Tuesday, May 11, 2010

sb1070: More Racial Profiling by Police towards Innocent Latinos - This Time in Seattle! Arizona is Rubbing Off!!


Dee said...

Poor Guy! Kicked in the head by racist cops! Racial Profiling!!!! Despicable!!

Dee said...

Police-beating video discussed at Burlington racial profiling meeting

A police beating caught on tape has fueled outrage just as a panel gathered Saturday at a Burlington town hall meeting to collect evidence on racial profiling.
The video, captured April 17 by a freelance videographer and released Friday, shows a Seattle police officer using a racial slur and profanity after kicking a Hispanic man on the ground.

At Saturday's town hall discussion on racial profiling, other victims of police abuse reacted to the tape.


Dee said...

At Saturday's town hall meeting, the video only added to what victims say is a recurring pattern.

"I'm ashamed of that type of situation and to see that in the land of freedom, this is still happening," says Juan Mendoza, one of several expert witnesses who testified about instances of racial profiling.

ultima said...

No one supports brutality by the police or anyone else. The problem is the Hispanic community is part of the problem rather than part of the solution. If they acted like loyal Americans, they would be treated like loyal Americans. Police brutality is not limited to Hispanics. There are many stories like this from victims of all races.

I saw short video of a Hannity focus group in which everyone was given a fair chance to air their support or differences with the AZ law. Surprisingly even some of the Hispanics supported the law. One wanted action to get the illegals and their progeny off the dole. Some of course objected to being asked for their birth certificate.

D said...

The development of how this video came out is also a growing controversy. I saw a video, also on youtube, of an interview with the videographer, who said he was first told by KCPQ/Q13 (the local FOX affiliate, natch!) that they weren't going to air it because they thought the video wasn't "egregious" enough. He then went to another news channel, and youtube, and now KCPQ/Q13 FOX wants to sue him, claiming that they had exclusive rights to the video, because he worked for them. He was subsequently fired, even though he claimed it was on his own time, with his own equipment.

Q13's most popular show is "Washington's Most Wanted", which is a show that requires close collaboration between Q13 and the Seattle Police Department. Could it be that Q13 didn't want to air this video because it might jeopardize their cushy relationship with the SPD?

Thanks for covering this. I think the more people that see this, the better. This hits too close to home. I know exactly where this occurred, because my work is close by, and also because B and I have gone in the past to some of the establishments on Westlake Ave, which sometimes cater to a large Latino crowd by playing salsa and reggaeton music on certain nights. There is even a taco trailer out in front on some nights.

Vicente Duque said...

Phoenix recently completed $600 million of renovations on its convention center and the cancellations could stick local taxpayers to pay the center’s debts. The city is facing a $240 million budget shortfall

SchadenFreude :

The Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association said late last week that 19 meetings representing 15,000 room nights have been canceled statewide. Six major conventions were cancelled.

Later :

The Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association said the tally so far is 23 canceled meetings with an economic impact of $6 million to $10 million in lost business.

New Mexico : Governor Bill Richardson has publicly set New Mexico apart from Arizona by speaking out against the new law and has directed New Mexico’s Division of Human Rights to provide assistance to any state residents traveling to Arizona.


Vicente Duque

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Its so so sad. I just don't understand people how they can justify that sort of thing. They are bullies. And I we all know this is happening everywhere, all the time.

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