doing it in pieces. A couple of their pieces are very similar to our bill."

If Schumer bothered to read the PRESS of the House GOP's Piece Meal Version of Immigration Reform, he'd know that Piece Meal means passing ONE Step at a Time.
Step One: Enforcing Current Law = Mass Deportation, ICE Raids and Racial Profiling Enforcement Sweeps
Step Two: 2,000 Mile Electronic Fence,
Step Three: Changing the 14th BirthRight Citizenship Laws
Step Four: English Only

Around Step 18 or 20, they begin to think about the possibility of Legalization, but that, from their perspective, is years and years down the road, IF EVER.

IF the President and Schumer are Truly Considering this, THEY NEED TO GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. THIS IS NOT, NOT, NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Dream 9 Team will be Allowed to seek Political Asylum!

A group of Mexican-born nationals known as DREAM 9 will be allowed to seek political asylum in the United States.

DREAM 9, is a group of nine who were born in Mexico but brought to the United States illegally when they were children and have cited fear of persecution if they are forced to return to Mexico.

Christopher Bentley, a spokesman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said DHS ruled that the immigrants have a "credible fear" of being persecuted if they are sent back to Mexico. "The legal threshold for credible fear is broad and low, in order to ensure that individuals who may face a 'significant possibility' of persecution if removed have the opportunity to have their case heard before an immigration judge," Bentley said.

The group of activists attempted to reenter the U.S. at the Nogales, Arizona trying to protest the thousands of people who have been deported under the Obama administration but they were arrested and have been in federal custody ever since.

An immigration judge will decide whether or not “DREAM 9” will be allowed to stay in U.S. In order for a person to seek political asylum they need to prove “that he or she belongs to a race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion,” according to Citizenship and Immigration Services guidelines.

Until an immigration judge is able to hear their case, it is most likely they will be released from detention in Arizona and could be eligible to apply for work permits in the future.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Guest Voz "Da Tiger" Explains True Root Causes to Michigan's/Detroit/s Economic Problems

Guest Voz: Michigan's "Da Tiger"
Back in the day, a friend of mine told me to never play the blame game. When you are blaming someone, it is like you are pointing at them. But while your index finger is pointing at them, your other fingers are pointing back to you. Quite often, there are many more reasons why something turned out the way it did. So to blame minorities for the problems of Detroit, you CAN make a list just like George Will did. But, on the other hand, there are many other reasons that he did not mention.
For example, for the past 39 years, the State of Michigan has been granting property tax abatements to all industrial manufacturers who promised to create some jobs and make some token equipment purchase or build additional buildings. In most cases, only a small percentage of the jobs were created, much of the equipment was rendered obsolete, and the companies often moved out after the abatement period expired, and in many cases, the company would have made the improvements anyway without the tax abatement. Meanwhile, cities such as Detroit bore the brunt of the loss in property tax revenue.
From 1993 to 2002, Michigan was under the control of Governor John Engler. And just to show you where his true allegiance laid, Engler was president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers from 2004 to 2011. When Engler left the governor’s office, he raided the rainy day fund of ALL of its money, just so that it appeared that Michigan was solvent when he left. This left a hole so big in the Michigan economy, that Michigan is still reeling from its effects today.
Beyond this, there are many macroeconomics effects of not diversifying Michigan’s economy. With all of its eggs in one basket, that is, with Michigan relying heavily on the auto industry, when that industry collapsed, all of the Detroit region suffered. And when the nation was going through a Great Recession because of the housing bubble, Detroit was going through a Great Depression, which meant that Detroit’s property tax revenues plummeted.
I could go on, and I wish that someone with a handle on the statistics would bring them up to the national discussion to tell George Will to stop blaming minorities.

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