Friday, April 30, 2010

Racist Author of Racial Profiling Bill SB1070 Wants to Make it Worse!

Racist White Supremist and F.A.I.R. member Kris Kobach, author of the heinous Racial Profiling bill sb1070, is in talks with White Nationalist sponsor of the bill, Russell Pearce and wants to make the racial profiling aspects of the bill worse! In a private email obtained by "Think Progress" to Pearce, the evil Kobach says he wants to change the wording in the bill to include swooping down on Latino neighborhoods and attacking anyone who may be working on his car in his own yard.

In his email to Pearce he says, "I discussed all of the changes with Mike Hethmon and he concurred. But there is one additonal point that he suggested which you will certainly agree with. When we drop out "lawful contact" and replace it with "a stop, detention or rest in the enforcement a violation of any title or section of the Arizona code" we need to add "or any county or municipal ordinance." This will allow police to use violations of property codes (ie: cars on block in the yard) or rental codes (too many occupants of a rental accommodation) to initate queries as well." Note: This does not mean you broke the law. It means if police SUSPECT YOU of breaking the law.

So the evil Kobach is not content with Racial Profiling Latinos while driving. He now wants to add language to Racial Profile Latinos while breathing! This means any Latino that may be working on his car in his own yard may be subject to being racially profiled by the police. Imagine. Working on your car in your own garage and the police racial profiling you and demanding your birth certificate and passport! Shades of Apartheid and Nazi Germany!

It is certain when the evil Kobach attempts to enter the pearly gates, he will be provided directions to the heated seventh circle!


The Arizonian said...

I'm not sure where you got the "white supremest" part from, but watch your p's and q's or it might led to a slander lawsuit.

With that said, I am concerned with the way this and many other laws or going. I personally have compared this law with 1936 Germany. People have said there was a difference with this law and Germany's because they "were executing Jews" and therefore was not in relation.

Need I remind these folks that Germany didn't START with executing Jews? it was a long path to get to that point. But they used the same laws to prosecute regular Germans that merely disagreed with the Chancellery.

I have been watching this police state build for some time, and this is just the latest addition. Lieberman and McCain have already introduced a bill requiring a Biometric-National ID card that will be required for all People (including citizens) to present in order to be able to work. This would have no effect on border security.

It's a political red herring.

Vicente Duque said...

Carlos Slim, richest man in World stopped and jailed by a poor ignorant redneck cop in Arizona because of not speaking "Shakespearean" and not being Milk White

Well, let me say first that I have strong doubts about the Shakespearean Quality of the Arizonan Cops, let me have some strong doubts about the Education in Humanities of these Arizonan Cops.

I doubt the perfect gentlemanly quality inside the Arizonan "constables" and the Arizonan "constabulary" ... They are certainly less amiable and less gentlemanly than the British "Bobbies".

And if perfect English is required in Arizona, then an exam should be required, and I am sure that spelling and orthography are a disgrace in that Cursed State ( the favorite of Satan in Hell ! )

While there may be some good guys in these cops, I strongly doubt that they are British Lords of the "House of Lords", I doubt that they are perfect gentry and gentlemen.

The problem is that in a fascist state everybody is leveled by the worst thugs, the most racists and scoundrels with some power and a nightstick.

"More stupid and brutish than a cop with a new nightstick" ( because he wants to "inaugurate" the club ) - famous anonymous proverb.

So how would Mr Carlos Slim react ???

These rich people ( and there are many Mexican rich people above the average American in Money Fortunes ) will boycott Arizona.

It is a Great and Grave Mistake to believe that the eyes of the World are not fixed in Arizona and their NeoSegregation and NeoApartheid.

It is also a Great and Grave Mistake to think that all Rich People in the World are Vikings like Thor or Odin, and that they wives are Valkyries. I mean people blond blue-eyed and seven feet tall.

Can you imagine the rich people of India, China, Pakistan, etc ... being harassed by a stupid cretin in uniform in Arizona ???

Can you imagine the Great Tourism, Conventions and Love for Arizona around the World ??

"The number of fools is infinite" - The Bible says.

The fact that an imbecility is believed or approved by a majority of idiots do not turn the Stupidity into a lesson of Wisdom and Truth.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said... Videos :

Several Shakira Videos : Singer goes to Phoenix Arizona and talks with the Mayor and the Chief of Police ( they are worried ) - She talks to the victims of Racism and is praised by Phoenix Councilman Tom Simplot

Shakira is becoming the Super Symbol of Latinos in USA :

Shakira is in Phoenix Arizona with the victims of Racism ( and Imbecility ! ) ... The abuse against Latinos in Arizona, harassed, stalked, victimized and insulted.

Shakira speaks out against Racism and joins the Boycott against Arizona - She talks with many victims that will have to abandon the state, even American Citizens are harassed and insulted.

April 29, 2010 — CNN
Arizona Governor Signs Controversial Immigration Law - The Boycott against Racism - Racial profiling - SHAKIRA ARIZONA BOYCOTT

Shakira Joins Arizona Boycott!


Rachel Maddow shows the Big Magnitude of the Boycott - Phoenix Councilman Tom Simplot talks to Rachel, Tom Simplot praises Shakira, and underlines her importance - Great Damage to Phoenix during the past Martin Luther King Boycott

goog2k — April 28, 2010 — Rachel talks with Phoenix city councilman, Tim Simplot, about the Mayor's suit against the Arizona law and boycotts. Shakira's coming to Phoenix Thursday. From MSNBC &

Phoenix Mayor sues Arizona. Oops!!! Shakira will weigh in - Rachel Maddow


Betunosy — April 30, 2010 — La cantante fue a Phoenix, Arizona el jueves para mostrar su rechazo a la ley SB1070.



People in Seattle ( State of Washington ) joining to battle against the Racism in Arizona

ChangedTheWorldToday — April 30, 2010 — Seattle is boycotting Arizona in an attempt to voice their opposition to the new immigration reform.

Boycott on Arizona

Look for these Videos in or here :

Vicente Duque

Mexican American said...

Where are you marching at today?

Vicente Duque said...

Arizona to change name to "AryanZona". "Zona" means zone in Spanish, so that Latinos understand that AryanZona is only for the descendants of Thor, Odin and the Vaklyries

There is a new bill in the Arizonan legislature to change the name of the State to AryanZona, so to scare Latinos, evict them and create the first "Mongrel Free" zone in America. Only the top echelon of evolution will be allowed in AryanZona.

People that are seven feet high, blond and blue-eyed won't have any problem to prove their Aryanism and Nordicism .... Those with black hair and very tanned will be suspect.

Tanning machines vendors are going to starve in Arizona, same for the peddlers of tanning lotions, "copper tones" in Arizona will be suspect of contamination with the lowest races of Chimps, Orangutans, Bonovos and Latinos.

Since the population of Arizona have difficulty in race differentiation, then Chinese, Asians and People of India will be banned and not admitted as "Honorary Whites"

When Hawaii was an indepedent nation, the Prince of Hawaii came to the USA as a tourist and visitor and was heavily mistreated and kicked out of trains for being a lowest form of life.

From Wikipedia :

By the time of King Kamehameha IV the Missionary Party began to undermine the monarchy. Prior to his coming to power on 11 January 1855, Kamehameha IV went on a world tour to make diplomatic alliances with European and other powers. On his return trip to Hawaii, he traveled by train across the United States. During this trip Kamehameha IV was mistaken as a servant by a conductor, called a “nigger” and nearly kicked off the train. This brush with America Racism would shape his views of America and Americans during his rule. He remarked about the incident as “The first time that I have ever received such treatment, not in England or France or anywhere else.” He began his reign distrusting the ethnically Euro-American Missionary Party and began a Pro-British trend to fight Americanization, both movements were carried out by him and his successors until the end of the monarchy.

That is the lot for those that are not Milk White in AryanZona.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Kobach has a long history of associations and protests against him. Many, many many have said these same words before, including his former students during protests against him back in Kansas.

Dee said...

But Arizonian, I do agree with you. The Latinos are afraid of the environment today, especially in Maricopa county. What will happen when citizens call the gestapo when they go to Home Depot and see Latinos shopping. What about a Latino wedding -- overzealous white people will call the police. Any the police. Much less the Suppression Sweeps with Masked Goons that arpaio made famous. I would NEVER EVER live in Arizona! Nope. No way! NEVER!

Dee said...

Mexican American,
Thank you for joining our discussion group.
I was in Dallas for the lovely peaceful march. I stayed for a while, particularly by the church but I grew tired and came home.

The Arizonian said...

The sad part Dee, is that it wasn't like this 15-20 years ago. Not until all these idiots moved here from Cali and the Midwest. Most of us "Natives" don't agree or believe in this law.

Bryan J. said...

Hi Dee,

As a preface, I am well-aware that Kobach and co. would more than love to arrest all Latinos in Arizona, deport the undocumented amongst those rounded up, and probably if possible deport them all.

However, the manner in which you describe the amendment to the law is inaccurate and, as a result, could sow confusion.

In Kobach's email, he states: "This will allow police to use violations of property codes (ie: cars on block in the yard) or rental codes (too many occupants of a rental accommodation) to initate queries as well"

Then you write: "Working on your car in your own garage and the police racial profiling you and demanding your birth certificate and passport!"

If an individual is working on their car, in the garage, and is not violating a civil ordinance, then the police will not be able to, according to how the law is written, inquire about immigration status.

Of course, in reality, say in Maricopa county under Arpaio, the police very well may disregard the details of the law and inquire anyway. But in other places, like in Yuma or Pima county, it would likely to occur.

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