Saturday, May 15, 2010

The ANTI Immigration Reform Movement's Actual Goal: "The Racial Cleansing of America!"

The Comprehension Immigration Reform (CIR) bill being proposed is a logical proposal. The CIR bill is as follows:
1. Secure Borders
2. Employer Sanctions
3. Allowing those here that are felony free to get in line and apply for legal status.

Once we pass CIR, there will be no need for racial profiling laws or incarceration of those the ANTIs term "illeegal." However, the ANTIs REFUSE to listen to reason.

Most PRO CIR supporters also want the US to partner with our ally Mexico and put an end to the drug cartels. The US is the number one abuser of illegal drugs in the world. The cartels are fighting with each other to be our supplier. We need ICE and the Police to focus on these felonious criminals not on landscapers. These are all "make sense" policy changes that can be accomplished if Congress passes the bill. But the ANTIs REFUSE to LISTEN and continue to MAKE UP STORIES about what CIR is and continue to PUSH these RACIST XENOPHOBIC RIDICULOUS BILLS like sb1070! Their method of persuading the American public to accept these ridiculous bills is to scare them to death with scary stories of crime and violence. In Arizona, they promoted two scary attacks to push the racial profiling bill sb1070. The 1st story was the murder of Rancher Robert Krentz. A lone gunman shot him with a 9MM stolen from a neighbor. That's all we know. Local ranchers say they doubt it was an "illeegal" because they never travel alone. The 2nd story is the suspicious shooting of Deputy Louie Puroll. Many law enforcement officials are coming forward saying his story is not true. However the ANTI CIR forces have pushed both of these stories as being committed by illegal drug cartels; all illeegals are guilty; everyone should be scared to death of all of them; but with sb1070 we will ALL be saved. Of course this is all lunacy.

The actual reason they push these and similar bills is because their true goal is Mass Deportation of the 12M here plus their citizen children - a total of 20M people. They don't want to call it Mass Deportation because they don't believe anyone will accept that term. Instead they use the whitewashed term "Attrition through Enforcement." Now doesn't that sound like a nice, sanitary term. The dictionary defines attrition as: "A gradual diminution in number or strength because of constant stress." Kris Kobach, the author of sb1070 (from the racist group FAIR) says the plan is to make their lives so miserable they'll leave on their own. What this means is, if this bill goes into effect, Arpaio and his goons will up the ante. Envision massive Suppression Sweeps (Lawful stops) every day in Latino neighborhoods. Arpaio arresting EVERY Latino for minor infractions during these sweeps. With the new bill, if someone picks up a friend whose papers have lapsed, or if a business serves an "illeegal" or an "illeegal" attends church, they are guilty of harboring. I'm sure Arpaio will interpret the bill "
Unlawful transporting, moving, concealing, harboring" his way. Anyone who services the Latino community will be in jeopardy of Arpaio's wrath.

Attrition through Enforcement will make every Latino's life miserable. Kobach and FAIR purposely set up this bill this way so it will be adopted by state after xenophobic state. The Center for Immigration Studies, another organization sponsored and supported by White Supremist John Tanton, wrote this about
Attrition through Enforcement in 2006. Attrition through Enforcement is MASS DEPORTATION by making the lives of 12M people, their citizen children, their citizen friends, their citizen neighbors, their Latino citizen neighborhoods, AS MISERABLE AS POSSIBLE until all 12M plus their children are arrested, deported or LEAVE THIS COUNTRY on their own. They speculate, once these policies are adopted in states across the nation, it will take about 5 years for this Mass Deportation of 20 M people -- Attrition through Enforcement. It will include Racial Profiling of millions of Latino Citizens. That is a given, but needed side effect if the Mass Deportation is to actually happen. And by the way, it will "only" cost Americans billions of dollars a year in enforcement, incarceration, court costs and deportations.

Even if all 20M were to leave, this isn't the end of it. Their plan is to ethnic cleanse all Latinos. Here's how:
1. Pass Official English, this includes stopping the printing of any official documents in any language other than English; stopping any/all official interpreters; etc. and this especially includes Voting documents and interpreters when Voting.
2. Require new Immigrants to assimilate to (as Tom Tancredo says) "Northern European" American.
3. Change the 14th Ammendment to end birthright citizenship. (e.g. No more "anchor babies" and some want this bill retroactive)
4. Change Legal Immigration, reducing Immigration from what they term "3rd world countries" and increase Immigration from countries with scholars.

Their goal is the "Racial Cleansing" of America. White Nationalist John Tanton, the godfather of the ANTI Immigration Reform movement, spoke of this in the 1970s. Roy Beck of NumbersUSA - another group sponsored by Tanton, spoke of it in his 2006 Immigration Gumballs speech in which he speaks of the census' prediction of our country evolving to a majority/minority multi-cultural society by 2040. Watch the video. He scares the hell out of his non-latino audience by saying the rate of scary brown people (immigrants and their descendants) will increase exponentially unless they stop them (e.g. Mass Deport, ethnic cleanse).

For all Humanitarian and Latino Americans, it is time we all speak up, step forward and demand the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. CIR's logical, make-sense steps to resolve our current Immigration issues will satisfy all Americans except for the extremists who are demanding this racial cleansing.


Vicente Duque said...

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The pickets tell the Mexicans : "Have Dignity and Self-Respect : Do not spend your money in Arizona to be hated, demeaned, lowered, harassed, stalked, etc ..."

"Don't be a fool - Sooner or Later you will be Racially Profiled and Jailed - Do not cross into Arizona"

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"I went to Arizona on an errand but decided not to buy anything to support the Boycott" - Interviews to Mexicans that went to Arizona and returned to Mexico the same day without buying anything.

You can do searches for "Nogales" in or see the five videos directly here :

Vicente Duque

Jane Doe said...

How is the enforcement of our immigration laws, xenophia, racist or akin to racial cleansing? How in the world did you reach that stretch of your immigination? No one is suggesting that Hispanic citizens be removed from this country so what are you talking about? When other countries enforce their immigration laws (and they do) do they fit your description above?

So to desire making English our official langauge, having a sensible birthright citizenship requirement and encouraging immigrants to assimilate into our society (while still retaining their native culture along with it) is akin to racial cleansing? My God, you are really out there, aren't you? Sounds like you have a really huge chip on your shoulder and a total contempt for non-hispanic Americans and in particular white Americans. Isn't that akin to racism itself?

I have read many a blog and forum and have never read this nonsense anywhere but here.

Many Americans disagree with the type of CIR you are pushing. They don't want to reward immigration laws breakers by allowing to apply for legal status. What makes you think that "we" are the ones being unreasonable? Since when is rewarding law breakers being "reasonable"? Bye the way you might want to use your spell checker because "illeegal" is spelled "illegal".

There is no racial profiling allowed in this new Arizona law. Didn't you read it?

Dee said...

Let me answer your questions:
1. Who is asking for hispanic citizens to be removed from the US? Your ANTI CIR leaders say this frequently. Recently Duncan Hunter said it again when he said he wants to deport American Citizen children of so called "illeegals." He also referenced Legal Immigrants when he said "It takes more than walking across the border to ba an American citizen.It's in your souls." In your souls?? Apparently Tom Tancredo answers this question when he said assimilation is "adopting the white-anglo-saxon (northern european) culture."

Dee said...

Your next question:
How is the enforcement of our immigration laws, xenophia, racist or akin to racial cleansing?

I have answered this question numerous times. But I will answer it again. Immigration laws were only established in the US a little over 100 years ago. They began as retrictionist laws with the Chinese Exclusion Act. Then in the 1924 Immigration Act, we excluded Eastern and Southern Europeans as well as Asians. However we left the southern border wide open. Why? After slavery, we needed workers to help nation build, and we liked their work ethic as well as Christian/Family values. Since then, we have continued to rely on our southern neighbors for workers. We partnered in Guest Worker programs like the Bracero Program and Venga a Michigan, which still goes on today. We also allowed the immigration laws for our neighbors from the south and the north, to go virtually unenforced until we have accumulated the number of so called "illegals" to 12M.
We have had occassional ebbs and flows of enforcement during times of poor economy as occurred briefly during the depression, in the 50s with Operation Wetback and now. Usually it is the extremists/white nationalists, like Tanton's group, that pushes this agenda. With their extremist agenda, their goal is to Mass Deport the entire 12M plus their citizen children. This number equals close to 20M. How do you remove 20M people from the US? The size of the state of NY? You cannot unless you put in place strict enforcement measures which include racial profiling your target group -- American Latinos. American Latinos number 50M.

We can ALL thank Sheriff Arpaio and his masked volunteers for providing us ALL a glimpse of what enactment of sb1070 will look like. These enforcement measures have Law Enforcement conduct suppression sweeps (lawful contacts) in latino neighborhoods. This method works in rounding up the so called illegals, but they also racially profiles countless latino citizens. Latinos are mistreated, held in cuffs for hours, everyone in a car is harassed, latinos are arrested for small infractions that everyday citizens also have but are not arrested because their neighborhoods are not "swept". This is well documented. I have several blogs with pictures as examples.

Now multiply these measures by 10,000 cities, anywhere there are high rates of Latinos. This is racial profiling and abusive to one group of Americans. And, it is wrong.

Now take into consideration the other measures your side is proposing:
1. Mandatory English Only
2. Change in Birthright Citizenship
3. Change in Immigration Laws and which countries we allow people to immigrant from. (rate reductions/increases)

The target is clear. Racial Cleansing of one race of immigration. Loook at Roy Beck's Gumball Video. It's all there.

Dee said...

question 3: Many Americans disagree with the type of CIR you are pushing.

response: No. You are wrong. When explained with the facts, most Americans support CIR.

however your ANTI CIR leaders LIE and denigrate the bill by calling it "amnesty" and pushing scary pictures of latino immigrants. When polled do you favor amnesty? They poll no. When polled do you favor them getting in line, pay a fine and apply for citizenship, they poll YES.

Dee said...

question 4: I have read many a blog and forum and have never read this nonsense anywhere but here.

response: First, I have reported the facts. You have corroborated many of them and you cannot disprove one word I wrote. Second, You must not read many blogs.

ultima said...

There are a few kernels of truth in this post once you strip away the hysteria. For example, most Americans are in favor of official English. That would end the unnecessary expenditure of funds at all levels of government for multi-lingual ballots, documents,and proceedings. However,this has to do with language and stopping government waste and has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. This is not a racist proposal. Oppposition to it is.

ultima said...

Given the fact that federal and state laws already exist to secure the borders and apply sanctions to employers but are largely unenforced those parts of a new CIR bill are just window dressing to try to convince a gullible public that something positive will be done to curb illegal entry.

This is the same promise made in 1968 with the result that the illegal population increased by a compound rate of 10% per year. Now thaqt is something to really get hysterical about.

So the bottom line is the new CIR bill is just another amnesty bill. That is the only part that will be enforced just like in 1968:


Maria said...

I thought I stop in and take a look at how you are doing. Apparently, not very well. Do you realize that you have deep emotional problems? I truly feel sorry for you. We are in at least the last 1/3 of our life, if not less. You must not get so angry and worked up. Your mood is effecting your household whether you know it or not. Do you think that your calling might be to go to Mexico and try to help the immigrants before they make their move to the U.S, a country who is not exactly welcoming illegals right now? Speak with your spouse, you are both retired and you may do alot of good for more people in their home base than you are on this blog which seems to keep you very upset. Now, take a deep breath and think about what I have said and calm down.

ultima said...

The proposed CIR bill is completely illogical because it promises far more than it can deliver regarding secure borders. Amnesty will undermine any efforts to secure the border. It simply can't be done without vigorous and continuous internal enforcement to enable the numbers of illegals present to be reduced -- attrition through enforcement.

As I haave patiently expained on a number of occasions, attrition througn enforcement is totally different from mass deportation, it is more akin to gradual systematic repatriation of some illegal aliens in an attempt to send a message to the others that if you are here illegally, you are not welcome and you will be apprehended eventually and repatriated.

For those who see attrition through enforcement as an inappropriate way to deal with illegals, one might ask, "What do you expect to be the result of employer sanctions?" If that part of the law was vigorously enforced, the result would be the same -- attrition through enforcement. If sanctioning employers denies illegals the jobs that is their sole purpose, their numbers will be reduced, that is --attrition by enforcement.


ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Once we pass CIR, there will be no need for racial profiling laws or incarceration of those the ANTIs term "illeegal."

If the current CIR proposal becomes law, there will be no illegals. They will have all been swept under the carpet through a mass legalization effort. We could do the same with all criminals and then we could save tons of money by shutting down all the prisons. This makes just as much sense as excusing all illegal aliens just so we don't have to bother catching them and incarcerating them.

ultima said...

Generally the pro-America, anti-illegal folks have no problem with allowing those who are here to get in line and apply for legal status as long as they do it from their homelands and remain there until their numbers come up. The U.S. has no inherent obligation to allow any immigrants to enter our country under legal quotas. The quotas should always be adjusted to fit the needs of the U.S. not the demands of foreigners. This is where comprehensive immigration reform should begin -- with the identification and verification of the needs of the U.S. labor market by sector. When the unemployment rate is high in a particular sector, the immigration quota should be low or suspended entirely. If the demand and unemployment rate of citizens is low as in the case of agricultural labor, the quota should be loosened for green cards and temporary work permits.

Granting legal status to foreign workers who are surplus to the needs of our economy is exactly the wrong approach and that is the primary driving force behind the opposition to Amnesty/CIR. It doesn't help to resolve this conundrum by continuing to paint it in racial terms. It's a numbers issue not a racial issue.

ultima said...

We are already partnering with Mexico to combat the drug cartels. But all Mexico wants is money, equipment, and maybe training. It is not interested in a change in the rules of engagement that would permit hot pursuit of drug runners into Mexico.

How can the U.S. solve Mexico's problems of police corruptions and collusion with the cartels?

No one has an answer regarding how to reduce the demand for drugs in the U.S. This is an age old problem which some European countries have dealt with by legalizing drugs, maybe even selling them through state run stores. Is that the answer?

Like the illegal aliens problem itself, sweeping it under the carpet merely hides it. It does not solve it. The only answer is enforcement. Until Mexico adopts a "wanted dead or alive" approach to drug barons, its problem will remain unsolved and unsolvable. Similarly, perhaps we should put addicts to work on border infrastructure while they go through rehab. A little hard work in the open air might be helpful in their rehabilitation.

Six months working on border infrastructure followed by repatriation is the only solution to illegal aliens. The current CIR proposals are no more than a coverup.

ultima said...

Pro-America people are notably reasonable folks. Is it unreasonable to ask that the laws of the land be enforced? Of course not!

Is it unreasonable to want to protect the national interest, sovereignty, character and language. Of course not!

Is it reasonable for a U.S. citizen to give precedence to the interests of foreigners over those of their fellow citizens? Of course not!

Is it reasonable to propose solving a problem by sweeping it under the carpet? Of course not!

Is it reasonable to give lip service to secure borders but deny us the tools necessary to achieve that goal? Of course not!

etc etc

So who is being unreasoable here??

Dee said...

I approved your comment so readers can see what I have to put up with when deciding to approve or disapprove comments. As I noted, the rate of ANTI CIR commenters have increased since your side obviously feel threatened by someone posting the facts. You are attempting to hijack my blog, detract and attack.

All of the numerous comments I have rejected of yours are the same in tone and content and vicious. My readers know about you and Bad Anon and other ridiculous commenters. I routinely reject you/your comments, but this time, I thought I'd let the readers see for themselves.

ultima said...

I am certain that ICE and local authorities continue to focus on criminals of all kinds, particularly those who are violent. That does not mean they should abandon their responsibility to serve and protect everyone by enforcing traffic laws, ordnances, and regulations enacted by the duly elected representatives of the people. What kind of a society would we have if authorities at all levels were free to decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore. That's the kind of thing that leads to police corruption --they let their friends get off the hook, but throw their enemies in the slammer. Let's agree once and for all that all laws should be enforced in an even handed way so that we are all well-served and we can live in a society that abides by and respects the rule of law.

ultima said...

The pro-America folks spend as much time as the pro-illegals studying CIR proposals. They are well-informed. They know La Raza and other immigration lobbies end up writing most of the CIR bills and they also know that those 1000 page bills contain all kinds of mischief and always include amnesty in one form or another.

AMNESTY IS NOT IMMIGRATION REFORM it is the abandonment of the rule of law.

Dee said...

Thank you for confirming every word I said. You did not dispute one area.
1. Removal of all 12M, plus their children through Attrition through Enforcement.
2. Include their children which ups numbers to 20M
3. Racial Profiling will occur as side effect of removal.
4. Assimilation to Northern European Culture as Tom Tancredo says.
5. Future Plans: Mandatory English Only, Changing 14th Birthright Citizenship; Change flow of future Immigration by reducing rate from Latin Countries and increasing rate from Northern European countries.

America, Ultima, a credible ANTI CIR advocate CONFIRMS this blog. He is not refuting any of these items. NONE!

This is the FUTURE desired by the ANTI CIR advocates.


ultima said...

Dee's definition of attrition is not the only one. In wartime attrition is referred both in the context of depleting the enemies ranks, supplies and equipment and also in terms of the losses of our own forces -- casualties, aircraft shot down, ships sank, etc. as in a war of attrition. A gradual wearing down.

Of course if you deny jobs to illegals, that will create stress. If you quickly apprehend and repatriate illegals, that will create stress on those who remain undetected.

But to equate the reduction in the numbers of illegals here or enroute through such measures is not the same as mass deportation.

Mass deportation (my defintion): "You have one hour to get to the train or bus station; you can take only what you can put in one suitcase; any assets you have will be forfeited to pay for the cost of your deportation. Everyone will be repatriated within one year; there are no appeals.

ultima said...

Some like to argue that the police are being diverted from their regular duties. Not so! The police will continue to do everything they have done in the past and the checking of credentials on those who commit other infractions will become routine just like any other request for ID.

ultima said...

I don't believe the bills like SB 1070 are RACIST XENOPHOBIC RIDICULOUS BILLS enabled by a climate of fear generated by false reports of criminal activity at the border. SB 1070 is a rational alternative to the mass deportation definition I provided above.

One can argue that what is proposed in the CIR framework is not amnesty because some penalties are imposed. Technically speaking this may be true but putting the semantics aside, any provision that allows illegals to remain here and work will be consistent with the common understanding of the term amnesty.

I believe calling attrition through enforcement mass deportation is stretching things to far. "Mass" implies a large number or all illegals like a 100% roundup overnight.

"Deportation" applies only indirectly or perhaps not at all if the illegal returns to his or her homeland voluntarily as the result of stress related to the inability to get a job.

Dee said...

Where you are NOT informed is the PRO CIR perspective.

1st: The CIR bill before Congress is a compromise bill. All agree on secure borders, employer sanctions.Both sides agree on this.
2nd: Where you and I disagree is what to do about 12M here. From a PRO perspective, the majority asks that the 12M here get in line and apply for citizenship.

Next, you go on a tangent you know nothing about. You think there is some big, bad conspiracy of Latino advocacy groups that are similar to the KKK only wear Che Guevara costumes and preach reconquista and they somehow group together and write bills for congress. That is crazy and not true.

First of all NCLR, or the group you term "La Raza" is a Humanitarian group which helps Latino American groups with Education and Civil issues. MALDEF and PRLDEF are similar Humanitarian groups but help Latino Americans with legal issues. They were very helpful in supporting the victims of Hate Crimes last year. LULAC and other Latin groups also are humanitarian groups. Many minorities have supporting groups eg. NAACP, Asian Human Services groups, etc. They are ALL Humanitarian groups, yet your side tries to compare them to the KKK or Militias, and other Violent promoting Hate Groups but they are not.

Besides Humanitarian Groups, there are groups that support students and the Dream Act, there are Union groups that support Workers' Rights, there are Religious and Missionary groups that support Human Rights. Then there are, of course, people like me. Every day Latino American Citizens who love this country, who are seeking to understand the issues, and who are appalled by all the hate crimes, injustice and racial profiling going on.

Do you really think ALL of us got together and wrote the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill and snuck it under Obama's door? No. But many of us have read the bill and do support this logical, make-sense approach.

ultima said...

Actually Dee has added a few distortions to the items I suggested:

1. Ultima -- Official English
Dee -- mandatory English Only
2. Ultima -- attrition through enforcement (employer sanctions)
Dee -- mass deportation
3. Ultima -- amnesty
Dee -- CIR
4. Ultima -- minor children must accompany parents under a removal order
Dee -- Include [all] children regardless of age and citizenship, i.e. adult offspring of illegals
5. Ultima -- did not mention racial profiling
Dee--Racial Profiling will occur as side effect of removal
6. Ultima-- modification of the 14th Amendment to require at least one parent to be a citizen before the child can be an instant citizen. (This is an eminently reasonable provision found in the laws of many other countries.)
Dee-- if you can get into the country before you deliver your baby you can bring in your whole extended family through chain immigrations.
7. Ultima -- social integration and cultural and linguistic assimilation (does not require the entire abandonment of one's own culture just an effort to fit in and become a loyal American in every sense of the word)
Dee-- assimilate to Northern European culture
8. Ultima -- focus legal immigration quotas on those who have the entrepreneurial skills, ability to innovate, and educational credentials that will enable America to be competitive in the global economy
Dee -- reduce the immigration quotas from Latin America

The difference represent important nuances that Dee would like everyone to overlook. She has a long record of putting words into people's mouths and indulging in distortions of what others post. She has now refused to allow my URLs knowing full well that I never violate the charter of her blog.

ultima said...

One might ask, "Why do you object to the sensible idea of requiring at least one parent to be a citizen before birthright citizenship can be awarded?" That can't be all bad if it is the rule in many countries of the world.

ultima said...

One might also ask why Official English to be used for all government documents and proceeding at all levels is a bad idea? Shouldn't an immigrant have a real command of the English language in order to become a citizen? Some may not be able to achieve this level of fluency but their children in American schools studying English and civics will. My grandfather never learned English. He was rather old when he immigrated to the U.S. but my Dad was four when he came here and learned English immediately. There is room for rational discourse on this subject but not hysteria based on the erroneous concept of English only. I have always maintained that Public Interpreters, like Public Defenders, should be provided to those who cannot afford one or who do not have a family member who can interpret for them. For all others this should be a billable service at emergency locations like police stations, hospitals,etc.

ultima said...

Removing Hispanic citizens from the U.S. is a non-starter and any comments along those lines should be ignored. It will never happen except in the narrow circumstance where to do otherwise would constitute child abandonment or child abuse.

This problem could be solved with a modification of the 14 th Amendment. If one parent is a citizen, then both the spouse and any children would be eligible for chain immigration.

ultima said...

Please no more of this racial cleansing nonsense. America is multi-racial or multi-ethnic and that will never change.

ultima said...

I realize that The CIR bill before Congress is being advertised as a compromise bill. All agree on secure borders, employer sanctions. Both sides agree on this. That is the same thing that is already in the federal statutes. So how meaningful is that if those provisions have never been enforced and the amnesty/CIR proponents don't want them to be enforced.

The provisions of this bill characterized as compromises are just window dressing. That is obvious from the failure of enforcement of the current law.

The only meaningful compromise would have to relate to amnesty for illegal aliens. That is the main area where the CIR writers have been unwilling to compromise. Why is that? I think there is room for compromise on that issue.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Do you really think ALL of us got together and wrote the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill and snuck it under Obama's door?"

It is a well-known fact that most bills before Congress are heavily influenced or actually written by lobbiests. The Gutierrez bill and the Reid Schumer Menendez reflects a heavy La Raza input. Don't tell me La Raza doesn't have the ears of Gutierrez, Menendez and even Pelosi.

Dee said...

I can always tell when I'm right on target with my blog when I get a zillion responding comments back from you.

You have yet to refute one word of what I said about your ANTI CIR agenda. Readers can read through your spin.

1. Removal of all 12M, plus their children through Attrition through Enforcement. (Call it attrition, call it Mass Deportation; READ YOUR OWN WEBSITES, they call for Attrition within 5 - 7 years once all states adopt sb1070 type of legislation. 20M in 5 years = 4M a year; THAT IS MASS DEPORTATION)
2. Include their children which ups numbers to 20M (WHERE DOES DUNCAN HUNTER JR. SAY "MINOR CHILDREN"?? ANSWER: HE DOESN'T)
3. Racial Profiling will occur as side effect of removal.
4. Assimilation to Northern European Culture as Tom Tancredo says.
5. Future Plans: Mandatory English Only (MANDATOR OR OFFICIAL, SAME THING!!), Changing 14th Birthright Citizenship; Change flow of future Immigration by reducing rate from Latin Countries and increasing rate from Northern European countries.

Vicente Duque said...

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ultima said...

I can't be held accountable for the remarks of anyone else. Sometimes I agree with the posts of others, sometimes I don't. I do not agree with anything that smacks of racial cleansing. As I have state numerous times the browning of America is a fact and there is nothing anyone can do about it even if they wanted to.
I don't advocate the removal of all illegal aliens nor the removal of all of their childlren. I do believe that minor children should accompany parents under a removal order. And therefore I do not accept family separation as a valid basis for any appeal. Adult who are citizens are free to chart their own course in life just as many of my ancestors did when some decided to stay in Europe while others decided to immigrate to the U.S. Often it was the women who decided to immigrate to the U.S. with their husbands while their brothers and their parents remained behind and made their lives as adults in the old country.
I ask no more than that of the children of illegals. What kind of parents would abandon their minor children? Adult citizens who choose to stay behind are acting like adults and through modern communication and transportation systems will be enabled to visit their relative wherever they are just as other Americans have to travel across the country to visit their relatives. My siblings live in Wsiconsin. I have nieces and nephews in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia. It is no more of a chore to travel there than it would be to travel to Mexico.

ultima said...

My position remains that illegal aliens should be subjected to the jobs test. If an employers can present irrefutable evidence that they are unable to fill their jobs with citizens by offering a living wage and a hiring preference then by all means we should have a process by which they can hire or retain foreign workers and get them accredited with the proper credentials. However, if the jobs can be filled with citizens, then I make no apologies for advocating the removal of the illegals in those jobs and for denying other illegals the right to apply for similar jobs. I have indicated the bases that I would find acceptable for a successful immigration appeal even if it meant the illegal alien would be competing with citizens for jobs. Those bases include evidence of social integration and cultural and linguistic assimilation. Now what does that mean? It means that the individual has made every effort to learn English so that he or she can participate in social life of the broader community. It means that he or she honors American traditions and holidays without necessarily abandoning their own. I'm sure that there were many Danish and German traditions in baking, the Christmas holiday, and others that were carried over into the next generation. But I am just as certain that there were others that have been abandoned and are no longer remembered by the subsequent generations. I distrust those who wish to remain in this country but want to continue to fly the Mexican flag. My position on that is foreign flags of any kind should not be flown except at foreign embassies and consular offices and otherwise only by permit for ethnic parades like St. Patrick's Day. I make no apology for that position. In summary, if someone can present strong evidence that they wish to become an American in every way and have made significant progress in that direction, I do not wish to deport them or separate them from their adult children of a like mind.

ultima said...

"READ YOUR OWN WEBSITES" I don't know what websites you are referring to. I have not read any that propose that type of a solution. Nevertheless, I suspect there are such sites and I further suspect that the positions expressed there are the result of the frustration like that evident in Arizona where an overwhelming problem was left to fester by the federal government. That frustration multiplied by the feeling that Hispanic citizens are not with other American citizens, they are against them in their desire to have the law enforced and this problem solved once and for all with effective measures applied in an even handed way.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "I can always tell when I'm right on target with my blog when I get a zillion responding comments back from you."

Actually that is the wrong interpretation of my gazillion posts. I resort to that level of response only when I feel as though you have purposely misconstrued every event and every post so badly that I feel it is imperative that I provide a correction immediately.

Without the distortions there would be no need for a voluminous response or set of corrections. Now I understand that you read other posts on other blogs and draw conclusions from them that may be entirely appropriate but please don't attribute the worst of what you read to all of those who are search for answers to the illegal aliens problem that do not involve blanket amnesty or its equivalent by some other name.

ultima said...

We know there are those like Tom
Tancredo and Duncan out there and they serve a useful purpose by stating things that show how moderate the views of others among the pro-America movement are.

As I have stated before there is no way adult citizens of the U.S. can be deported. The only example I know of is Lucky Luciano who was finally deported to Sicily when it was proven that his citizenship was obtained fraudulently.

There is now a move afoot to enable the deportation of citizen terrorists. I don't know if that will fly or not nor do I know your position on that. It is very hard to deport a citizen and so you can discount anything you read in that regard. Even the minor citizen children of illegal have been able to stay if another relative is willing to take them in or adopt them. I don't really agree with that. I think it is a horrible way to treat minor children and it makes you wonder about what kind of parents these people are who wish to abandon their children.

ultima said...

El Duque wrote, "AryanZona is to the USA what the Wannseekonferenz was to Nazi Germany - But this time they will be frustrated, evil will be thwarted."

Here's what the Jewish community thinks of his idiocy:

"Arizona's tough new law against illegal immigration has prompted furious protests and boycotts but Jewish groups say opponents who compare it with the rise of Nazi Germany are going too far.

"It diminishes the Holocaust," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Wiesenthal Center, an internationally known Holocaust studies center based in Los Angeles.

"Survivors and others are very upset about this," he said Friday. "When you exaggerate, it's very harmful to them when they know that their mothers and fathers were taken to the gas chambers without any recourse to the law. They lost children."

LMJ said...

I thought I stop in and take a look at how you are doing. Apparently, not very well. Do you realize that you have deep emotional problems? I truly feel sorry for you. We are in at least the last 1/3 of our life, if not less. You must not get so angry and worked up. Your mood is effecting your household whether you know it or not. Do you think that your calling might be to go to Mexico and try to help the immigrants before they make their move to the U.S, a country who is not exactly welcoming illegals right now? Speak with your spouse, you are both retired and you may do alot of good for more people in their home base than you are on this blog which seems to keep you very upset. Now, take a deep breath and think about what I have said and calm down."

I can't stop crying due to laughing hysterically at these ridiculous comments, I don't know what kind of reality you live in Maria but your the one who has ppl feeling sorry 4 u, stop taking the Prozac and blogging at the same time, and actually try reading what Dee writes with a level head

Miguel said...

I'm mexican so i don't speak english as well as y speak spanish and for respect to my roots i'm going to post in spanish.

Pienso que es tiempo de organizarse todas las comunidades de inmigrantes latinos en Estdos Unidos de Norteamerica sin importtar el origen o el color.

Es tiempo de organizar una marcha pacifica en la cual todo el mundo pudiera manifestarse y hacer valer sus derechos en el pais del tio Sam. Algo asi como un dia sin mexicanos pero esta vez seria un dia sin latinos. Cada dia se presenta un caso de un inmigrante muerto en el cual no existe justicia alguna.

Si pudieran pedir un dia de vacaciones para manifestarse todos juntos en las principales calles de las ciudades mas importantes donde existan comunidades latinas.

Los estados Unidos es un pais de inmigrantes eso lo demuestra la historia muchos de los que ahora son fieles de sus origenes amerianos tiene un pasado inmigrante. Son tambien los inmigrantes que han ayudado a construir "ese gran pais". Es tiempo de defender los derechos de estas personas. YA BASTA

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