Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tea Party Rodeo Clowns' Last Stand! Koch Brothers, Glenn Beck and Others Display Level of Racism

I am convinced that the Republican Far Right Wing, Tea Party base is comprised of those that have hidden their racism from the public and from themselves. They are former KKK Members, White Nationalists, Hate Groups like John Tanton's F.A.I.R., NumbersUSA, Alipac, (etc), Segregationists, Xenophobes, Misogynists and Gay Bashers. Let's give this group a Name. Let's call them the Rodeo Clowns.

These Rodeo Clowns have very vocal, far right extremist supporters. Their lead supporter is Glenn Beck. I don't believe Glenn Beck has their core hate. Beck is an opportunist. He is the true Side Show Barker, pulling in these Rodeo Clown Crowds. Raising all the ticket prices to reap all of the rewards for himself.

These Rodeo Clowns do NOT comprise the ENTIRE Republican Base. However, these Rodeo Clowns  are the Loudest and the Most Vocal of the Tea Party members and are attempting to DOMINATE and Push Forward their views. Why? Because they believe they are supporting the "Last Stand of the White Man."

From their View: Minorities are NOT Equal. Minorities are Responsible for ALL Crimes. That's why Racial Profiling is OK. That's why they support "Stop and Frisk." They don't care that even though it has been proven by statistics -- 9 out 10 minorities have done nothing wrong and are released during these Stop and Frisks, pundits like the very racist Pat Buchanan say Stop and Frisk is OK because "You Go Where the Ducks Are."

To these racists, Minorities include: Anyone NOT White -- all Blacks, Hispanics, Gays. They also say Women must be kept in their place. They can work, but can't have a voice. If they get pregnant, or are raped, it's their own fault. None of them should get healthcare, contraceptives, or any benefit if they get old. If they do, they somehow believe any benefits they receive are "Off of their Own Paycheck."

Never mind that most of these Rodeo Clowns are ON Social Security and are collecting some type of benefit themselves. When these Rodeo Clowns do it, they feel they are entitled. They figure they paid into it so they are Not Abusers.

The most maddening aspect of these Rodeo Clowns is that they are being Funded AND Manipulated by the Most Extreme (and Fiscally Abusive) 1 % who are USING the Rodeo Clowns to serve their own agenda. The 1% are exemplified by the Koch Brothers and other Very Rich and Powerful Republican Supporters of the Citizens' United legislation.

We are at a Crossroads in America. The 1% are attempting to Manipulate us -- WE THE PEOPLE. It is clear they have been successful in manipulating the Far Right Extremist Rodeo Clowns AND the Side Show Barkers.

At the same time, we are experiencing the Baby Boomers' transition into Retirement and Social Security. This is a Huge Factor.

We have to make a choice in America:
1. Do we Support the 1%:
-- The 1% is exploiting and manipulating the weakest of our Fellow Americans through their own biases.
-- The 1% are strong, powerful and often control the messages in the media and through our politicians.

2. Do WE THE PEOPLE Support a Land of Immigrants -- the Land of the Free -- Home of the Brave? Do WE Truly Believe that ALL PEOPLE are Created Equal?

Do We? Rich or Poor? White or Black? Man or Woman? Gay or Straight? Working or Not? Christian or Not?  We all have to think within our OWN SOUL -- Is this what WE THE PEOPLE believe?

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