Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. Of late, all of us have been so deluged with negativity due to AZ's sb1070 racial profiling bill and the associated hate-fest on radio/tv claiming "illeegals, mexican drug cartels and Latinos" are to blame for every crime in America, the oil spill, cloudy days and the end of times.

I think it is time to shake off all of this negative kharma and remember who we are! We don't want your compassion! We don't want your pity! We are Latinos! We are talented, rhythmic, humanitarian, hard working, Christian Values, family oriented, humble, compassionate people! To celebrate, here is Thalia singing "Amor a la Mexicana!" (watch at minute 3:30 as President Obama dances with Thalia.)
English Lyrics:
Mexican-style love
I don’t want compassion, I don’t want pity
I want a solid love that moves me
I want to savor (your love)and your glisten
I want your passion to make me go delirious
pure (sugar)cane... pure love...

Mexican-style love, with cumbia, huapango and son (sorts of music)
horse, boot and sombrero, tequila, tobacco and rum,
Mexican-style love, hot and to the Sun’s rhythm
slowly and then he overwhelms me, my macho at heart

Mexican-style love...
Mexican-style love...
Mexican-style love...
Mexican-style love...

I want (your love) smoothly, I want it very rough
I want (your love) to touch the bottom of my heart
I want (your love) slowly, I always want more
I want it to overcome me till I lose my senses
pure (sugar)cane... pure love...

Mexican-style love...
Oh, I want your love from the bottom of my heart
Mexican-style love...
and within your passion I want to lose my senses
Mexican-style love...
I want (your love) smoothly, slowly
Mexican-love style
I’m overcome with your love and passion


ultima said...

The NCLR says boycott "intolerance". What does that mean? Does the new meaning of intolerance mean "the rule of law" -- boycott the rule of law. The NCLR like others is introducing a red herring: "intolerance". They wnat us to believe that anyone who wants illegals identified and removed and anyone who wants the law and federal statutes to be enforced is guilty of intolerance.

Well, it's rather easy to see through that charade, just like the profiling red herring. The real agenda of those who object to potential for racial profiling is simply: leave the illegals alone, open the borders, and don't enforce the law. That also is a thinly-veiled anti-America, pro-illegal,disloyal agenda.

Vicente Duque said... : Basketball : The Phoenix Suns won to the San Antonio Spurs, wearing uniforms with the words "Los Suns" to honor Latinos. NBA Players Association against Arizona's Racist Law :

The "Los Suns" jerseys were worn twice in the regular season, both Phoenix victories. These jerseys bring Good Luck to the Phoenix Suns.

The Phoenix Suns are a professional basketball team based in Phoenix, Arizona. They are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). :
Sport politics
Cinco de Los Suns: The Team Stands Up to the Arizona Immigration Law
by Peaco Todd
May 6, 2010

Cinco de Los Suns: The Team Stands Up to the Arizona Immigration Law

Some excerpts :

In 1936, Jesse Owens won four gold medals in “Hitler’s Olympics,” thus refuting the F├╝hrer’s claim of Aryan superiority and spoiling his intended display of “Master Race” dominance. On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson stepped out upon the field as a Brooklyn Dodger and the first African American to play in the majors, and I like to think that, despite the taunts and threats he received, his spectacular performance and personal grace caused a million cracks to appear in a million stony racist hearts, proving once and for all that racism has no chance against team spirit. Professional sports is full of such stories and many professional athletes, by first breaking the race/color barrier, have been seminal in transforming racist attitudes and judgments.

The Suns’ decision – based on a unanimous vote and full support of management – to wear their “Los Suns” uniforms as a Cinco de Mayo tribute “to honor [the] Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation” is, as Yahoo!Sports-writer Trey Kirby says, “awesome.” He notes that while sports franchises frequently consider making political statements to be bad business – “as Michael Jordan put it, ‘Republicans buy shoes too’” – sometimes they have the cojones to take a stand. Owner Robert Sarver said when he suggested that the team wear their Noche Latina jerseys, “However intended, the result of passing the law is that our basic principles of equal rights and protection under the law are being called into question and Arizona's already struggling economy will suffer even further setbacks at a time when the state can ill-afford them.”

The Suns’ rivals in Wednesday night’s game 2, the San Antonio Spurs, attempted to demonstrate their solidarity by wearing their own “Los Spurs” jerseys but simply didn’t have the time to make that happen. But, hey, the thought counts and it’s clear that the NBA, as an organization, is fully supportive of these acts of protest. In a press release issued by NBA Players Association, Executive Director Billy Hunter declared:

“The recent passage of the new immigration law in Arizona is disappointing and disturbing. The National Basketball Players Association strongly supports the repeal or immediate modification of this legislation. Any attempt to encourage, tolerate or legalize racial profiling is offensive and incompatible with basic notions of fairness and equal protection. A law that unfairly targets one group is ultimately a threat to all.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

I forgot the link to and to "Cinco de Los Suns" ( honoring "Cinco de Mayo"


ultima said...

I live in a relatively small city outside Denver. I was surprised when I visited a laundrimat this morning. It seemed like a foreign country. Only one person there spoke in English. A woman there doing tons of laundry had three children with her including a relatively new baby. She was loud and obese, yelling at her children every few minutes in such a loud and heavy voice that I had to turn my head to see if it was a man. This went on for the entire time I was there washing and drying a large comforter. I guess reasonable decorum and behavior in the presence of others who might be offended has fallen by the wayside. Welcome to Mexico Norte.

Dee said...

Gosh Ultima. I watch Jerry Springer and Wife Swap once in a while. It seems every guest, every White Northern European Immigrant, is loud and obese, just like the people you encountered in the laundromat.

Hmmm... should we now deport all loud and obese people in America? Should we racial profile them? They are very obvious... loud and obese. What other people don't you like? quiet and obese? loud and slim? Who else do we deport for you Ultima? Who else should we have arpaio and his masked goons racially profile?

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