Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alipac's Gheen withdraws from 6/5/10 SB1070 Phoenix Rising Rally due to Nazis & Skin Heads & White Nationalists, OhMy! Diggers Realm Boycotts Alipac

ALIPAC Withdraws From AZ Rallies Over Nazi Groups & Tom Tancredo
May 18, 2010
We are sad to announce that ALIPAC is withdrawing support for any rallies in Arizona in June to support SB 1070 due to the discovery of racist group involvement and the actions of former Congressman Tom Tancredo. We take our commitment to working with and unifying Americans of every race and walk of life behind the effort to secure our borders very seriously. While the illegal alien supporters constantly make false accusations of racism and racist involvement, it is of paramount importance that groups like ours work to keep any racist element out of our events and operations.

A few weeks ago, we got behind a rally in Phoenix on June 5 being planned by Dan Smeriglio of Voice of The People USA and retired Congressman Tom Tancredo. On Monday, May 10th, we discovered two painful truths that forced us to take a new direction. First, June 5 organizer Dan Smeriglio had radically misinformed us about his possession of permits for a location in Phoenix on June 5. He did not have any permits and the illegal alien supporter had permits for the location he had promised us. This happened last year when Smeriglio promised us he had permits for a rally in DC and we had to cancel when we learned he had misinformed us and the illegal alien supporters had the permit for our rally location. Unfortunately we had quite a case of political déjà vu with Mr. Smeriglio misleading organization leaders about permits, while our opposition held the ground he promised us. The second problem also arose around June 5, when we picked up a release by a smaller illegal alien supporting group called One People's Project. The group was attacking Dan Smeriglio claiming he was working with skin heads and Nazis and attacking ALIPAC for associating with Smeriglio.... we reviewed the video and computer screen shots that our opposition possesses regarding Dan Smeriglio and discovered that they are correct...

On Tuesday, May 11, we were invited to join a Tea Party group out of Florida rally in Phoenix on June 12 , so we spoke to some leaders and moved to unify on the 12th for a larger rally and to move away from Dan Smeriglio and his skinhead associates. We felt leaving the June 5 event was the best way to protect many of the vulnerable candidates wishing to attend a rally in Phoenix. Unfortunately, our plans to get the skinheads out and away from the Phoenix effort was thwarted, when retired Congressman Tom Tancredo, who had self titled himself as the 'key note speaker' at the June 5 event started telling leaders and candidates to come back to the June 5 rally. Tancredo even claimed that ALIPAC's concerns about Dan Smeriglio were false, when he had not reviewed the video and screen shots which we find to be fairly conclusive.

We must point out here that Tom Tancredo had nothing to do with helping pass SB 1070 or circulate it to other states to our knowledge although the three largest national groups fighting illegal immigration have. Some fine folks in Arizona took action at the end of last week and assured us that Dan Smeriglio's involvement was being completely removed from the June 5 rally and that we would have no more difficulties from Tom Tancredo. Unfortunately, we found out yesterday that Dan Smeriglio is still involved with the Facebook effort to support the June 5 event, even though the neo-Nazi rock group and friends and their comments have been sanitized from his Facebook pages. We also found out that Tom Tancredo is continuing to try and persuade leaders to abandon the June 12 event for the 5th event.

ALIPAC will not work with any group or event that is working with or supportive of neo-Nazis or anyone working with them. We do not feel comfortable asking our national network to travel into Arizona at great expense to attend an event that Tom Tancredo is attempting to undermine. We have spent a great deal of time, effort, and energy trying to get these events into place for the people of Arizona and America. We have worked diligently behind the scenes to try to resolve this situation with the knowledge that our political opposition does have strong evidence of neo-Nazi supporters being involved with the event still going forward on the 5th.

We feel it is completely unacceptable that Dan Smeriglio and Tom Tancredo or anyone else would put the brave activists, lawmakers, candidates, and citizens of Arizona at risk by proceeding with an event that our opponents can use to harm our cause of stopping and reversing illegal immigration. We are releasing the video and screen shots that the illegal alien supporting groups posses and intend to use against the rallies. We have documented their findings and the screen shots are our copies.

We apologize to all of you who were excited about going to events in Arizona and already making travel plans to support SB 1070 and AZ. ALIPAC will not be attending or promoting any rallies in June in Arizona and we advise anyone consider attending any event to review the information showing white nationalist influence involving the core organizers. We will have no future dealings with Dan Smeriglio or retired Congressman Tom Tancredo due to the neo-Nazi connections and this disaster they have cooked up in Arizona that puts our issue at risk. Our friends in the Tea Party groups still plan to carry on with a much smaller event on June 12 in Phoenix.

Message from Digger's Realm: Boycott Alipac?
A message from Dan Smeriglio of Voice of the People USA regarding the Phoenix Rising Rally on June 5, 2010 in Arizona.
First, a little preface from myself.

It appears that a group or person who felt they should have been in charge of the rally - instead of sharing the credit with the other groups involved that have worked hard as well - are attempting to sabotage it. If you receive any message or hear any bad word on Dan Smeriglio, I urge you to immediately boycott that organization, remove your membership from that group and spread the word on its vile smear tactics and for others to follow your lead.

You all know me to be an honest and honorable person. I have helped out everyone in this movement for years for free and will continue to do so. The only ones I have ever had trouble with were those who were simply in it for themselves (and up until this point that has only been Gilchrist and his lackeys). So if you receive a message or hear anything about Mr. Smeriglio - of whom I have worked with for years at rallies here in Pennsylvania against illegal immigration - realize that it is not true (as if it won't be extremely obvious anyway) and do as I ask and remove yourself from that group.
- Digger


Indigenous Xicano said...

I recognize Willaim Gheen under the hood.

ultima said...

God! Some of these folks are downright idiots. There can no association with skinheads, neo-Nazis, or white extremists if any effort to support SB 1070 is to have any chance of success. What are these people thinking of? If they support 1070 they need to get out of Dodge and stay out. I am disheartened by those who think extremism will win the day.

Dee said...


I agree. That ANTI CIR crowd is very odd.

They are always infighting.

Gheen is right though. Smergilia has had a long association with Skinheads and Neo Nazis. But then so does Russell Pearce. Remember his BFF is JT Ready. He is a long time leader of the NSM - NeoNazi Movement.

As an fyi, Smergilia is pretty well known out East. He led a number of the Voice of the People marches that helped elect Mayor Barletta. He and PA Pundits were very involved in the rallies against Luis Ramirez, supporting his murderers. Their crowd as well as alipac have their followers deluge the comment sections of newspapers and newspaper polls. I bet they will be going all over the internet one upping each other. This fight is sure to be brutal.

This should be an interesting fight. Gheen might want to be careful because there are plenty of rumors that he mis uses his groups donations.

The last time those groups were infighting is when Gheen and Jeff Schwilk from the SDMMs ganged up against Jim Gilchrist. I bet you a dollar that Gilchrist gets in on this fight. He will team with Tancredo against Gheen now that Gheen has dissed Tancredo. I wonder what Schwilk (bikini boy) will do. He usually sides with Gheen but he also loves media attention. He is supposed to be one of the speakers at the 6/5 rally in Phoenix.

I will keep track of what is happening and post it on my blog. It is just like a soap opera.

Dee said...

WOW! Was just over at alipac and they are advocating a RACE WAR. Here is what an alipacer named djufo said (ps I have a screen shot). Look at the last line:

This is becoming a VERY sensible and delicate topic.

While I am a law abiding citizen, an American, a patriot, I have my doubts about the decision of retiring from the June event, and here is why:

Since I "was" and immigrant (now an absolute American), one of the things that I was able to perceive in the American idiosyncrasy, ans is something that I never stop telling to every single American, is that you all, since the day are born, are brainwashed with concepts like discrimination, racism, segregation, profiling, etc. To the point, that the average American is terrorized of saying what he thinks, afraid to act and defend what is right, and even worst, Americans surrender their ideal and principles, only to protect themselves from these "horrible" social issues.

Well, let me tell you something. Whites, are THE ONLY ONES IN THE WORLD restricting themselves from this. Latinos, they speak in Spanish REAL HATE against Whites every day of their lives in cities like Miami, LA, Houston, NY, Chicago, and many more that are being lost every day. Latinos openly recognize that they HATE White people. They don't like White way of thinking, they don't like White color, they don't like White music, they don't like White food. And I repeat again, they OPENLY say this everywhere. On the streets, on restaurants, at school, at workplace, EVERYWHERE. Why is that? because they were not terrorized like you all since they were born. They were tought that all the root of their problems, is the evil capitalism empire imposed by Whites who invaded the continent from Europe. They are tought resentment against Whites for the rest of their lives.

I do not endorse nor recommend any racist or discriminatory behavior. However, staying away from this almost "war" due to fear of racism concepts, in my opinion is ridiculous. In a few years, this will be a very serious issue; we will HAVE to take an attitude of "you are either with the USA, or you are an enemy".

Instead of pulling out of meetings for fear to involvement with other groups, we should mentor those groups. We should ask them to please be Americans first. If they really have a problem with Browns, well, they won't succeed their way. They will succeed our way. The American way. If we can show them the path, they will follow it.

And you know what, at the end of the day, why latinos are allowed to openly be racist? and have racist groups? my ideals and principles tell me that hostility MUST be oppressed with hostility and a half. When was the American spirit lost?

I would stand by myself in the border with a gun. If you wanna stop an illegal invasion from a foreign country, you stand up with me, right next to me, and I don't give a flying rat if you are a racist, or a priest, or a nazi, or a jew, black, white. If you are willing to die defending this nation, this land, then you are with me. Period. IT WILL TAKE THAT MENTALITY. Believe me. I told Americans 10 years ago "is too late". Some still don't get it.

Dee said...

OMG: Now Jim Cooney from the so called racist group RAIA is stepping in and lambasting Gheen (more screen shots):

Typical egotistical response from William Gheen.
It's a crying shame that these few power tripping individuals keep splitting the numerous Patriots. Individuals such as William Gheen could be the doom of our combined efforts to Save America !!!!

"I think it's called similaris ... that's when a person's ass and face become so similar, you can no longer tell the difference between the two."

"He's hammering in the final nails of his coffin. I don't know anyone who will contribute to ALIPAC anymore."

The two comments above are just a sample of near 100 responses I have received since Gheen's retreat announcement.

The 05 June 2010 event will be a huge success. We personally have confirmed 100's of members of our organization will be attending from across the United States. Crowd expectations are to exceed 10,000 American Patriots. As with any Pro American / No Amnesty rally, we (RAIA) have always secured each event and have stopped any infiltration of the neo Nazi's, skinheads or any other racially motivated groups, along with the pro illegal socialists that attempt to infiltrate our permitted territory. We have a great relationship with Law Enforcement and have worked continuously with Law Enforcement to ensure the safety of all participates and that our American Support Rallies are secured.

Good luck to you Mr. Gheen to find your "happy place" where your ego and self serving rallies will not encounter the infiltration of the neo Nazi types or the pro illegal socialists. Just because you were denied center stage appearance and sponsorship, you "withdraw" and create malicious excuses for your "withdraw"

I (we, RAIA, AFR and the Minutemen) have been on the streets and very active for over 8 years now. Yet, unlike you, we accept zero monetary compensation. I hear Mr Gheen paid himself $90,000 in 2009. Not bad, especially in the worst economy in my 50+ years on this planet. My business lost over $40,000 last year.

Shame on you for belittling Mr. Tancredo, Dan Smeriglio and other true Patriots. Expect huge unsubscription activity to ALIPAC.

Once again, what a shame. ALIPAC once was a very respected instrument. This shameless malicious attack on Mr Tancredo and Dan Smeriglio.

James Cooney
Arizona Chapter President

Dee said...

Williams responses:

SusanSmithNAG, I will not be apologizing to Tom Tancredo after the mess he has made with these events, his underhanded attempts to undermine our event on the 12th, and the lies he is telling right now claiming that our claims are without merit.

Tom Tancredo owes all of us an apology for not doing what needed to be done to protect our issue and cause from problems such as an event organizer promoting neo nazi rock groups on the same Facebook profile promoting the rally!



Dee said...

This just in from Tom Tancredo:

"I am proud to be participating in the June 5 rally at the Arizona state capitol in support of Arizona’s new law aimed at illegal immigration, SB1070. The allegations against one of the rally’s organizers, Daniel Smeriglio, have been examined and are not only without merit, they are the worst kind of character assassination that no decent person in politics, left, right or center, should condone.
“One can only speculate about the motives behind this transparent smear campaign. But I do know that good citizens of Arizona and across the nation will not be deterred from expressing their support for Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce and the citizens of Arizona who have taken this bold step to control illegal immigration.
Lakewood, Colorado

Dee said...

Yikes! Now Gheen responds to Coonehy:

James Cooney ,

Listen very carefully, and you might just learn a few things.

First off, I did not make $90,000 last year from ALIPAC. That is insane and my salary and every expense of ALIPAC is a matter of public record and always has been. I make less than half of that, less than the average income for my city, less than a registered nurse, and Im barely in the top 50 people for salaries in this movement.

I do however lead the third largest national organization fighting against illegal immigration and I do it on pennies on the dollar compared to others.

If you can find someone else that will put up with this mess and work 65+ hours per week for over five years doing this for less, then have at it.

All you have done is come on here with insults and false claims, thus you offer NOTHING to this discussion.

I will credit you with using your real name and allow that to stand here, so you can have your real name associated with the fact that not one person has asked for a refund on their donations although we made that offer in our email to our national supporters.

So you can be sore can cry about us not supporting these AZ events all you want.

This negative situation has been created by Smeriglio, by associating with neo nazis and promoting neo nazi rock groups on his Facebook page while lying about his permits to the heads of national organizations.

And Tom Tancredo, who is putting out false information claiming our concerns are without merit.

I have a feeling that Tancredo wrote that blurb before we released the full documentation about Smeriglio's nazi rockers and pals.

It will be interesting to see if he is still willing to make that claim tomorrow.

William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Dee said...

And Gheen adds:

I'd like to hear Mr. Cooney explain this...

If Tom Tancredo says that there is nothing to ALIPAC's concerns about Dan Smeriglio, how would you explain this screen shot of neo nazi rockers SAGA on Smeriglio's Facebook profile?
DAN SMERIGLIO's (The organizer of June 5 rally with Tancredo) FACEBOOK PAGE WAS LINKING TO NAZI ROCKERS SAGA

pcorn54 said...

Rumors Hell Dee! One only has to look at his FEC filings to see more than half of his "donations" go for his "salary". The rest, to pay for his email spams and a booking agent to get his face and "pithy" quotes into the MSM.

Dee said...

You are right, as always!

Vicente Duque said...

Videos : Nazi Parades in Phoenix Arizona - Photos : Republican friends in Legislature embrace Nazis - Swastikas and Nazi SS Murderer Symbols

Here you see two videos under my text :

These are videos of Bullies, Thugs and Bastards parading the Worst Nazi Racist Symbols of Murder against Jews in Phoenix Arizona, and the Flags of Infamy. And being aggressive towards the spectators.

Other websites show you the photos that connect this Imbecility and Bastardy with Arizona Politicians like Russell Pearce, this guy is the main actor pushing for Racist Legislation.

Russell Pearce is an abuser that beats and kicks his wife, as is shown in divorce papers. He has made many racist declarations.

"Further, the husband, RUSSELL KEITH PEARCE, is possessed of a violent temper, and has from time to time hit and shoved the wife, the last time being on February 3 [1980], when he grabbed the wife by the throat and threw her down."

Feathered Bastard
Did state Representative Russell Pearce ever beat his wife LuAnne?
By Stephen Lemons, Monday, Jul. 21 2008 @ 8:54AM
Comments (17)
Categories: Feathered Bastard


See here :



nauiocelotl — November 10, 2009 — 11-07-09

Naui (Mexican) vs Nazi scum NSM . Phoenix , Arizona Part 1

Naui (Mexican) and Stephen Lemons vs Nazi scum NSM . Phoenix , Arizona Part 2

These are videos in YouTube.

You can also see them here :


Vicente Duque

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