Monday, May 31, 2010

Detained Immigrants Slated For Deportation Being Counted For Census Money

HP Reports: TACOMA, Wash. — Paulo Sergio Alfaro-Sanchez, an illegal immigrant being held at a detention center in Washington state, had no idea that the federal government would count him in the census. No one gave him a census form. No one told him his information would be culled from the center's records.

But counted he was, along with other illegal immigrants facing deportation in detention centers across the country – about 30,000 people on any given day, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement. By the time the census delivers the total tallies to the state and federal government, most of the immigrants will be long gone. But because the population snapshot determines the allocation of federal dollars, those in custody could help bring money to the towns, cities and counties in Texas, Arizona, Washington and Georgia where the country's biggest and newest facilities are located.

"I think the irony, if there's any irony, is that the locality is what's going to benefit, because you have a detention center in a particular city where people have been brought from different parts of the region, and that community will benefit," said Arturo Vargas, executive director of National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, an organization that has pushed Latinos to participate in the census. This census brings a twist, though. For the first time, states have the option of counting people in detention centers and prisons as residents of their last address before they're detained, worrying some local lawmakers who say cities and counties that host detention centers could lose money. "Detention centers and prisons should probably count where they are located, that's where resources would be required," Rep. Sanford D. Bishop, D-Georgia wrote in a May letter to the chairman of the subcommittee that oversees the census. Bishop represents Stewart County, Georgia, population 4,600, where the nation's largest detention center housed a total of 14,000 people between April 2007 and March 2008.

ICE operates 22 immigrant detention centers and also houses people in hundreds of other jails or prisons. Most of the largest centers are in small towns in Texas, Arizona and Georgia. Texas is home to six detention centers, and Arizona has three. The payout can be hefty for small towns. Federal money being distributed from the census averaged about $1,469 per person in fiscal year 2008, according to the Brookings Institute, and other grants are also available to small towns depending on their population. In Raymondville, Texas, a town of nearly 10,000 people, the Willacy Detention Center holds an average daily population of about 1,000. The center opened in 2006 and was a boon the community as ICE and the private company that runs the center rushed to hire personnel.

Now, the detention center's population may push Raymondville over the town's goal of surpassing 10,000, a number that will allow them to qualify for more federal help, Mayor Orlando Correa said.
"As long it's humane, as long as the facility respects the rights of these people and they're not treated like animals, I'm OK with it," Correa said. For safety reasons, most detainees are counted through administrative records, rather than forms being passed out, U.S Census Bureau spokesman Stephen Buckner said. The census will cull data from records kept on April 1. Alfaro-Sanchez, for his part, is glad he's being counted. He entered the country when he was about 15 through Tijuana, and worked as a handyman in Goldendale, a small town in eastern Washington.

He arrived in at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma on March 30 after being arrested in a fight. The charges were dropped, he said, but immigration officers had already flagged him for arrest. "I think that even though we may be sent back, there's a lot of people who may need that money, the Hispanic people that are here," the 32-year-old said in Spanish.

Rand Paul's Racist Comments Prompt Kentucky to Adopt Non-Racist Resolutions!

(AP) Reports- The Kentucky Senate, reacting to a divisive comment (to rescind Civil Rights laws) by Republican Rand Paul, has adopted a resolution declaring any form of discrimination to be inconsistent with American values. Louisville Democratic Sen. Gerald Neal introduced the resolution Friday during a special session on the state budget. It was adopted without objection in the predominantly Republican chamber.

Neal, Kentucky's only black state senator, said he took personal offense at the comment made last week by Paul, a U.S. Senate candidate, who was criticizing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Paul said in an MSNBC interview that the federal government shouldn't have the power to force restaurants to serve minorities if business owners don't want to.

Neal said Paul's "extreme belief" has made Kentucky "a laughingstock."


My husband and I decided to drive up to the casino this afternoon. He LOVES Texas Hold Em. I like slots. We usually go for a couple of hours. We were back home by 6.

On the drive up, we talked about the Israelis. I shared with him the news of the flotillas in International waters. They were travelling to offer humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and their flotillas were pounced upon by the Israeli helicopters. I said there was a dispute on who was at fault, but the helicopters came down. There was shooting. And the end result was 10 on the flotilla were dead. I asked him what he thought.

He just shook his head. When we talk about news like this, he gets frustrated. He said this is just like the Trail of Tears. Those in power then wanted the Native Americans to be gone, to just go away. The Israelis want those on the Gaza Strip to be gone, to be rid of them. They want them to just go away. They don't want the humanitarians to help them. They want them to just go away.

How many groups did the same?

Those in power want absolute power. It isn't that they are necessarily evil. It's just that they want those that are opposed to them to go away. It is similar to what animals do, whether it's lions or hyenas or wolves. Those in power want to rule their domain.

The same can be said for those opposed to Latinos being in this country. The proponents of SB1070 have pushed forward this racial profiling bill to rid themselves of Latinos in our country. As Kris Kobach the author of sb1070 said, "Let's make life hell for them!" via his program - 'Attrition through Enforcement' which equals Mass Deportation.

My husband and I talked about Arpaio and his masked goons and his SUPPRESSION SWEEPS in Maricopa County. "It's just like the Trail of Tears. The President wanted all of the Native Americans to Die, just to be rid of them. Arpaio and his ilk want all of the (illegals) to Die, just to be rid of them."

I nodded my head. He was right. How many times in History have those in power enacted policy to "get rid of" those they wanted gone? Hitler did it with the Jews. We in the USA did it with the Native Americans through the Trail of Tears and with the Japanese Americans in WW2. Now we are doing it again with these restrictionist laws like sb1070. We are enacting laws to make life as difficult as possible for those we want to get rid of.

The realization is enough to make you want to cry. Are we animals? Haven't we progressed beyond that? Can't we live with each other?

At the casino, I saw so many people of various cultures. I sat next to an Asian family. We were both winning small pots. We were giving each other the usual high 5's. I think they were speaking Chinese (Asian?). Regardless, we were congratulating one another and being very friendly. I kept thinking...what would an ANTI do in this situation? Would he condemn them for speaking Asian? Would he demand they speak English Only? I know I didn't mind it. I didn't understand the verbiage but I got the general feeling of what they were saying. I was fine. Their language didn't hurt my ears and I was not at all offended. What is the beef with ANTIs when their ears are hurt by the Spanish language?


Our most important Mission is to talk to our Majority and ask them to STOP THE HATE! Stop being so angry! Stop blaming problems on minorities! We need to Join Together as a Nation and BE ON THE SAME SIDE! Stop being angry at our own President! Stop joining the insane antics of the fringe - aka Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin! Let's join together, on this Memorial Day! ALL OF OUR CHILDREN ARE ON THE SAME SIDE IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN! CAN'T WE DO THE SAME IN OUR CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES?


ps: Bad condemn my husband and say he is a bleeding heart liberal. I ask that you tell him that to his face. He is a 6 ft 2 muscle bound hulk of a manly man. He makes no apologies to anyone for his opinions. My son is his mirror image and a semi-pro wrestler. I defy you to come face to face to either of them and call them wimps for their loving, compassionate and humanitarian, American Views!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

AZ Gov Brewer Ousts AG Terry Goddard Replacing him with Racist FAIR's Attorneys to support ethnic cleansing sb1070!

AZ Governor Brewer is at it again. She is so desperate to be elected Governor for the 1st time that she is ousting AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard and said she will rely on her own legal team to defend sb1070 in court. However, she can't do it. As AG Goddard says, Brewer can't kick him off the case because she CAN'T invoke the provision because it HASN'T TAKEN EFFECT YET and there are constitutional questions.

Now let's think about this a second.
1. Who wrote the bill? Kris Kobach, a constitutional lawyer.
2. What group does he belong to? White Nationalist John Tanton's group F.A.I.R. The ADL says FAIR is a Racist HATE Group.
3. Who is on Brewer's legal team? Kris Kobach and members from FAIR.
4. Why would FAIR's Kobach put verbiage in the bill that allows the governor to invoke a provision in the bill to remove the AG and put in her own team, which includes Koback and FAIR members? Because FAIR wants this bill to stand so they can implement this same racial profiling bill in states across the country so they can continue their "Attrition through Enforcement" Mass Deportation policy. That's Mass Deportation of 12M people over the next 4 - 5 years.
Also remember: This bill criminalizes friends and neighbors of the 12M. That means many Latino citizens will have their cars seized, $1,000 fines, class 3 misdemeanors.
5. What is next in FAIRs planning? Once this bill is passed in all states in the Union, then they will include additional bills (as they are doing in AZ) to:
a. ban undocumented children from schools
b. change the 14th ammendment to end Birthright citizenship
c. citizen children deported along with their parents (per Duncan Hunter Jr)
d. Mandatory English Only; stopping the printing of all government documents in any other language except English, especially voting forms; no interpreters allowed.
e. Reducing the rate of new (legal) Immigrants from Latin Countries.

These are all part of white nationalist John Tanton's "ethnic cleansing" plans for America. His protege, Roy Beck from Tanton's other group Numbers USA talks about the need of reducing Latinos in our country in his
Immigration Gumballs video. The above "Ethnic Cleansing" video was created in 2002 by a white nationalist group. That is John Tanton's ultimate aim.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Interesting Immigration Discussion Today

Tonight, my husband and I went to the casino. My husband plays poker and I play slots. As I was playing slots, a nice man sat next to me and we started high fiving each other as each of us won. For those who go to a casino, this is typical behavior among enthusiasts.

We started chatting about our families. He said he was from Texas, like I was, so I decided to ask him about the immigration debate. I figured he was an ANTI and I was right. I asked him if he was familiar with sb1070 and if he supported it. He said he supported it. I said, "How can you support a bill that racially profiles American Latinos like me." He responded, "Well we have to do something to curb illegal immigration and protect the border." I agreed with him. I said, "CIR addresses that. We need the Feds to pass CIR. I agree with secure borders and employer sanctions, but we cannot have a bill that targets American Latinos like me." I proceeded to tell him that my family lived in TX for hundreds of years. Countless Latino families were like mine and this bill racially profiles and targets all of us. He said, "Well we have to do something to control our borders." I asked, "Why is it ok to target me and my family and not yours." He couldn't answer. He mentioned, "We have so many coming over..." I repeated, "My family has been here much longer than yours. I am a good American. So is my family. I too support secure borders, but I do not condone racial profiling. Why do you?" I could tell he was getting uncomfortable, but he proceeded to tell me that he could trace his family back to the Mayflower. Then I said, "But not in Texas. My family was here before yours arrived." He didn't know what to say. I told him I realized he was a loyal American like I was, but it was important for him to understand the truth about these racial profiling bills and the impact on families like mine. We ended the discussion with him promising to look up my blog and to study the issue.

I really don't think he will and he was just placating me, but it will be interesting to see if he does. Regardless, it was an interesting discussion and I think he gained new insights. I think more of us need to engage each other and have similar discussions about Immigration and Racial issue. That is the only way we will hear each other and gain each other's perspective.

Polls Prove sb1070 is Motivating AZ Voters to Oust Lawmakers Who Support this Racial Profiling Bill!

AZ Latino registered Voters have been polled. Immigration is their top issue. They overwhelmingly STRONGLY OPPOSE sb1070. They overwhelmingly BLAME the Republican Party for this racist, racial profiling bill. When asked if they thought police would also stop legal immigrants or U.S. born Latinos, 85% of Latino voters said yes, and 72% said they thought police would primarily target people who are Hispanic when deciding who to question.

Maniac Rand Paul Against Civil Rights, Americans with Disabilities and Now Wants to Outlaw Citizens!

Rand Paul is a MANIAC! First, he said he wants to rescind the Civil Rights Act by allowing segregation again. Next he said he wants to rescind the Americans with Disabilities Act by allowing businesses to NOT PROVIDE ACCESS to Americans with Disabilities. He suggested people in wheelchairs be given work spaces in the Lobby (what a loon). He suggested rescinding ALL Healthcare including Medicare. Now he said he wants to rescind the Constitution's Birthright Citizenship Laws. Like the White Supremists, he is advocating rescinding the citizenship of those born in the USA to workers whose papers may have lapsed. He also is NOT in favor of Mass Deportation. He wants them to work and the fruits of their labor, but he doesn't ever want them to become legal (slave labor). He also advocates an underground electrical fence on the Mexican border.

Jus Soli - Birthright Citizenship, is the law of the land in many countries (though Paul pretended not to know this). Countries with Jus Soli include: France, Canada, Brazil and in many countries in Europe and across the Americas. It was the law of the land in Germany too, until Hitler came to power in Nazi Germany (and we know how that ended). Modification of jus soli has been criticized as contributing to economic inequality, the perpetuation of unfree labour from a helot underclass, and statelessness.
Interview with Rand Paul by

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Root Cause of all the Immigration Enforcement Hype: Show Me the Money!

Now we are getting down to it. The real root cause of why the zealots are pushing the racial profiling bill. The President is sending troops to the border and $500M in Cash. The AZ Anti CIR advocates are salivating. They are going to hire all of their cronies to incarcerate in their private prisons all those they racially profile and the landscapers, maids and nannies they're arresting. Their tactics are so obvious even Fox News is noticing.
Fox News reports:
President Obama's $500 million request for border protection and law enforcement activities has some U.S. lawmakers and state officials along the border screaming, "Show me the money!" Obama is expected to send a proposal to Congress next week that calls for sending as many as 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border and for $500 million to fund programs for Drug Enforcement Administration, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Arizona attorney general, Terry Goddard, has set up a 10-person team to prosecute crimes that occur related to the border. The state already has $94 million dedicated but expects the Feds to chip in some of that $500 million in supplemental spending for it because border-related crime is a federal issue. "I believe that's an important commitment of national attention to the real problem we're facing in Arizona and throughout the Southwest, and that is the violent crime fomented by criminal drug cartels (that's funny. reports indicate AZ has their lowest violent crime rate in years)," Goddard said at a news conference this week.

At a White House news conference Thursday, Obama touted his request for additional resources, saying, "if we are doing a better job dealing with trafficking along the border, we've also got to make sure that we've got prosecutors down there who can prosecute those cases." (LOL..what are they going to do when all they've arrested is gardeners?) One Republican congressman wants Obama to request $2 billion and send 25,000 additional troops.

"The president's proposal is about 24,000 men short of what's needed," Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, said in a written statement, adding that 1,200 troops will do nothing but provide the administration with a photo op. (Those greedy fat cats want the Feds to send them even more money!)

Assimilating to 'American' According to Tom Tancredo

Assimilation. The ANTI CIR zealots always talk about Assimilation. What does it mean? Leading ANTI CIR advocate Tom Tancredo said, "Throughout history, people who are not WHITE Anglo-Saxon have become American by adopting a WHITE Anglo-Saxon culture." He insists all minority immigrants have to become WHITE Northern Europeans if they want to assimilate to become Americans.

However, as all minorities know, we cannot become White nor can we become Northern European. So what is a minority to do? If you do choose to assimilate to Tom Tancredo's view, here are directions directly from ole Tom.

Tom says:
1. Bleach your skin White: Today, skin whitening products are available in the form of creams, pills, soaps or lotions. The mechanism of permanent whitening is usually by the breakdown of melanin by enzymes. Of course this is dangerous to your health and may cause severe skin damage. You might even die from it, but you will become an American..."What me worry."

2. White Hair: You need to get rid of the black hair. Dye it and dye it and dye it dirty blonde, just like mine!

3. Clothing: There are many websites that can help you with proper clothing to assimilate. However, you can start with plaid shirts, cowboy boots and hats. Go to
Cowboy Outfitters and you will find a good supply. Make sure you wear your jeans nice and low. Yee Haw!

4. Speech/Language: Speak English, dag gummit! Don't speak Mexican. That shxt hurts my ears! Don't go to skool or learn to speak that stupid French or Eye-talian. Stick with English. Let's

5. Food: No more tacos for you! Eat some hot dogs, tater salad and pickles like a reel American.

6. Music: Only listen to Willie Nelson and Lee Greenwood! I luv dem boys!

7. Skools: No need to go to college or learn grammar. Just speak English, dag gummit!

8. Homes: Get out of the city. Get out of the city. Go up to the hills. Buy yerself a house and put it on a lot! You can get a good deal here!

9. Christian Values and Sex: Marry yer woman and put her in the trailer. Keep her barefoot and with child her whole life. She don't need no daggum edycation. Just keep her ta home. Make her go to church with the chillun. And fellers, let me hep you out. When the ole woman is at church, you come with me and I'll show you some reeeaaaallll lovin in my neck of the woods! (wink wink) Y'all come down now, hear?!

My Favorite ANTI CIR Tea Party Signs

Outstanding Video Depicts the Truth About Those Promoting Racial Profiling Bill sb1070!

Dennis Gilman produced this phenomenal video depicting the FACTS surrounding the AZ's scurrilous, racial profiling bill sb1070.
Racist Zealots like Russell Pearce, LIE when they say an "illegal immigrant" murdered Robert Krentz. The police have said they DO NOT KNOW nor DO THEY HAVE A SUSPECT as to who murdered rancher Krentz.
Yet, we DO KNOW who murdered Brisenia Flores. It was a Minuteman Leader, Shawna Forde and her co-leader, Gunny Forde.
Russell Pearce: promoting more racist bills next: refuse to accept or issue birth certificates to Latino Citizen Children violating the US Constitution! And
Russell Pearce - Wife Beater! (as stated in his divorce documents).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Compelling Political Ad re: sb1070 Inspires Latino Voters to Vote!

A gutsy new political ad asks the questions of Local Politicians: Do you support the Arizona Law permitting local police to question minorities about their immigration status? Would you like to see a similar law in Florida?

Democratic Candidate Joe Garcia is opposed to sb1070.
Incumbunt Republican will NOT answer the question.
This is a Miami Congressional District, a primarily Latino American district.

As I have long reported, the best thing about sb1070 is it is raising the level of awareness of the rampant racial profiling going on in Arizona, the white nationalist and neo Nazi connections of the bill Sponsors and Authors (e.g.: Russell Pearce - JT Ready; Kris K Kobach - FAIR/John Tanton), and is inspiring ALL LATINO VOTERS to VOTE!

Miami, like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California are majority/minority cities/states. It is time for ALL CITIZENS to VOTE! VOTE AGAINST RACIAL PROFILING! Vote AGAINST demonization of Families and Friends! Vote AGAINST Gomer Pyle Style "Citizens Arrest!" Vote Against ANYONE that supports sb1070!


1. Racial Profiling
Racial Profiling = Suppression Sweeps = Lawful Stop
SB1070: Section 2, B: For any lawful stop Examples
2. Criminalizing Friends and Family
SB1070: Section 5, G, 2: Unlawful transporting, moving, concealing, harboring or shielding of unlawful aliens; vehicle impoundment; $1,000 fine; charge with class 3 misdemeanor
3. Encouraging Gomer Pyle style "Citizen's Arrest"
Sb1070: Section 2, H: A person who is a legal resident of this state may bring an action

Breaking News: Caucasian Crew Leader, Jeff Conroy, receives Maximum Sentence for Hate Crime Murder of Marcelo Lucero!

Breaking News: The Leader of the Caucasian Crew, Jeff Conroy, who fatally stabbed Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero on Long Island in 2008 was sentenced on Wednesday to 25 years in prison, the maximum sentence. Conroy was convicted last month of manslaughter as a Hate Crime for the death of Marcelo. It was mentioned throughout the trial that Conroy, Leader/Member of the Caucasian Crew, went out and "Beaner Jumped" innocent Latinos on a regular basis, usually once a week.

Through the trial, Conroy maintained his innocence and also blamed another member of the crew for the crime, even though Conroy initially confessed to the murder. It wasn't until he was found guilty and faced Justice Robert Doyle before sentencing that he apologized. "I’m really sorry for what happened to Mr. Lucero,” he told the judge. “Every day I wish it never happened.”

Mr. Lucero’s sister Isabel told Conroy she wished he had been present the day she and her mother learned of Marcelo's death. “My mother and I, we hugged, we cried, because we felt at that moment that something had been ripped out of our lives,” said Ms. Lucero, who lives in Ecuador but attended the sentencing. She spoke in Spanish, her words translated through an interpreter.

Justice Doyle told Conroy that he was guilty of “senseless and brutal crimes.” Conroy was acquitted of second-degree murder as a hate crime, which could have brought him a life sentence. Mr. Conroy’s father, Robert Conroy, unleashed a profanity-laced tirade at the judge and burst out of the room. “This is mercy, for crying out loud?” Mr. Conroy shouted.
Murderer gets 25 year sentence in Long Island Killing

sb1070 Immigration Debate Stirring Up Racists Who Hacked Sign: No Tacos! No Latinos!

Latinos in South Florida are Legal Citizens, primarily Cuban Americans. Miami is a majority/minority city. This sign illustrates that the Immigration issue is not about legal status. IT'S ABOUT RACISM AGAINST LATINOS!

Once Again, Latino Workers Called in to do Jobs Americans Don't Want to Do --- The Gulf Oil Clean-Up!

As in past summers, the Gulf Coast promises to be a +100 degree, sweltering hot house. Imagine being in this swelter and cleaning up the mess from the Gulf Oil Spill.

The "Deepwater Horizon" offshore platform exploded April 20 and triggered an underwater oil gusher. The gusher has been spewing 200,000 gallons of crude oil a day and continues to gush. So far, it is estimated that more than 6 million gallons of crude oil have spewed into the Gulf. The spill is the size of the state of New Jersey.

While Fishermen and tour boat captains sit idle as thick crude invades their state's shorelines, some businesses are flourishing. Clean-up companies like "Coastal Tank Cleaning" have been contracted to clean up the mess from the spill. Much as he hates to say it, Mark Leonard knows it's true: The oil spill that is fouling the Gulf of Mexico may save his family's business. Leonard, 34, is operations manager for Coastal Tank Cleaning, a company called in to help set booms to prevent oil from the Deepwater Horizon leak from getting into Lake Pontchartrain. The Morgan City-based company sent 10 workers and equipment to a staging area at Fort Pike, on the eastern tip of New Orleans. "We don't want this to happen," he said. "We didn't want this to be our saving grace to keep the company going. But this is something that I think is helping a lot of companies that were down, and possibly wondering `When is it finally going to pick up?' `When can we start working again and staffing again and paying our bills?'"

The work is difficult, dirty and sometimes overwhelming in the +100 degree heat. Sometimes it is unsafe. Some fishermen who have been contracted by BP to clean up the gulf oil spill say they have become ill after working long hours near waters fouled with oil and dispersant, prompting a Louisiana lawmaker to call on the federal government to open mobile clinics in rural areas to treat them. The fishermen report severe headaches, dizziness, nausea and difficulty breathing. Concerned by the reports, Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-La.) wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asking the agency's help providing medical treatment, especially in Plaquemines Parish, a southern region where many fishermen live.

The oil clean-up is a job most Americans do not want to do. As with the clean-up of the Southeast after Hurricane Katrina, many of those being hired to do this massive job are numerous Latino workers and many of them are undocumented. For the last 100+ years, Latino workers have been called upon to help Nation Build this great country of ours and complete some of the most strenuous and difficult jobs that many Americans do not want to do. This is yet another example. My prediction is the majority of those hired to clean-up this massive, massive ecological mess made due to Americans consumption of oil will be performed by undocumented workers. This time, I think we need Comprehensive Immigration Reform as payback for their hard work!

References: How big is the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? Gulf Oil Spill Jobs Oil cleanup workers report illness

Top Police Chiefs Across the Country tell AG Holder sb1070 is WRONG for America!

Washington (CNN) -- Police chiefs from about a dozen cities are scheduled to meet with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder today to talk about concerns they have with Arizona's new immigration law. The group includes police chiefs from Phoenix (Police Chief Jack Harris) and Tucson (Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor) in Arizona; Los Angeles, California; and Houston, Texas.
The chiefs will tell Holder that they worry the new law will "drive a wedge" between the community and police, and damage the trust that officers have worked to build "over many years," according to a statement by the group. Arizona's law allows officers to check the residency status of anyone who is being investigated for a crime or possible legal infraction -- if there is reasonable suspicion the person is an illegal resident.

(Extremist) Proponents say Arizona need the law to crack down on the illegal immigration problem in the state. Critics have said the law will promote racial profiling. The law has received extreme backlash since it was passed in April.

Critics of the law have conducted several protests marches. The ACLU and a coalition of civil rights groups filed a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. Cities have contemplated boycotting Arizona because of the law to put economic pressure on the state. The group attending Wednesday's meeting also comprises of chiefs of police from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Minneapolis, Minnesota; San Jose, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Sahuarita, Arizona; Montgomery County, Maryland; and the president of Arizona's Association of Chiefs of Police. After the meeting Wednesday, the group will hold a news conference.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deportation Nightmare: Eduardo Caraballo, US Citizen Born In Puerto Rico, Detained As Illegal Immigrant

Huffington Post reports:
Eduardo Caraballo, a U.S. citizen born in the United States, was detained for over three days on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. Despite presenting identifying documents and even his birth certificate, Caraballo was held by federal immigration authorities over the weekend and threatened with deportation, according to an NBC Chicago report. He was only released when his congressman, Luis Gutierrez -- a vocal supporter of immigration reform -- intervened on his behalf.

Caraballo was born in Puerto Rico, making him a natural-born citizen of the United States. He moved to the mainland as an infant, and now lives in Chicago. Last week, NBC reports that he was arrested in connection with a stolen car in Berwyn. Caraballo maintains his innocence. In any case, when his mother posted bail on Friday, he was not freed.

"Instead of being released, he was told by authorities that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was detaining him because he was an illegal immigrant," NBC reports.Caraballo spent the weekend in the custody of federal immigration agents. When he presented them with ID and his birth certificate, he says officials were skeptical: "Because of the way I look, I have Mexican features, they pretty much assumed that my papers were fake."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sb1070 - Root Cause: Brewer Accepted $$$ in Donations from CCC - Private Prison Detention Owners

Have you ever wondered why the Arizona authorities insist on JAILING the so called illeeegals (eg: the workers, their entire families including their children) for 6 months instead of sending them back to their home countries right away? As I previously reported, the root cause for SB1070, and jailing these folks for 6 months, is the Money these CROOKED Politicians receive from Private Prison Owners. These crony owned private prisons receive $100 A DAY for EACH person held in Detention.
PNT reports: Several months before signing SB 1070, Governor Jan Brewer accepted hundreds of dollars in "seed money" for her clean elections campaign from corporate executives and others with a possible stake in Arizona's "papers please" legislation becoming law.

In all, seven executives with the Tennessee-based private prisons giant Corrections Corporation of America contributed $980 for the governor's start-up fund with Arizona's clean elections system. A warden for one of CCA's Arizona prisons gave $100. A CCA shareholder gave $140. Lobbyists listed with the state of Arizona as having CCA as a client gave another $560, for a total of $1,780. In addition, CCA has contributed a whopping $10,000 to the campaign for Prop 100, the one cent sales tax heavily promoted by Brewer, which is up for approval by voters today. The success of Prop 100 is considered by many to be the linchpin for a Brewer victory in November. How does CCA stand to gain from SB 1070? CCA, which houses 75,000 offenders and detainees in more than 60 facilities nationwide, operates six prisons in Arizona, three of which list U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a client: Florence, Eloy, and the Central Arizona Detention Center.

If SB 1070 is not stopped by a federal court injunction before it goes into effect late July, as a recently filed ACLU lawsuit aims to accomplish, all Arizona law enforcement will be required to check the immigration status of those they have "reasonable suspicion" of being in the country illegally. This, during any lawful stop, detention, or arrest. So the law could potentially mean a boon in warm bodies for CCA prisons, as those aliens turned over to ICE might find themselves in CCA facilities, even if for a short stay.

"The more folks that get pulled over and detained, the more money CCA makes," said Monica Sandschafer, executive director of the Phoenix immigrant rights group LUCHA, which stands for Living United for Change in Arizona. "It's a pretty disturbing connection between Brewer and this company." ..
Clean Elections holds contributors to the initial seed money fund to a $140 per person limit. Participating gubernatorial candidates must also raise thousands of $5 individual contributions. If they obey these dictates, they are rewarded with public funds: $707,447 for the primary campaign, and $1,061,171 for the general election. However, Sandschafer pointed out that each of the CCA executives and lobbyists in question gave the maximum amount allowed, save for the warden of the Eloy Detention Center Charles DeRosa, who gave $100.

"These are the people who stand to profit from this horrible racist legislation," Sandschafer asserted. CCA execs contributing to Brewer include the company's top brass: Damon Hininger, CCA President and CEO; "senior administrator" Anthony Grande; Gustavus Puryear, at one time CCA's general counsel; Todd Mullenger, executive VP and chief financial officer; and so on.

sb1070 Sponsor

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The ANTI Immigration Reform Movement is Destroying Itself and InFighting is coming to a head at SB1070 Phoenix Rising Rally

As I previously reported, Alipac's William Gheen withdrew his organization's support of the SB1070 Phoenix Rising Rally which is scheduled on June 5, 2010. His reasons include his discovery that racist groups are involved in setting up the Rally and Tancredo knows this but supports them anyway. Gheen's charges are pointed specifically towards Dan Smeriglio. As proof, Gheen pointed to Smeriglio's own Facebook pages with several well known racist groups as friends. Smeriglio charged back that with his popularity, he had no way of knowing the racist associations his "facebook friends" had.

The argument has heightened with charges flowing back and forth between Gheen's Alipac site and Digger's Realm website, a website belonging to Smeriglio's close friend and confidante Digger Dan Amato. In a recent web posting, Digger layed out a detailed analysis of why Gheen actually withdrew from the rally.
Here is Digger's detailed explanation, but in brief, he said:
1. Gheen is an opportunist and out for himself
2. He is dishonest and a Liar, lying about Smeriglio
3. He takes credit for other people's work; is very lazy yet wants top credit.
4. He details how Gheen tried to sabotage the conference once he didn't get top billing. He wanted top billing to gain memberships to his site, donations and bragging rights.
5. Gheen has burned many bridges and now he is an outcast

After I read Digger's post and his assertions that Gheen is an opportunist and a Liar and Smeriglio is a Saint, I just shook my head. Anyone who has followed the Immigration debate knows about Gheen. Most believe he is an opportunist and Lies and uses his grou
p for his own agenda and fame. That's a given. But I've also followed Smeriglio. He is well known on the East Coast. His group, Voice of the People, were the faces of the East Coast protestors. It was their screaming, angry faces that stood on street corners with megaphones agitating the crowds during ANTI Immigration Reform rallies. It was their faces that supported Mayor Barletta. It was their faces that marched against the supporters of Luis Ramirez at the trial of his murderers. Smeriglio is loud and rowdy, not afraid to be in your face. One of his best friends and frequent participants at his rallies is Steve Smith (in youtube video and in picture on right), a leader of the notorious Keystone State Skinheads(KSS). Plus the attendees of the rallies were members of the KSS. Many people pointed this out, but Smeriglio only laughed at them. But as more and more people found out about Smeriglio, they disassociated themselves with him, this included Mayor Barletta. Until finally, Smeriglio disbanded his Voice of the People group. This all, of course, is public knowledge and pretty well known out East. The Keystone State Skinheads were even featured on the National Geographic Channel's documentary "American Skinheads." KSS has had several criminal charges against their members. KSS has also sponsored many "White Power" conferences in Pennsylvania. They have been designated a Racist Hate Group by the ADL. And they have close affiliations with the Hutaree militia.

While catching up on their argument today, I studied both Digger's detailed response and Gheen's discussion board on this subject. What I found most interesting was that Steve Smith commented on Gheen's site: "This is Steve Smith from Keystone United. I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am not a "neo-nazi", "racist" , or a "White supremacist." These are labels used by leftists to try to stifle debate. They can't refute my points on racial issues so they have to resort to childish name-calling. I am unapologetic in my stance in trying to preserve our European American heritage and culture. I know what I believe is right because it is backed up with truth,facts ,and logic. If William Gheen wants to debate me publicly on racial issues , just let me know." Gheen responded: "Steve Smith, Unlike Dan Smeriglio, we do not knowingly allow skin heads on our websites. Our goal is to unify Americans of all races, parties, and walks of life behind the effort to stop and reverse illegal immigration. Skinhead, neo nazi, kkk, and white nationalist groups interfere with our mission, campaigns, and legislation. Goodbye. William Gheen"

Again, I shake my head. Digger is right about Gheen and Gheen is right about Smeriglio. What I don't understand is why Gheen utilized so little proof (screenshots of Smeriglio's facebook friends' page) when there is so much evidence available. I also don't understand why he ripped Tancredo apart. This is what his own followers are angriest and confused about.

I suspect that Gheen has more dirt on Tancredo and is waiting until the June 5 rally to let it all out. That way, if he exposes Tancredo, as he did (in his own mind) to Dobbs and Lindsey Graham, he will score more credit and donations from his members and more attention for himself in the media.

The more I read about this mess, the more I am glad I am not affiliated with anyone like that crowd. If people truly believe they are supporting a worthy cause, they certainly would not behave this way. I've often said, "You reap what you sow times 10." I wonder what these folks will reap in the end.

UPDATE: Apparently Gheen went to several local AZ newspapers about this whole mess. here are 3 articles:
AZ Republic: Arizona immigration law rally loses group due to neo-Nazi links
Phoenix New Times:William Gheen's ALIPAC Withdraws from June 5 Nativist Rally at Arizona State Capitol Because of "Nazi Groups and Tom Tancredo" (w/Update)
Tucson Citizen: The Cholla Jumps (this one ANTI Gheen)

Immigration Clearinghouse: Alipac & William Ghee Exposed
Digger's Realm: The Phoenix shall rise
One People's Project: Daniel Smeriglio
Keystone State Skinheads - wiki
Voice of the People: Daniel Smeriglio

Chris Rock is Right: Tea Party Activists Support Rand Paul's Segregationist Views

Chris Rock was right when he said, "They've been asking me to join them in their fight against the Mexicans but I ain't gonna do it because I know when they kick out all the Mexicans, we're Next!"

Rock is absolutely right and this is proven in the statements of Tea Party Champion Rand Paul. Now Tea Party activists are saying they agree with Paul! Paul was criticized Wednesday for saying in a series of interviews that he would have opposed forcing private businesses to integrate under the landmark 1964 law that banned racial discrimination. Paul clarified his remarks Thursday, saying he agrees with the goals of the law but questions the federal government imposing its will on businesses – a view consistent with his long-held libertarian beliefs but leaving him open to criticisms that he would allow racial discrimination.

And as Paul tried to explain his take on the civil rights law Friday, he has added fuel to the fire with criticism of President Obama for being too tough on oil company BP PLC in his handling of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

sb1070 heightens racism and racial profiling across America! Example: Omaha Nebraska

OMAHA- A group of Lincoln East High School students are in trouble for a 'racist' celebration following the school's state soccer title last Tuesday night. Tens of dozens of Lincoln East students and fans rushed the field after the varsity boy's soccer team beat Omaha South High School in overtime. As the Lincoln East group stormed the field, pouncing on the soccer team throwing dozens of "Green Cards" on the Latino students. Obvious Racism and Racial Profiling on Omaha South players and student body. Nearly 60 percent of that school's student body are Latino. Omaha South's Coach said the Green Card throwing was so blatant and long-lasting, they even through the Green Cards throughout the medal awarding ceremonies.

"I thought it was confetti, but once I saw it close up I saw it was green cards." said Omaha South mid–fielder Manuel Lira. "It was planned. It's not as if they started cutting paper there at the field, they brought the cards with them."

Other Omaha South students and staff were just as outraged Wednesday. "It happens more than you know. Maybe not physically, but sometimes statements are made," said school Principal Cara Riggs.

Lincoln East officials told FOX 42 they believe only one or two fans were actually responsible for throwing the cards even though videos reveal the actions were performed by numerous racist students. The videos reveal the racist student perpetrators and a number of students face suspension for coming up with the idea in the first place, according to Associate Principal Dennis Mann.

"It's a black eye," said Mann. "We feel like we're back several decades.. a number of our students are deeply ashamed." Mann said a large portion of the student body spent Wednesday thinking of ways to make amends with Omaha South students. He says it is unfortunate the team's undefeated season is being tarnished because of the actions of a few fans. The student's involved–the school isn't releasing their names–will be suspended and write letters of apology.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Is Sheriff Babeu Misleading Leading Law Enforcement & Local Newspapers to Advance his Own Career?

On April 22, 2010, AZ Gov. Brewer made the announcement below. She has staffed 250 National Guardsmen on the border and is using a surveillance technology, termed "Nighthawk Ground Surveillance." There will be an additional 150 missions per year. (meaning there are xx amount of current missions and now 150 more.) They are fully armed including AK-47s, nightvision goggles, etc. performing special night missions in conjunction with the Border Patrol. The National Guard and BPs will work with local law enforcement for this special missions. This is fine and good. I have always advocated trained Border Patrol / personnell on the border and the use of techonology. The National Guardsmen will be a good addition if their focus is on Narco-Terrorism. The BPs are trained to be non-violent towards workers who cross the borders. The National Guardsmen, if trained properly, should do the same.

Since Gov Brewer's announcement, there have been some very odd occurrences, particularly by the Pima County Sheriff's department:
1. The so called shooting of Deputy Puroll which many deem as untrue or at a minimum, suspicious.
2. Puroll's boss, Sheriff Babeu, being a shill for the McCain campaign and appearing with McCain in McCain's political ads about the border, even though Babeu is NOT a border sheriff.
3. On an AZ Tucson Citizen blog, Babeu's office provided pictures of who they initially told the blogger were pictures of those that attacked Deputy Puroll. There was a 3/18/10 date on the pictures provided and the shooting took place on 4/30/10. When the blogger asked the sheriff's office, they initially said the 3/18/10 date on the photos meant 3 of 18 pictures. Commenters told the blogger it was a date. Then the sheriff's office made another correction, this time with Babeu saying in a letter to Law Enforcement Leaders: "I attached some recent Intel photos (taken in the past couple months) which clearly show numerous armed smugglers in Vekol Valley smuggling corridor along I-8. Yes, this is the very location of the shooting just 9 days ago." However, when you carefully analyze the pictures (see above), you see the word "Nighthawk" covered over with Black Marker. Each of the men in the night photos are wearing Carhartt jackets, just like the national guardsmen in Arizona. They are all wearing black ski masks, backpacks and carrying AK-47s, just as described in Gov. Brewer's letter below.

My questions:
1. Is Babeu misleading the Tucson Citizen newspaper/blog?
2. Is Babeu misleading Law Enforcement in this letter to them?
3. Is Babeu misleading in order to scare Americans so they will support sb1070?
4. If so, what is his motive?? (we can only guess)

One added note: In studying a Border Watch groups videos, out of the dozens of videos which display workers crossing the desert, only one video shows so called "drug runners." All the rest show workers, in daylight, NO guns, carrying water and clothes only. The so called "drug runners" were video'd this year, at night and they all were wearing carhartts and ak-47s.

Az Gov Brewer Announcement April 22, 2010: Today, I am here to talk about action. Let me take a moment to ask the members of my Security Cabinet to join me here as I review the steps we are about to take --
– Arizona Department of Corrections Director Chuck Ryan
-- Department of Public Safety Director Bobby Halliday,
-- My Adjutant General, Major General Hugo Salazar,
-- and Homeland Security Director Gil Orrantia.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you – AND your staffs -- for all your hard work and dedication to the security and safety of Arizona. I have already asked the President to approve funding for an additional 250 National Guard personnel for the Joint Counter Narco-Terrorism Task Force to support federal, state and local law enforcement drug interdiction efforts. Using existing resources, I have directed General Salazar, to create additional "Nighthawk" ground surveillance capability within the Joint Task Force. These teams are armed, covert, and use special night vision equipment in support of U.S. Border Patrol. The additional personnel performing ―Nighthawk‖ will result in an estimated 150 additional missions per year, and that number will continue to increase as federal funding becomes available.

I have also directed General Salazar to augment current helicopter aerial surveillance operations by re-allocating existing funding to increase the number of flight hours. I am estimating we can increase our flight hours this fiscal year by 300 hours that would allow for an estimated 70-80 additional missions through September. These missions will be coordinated with law enforcement to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of this increased aviation support.
I will also be asking the President to provide additional helicopters, pilots, and funding to address the shortage of aviation resources relative to the challenges and length of Arizona’s border with Mexico.

You will hear more from my office on this soon. In terms of National Guard training, I am asking General Salazar to aggressively explore where appropriate opportunities for Arizona Army National Guard units to conduct annual training in southern Arizona and to conduct joint training with law enforcement agencies in border security matters. The specific training missions would be developed in coordination with the U.S. Border Patrol, the Joint Task Force and National Guard Officials.

In addition to the above, I will also:
-- Continue pushing for additional federal funding for the National Guard and Law Enforcement.
-- We will continue to shift, Joint Task Force resources and personnel to the southern region for ―Nighthawk or sensor-camera room support of law enforcement.

We will emphasize that replacement personnel be assigned in southern Arizona, and any future growth in the Joint Task Force will also be shifted to the Border region. As part of this effort, I have asked General Salazar to evaluate all existing Joint Task Force assets to ensure we are engaged in the best use of what we currently have. With regard to federal policy, I am generally supportive of the plan announced recently by Senators McCain and Kyl. I look forward to additional details on the deployment of this force, the missions to be performed by the proposed 3,000 additional personnel and the ways these additional military efforts would be coordinated with law enforcement entities. Unlike ―Operation Jump Start‖ from the past, it would be my clear preference to have Soldiers and Airmen in a position to support not just federal law enforcement agencies, but also state and local efforts.

Tea Party Champion Rand Paul supports Jim Crow Law "No Minorities Allowed" and also supports Gulf Oil Spiller BP

Washingtonpost reports: Rand Paul, teaparty champion, opposes the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The issue was front and center because Paul had earlier told the Louisville Courier-Journal that "I don't like the idea of telling private business owners" what to do. He said he is not in favor of discrimination. He would have marched with Martin Luther King Jr. However, he supports the (Jim Crow) law's ban on bias in public institutions. "Am I a bad person? Do I believe in awful things? No," Paul said. But he would not, despite repeated prodding, say the government should legally bar private institutions from discrimination.
Washingtonpost reports: Rand Paul (Rep Sen candidate) supports BP (Gulf Oil Spiller) and said President Obama's handling of the Gulf oil spill is "putting his boot heel on the throat of BP and that is really un-American."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Examples of Arrests with sb1070

Some of my readers have been writing me about specific aspects of sb1070. One of my readers is married to a so called "illeegal." His mother brought him to this country in the 90's from El Salvador. He was just a child. The country was a war torn shambles and they sought escape and the American Dream. He went to school and did well. Today, he is a hard working father of two. He married a mexican american citizen. He and his wife have hired an Immigration lawyer and they are attempting to correct his status. The courts are so backlogged, they have been in limbo for some time now.

Her parents live in Arizona and are having a family reunion over Thanksgiving. They want to go but realize if sb1070 is enacted, they will all be in jeopardy. If stopped, they both would be arrested. He would go to a detention center for six months then deported to El Salvador. He barely speaks Spanish and doesn't even remember the country. She would have her car confiscated and be charged with a Class 3 misdemeanor and forced to pay a $1000 fine. If they made it to her parents house, they too would be charged a $1000 fine and charged for harboring.

I got to thinking about the girls basketball team in Illinois. What if one of their players was like my reader's husband. What if she was brought to this country as a child and is now on the basketball team. If she went on the trip, she would be jailed in a detention center for 6 months then deported. The entire team would be arrested/charged a class 3 misdemeanor. If they drove, their vehicle(s) would be confiscated. They would be forced to pay a $1000 fine. Perhaps this draconian law and the personal impacts it would have on each of them is why they are boycotting the state.

And let's look at arpaio's detention center/tent city. He has lost $40M in lost civil suits due to wrongful deaths/abuses in his jails. He dresses them in pink underwear, houses them in tents, and has them eat green bologna. He charges the state $100 a day for each detainee, that is why he jails them for 6 months before deporting them. Arpaio just reported that his jail/tent city is infested with chicken pox. He doesn't blame himself for the deplorable, disease/vermin infested unsanitary conditions in his facility. He blames those that are sick for their illnesses, even though they have very poor medical assistance in his deplorable jails.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Documentary Review - "Which Way Home" or How do we Secure the Borders After They've Seen Manhattan?

Do you remember the song "How you gonna keep em down on the farm, after they've seen Paris?" (click on the link to hear it) The song was referencing the boys coming back from WW1. I thought of this song as I watched a fascinating documentary on HBO yesterday entitled "Which Way Home."

The film follows several unaccompanied child migrants from Guatemala and El Salvador as they journey through Mexico en route to the U.S. on a freight train they call “ The Beast. ” When asked why they were making such a trecherous journey they said, "I want to see Manhattan!" or "I want to see Hollywood." Who can blame them. They are escaping ravaged, poverty stricken countries.

In the documentary, none of the children made it to the US. Most were caught by Mexican Immigration authorities. Contrary to what the ANTI CIR advocates say, Mexican Immigration doesn't demonize them. They catch them and send them home. The detention centers are little more than temporary safe passage back home. They are not like the disease infested, green bologna, rat infested sweltering tent cities like there are in Maricopa County and in Texas. They don't keep them for 6 months to feed the pockets of their PAC contributing crony private prison owners. They put them on a bus and send them home right away.

ICE tells us we have the lowest rate of new entries in 10 years. ICE utilizes technology to protect the border. They utilize surveillance systems and they go out and pick up the people who cross. Why incarcerate them? Just send them home. Look at their faces. The people tough enough to make the journey are kids. I've seen the surveillance videos from Border Watch groups. They are kids.

The world watches our TV, Videos and Movies. How ya gonna keep em down in their poverty stricken countries after they've seen Hollywood? We need a new song and we need a new approach for returning the newly arrived home.

AZ Gov. Brewer: What does an Illegal Immigrant Look Like? "I dunno!"

Jan Brewer says she doesn't know what an illegal immigrant looks like. I don't either. Look at the picture on the right. Which ones are illegal immigrants? Will they be stopped by arpaio and his goons through his suppression sweeps of Latino neighborhoods? Should they be? Will they be handcuffed on the side of the road for 3 hours and forced to pee on the streets as arpaio has forced other citizens?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vanessa Bryant (Laker Kobe Bryant's wife) is a Proud Latina Against sb1070

I am so proud of Vanessa Bryant! What a strong Latina! The world is watching and she is standing up for her beliefs wearing a "Do I Look Illegal" t-shirt in front of millions of people! She is against Racial Profiling and against the racial profiling bill sb1070.

Thank you Vanessa!!

You are a very good mother and stayed with the love of your life through infidelity and through a very ugly trial. You, like Hillary Clinton, are a very strong woman and we are PROUD of you for standing up for your beliefs despite the controversy you will surely receive.

God Bless You Vanessa!

Alipac's Gheen withdraws from 6/5/10 SB1070 Phoenix Rising Rally due to Nazis & Skin Heads & White Nationalists, OhMy! Diggers Realm Boycotts Alipac

ALIPAC Withdraws From AZ Rallies Over Nazi Groups & Tom Tancredo
May 18, 2010
We are sad to announce that ALIPAC is withdrawing support for any rallies in Arizona in June to support SB 1070 due to the discovery of racist group involvement and the actions of former Congressman Tom Tancredo. We take our commitment to working with and unifying Americans of every race and walk of life behind the effort to secure our borders very seriously. While the illegal alien supporters constantly make false accusations of racism and racist involvement, it is of paramount importance that groups like ours work to keep any racist element out of our events and operations.

A few weeks ago, we got behind a rally in Phoenix on June 5 being planned by Dan Smeriglio of Voice of The People USA and retired Congressman Tom Tancredo. On Monday, May 10th, we discovered two painful truths that forced us to take a new direction. First, June 5 organizer Dan Smeriglio had radically misinformed us about his possession of permits for a location in Phoenix on June 5. He did not have any permits and the illegal alien supporter had permits for the location he had promised us. This happened last year when Smeriglio promised us he had permits for a rally in DC and we had to cancel when we learned he had misinformed us and the illegal alien supporters had the permit for our rally location. Unfortunately we had quite a case of political déjà vu with Mr. Smeriglio misleading organization leaders about permits, while our opposition held the ground he promised us. The second problem also arose around June 5, when we picked up a release by a smaller illegal alien supporting group called One People's Project. The group was attacking Dan Smeriglio claiming he was working with skin heads and Nazis and attacking ALIPAC for associating with Smeriglio.... we reviewed the video and computer screen shots that our opposition possesses regarding Dan Smeriglio and discovered that they are correct...

On Tuesday, May 11, we were invited to join a Tea Party group out of Florida rally in Phoenix on June 12 , so we spoke to some leaders and moved to unify on the 12th for a larger rally and to move away from Dan Smeriglio and his skinhead associates. We felt leaving the June 5 event was the best way to protect many of the vulnerable candidates wishing to attend a rally in Phoenix. Unfortunately, our plans to get the skinheads out and away from the Phoenix effort was thwarted, when retired Congressman Tom Tancredo, who had self titled himself as the 'key note speaker' at the June 5 event started telling leaders and candidates to come back to the June 5 rally. Tancredo even claimed that ALIPAC's concerns about Dan Smeriglio were false, when he had not reviewed the video and screen shots which we find to be fairly conclusive.

We must point out here that Tom Tancredo had nothing to do with helping pass SB 1070 or circulate it to other states to our knowledge although the three largest national groups fighting illegal immigration have. Some fine folks in Arizona took action at the end of last week and assured us that Dan Smeriglio's involvement was being completely removed from the June 5 rally and that we would have no more difficulties from Tom Tancredo. Unfortunately, we found out yesterday that Dan Smeriglio is still involved with the Facebook effort to support the June 5 event, even though the neo-Nazi rock group and friends and their comments have been sanitized from his Facebook pages. We also found out that Tom Tancredo is continuing to try and persuade leaders to abandon the June 12 event for the 5th event.

ALIPAC will not work with any group or event that is working with or supportive of neo-Nazis or anyone working with them. We do not feel comfortable asking our national network to travel into Arizona at great expense to attend an event that Tom Tancredo is attempting to undermine. We have spent a great deal of time, effort, and energy trying to get these events into place for the people of Arizona and America. We have worked diligently behind the scenes to try to resolve this situation with the knowledge that our political opposition does have strong evidence of neo-Nazi supporters being involved with the event still going forward on the 5th.

We feel it is completely unacceptable that Dan Smeriglio and Tom Tancredo or anyone else would put the brave activists, lawmakers, candidates, and citizens of Arizona at risk by proceeding with an event that our opponents can use to harm our cause of stopping and reversing illegal immigration. We are releasing the video and screen shots that the illegal alien supporting groups posses and intend to use against the rallies. We have documented their findings and the screen shots are our copies.

We apologize to all of you who were excited about going to events in Arizona and already making travel plans to support SB 1070 and AZ. ALIPAC will not be attending or promoting any rallies in June in Arizona and we advise anyone consider attending any event to review the information showing white nationalist influence involving the core organizers. We will have no future dealings with Dan Smeriglio or retired Congressman Tom Tancredo due to the neo-Nazi connections and this disaster they have cooked up in Arizona that puts our issue at risk. Our friends in the Tea Party groups still plan to carry on with a much smaller event on June 12 in Phoenix.

Message from Digger's Realm: Boycott Alipac?
A message from Dan Smeriglio of Voice of the People USA regarding the Phoenix Rising Rally on June 5, 2010 in Arizona.
First, a little preface from myself.

It appears that a group or person who felt they should have been in charge of the rally - instead of sharing the credit with the other groups involved that have worked hard as well - are attempting to sabotage it. If you receive any message or hear any bad word on Dan Smeriglio, I urge you to immediately boycott that organization, remove your membership from that group and spread the word on its vile smear tactics and for others to follow your lead.

You all know me to be an honest and honorable person. I have helped out everyone in this movement for years for free and will continue to do so. The only ones I have ever had trouble with were those who were simply in it for themselves (and up until this point that has only been Gilchrist and his lackeys). So if you receive a message or hear anything about Mr. Smeriglio - of whom I have worked with for years at rallies here in Pennsylvania against illegal immigration - realize that it is not true (as if it won't be extremely obvious anyway) and do as I ask and remove yourself from that group.
- Digger

Video Re-enactment of Deputy Puroll Shooting

Former Marine Comments on Shooting:
. Being an ex Marine Viet-Nam-combat-veteran and an ex MP after my tour of duty. The report of this shooting hit me very wrong for a number of reasons. Number one: I know first hand the damage that an AK-47 round does, an AK-47 round spins as it travels and even if it grazes the target it would do major damage (it would have ripped out half his organs on the side that was hit). Number two: As an MP (Military Policeman) I learned that you do not make contact with a suspect/s without first reporting to headquarters. The cop in question was not a rookie, he should have known this. I also have to question his calling 911 vs calling his own unit for back-up. This entire incident is suspect and since there were foreign nationals involved, the FBI should investigate. For the the Sheriff's department to investigate would be like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coup.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Racial Profiling and Carnage of sb1070

I think it is extremely important to understand the content of sb1070. After all, FAIR's Kris Kobach wrote the bill and his intent is Attrition through Enforcement = Mass Deportation. Kobach delights in the fact that he is "going to make their lives a living hell" with this bill.

Read the section of the bill below. When this bill is enacted, it will force every person giving anyone a ride in their car to ask every Brown person for their passport. Why? If you are stopped and a person in your car has lapsed papers and you kind of know their papers are lapsed, the police are going to arrest you, take your car and fine you. This is like being arrested because someone in your car doesn't have Car Insurance.

Remember, 40% of the 12M are Visa Overstays. Most of the 12M have been here 5 - 20 years. They may be trying to correct their status. Or maybe it's your brother-in-law. You can never give him a ride again. You can never invite him into your home. Or maybe it's your neighbors children. You can't carpool. Or maybe they belong to your church. The church can be found guilty. You are a legal citizen and you may know a few people at your Thanksgiving family dinner. Now they can arrest ALL of you. No wonder Arpaio is salivating at the thought of the next suppression sweeps in Latino towns once this bill is enacted. He will take all of their cars, charge them with a class 1 misdemeanor and force them to pay $1,000 fine for EACH person there. Imagine the carnage!
From sb1070:
Unlawful transporting, moving, concealing, harboring or shielding of unlawful aliens; vehicle impoundment; classification

ICE Hot Lines PROVES sb1070 bill will cause Police to be diverted from their core responsibilities and Brown People will be Racially Profiled!

From SB1070:
Example: A person sees a group of Latinos at a Home Depot. They call the local police and say "There's a bunch of illeeegals out here if front of Home Depot. Cum n get'm!" The police do not respond to this report. The person takes pictures of the "illeegals" and records his call, then files a petition before court and says, "I spotted all of these illeegals and the dang cops never showed up." The police lose the case. The police pay court costs and the plea agreement indicates they will set up an "Illeegals Hot Line" so any citizen may call and report "illeegals" and the police say they will respond in 30 minutes to each call. The judge warns the police must not implement a policy restricting police responding to each call or risk being sued again.

Sounds reasonable? Do you think citizens will be satisfied with the establishment of a hotline and call only when they actually see an "illeegal"? No racial profiling? Do you think they just might call if they see legal citizens? Maybe someone should set up an "illeegals hotline" and see what kind of volume these hot lines will receive. Maybe we should determine the volume so we can ensure the volume will not detract the police from doing their real jobs, capturing violent, felonious criminals, drug cartels, etc and NOT landscapers. Do you think someone might set up such a hot line? Sound like a good idea? Just to test the volume of calls? Hmmm?

Oh wait! ICE set up a hotline policy last year. Let's see what happened to their volume.
SBSun reports:
Immigration violation tips flood ICE line
It's been a banner year for a toll-free tip line that citizens can call to report immigration violations. Fueled in part by citizens fed up with illegal immigration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials received nearly 100,000 calls to the tip line from Oct. 1 through the end of April. At this point in the previous fiscal year, the number was less than 64,000, said David Palmatier, chief of ICE's law enforcement support center in Williston, Vt.

"This current fiscal year is likely to be a record for us," he said.
Palmatier attributed the increase to an effective outreach campaign on the ICE website and extensive public service announcements in media outlets. The tip line was started in 2003 as part of Operation Predator, a campaign to crack down on international child pornography and child sex tourism. Palmatier said the effort was so successful ICE decided to expand it to cover all customs and immigration-related crimes.

But people calling to report low-level immigration violations, like a neighbor who might be an illegal immigrant, likely are not getting the responses they hope for. "We focus on criminal activity," Palmatier said. "We're not really set up to respond to administrative violations. We have to prioritize. ICE has taken the position of going after the worst of the worst. That means criminal aliens." C
ritics said part of ICE's job is to go after day laborers in hardware store parking lots. "That's sort of the place where ICE, even without a tip, should be looking for people," said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (white nationalist John Tanton's group; Kris Kobach, author of sb1070 is a member of FAIR), a Washington-based group that seeks to reduce immigration. "These are the sorts of obvious places that there should be law enforcement." Mehlman recognizes ICE is hampered by limited resources.

"Obviously, there's a big job," Mehlman said. "You're going to need the manpower. That is one of the reasons we have strongly supported 287(g) and other programs designed to enlist the aid of local police." People calling the tip line can select from a menu of options, including reporting information about most-wanted fugitives, human trafficking and employment of illegal immigrants, drug smuggling, child pornography, terrorist activity and financial crimes.

An employee at the ICE call center in Vermont will collect as much information from the caller as possible. Tips are written up and instantly sent via computer to local ICE field offices. ICE's Los Angeles field office oversees the San Bernardino County area. About 60 people work in the call center. It's staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Wait times are about a minute, Palmatier said. Investigators in the field offices decide whether to follow up on leads based on local resources and priorities.

Palmatier said he couldn't say how many tips are received for specific activities. ICE also doesn't break down tips by regions of the country, he said. But he did say many of the calls are complaints about people working in the country illegally and the employers who hire them.
Other common tips involve allegations of people using fraudulent documents generated from fake Social Security numbers. Benefit fraud is another frequent complaint. An example is someone getting another person into the country through a false marriage.

Palmatier said ICE investigators do their best to respond to all tips, but they focus their resources on cases of criminal activity, public safety and national security.

Mehlman, the FAIR spokesman, said the public understandably is frustrated if someone calls the tip line several times and there is no action. (with sb1070, they can now sue the police if no action) He criticized the Obama administration for lacking "the political will" to enforce immigration laws except in cases involving serious or violent felons.

Latino activists said they don't mind if the tip line is used to help apprehend dangerous criminals or foil terrorist plots. "It's good as long as it's actually used for what it's intended," said Emilio Amaya, director of the San Bernardino Community Service Center, an immigrant support organization. "If it's just to turn in your neighbor because you don't like them, that's a problem." (this is the intent of sb1070)

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