Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Video Re-enactment of Deputy Puroll Shooting

Former Marine Comments on Shooting:
. Being an ex Marine Viet-Nam-combat-veteran and an ex MP after my tour of duty. The report of this shooting hit me very wrong for a number of reasons. Number one: I know first hand the damage that an AK-47 round does, an AK-47 round spins as it travels and even if it grazes the target it would do major damage (it would have ripped out half his organs on the side that was hit). Number two: As an MP (Military Policeman) I learned that you do not make contact with a suspect/s without first reporting to headquarters. The cop in question was not a rookie, he should have known this. I also have to question his calling 911 vs calling his own unit for back-up. This entire incident is suspect and since there were foreign nationals involved, the FBI should investigate. For the the Sheriff's department to investigate would be like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coup.


ultima said...

I flat don't believe it. All rifle barrels are rifled to give spin and stability to the bullet so if flies true to the target. A graze is a graze and the spin of the bullet has nothing to do with it.

Dee said...

There are two problems with your theory Ultima.

Some of the experts I've talked to said it looks like there are powder burns on Puroll's back. That indicates the shooting was at close range. An AK47 at close range would blow his back off. Additionally, Puroll himself said the so called attackers were not in close range. My other expert said it looks like close range by a 9MM, eg: his service revolver.

I believe the ex Marine.

BTW, Liquid wrote me that he disputes what the marine said.

The Arizonian said...

I was hit with an AK in Ramala, my guts didn't go everywhere....
At close range (point blank-2 feet or so) the muzzle blast itself (the air exiting the barrel) *might* cause substantial damage.

I still have a hard time believing he was shot as he describes though. Where is the shirt he was wearing at the time? Was he wearing a vest, and if so, where is that? Where did the evidence of the attackers/drugs go?

Dee said...

What is also odd, if you look back at the picture I posted in an earlier blog, he runs to his rescuer. He's wearing a short sleeve shirt. I did not see any blood. No tear in the shirt. He's just running to the rescuer. He also had a backpack on. There is no tear on the backpack. He as still wearing it. How is that possible??

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