Monday, August 26, 2013

Far Right Wing Using Pointless Murders to Attack ALL Blacks and ALL Minorities!!

The right wing websites and some of my Bad Anons are going crazy over two recent crimes on White Males. My Bad Anons are clamoring for me to write about these cases and "give it the same coverage you gave the Trayvon Martin case."

The crimes were atrocious. The victims innocent. However the crimes were different.

Unlike the Trayvon Martin case, with both killings, the killers were arrested within days of the crime. There is plenty of coverage in the news about these crimes. Both right wing and left are covering them. George Zimmerman, Trayvon's Killer, was NOT charged for Trayon's death for many months and there was no media coverage for the case for months.

The first crime:
Last Friday, Christopher Lane, 22, a white, Australian baseball athlete, was shot and killed as he was jogging down a quiet street in the rural town of Duncan, Oklahoma. The shooter was a half black, half white 16 year old and has been charged with 1st degree murder. A second teen, a 15 year black teenager, was also charged with 1st degree murder even though he was not the shooter. I find this a bit odd, but given the media attention to some months old "facebook gun selfies", it's not surprising he was charged with 1st degree murder just due to the negative media coverage.
Both were charged as adults. The 17 year old white driver was charged as an accessory, but charged as a juvenile, probably because he confessed that the other two were the perps. All three are in jail and will stay in jail until the trial.

The 2nd Crime:
Last Thursday at 2:00am in Spokane, Washington, Delbert Belton, 88, a World War II veteran was brutally murdered in the parking lot of an American Legion hall. The killers were two 16 year olds. They were black. They were looking to rob him and they beat him over the head with a flashlight. The killers have been arrested and are charged with 1st degree murder and 1st degree robbery.  Both are jailed and will stay in jail until the trial.

Zimmerman's Brother:
This weekend, Robert Zimmerman, the brother of the set free killer of Trayvon Martin, attacked our President, charging that his spokesperson should have known about the Christopher Lane killing, saying our President has a hatred for White People.
My View:
I feel sadness for the Victims and their Families. I feel sorrow for the deaths of Christopher Lane, Delbert Belton and for Trayvon Martin. All three of them were needlessly killed. Their Killers should have been:
. Immediately Arrested
. Charged to the Fullest Degree of the Law
This WAS the case for Victims Lane and Belton. NOT the case for Trayvon Martin.

AND our courts should NEVER:
. Put the Victim on Trial
. Never go back into their phone records & accuse them of being responsible for their own deaths.

THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE for Victims Lane and Belton. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Trayvon Martin.

The good news:
1. the killers of Lane and Belton were immediately arrested and charged for their crimes; no bail and will be in jail until their trials.
2. the victims are being treated as victims. They will not be put on trial.
3. The police will NOT:
a. check into their cell phone records for the last 2 years to see if they took pictures of themselves with guns.
b. they will not search their facebook posts to see if there are any comments that could allude to any "partying" behavior.
c. even though one victim was coming out of a bar at 2:00am, their drinking history will NOT be put on trial.

THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. The police and the courts will treat Victims Lane and Belton as VICTIMS and NOT put them on Trial. Unfortunately this was NOT the case for Trayvon Martin.

Additionally, and I find this the most atrocious.
READ THE COMMENTS on the articles about Victims Lane and Belton. The far right wing commenters not only chastise the perpetrators, they blast ALL Blacks and Minorities. They call them Animals. They shout out "they don't belong in our country."
They blame our President, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton for these crimes.

Here are some comments from the Daily Caller:
1. White deaths do not appear on community organizer radar. (Blaming President)
2. Wonder how Rev. Al will cover it ?... or... NOT cover it !
3. Yep, a crack smoking homosexual that has a penchant for bath houses. (BlamingPresident)
4. It is way too late. It is so over. The complexion of our country is nothing like it was even 20 years ago. The liberals have flooded our population with muslims, African Africans and Mexicans just to jerrymander with the vote. They are some sick puppies.
5. More like Meximerica.
6. How about Mexmusmerica?
7. That's right, America is going to be become a Sharia country because of Obama.

All in all, one of my biggest peeves is, the Far Right Wing's methodology in attacking and blaming ALL MINORITIES when a crime involving a minority perpetrator occurs -- or blaming the Victim if the Victim is a Minority, AND at the same time, IF a there is a crime committed by a White Perpetrator, then it is AN ISOLATED Incident committed by a Crazed Gunman.

Examples 1:
Right Wingers View Crimes by Whites = Isolated Incident by Crazed Gunman:
1. Columbine School Shootings (Any School Shootings)
2. Aurora Movie Shootings
3. Gabby Giffords Shootings
4. Serial Killers: BTK, Bundy, Gacy, etc. etc. etc.

Example 2:
Right Wingers View Crimes by Minorities = All Minorities should Leave the USA; they're ALL Animals
1. Any drunk driving charge by minority/illeegal
2. Any killing near border where an unknown minority/illeegal MIGHT have done the killing
3. Any killing by a minority or 1 person in the group was a minority

The proof is in the Comments of any newspaper following these articles.


Gringito said...

Dee, It doesn't matter what people say on blogs. What matters is the facts. Yes, the cases are different. Those white victims were killed because the black killers hated whites. Just read the tweet of the OK killer, "most white people are nasty." Zimmerman was attacked by Martin and his head was being punched into the ground. He defended himself and the court acquitted him, so deal with it. It doesn't matter what people say about "Your President" EVER HEAR OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT??? OBAMA IS NOT SOME FASCIST LEADER THAT WE ALL MUST OBEY ALTHOUGH YOU WOULD LIKE IT TO BE THAT WAY.

Dee said...

Dear Little White Guy (as you call yourself),

No. Zimmerman was not attacked. No one said that except for him. For all we know, he could have cracked his own head.

What we do know is the 911 operator asked him not to follow/stalk Trayvon as he did. He should not have shot and killed the young teenager.

Another thing G, if you're in the U.S., he is OUR President. Perhaps you should live up to your own comments and leave OUR Country.

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