Friday, May 21, 2010

Tea Party Champion Rand Paul supports Jim Crow Law "No Minorities Allowed" and also supports Gulf Oil Spiller BP

Washingtonpost reports: Rand Paul, teaparty champion, opposes the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The issue was front and center because Paul had earlier told the Louisville Courier-Journal that "I don't like the idea of telling private business owners" what to do. He said he is not in favor of discrimination. He would have marched with Martin Luther King Jr. However, he supports the (Jim Crow) law's ban on bias in public institutions. "Am I a bad person? Do I believe in awful things? No," Paul said. But he would not, despite repeated prodding, say the government should legally bar private institutions from discrimination.
Washingtonpost reports: Rand Paul (Rep Sen candidate) supports BP (Gulf Oil Spiller) and said President Obama's handling of the Gulf oil spill is "putting his boot heel on the throat of BP and that is really un-American."


Vicente Duque said...

His own words condemn him as the Perfect Racist and Hypocrite :

Video : Rand Paul ( Son of Ron Paul ) elected to congress lights a candle to God and another to the Devil - He shows a shining Racist Heart ! - Rachel Maddow Show

It is false that Rachel Maddow is unpolite or uncivil with this guy - He condemns himself with his own imbecility -- He is just a perfect idiot, also a leader of Tea Parties.

Rachel Maddow is perfectly civil, polite and soft .... She is not harsh or tough ... She is not hard on the interview ....

FixedNewsChannel — May 19, 2010 — Find us here!:


Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

I guess you see this as a racial issue but Paul sees it as a private property - freedom of association issue. Libertarians by definition come down on the side of private property rights. They abhor excessive government control over their private lives.

Dee said...

Actually the KKK types in the 60s also viewed this as a private property issue.

Beabie said...

This immigration issue seems to be dominated by extreme views on both sides. The extreme right by Rand Paul types and the extreme left by groups such as CoaliciĆ³n de Derechos Humanos. There is a centrist position in all of this, and I believe that it is shared by most Arizonans. There is never going to be a 'Greater Mexico' anymore than there is going to be a 'Greater Quebec'(another idea lost to history).

The Arizona immigration bill is a reaction to the lack of action - it's a desperate voice before we see extreme reactionary response to illegal immigration. The failure of the left to recognize the need to reign in drug and gun smuggling, and gang activity; and the right's tendency to send us socially back 50 years with repression are indeed a bad mix.

The unfortunate fact is that in the current political atmosphere the extreme right is going to win and that will be a bad deal for all of us.

The left needs to call for strong action against illegal activity and support reform - not spending its time with devisive boycotts of the State.

pcorn54 said...

Beabie, Nice comment. Unfortunately, we've seen and continue to see "extreme reactionary response to illegal immigration".

We're coming up on the one year anniversary of the murder of a 9 year old child and her father in Arizona by Minuteman elements with a stated hatred of Mexicans.

We have the murder of Francisco Dominguez by Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbett who was technically given "carte blanche" to continue his murderous ways due to two juries not being able to agree to disagree. And we can go on an on.

The "militia" in Michigan whose stated plan was to murder a cop, and murder more at the funeral.

Yesterday, In West Memphis Arkansas, White Supremacists with ties to the Aryan Nation, murdered two young cops, fathers, husband and left two others wounded, one critically. (Some are claiming Mexicans, but it wasn't)

Most of us on the Pro Reform side support more secure borders, although our borders are about as secure as they can get, and I know this from personal experience. We support identifying and deporting the criminal element, those who have committed felonies.

My position on the issues closely mirrors the publisher of this blog. Common sense reform.

You are correct. Most of us are centrists. Not the "ileegal Supporters' or "open border lobby" which is a fantasy of the extreme right.

In the end, the extremists on both end of the issue will be ignored and common sense and compromise will win.

Vicente Duque said...

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ultima said...

Pcorn wrote,"...our borders are about as secure as they can get..."

I wonder where that is on a scale of 1-10, where 1 means open borders and 10 means zero apprehensions for illegal entry.

Pcorn's statement is an admission that what we are doing is not adequate. I agree with that and believe that further improvements in border infrastructure, staffing and rule of engagement will soon reach the point of diminishing returns. At that point we must look elsewhere for the means to control our borders.

As I pointed out East Germans were willing to brave mine fields, machine gun towers, multi-layered walls and fences, and the threat of severe punishment if they were apprehended to escape to the West. They were willing to do that because they knew that the West would never send them back to the East.

If those kinds of measures did not deter the East Germans from taking great risks, surely everyone must realize that Mexicans and others, faced with our much more benign border control measures,will keep coming and our borders will never be secure. Without vigorous and continuous internal enforcement, secure borders will remain a pipe dream. If illegals know they will be apprehended and sentenced to six months working on border infrastructure, we will have the beginnings of an effective in depth border security effort.

ultima said...

I'm not sure what you mean by the KKK considering their position to be a private property issue. I'm sure they supported that point of view but their total position had many more important aspects. I'm sure they wanted to segregate public facilities. Rand Paul does not.

Stick with the private property issue and the right of free association and you will begin to comprehend and appreciate Paul's position.

ultima said...

Beabie's post has a lot of merit. We can arrive at the Centrist position by asking ourselves what problem are we trying to solve? Defining the problem before advancing a solution is a time-honored first step in the process of reaching the right answer and a concensus.

The problem is our country is being overrun by illegal aliens and their instant citizen children. If the resource inputs at the border have not solved the problem, then additional steps must be taken. Improvements in border infrastructure, staffing, and the rules of engagement must be buttressed with internal enforcement. This need not be as onerous as it might sound to those who are real centrists as opposed to those who support the illegals and deny us the tools needed to secure the border. This is a case of if the shoe fits, put it on.

The tide of illegals entering our country every day cannot be stemmed without internal enforcement that sends the message, if you enter our country illegally, we will catch you and repatriate you after you have served some time as a penalty for your transgression. Anything short of that is just lip service. Some of those who profess to be centrists, have failed to recognize the difference between lip service and effective action.

ultima said...

I believe that is a centrist proposal.

ultima said...

There are, of course, other dimensions of this problem such as assuring a supply of labor to meet the needs of our economy without displacing citizens from the jobs they are willing to do if offered a living wage.

The least offensive and intrusive approach is offered by the E-verification system that does not require any profiling. It identifies miscreant employers and the illegal aliens in their employ through the investigation of duplicate ssns, ssn/name mismatches,and other fraudulent documents. To begin with those so identified need not be punished immediately. Instead they should be registered and allowed to continue to work until a process plays out to determine those who should be allowed to stay.

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