Thursday, May 13, 2010

Racist Arizona Passes Law to BAN Cesar Chavez and Other Ethnic Studies!

Racist Arizona has gone OVER THE TOP! Racist Gov. Brewer signed a bill to BAN the teaching of Cesar Chavez and other Latino Studies. RACIST! RACIST APARTHED in Arizona! The sponsor of the bill is state school superintendent Tom Horne. Horne is running for AZ Attorney General and he is USING THIS RACIST BILL to ride on the coattails of the racist, white supremist wave going on with white supremist voters in Arizona.

Horne's bill targets Latino studies, however the bill bans ALL ethnic studies, including African American and Asian studies. No more Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King or learning about the Chinese Exclusion Act as being the basis for establishing Immigration Laws in America. These classes were open to ALL students. Now they are BANNED from being taught in Arizona, thanks to racists like Horne, Brewer and the Republican Senate. From now on, students in AZ will NOT learn of racism, segregation, the trail of tears, or any type of oppression in American History. From now on in AZ they will only teach the ostrich approach of White Northern European studies from the White Supremist perspective.

Watch this Video. Michael Eric Dyson Professor of Georgetown University totally demolishes racist Horne in this interview. (If Horne says rrrrrrraza or downer one more time, grrrr. If you didn't HATE Horne before this video, you will after!)

It appears White Supremacy rules in Arizona and will continue to do so until Humanitarian and Latino voters DO IN FACT VOTE!! And VOTE these racist characters, like Horne and Brewer, OUT OF OFFICE!

Meanwhile, the BAN of RACIST Arizona Continues: On Wednesday, the Los Angeles City Council overwhelmingly approved a boycott of Arizona-based businesses and governments unless the state repeals the new immigration law. The city's legislative analyst reported that Los Angeles currently has $56 million in contracts with companies headquartered in Arizona. Several other California cities, including San Francisco and Oakland, have already adopted resolutions requesting city departments to not sign any new contracts with Arizona companies.



ultima said...

Ethnic studies started back in the 1960s when rioting,demonstrations, and student takeover of campus building were in vogue in opposition to the Viet Nam War. To pour oil on these troubled waters misguided academic admnistrators capitulated and allowed to various ethnic offices to receive funding. This eventually led to the ethnic studies programs which by and large produced majors with totally worthless degrees except if you could get a teaching position for ethnic studies.

One academic who had a Master's Degree in something or other was finally granted tenure to again pour oil on the troubled waters. This guy advertised himself as a Native American even though he could not prove that he had even an eighth Indian blood. He eventually was fired for academic improprieties like plagiarism. A law suit awarded him $1 but not a reinstatement of tenure.

Another guy was denied tenure because of the shoddiness of his research. He was shifted to an Ethnic Studies program at another campus where he was given tenure. Surprise! Surprise!

The point here is that there is no separate White ethnic studies program so why should there be any others? It should be obvious to all that ethnic studies exist for only one purpose and that is to give an unjustified amount of time to individual ethnicities rather than to include them in the broad sweep of history and sociology to the full extent of their notable contribution using the same standards as applied to anyone else. Obama will certainly have a prominent place in the history and sociology texts of the future. The ethnic studies people would create a separate course to teach about him just as Dee suggests that Chavez should be treated as a separate course rather than an individual historical character based on his achievements. Chavez and MLK should be treated just like other civil rights personalities of the past not as icons for an entire course.

ultima said...

Chicano Studies professor, Charles Truxillo, at the University of New Mexico promises that someday we will all be part of a new sovereign Hispanic nation called, "Republica del Norte" encompassing the entire Southwest. "An inevitability," Truxillo calls it, and it will obtain its sovereignty, he warns, "by any means necessary" as "our birthright."

Truxillo epitomizes the average ethnic studies professor and his outlook. Such views would not survive long if he worked in a regular academic department where his work would be subject to peer review by folks other than his ethnic brethren who have the same ax to grind as he does.

What Arizona is doing is one of the most courageous things to come along in this area. It offers only a small hope that America the Beautiful will survive the onslaught of Hispanic illegal aliens.

ultima said...

Ethnic studies are racist on their faces. Banning them is a step against racism and a recognition that such studies are an insidious way of undermining the existence of the United States.

Vicente Duque said...

Video : Los Angeles City Council approves Arizona Boycott - Some Asians speak in favor of Latinos and against the Racist Law - Profiles and Personalities in L. A.

Extraordinary Wonderful Beautiful Video to keep and cherish !

OK SOOK VOON, Korean Lady Immigrant, age 75, goes to Arizona by bus protesting the Racist Law, Al Sharpton, Leaders of Boycott : Janice Hahn, Ed Reyes, they speak out for Kindness and Humanity and against Racism.

May 12, 2010 —

KTLA: The Los Angeles city council voted 13 to 1 to boycott the state of Arizona.

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

I should also mention that this is intended for K-12, not colleges, so you can still take "X-studies" in higher learning.

The Arizonian said...

Well, out of curiosity I decided to look up HB 2281 ( to see what all the hubbub was about and found this in the very beginning:

15-111 Declaration of policy
The Legislature finds and declares that public school be taught to treat and each other as individuals and not based on ethnic background.


15-112 Prohibited courses and classes: enforcement
A. A school district or charter school in this state shall not include in it's program of instruction any courses or classes that either:
1. Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group.
2. Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.

Now, if I may quote Martin Luther King Jr.:
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

The same should apply to educating people that to make an 'ethnic course' does indeed segregate.....

I actually support the idea of teaching that everyone is equal.

How could a supposedly 'civil rights' person can say "We need our ethnically segregated courses" is beyond me.....

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Dee it is just unbelievable. Where does it stop? I wanted to say pretty soon they will make it illegal to have brown skin... but oops they already did that. Its very sad, this whole situation is making me physically sick. I must pray.

Vicente Duque said...

Video : Austin Texas boycotts business and travel to Arizona - Austin City Council unanimously approve Boycott

Great Success of the Boycott against Arizona, on Wednesday Evening it was Los Angeles California, now on Thursday Afternoon it is Austin Texas that boycotts Arizona.

This is a protest against the Juan Crow laws of Arizona.

The Boycott is a Golden Opportunity on a silver tray for youngsters and students to participate and enter into politics by the Biggest Door. They will see what is a grassroots movement from the entrails of the Monster.

By now this should be a Monster and a Nightmare for the Governor and the Legislators of Arizona. They got what they asked for.

kxan — May 13, 2010 — The Austin City Council just voted to restrict travel and boycott businesses in Arizona.

Austin boycotts AZ travel and business

My Database of City Boycotts and other actions against Arizona :

Vicente Duque

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Ethnic studies that promote hatred of white people is racist.

You know that's what was happening.

You're as racist as anybody I read.

Over and out, forever.

Dee said...

JV Girl,
This racism will not stop until ALL Latinos register and Vote these racists out of office. Until that time, the racist extremists will continue to run the states.

We need our young people informed and ready to register.

We ALL need to discuss this every day...every day... every day! We cannot stop talking about this.

Otherwise these zealots will destroy our country and ALL Latinos will live in continued fear of racial profiling attacks.

Dee said...

That is absolutely silly. Ethnic study programs DO NOT promote hatred at all. They teach the truth.

Someone asked about White studies? That is the regular, every day curriculum. White, Northern European Studies..what ALL of us were taught in grades K - 12.

Why are you and the zealots in AZ so afraid of teaching the truth? The Trail of Tears? The Chinese Exclusion Act? How Immigration started out as exclusionary? How Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerte utilized peaceful Boycotting to resolve farm worker exploitation.

Students NEED to be taught the TRUTH! These classes are open to ALL Students!

Dee said...

PV Girl,
One more thing. I agree with Prayer too! Pray and VOTE!!

Dee said...

By the Way, Wasn't Professor Michael Eric Dyson absolutely BRILLIANT in this debate with the racist Horne? Horne was absolutely obliterated!!

Glen Peterson said...

American History classes in Arizona and elsewhere were racially and ethnically biased long be fore they started teaching Chicano/a Studies there.

Dee said...

Ethnic Studies are the OPPOSITE of racist. It is important we teach our children the truth about our history. These classes are open to ALL students. All students should be taught the truth, not just what we want them to hear. This includes: Manifest Destiny, Slavery, The Trail of Tears, the Chinese Exclusion Act/the origin of Immigration Laws, the Bracero Program, Operation Wetback, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta - Peaceful Boycotts vs exploiting employers. Our students need to taught the truth otherwise we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

As Glenn says, it is very apparent that AZ classes have always been racially and ethnically biased. That is one reason arpaio and his masked goons have been able to Racially Profile in Maricopa County for so long.


Dee said...


Dee said...

You ask why there are no WHITE ETHNIC STUDIES? Because it is the CORE CURRICULUM.

Dee said...

Actually textbooks EXCLUDE Chavez and Dolores Huerte from the core curriculum.


The Arizonian said...

That is an article about THE TEXAS SCHOOL BOARD, and is nothing new. They have been whitewashing the entire curriculum.

The even had Jefferson remove from the "Writers that influenced revolutionary change", most likely because the board are Christians and Jefferson's writings found Religion abhorrent.

Dee said...

That is exactly my point AZ. Right Wing Conservatives in AZ and in TX are whitewashing what is being taught in schools. You are right. It is NOT new. But it is wrong! Children should be taught the truth! Not a whitewashed version of History.

Dee said...

White washed = Northern European Flavored LIES about what they wanted history to be.

Anonymous said...

We can all agree on two things.
1. History in America has been written by White people until recent history.
2. It is stupid to hear white people pull the racist card considering whites are no where near being a minority.

Anonymous said...

Two things are certain.
1. Whites have written the history we are taught for sure since the 60's.
2.Whites are majority, so the racist card does is out of reach.
Poor whites are oppressed and discriminated against by the established rule of law.


missingxtension said...

Two things are certain.
1. Whites have written and controlled what we learn about history since the 60's, from what ultima said.
2. Whites are the majority so playing the race card is futile. When have the whites been discriminated and prejudiced by the established law? Should they be sent to the back of the line?
Does equality cover what we can teach our children?
Because I certainly will teach my kids, I dont want the same ignorant mistakes.

The Arizonian said...

Maybe you misunderstood. The AZ bill is designed to intergrate the cirriculum. The Texas school board is re-writing the cirriculum all together.

Our cirriculum has always taught about these people, or at least did when I went to school.

Dee said...

What some people are missing is the BANNED ethnic studies courses are elective classed for Senior and Middle schools. They are NOT mandatory curriculum. Additionally, as the Professor said, the students in the class are not all one ethnicity. Anyone can take these courses.

Others mentioned that the content of the courses are included in US History courses. From my and my children's studies, atrocities such as the Trail of Tears, the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Bracero Program, are barely touched upon. Operation Wetback WAS NEVER MENTIONED. And, the subjects covered were whitewashed, with minimal discussion.

The ethnic studies programs provides various perspectives and allows students to discuss these topics in depth and to learn from them. REMEMBER, WHAT WE DO NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY WE ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT!

To your point AZ, last year, Texas has rewritten and BANNED some of these topics from students' standard curriculum. They even banned Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerte!
That is wrong!

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "This racism will not stop until ALL Latinos register and Vote these racists out of office. Until that time, the racist extremists will continue to run the states."

No, it will continue. The color of the extremists will just be different but they will still be racist extremist and the new racist extremists will continue to run the states and the U.S. There is enough racist rhetoric here to prove that assertion.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "what ALL of us were taught in grades K - 12." I suspect that few have read the current text books to determine whether the treatment of the overall civil rights movement has been given fair treatment and print in relation not to that given to white leaders but in proportion to their contributions to the settlement and development of this continent.

Some want to exacerbate the tensions between Mexican Americans who have the Atzlanista complex and other Americans who reflect on history and see that conquered territories have almost always be retained by the conqueror. Look at the Eastern Half of Poland which now is a part of Russia. We could of course all return to our origins leaving only pure blood Native Americans to populate the continent. Few of us are pure blooded anything after the intermarriage of our ancestors. Ethnic studies is a devisive concept and that is easily proved by the writings of those who teach there.

If one doesn't care about that devisiveness or subscribe to the Truxillo viewpoint, then I can understand why one might support these courses. History taught in schools has rarely been lilywhite in modern times. Hasn't anyone heard of the Dredd Scott case?

ultima said...

Why is everyone so bent on being unreasonable about this?

ultima said...

There may be some things that are not suitable for young children. I think the AZ law preamble is exactly right. Treat each of them as individual and steer clear of divisive topics. After all it is the worth of the individual that we should be interested in not dividing us up by ethnicity. We will never escape our checkered past if ethnic study proponents continue to emphasize our differences rather than the ideals that should bind us together. Ethnic studies are an insidious influence in our society. We have heard about the need of children to feel good about themselves; that also applies to entire nations and societies. Ethnic stludies undermine that.

ultima said...

"Where does it stop? I wanted to say pretty soon they will make it illegal to have brown skin... but oops they already did that. Its very sad, this whole situation is making me physically sick."

This sound like hyperbole to me. Brown skinned people are just as handsome and beautiful as anyone else and they are accepted or rejected on the same terms -- law abiding, loyal, able to think beyond their own ethnicity to what is in the national interest, the national sovereignty, and the national character. That's fairly simple when think about. When you put those things first, people will notice and you will have nothing to worry or get physically sick about. I think that is the answer to your question: "When will it stop?"

How do you think your fellow citizens feel about those who give precedence to the interests of foreign nationals rather than the national interest? Is it unreasonable to question your loyalty to the United States and its ideals and welfare?

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Hi Ultima: hyperbole. - sure, But when racial profiling is legal and citizens are arrested not because they have committed a crime but because they don't answer questions fast enough, the jump really isn't that far.

also you wonder why everyone is being so unreasonable. It is because the people responsible for these laws ALREADY went too far.

It's like when you are having a heated argument and then the other person says or does something so horrific and upsetting. After that you can't even hear their voice anymore because they went too far.

That is what the people responsible for these laws did they went too far. It's a disgrace and now Arizona has lost a huge amount of credibility in the eyes of the entire nation.

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