Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peaceful Dallas Immigration Marchers Protests Arizona's Racial Profiling; Calls for CIR

Today in Dallas over 20,000 marchers met at Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The march began at the church and was led by Bishop Kevin J. Farrell of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas, flanked by state Sen. Royce West and former state Rep. Domingo Garcia.

There were so many people. Everyone marched for about a mile starting at the church and going to Dallas City Hall. Most marchers were concerned, and rightfully so, about Arizona's racial profiling law against Latinos. It was good to see so many people of many colors, of many races, of many cultures and ethnicities, joining so peacefully and all in protest against the racial profiling law. All agreed it violated the constitution and violated the civil liberties of all who are racially profiled.

On the podium, former legislator Garcia said the large turnout at rallies across the country "sends a powerful message to Washington that we need immigration reform now."

Garcia, an attorney for the League of United Latin American Citizens, said later that his group would target companies that do business in Arizona. He said he planned to meet with Plano-based Frito-Lay next week in an effort to get the snack company to drop its sponsorship of the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Ariz.

The Houston Chronicle reported that about a half dozen counter-protesters stood behind a police barricade at the start of the march, with one man holding a sign that said "Shut Your Mouths and Start Headin' South." Another 100 counter-protesters waited at City Hall, chanting "Viva Arizona" at the marchers and asking them to show their identification. Police held them back from committing any violence against the peaceful marchers.

News reports across the nation indicate Immigration Marchers marched peacefully in cities across the U.S.; most notably, Los Angeles had over 60,000 (some say 250K) peaceful marchers rally with Mayor Villaraigosa leading the march. Their message to President Obama: We Need Comprehensive Immigration Reform NOW!

In Washington: Thousands of Marchers peacefully protested. As Congressman Gutierrez was speaking to a group of May Day protesters in Lafayette Square, he decided to cross the street and join a group in front of the White House. He joined the group at the fence and sat down, waited on police to ask him to move which he refused to do. He was then arrested. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, joined the peaceful group of about 35 that would not move unless either they were arrested or immigration reform was signed. As the Congressman was led away in handcuffs, he wore a tee-shirt that said “Arrest me, not my friends.” Others wore shirts that read “Arrest me, not my family.”


ultima said...

"...we need immigration reform now..."

Indeed we do and the AZ law would be an excellent beginning but much more would need to be added to deal with other immigration issues.

In Denver I noticed two signs: The first said, "We are not illegal. We are America!" Well, I guess that proved the point. If either of those statements were true, you wouldn't need a sign. They prove that those demonstrators were not America; they were and are illegals.

The other sign was a picture of John McCain beside a swastika. Remember the uproar when some had a sign like that with Obama's picture on it. I guess the liberal media didn't catch this one or chose not to publicize it.

ultima said...

They might as well be honest about it and call for amnesty, open borders, easy immigration procedures; instant citizenship, etc.

It's not about racial profiling which is easily defeated by carrying laminated proof of citizenship. It's about amnesty for all of those who have broken our immigration laws.

However, even profiling,if it weren't illegal, could be justified. Remember Willie Sutton's response when they asked him why he robbed banks? He said, "Because that's where the money is!"

Why profile Hispanics if it was legal? Because that's where the illegals are. They are certainly not among the anglos to any great extent.

ultima said...

In Denver thousands attended but only 240 marched and those who did seemed, from their signs, to think just because they are here they are America. They were clearly illegals!

I think what they are doing is awakening the sleeping giant.

Dee said...

How could you tell they were "illeegals"? By their tennis shoes?

Racial Profiling!

Dee said...


You probably think if you put Rep. Grijalva in t-shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes that he is an "illeegal" too. You ANTIs just don't get it. Just because a Latino has a "look" you don't see as northern european, then you think he is an "illeegal." Racial Profiling.

See Rep Grijalva's picture:

Dee said...

These marches are EXACTLY like the Civil Rights marches of the 1960s. I remember them. Peaceful marching requesting needed change!

pcorn54 said...

And change happened Dee. I lived through that era.

Just hope we don't have anymore violence and deaths directed against Hispanics as they assert there demands for civil and human rights.

Perhaps it's too much to wish for with the death squads forming on the border, and the State of Arizona putting $200,000 dollars into SB-1070 to fund Russell Pearce's private neo nazi border watch group.

Vicente Duque said...

Thoughts on AryanZona : Intelligence, Reason and Moderation are beautiful qualities. You can achieve more with these good qualities than with sheer Racism, Hatred and Violence :

About the Racist Adventure in AryanZona ( The zone of the Aryans !) :

Technology can be used intelligently ( not like now in foolish repression ) .... You can persuade the Latinos to register and examine their economic importance or status, you can help them to get a job if that is possible and economically useful for the nation.

It is necessary to evict those that are criminals, thieves, delinquents or that do not want to work. Or those that consistently fail in their jobs. That number of people for eviction could be very big and therefore that is a huge economic task, of transportation, feeding, paper processing, salaries for bureaucrats, etc.... This is never going to be cheap for the Taxpayer.

It is not necessary to give citizenship to many millions, because they are not interested in that, only in feeding themselves and their families..

Racists are very stupid always thinking of "Conspiracy Theories" and other imbecilities. And they are very stupid in Economic Matters.

Racists confuse Numbers with Intelligence, as if the German Philosophers had not taught us many centuries ago that Millions of Idiots supporting a stupid idea do not make the Idea Intelligent, Wise or a Great Truth.

The fact of a Boycott ( National and International ) can be very painful for AryanZona. Arizona will feel the Economic Pain.

Also the Economic Result of losing population by expulsion, eviction, dislodgement, etc ... is not a joy for Business.

Kicking out consumers or just threatening them is not very intelligent .... ... Insulting clients and customers is the seal of quality of those that want to fail in business.

All this Stupid NeoSegregation and NeoApartheid has been useful to show once again that people like Sarah Palin, John McCain, Tom Tancredo Carly Fiorina are the enemies of Latinos.

They are enthusiastic supporters of AryanZona. And if Latinos and Minorities have a penny of Intelligence they should not vote for them and their friends.

The power of the vote should be given to the Real Friends of Liberty, Freedom, Humanity and Kindness.

And the non-Latino Minorities should remember that the Racists are also notoriously stupid in classifying races, so many people that are Blacks, Mixed Race, Native American Indians, South Asians, Chinese, Mongols, people from India, Pakistan, Middle East, etc ... will also be objects of persecutions, violence, humiliation, insults, derision.

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Here's a different perspective on the Arizona law

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "How could you tell they were "illeegals"? By their tennis shoes?"

Their signs told me they were illegals because that is what they say and think. They say they are not illegal. That's the old argument that a person can't illegal; everyone has right to exist. So when they say that you know they are in fact illegal according to the conventional definition. Similarly, the sign that said, "We are America" gives them away. If they aren't illegals, then their sign should have said, "We are Americans!" Since it did not I conclude that they are illegal and are trying to point out that they are a fact in America. But even that is overstated if that is their message. They may be a part of the American economy but they are not America.

See, no tennis shoes involved in reaching that conclusion. Just pure reason!

ultima said...

To avoid racial profiling, someone suggested that all of the demonstrators be funneled through a gate where their citizenship could be checked whether they were white, black, orange or brown. Check them all since there is probably cause signaled by their participation in a parade in support of illegal aliens.

ultima said...

So what did you think if the poster of McCain with swastika? Why so silent about this?

And by the way here are some of the terms used to describe Lincoln:
tyrant, despot, butcher, fiend, monster, liar, pirate, swindler, ignoramus -- and those were just the epithets that were suitable for print. Let's hear nothing more about the epithets hurled at Obama and others.

ultima said...

No, as a police officer I would approach Grijalva only on the basis of probable cause -- perhaps something he said in support of lawbreakers, etc. but not something that he was entitled to say under freedom of speech, unless it was incitement to riot, however subtle.

ultima said...

I just watched the exchange between Gutierrez and Hayworth on CBS. I liked what Gutierrez had to say about securing the border but I was disappointed that he was not questioned about how he would actually do that. He suggested that he was willing to add thousands of additional border patrol agents. It should have been pointed out to him that without vigorous and continuous internal enforcement, adding staff at the border will not solve the problem. Also Hayworth failed to mention E-Verify as an important tool for internal enforcement.

I think Gutierrez's bill goes well beyond what he said on TV but the bottom line for him is blanket amnesty.

ultima said...

Although I have consistently argued that profiling is an effective law enforcement technique, I realize that it is illegal and I don't like the idea of innocent citizens of any color being harassed or questioned without probable cause.

In Arizona, one out of every four Hispanics is an illegal alien. Now, if there is careful attention to probable cause, the probability of stopping only illegals can be raised substantially from the 25% related to their proportion in the Arizona population to a much higher level. Some citizens will certainly be stopped and questioned and some of that will be appropriate on the basis of complicity in supporting the illegals among them.

Gutierrez suggests heavy fines and penalties for employers of illegals once all the current ones have been excused for breaking the law. He apparently believes the illegals themselves should never be punished. That is just another indication that what he proposes will never work and that's what he wants.

No one else has suggested a workable alternative to the AZ law. That indicates that the profiling issue is just a red herring and that the real objective of demonstrators and their supporters outside the state,is full and complete amnesty and open borders.

Dee said...

You can tell they are "illeegals" by what they said/think or by their signs? "We are America"

Now you are a mind reader? That's worse than saying tennis shoes!!

There is no logic involved! Merely racial profiling!

Dee said...

You say all marchers should be funneled through a gate where citizenship would be checked?

No right of assembly for Latino marchers eh?

You just keep digging your racial profiling hole deeper and deeper. Soon you will be in China.

Dee said...

I didn't see McCain with a swastika. Did you have a url?

Dee said...

Grijlva has every right to speak. He is an American and he is Latino. There are 50M of us and many look just like him.

What you are suggesting is like suggesting every balding white overweight male over 40 should be searched and question for fear they might be a serial killer like BTK or John Gacy.

I think BOTH are WRONG!

Dee said...

Of course Luis Guitierrez spoke strongly in favor of Border Security. We ALL speak in favor of Border Security by trained BPs. They should all be properly funded and trained. Law Enforcement should crack down on the Drug Cartels and partner with Mexico in ending the violence in the Cartels. The US needs to own up to the fact that we are the number 1 user of illegal drugs in the world and drug cartels across the world are all in a contest to be our drug supplier. We need to partner with Mexico and other countries to end the drug cartels, stop the drug use, stop the violence.

As the AZ Republic said today, LE should not be wasting their time shaking down little grandmothers or gardners frisking them for their papers. Go after the Drug Cartels; Stop the Border Violence. WE ALL SUPPORT THAT!

Dee said...

I am in support of e-verify as is Gutierrez. The only problem I have with it (him too) is the fact that everify has flaws and does not take into consideration those who are in progress of becoming citizens, working through fixing current immigration status in Immigration courts, etc. By making e-verify mandatory, these folks cannot be employed. There needs to be a modification to any bill which states mandatory everify to provide some type of waiver or allow them to continue to work while their status is in progress.

All major corporations currently utilize e-verify and drug tests and they have considerations for those in progress.

We all know that ony certain corporations who willfully and purposely hire illegal immigrants to exploit them circumvent the law. Whether everify is mandatory or not, they will still find a way. Why? Because:
1. They want to exploit their workers.
2. They know they will not be held accountable by Law Enforcement/ICE.

We want you to "get" these exploiting employers. That takes good old fashioned police work, sting operations, and arresting/convicting these exploiting employers. That is where the time/money needs to go. Not mandatory everify. Today, LE / ICE only go after the workers NOT the employers!

Dee said...

You can't just randomly throw out numbers and expect people to believe them. You say there are 1 out of every 4 Latinos in AZ is an "illeegal" and you use your numbers to justify Racial Profiling. I say you are WRONG.

For one thing, RACIAL PROFILING is AGAINST the Law!

Second, your Numbers are WRONG!

The Census Bureau says there are 6.7M citizens in Arizona. They also tell us there are over 2M Latino citizens in AZ. Additionally, tells us the most accurate guesstimate is 283K "illegal immigrants" in AZ. This includes ALL ethncities. This tells me your 1 in 4 count is WRONG. It nearly DOUBLES the actual numbers. Its more like 1 in 8. Those odds are like saying it is ok to exclude every horse in a horse race because 1 of the 8 has a bad foot.

AZ has become a majority minority state and that is what is irking people like Russell Pearce and his ilk. They would DO ANYTHING to rid themselves of Latinos and make themselves the majority in AZ again. That is their TRUE Goal!

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