Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AZ Gov. Brewer: What does an Illegal Immigrant Look Like? "I dunno!"

Jan Brewer says she doesn't know what an illegal immigrant looks like. I don't either. Look at the picture on the right. Which ones are illegal immigrants? Will they be stopped by arpaio and his goons through his suppression sweeps of Latino neighborhoods? Should they be? Will they be handcuffed on the side of the road for 3 hours and forced to pee on the streets as arpaio has forced other citizens?


Dee said...

The Answer: None. All are citizens. From top left to right:
Saji George, Sunnyvale TX town council, Isabel Garcia – Human Rights Activist, AZ Congressman Raul Grijalva

2nd row, left to right:
Actor Jimmy Smits, Actress Benita Moreno, Comedian George Lopez,

Vicente Duque said...

Video of Rachel Maddow : Who are the Racists, Nazis and Eugenists that have introduced the Racist Legislation in Arizona ??

Trying to purify the Aryan Race from the Mongrels of the Lower Races. Those guys have taken over AryanZona.

Amazing Racists and Neo Nazis, filled with Eugenics : Those are the guys that dominate the Legislature in Arizona.

May 19, 2010

Racist roots of Arizona Law SB1070

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Of course, if they have committed some other infraction, they should be stopped. To assist Arizona in solving this problem, let's get behind a drive to provide all citizens with a biometric photo ID containing fingerprints, height weight,immigration status, DNA,ssn, name and number, and drivers license name and number. Then everyone would have to carry only one form of ID. The ID would be issued only after the individual produces all the applicable documentation and it has been run through the national data base to check its validity. Those with fraudulent documents would be detained for ICE.

Random checks of pedestrians and vehicle passengers and driver would be similar to DUI checks. This is a reasonable approach that burdens everyone equally and puts an end to claims of racial profiling and goon squad sweeps.

Anonymous said...

Texans Strike Back at Austin over Arizona Boycott

Randy Shelton, chairman of the Hood County Republican Party in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, announced over the weekend that he had contacted Mayor Leffingwell to say that the North Texas political group would no longer be doing any business with the City of Austin.

Dee said...

So Ultima, do you want this biometric ID to be implanted underneath the skin? It could be implanted beneath a serial number tattooed on the skin.

Dee said...

Randy is from the Hood County REPUBLICAN party. Not even the teapartiers are voting Republican.
How many of his klan are going to boycott? Two?

Bill said...

Make no mistake, we in Arizona have be invaded by an army of foreign nationals(500,000) primarily from Mexico and central america. They are robbing, raping, and murdering our people and want to turn our State in to a dirty slum like Mexico. Google La Raza and see what they have in mind for the USA. Exeryone in Arizona should be stopped and required to produce ID. You, me, and everyone.

LMJ said...

Bill, it is a good thing you do not help run this country, and are just a peon like the rest of us, a majority of us accept that our hard work gets results and that the advantage will forever be to the pretty non-colored, those few that share beliefs like yourself must realize that in reality, your no better than anybody else, if anything, your worse than everybody for that kind of thought process so congratulations, you made the white trash squad

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