Thursday, May 13, 2010

IRONIC NEWS: 1st Big Boycott - Phoenix Loses Republican National Convention in 2012 to Woo Latino Voters in Florida!

AZ Republic reports: The Republican National Committee on Wednesday chose Tampa, Florida over Phoenix, Arizona for its 2012 national convention, picking the most strategically significant state and sidestepping a furor over illegal immigration.

Republicans hope their pick helps generate momentum in a crucial and diverse swing state that dwarfs Arizona in electoral influence. Florida is a state where Republicans have made deep inroads with Hispanic voters - the presumptive 2010 Republican Senate nominee is conservative Latino, Cuban-American Marco Rubio - and a convention there would provide a platform to build on that outreach. It also lets the party avoid the inevitable avalanche of bad publicity that would have accompanied a decision to hold the convention in Phoenix.


Vicente Duque said...

Small Cities of Bisbee and Sedona in Arizona are worried about the Boycott - Their Economy will suffer - City Council Resolutions show distress - See links

Bisbee is a city in Cochise County, Arizona, United States, 82 miles (132 km) southeast of Tucson. According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city was 6,177. The city is the county seat of Cochise County.

Bisbee Arizona :
The resolution passed in a 4-1 vote. It states: “Whereas the enactment of Senate Bill 1070 as amended, led to immediate local, state, national and international criticism as promoting racial profiling, violating existing federal law, infringing on constitutionally protected rights and imposing unwarranted burdens on local law enforcement agencies … be it resolved … that the City of Bisbee opposes Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and House Bill 2162 and supports all local, state and federal legislative, executive and judicial action against such bills.”


Sedona Arizona : According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 11,220

Sedona Arizona :
The city council motion calls for the city staff and the new council to write a resolution saying that Sedona would suffer from a dive in city revenue because of boycotts over the new law and that it creates an unfunded mandate for immigration enforcement.

The Arizona Boycott in Careful Detail with itemized lists :

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

Now that is funny. I guess the Republicans here are suffering "foot in mouth" disease.

Vicente Duque said...

If your are one of the UGLIES, then you are not welcome in Arizona - Native American Indians, Pacific Islanders, South Asians, Middle Easterners to be confused as Latinos

All beautiful Races of the World were created by God - And when God was sleeping his nap on the Sunday after heavy and finished work, the Devil created the Latinos.

Why ??? -

Reason Number One : Latinos were put in this planet by the Devil to confuse all Racial Profilers and drive them mad.

Reason Number Two : The Devil enjoys big sins because that increases the meat to put in the cauldrons of Hell - The Racist are fried in the cheapest Palm Oil ( that has been used many times and has horrible stench ). The Devil wants to increase the number or Racists with the Beautiful Help of the Republicans in Arizona.

Watch Out ! - Be careful to go to Arizona if you are one UGLY, that is a person that can be easily confused with the despised Latinos. - Don't be a fool vacationing, conventioning, or conferencing in a Racial Police State.

Janet Murguía said : "If you look like us, then you will be racially profiled" - Even the Richest Guy in the World : Mexican Carlos Slim may look like an UGLY to an Ignorant and Racist cop in Arizona.

My list of UGLIES similar to Latinos include : All Native American Indians, including Alaskan or Canadian Eskimos and Inuits, because these natives mixed blood heavily with the Spanish Conquerors that were in America from almost two centuries before the Mayflower arrived with Pilgrims or Founding Fathers.

Other UGLIES are the Pacific Islanders that look very similar to Latinos.

Add the Southern Europeans : Italians from Sicily and Calabria and Spanish People from Andalucia ( Olé ! )

Add the North Africans from Maghreb and the Middle East, those that have Phoenician or Carthaginian genes in their blood, the descendants from the Hittites, the Ancient Egyptians, the Mesopotamians and Persians, Add India and Pakistan, those are the initiators of Civilization, when the "Whites" from the North of Europe were perfect savages.

Yes, I am stealing the paragraphs of Benjamin Disraeli, prime minister of Queen Victoria in England.

You can racially profile any Black or African Person of any shade of darkness as a Latino, because Latin America has received millions of tons of African Blood through History.

Even Blonde and White People are a problem, because those from Cantabria, Santander, Basque Country, Aragon, Galicia, etc ... . have a lot of Visigothic Blood, that is Germanic Blood from invasions of Barbarians that came from the North of Europe. And some of them migrated to Latin America .... And I am not mentioning the millions of Jews and Arabs that went south of the Rio Grande.

Latinos were put in this planet by the Devil to confuse all Racial Profilers and drive them mad and into Big Sins.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

The RNC is not stupid. They do not want to offend Latinos and lose their votes again in the 2012 election, although they probably will anyway.

Anonymous said...

Dee, I believe boycotts hurt those you are trying to engage in seeing your side of this debate. Boycotts will only harden the hearts, and will be a short win for those who believe the law hurts latinos... but will result in the ultimate loss when if people lose jobs and the economy suffers in AZ, that will translate in a backlash that will affect latinos also.

No one wins.

Everyone loses.

Instead, respectful debate should be the effort on both sides instead of feigned hysteria by people (those advocating anything to harm economically those who want legal immigration). Many who truly don't know what the law actually states (and means to law enforcement).... but instead fan the flames of fear in order to gain political points.

Listen, if I have to show my ID to law enforcement if I have broken the law, everyone should.

I can get into more detail if you want... and I will keep it respectful.

Steinar Andersen
Huntley, Illinois

Dee said...

Welcome. I am glad you joined my blog.

I'd like to discuss this further but I ask you to do two things:
1. Study what has been happening with Arizona, Racial Profiling by Arpaio and his masked goons. see

2. Study the bill: sb1070. see (In upper right hand corner, search for bill sb1070)
and then consider these parts of the bill:
. Lawful Contact - Arpaio is currently conducting suppression sweeps in Latino neighborhoods. (see previous link)
. Anyone can call police when they see a group of latinos and demand they be investigated. If police do not come, they can be sued.
. A citizen Riding in a car or picking up someone with lapsed papers - is now guilty of a violation of this law.

John Q said...

. Lawful Contact - Arpaio is currently conducting suppression sweeps in Latino neighborhoods. (see previous link)
. Anyone can call police when they see a group of latinos and demand they be investigated. If police do not come, they can be sued.

May 14, 2010 11:24 PM

If Arapio is conducting sweeps "not" during lawful contact then he will have to stop it when this law goes into effect. I would think you would be happy about that since this new law prohibits it.

If someone calls the law when some latinos or anyone else is just hanging out the most the cops could do is to ask for valid I.D. unless they are in the country illegally and can't produce it. I fail to see what is the big deal. Why do you just mention latinos? I have seen groups of blacks, whites and asians all hanging out together also. One has to act suspiciously in order for the cops to be called and even at that I.d. is the only thing that a citizen would be asked for. I don't understand your concern.

ultima said...

This all comes back to how else to solve the problem. No one has a different solution. To punish employers you have to be able to identify the illegals in their employ. How can this be done without asking for id? Oh, that's right, some citizen might be mistakenly asked and that would be a national tragedy.

Dee said...

From arpaio's and his masked goons' perspective, his suppression sweeps are "Lawful contact" because he says so. Racial Profiling is also against the law. Yet his sweeps are rife with racial profiling of latinos. Yet he continues. Many latinos have reported him. Thousands have demonstrated. Arpaio's abuse is so extreme the mayor of phoenix and a number of sheriffs in AZ wrote the DOJ and reported arpaio. They asked for an investigation. The FBI/DOJ are currently investigating his abuse. His response, another sweep. He has lost $40M in civil suits for deaths and abuses in his jails. Still his tent cities, loaded with disease and vermin, are overflowing. Do you think he will stop his sweeps with this bill? I don't. He is rubbing his hands together waiting for the bill to pass, anticipating what he can do more to abuse latinos in little towns like Guadalupe. Look at the faces of the children in fear of this maniac.

If you have not seen the abuse by now, it is your choice to overlook it.

Additionally, if you did not see the NBC polls which detail specifically what I reported in my poll article, then again, no one can force you to read and accept the facts.

John Q said...

I did find the NBC poll you spoke of. It said "Hispanics believe the law condones racial profiling" but all the polls conclude that the majority of Americans do not believe that and in fact it says racial profiling is prohibited right in the law itself.

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