Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thorough Investigation Reveals Deputy Puroll's Shooting Probable HOAX!

Here is the Video of Deputy Puroll being picked in the desert after (what some are saying is a) staged attack. Does he look hurt?
Where are the 5 bales of marijuana or the gun shells?
A big Thank you to The IPCRESS Blog for their in depth investigation. Ipcress is continuing with the investigation until the complete truth is revealed:
The Ipcress File Reports: (Highlights)
Suspicious Shooting of Arizona Deputy
. Drudge runs report, "AZ deputy shot in stomach by suspected illegal" -- the Officer was NOT shot in the stomach.
. The illegals were hauling bales of marijuana through the desert, on foot? Armed with AK47s? What happened to the car chase down Interstate 8, where the drug runners “bailed out” and made a run through the desert, with Officer Puroll in pursuit?
. This account, however, is quite different from the initial report given by Lt. Tami Villar, where it was stated that Puroll “confronted” FIVE armed illegals, not just one. These five illegals then got away in a vehicle, with Puroll in pursuit. What happened to this lone “rear guard” illegal with the AK47? Did he just run away on foot? After a ten minute gun battle, did the armed illegal just let Puroll get back into his cruiser so as to chase down his friends in the vehicle? Was there even a car chase at all? The statement mentions the helicopter, but leaves out the incident where the illegals were shooting at it. And if one illegal was “left behind” to fight rear guard, what were the bales of marijuana doing there? Why would his friends leave those? Were they planning on coming back for them? The story is quite a mess and nothing fits together. In the end you had five guys running through the desert (who had been spotted by one of the helicopters) and yet they all managed to get away even though over 200 various law enforcement officers had encircled them.
. Puroll is ambushed by one of the smugglers, but exchanges fire with TWO. The gun battle is considerably shorter than previously stated. Noticeably absent is what exactly happened AFTER the exchange of gunfire. It seems that Puroll quickly ran out of ammunition (firing 46 rounds in a minute.) What happened at this point? Did the ambushers decide to run away just when Puroll ran out of ammo? All early reports mention a VEHICLE which the smugglers were using and which Puroll eventually chased down. Why is there no mention of this? How was Puroll LOST in the desert for over an hour and what was he doing during this time?
. May 5: Press conference today with Babeu. He explains that armed bands wait in the desert to kidnap and assault the illegals carrying drugs. Seems to make some sense, although it’s kind of difficult to imagine armed units of illegals just wandering around the desert looking for people to attack. Not sure how this would apply to Puroll’s situation. Babeu also mentions that they recovered four AK47s from the desert, although no further details were provided (did they just toss them on the ground and run away?)
First he encounters FIVE men. Then, he encounters the single “rear guard” assailant. Then he encounters five OR SIX men. Then he encounters five men, but only one of them fired on him. And HOW was Puroll “patrolling” this “off-road area?” He must have been in an off-road vehicle, right? He wasn’t WALKING through the desert. So, he must have taken cover behind this vehicle. Right? Seems there would be a Pinal County Sheriff’s vehicle somewhere with bullet holes through it. Have there been any pictures of this? Sheriff Paul Babeu said Tuesday that the smugglers continued to fire in Puroll’s direction for 20 minutes after the wounded officer took cover.
A TWENTY MINUTE gun battle? Yesterday, Babeu told Channel 5 that the gun battle “lasted about one minute.”
. Now the story is different.
NOW he encounters the main group of FIVE illegals first, but ten minutes later, receives fire from the “rear guard” guy who “circled around him.”

As at least two people fired on him, Babeu said, Puroll unloaded a 30-round clip from M-16 A1 assault rifle and then a full magazine from a .40-caliber Glock with 16 rounds in it. Then, he phoned dispatchers to advise that he had been shot.
One of the wounds is a graze mark. The other clearly was caused by a bullet, Babeu said. Marks on his skin suggest Puroll was hit from at least 6 feet away.

If “one of the wounds is a graze mark,” what was the OTHER wound? It “clearly was caused by a bullet.”
Obviously, they don’t want to say he suffered TWO “graze marks” (from SIX FEET AWAY!)
. Babeu said DPS investigators, who handled the crime scene, have not yet provided information on the evidence they found.
. Babeu merely recites the same drivel as before. He adds that Puroll has been “restricted” from speaking to the press because of the “investigation.” Puh-leez… What a load of crap. They can’t get their story straight, the press is starting to pick up on the fact that this was staged, and so they’re keeping Puroll far, far away from reporters.
. Just 10 days before the shooting, Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu gives this interview for MSNBC (see video). The banner, “Officers Killed by Illegal Immigrants” is prominently displayed throughout the interview, yet Babeu never cites ONE instance of an officer being killed by an illegal alien. In fact, NO officers were killed BY ANYONE last year in Arizona (and none, so far, this year.)
. Babeu, along with Senators McCain and John Kyl are pressing for the deployment of 3,ooo National Guards along the border, as well as 3,000 more “Custom and Border Protection agents.”



Vicente Duque said...

San Francisco Boycotts Arizona - Chicago : Basketball High School Girls in Boycott - Mexico Officials boycott Arizona : No Travel - Itemized list of Cities that approved Boycott

May 11, 2010 - San Francisco : The Board of Supervisors today approved a resolution calling for a boycott of the state of Arizona ( approved 10-1 ) - Mayor Gavin Newsom has already ordered a moratorium on city employee travel to Arizona for official business, with exceptions for law enforcement, public health or safety.

Chicago : Highland Park basketball team trip to Arizona scrapped - Administrators cite safety concerns - the Highland Park High School girls varsity basketball team won't go to Arizona because of that state's new crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Hartford, the capital city of the U.S. state of Connecticut approved the Boycott against Arizona

A resolution introduced at a city council meeting Monday ( May 10 ) to boycott Arizona businesses and halt Hartford travel to that state passed by a vote of 8-0-1.

Other cities that approved the Boycott in City Councils or Boards of Supervisors :

Boston, Oakland CA, West Hollywood CA, El Paso TX, San Jose CA, Philadelphia.

Tucson and Flagstaff City Councils voted to oppose SB1070. The problem is that the cities of Tucson and Flagstaff are located in Arizona.

Boulder Colorado : the city has banned official travel to Arizona.

The Denver Colorado Public School District last week decided that its employees should not take business trips to Arizona.

San Francisco and St. Paul have banned public employees from traveling to Arizona on business.

Richmond California : The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday nigh tto oppose Arizona's law and bar city workers from traveling there on behalf of the city. In addition, Richmond won't do business with Arizona-based companies and will nix any contracts it has now with these firms if it can do so legally.

Gallup City ( New Mexico ) : Gallup city leaders sent a letter to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer this week, telling her that Arizona has lost all business from Gallup city employees.


Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

The great wonderful pleasures of SchadenFreude :

( I think that I am becoming a Super Pervert )

Great News for Thursday :

Los Angeles city council boycotts Arizona for Business

The GOP Convention 2012 will be in Tampa Florida and not in Phoenix Arizona.

How do you like it ??

The Boycott is becoming very successful. So I go to a neighboring church to confess great sins of my soul to a priest.

More detailed Information of Cities that have approved this Boycott :


Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Well now. Maybe all those cities boycotting AZ by not sending their employees there will now save money that they were basically wasting. Government employees can do their business via telephone and computer, even conferences can be, and are, completed in that fashion. City governments would do well to cut back their travel budgets, anyway. Citizens here question their taxes being spent for such stuff, as should all citizens, in all cities.

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