Sunday, April 18, 2010

IF AZ ANTI-Immigrant Racial Profiling Against Latino Bill is passed, Then ANTI Domestic Terrorist Racial Profiling Against White Male Bill Should Pass

The ANTI -CIR, ANTI-Latino groups are putting their "ole boy" support behind the very racist ANTI-Immigrant, ANTI-Latino bill being recommended in Arizona. If passed, other states are looking to follow the AZ example. The ACLU has clearly documented the negative impacts this xenophobic bill would have, particularly on Latino neighborhoods. All brown people would be subject to being detained (24 - 48 hours or longer)until they can provide their birth certificate, social security card, and IF the police believe the documents you hold are, in fact yours.

Do me a favor. Look in your purse or wallet. Do you see a birth certificate? Do you carry your social security card? Remember, your drivers license isn't good enough. In fact, your birth certificate and social security cards are NOT good enough. It is up to the discretion of the arresting officer whether he believes you or not.

Currently, Kris Kobach, one of the worst anti-immigrant offenders, is "TRAINING" arpaio's masked goons so they can identify an "illeegal" when they see them. With someone like Kobach involved, what could he be teaching the goons? "They are brown. They have an accent. Their hands are dirty from their manual labor. They drive trucks or SUVs." Sounds like most Latino citizens I know!

Arizona's RACIST RACIAL PROFILING proposed law is despicable! IF this Racial Profile bill passes, the Department of Homeland Security should pass the "Save the U.S. from Domestic Attacks" bill. It would only be in force as long as the xenophobic ANTI-Immigrant law is in place. This bill will provide equality in Racial Profiling.

New Bill: "Save the US from Domestic Attacks"
Content: With the high rate of Domestic Attacks being performed by local militia groups (e.g. Hutaree militia) and the majority of local militia groups are primarily white males, local law enforcement is empowered to stop and detain ALL White Males for no cause. They will set up "anti domestic terrorist sweeps" (ala arpaio sweeps) which every law abiding citizen should support. During these sweeps, white males will provide their birth certificate, drivers license, social security card. However, this documentation may not be sufficient, and detainment will be guided by the consideration of the arresting officer. Law enforcement will strip search as needed to search for guns, drugs and unlawful documents. Those detained may be detained for 24 - 48 hours or until the individual provides proof, until law enforcement is satisfied, of their non participation in militia groups. The majority of the arresting officers will be minorities and will be masked to protect their identities from potential harm. All arresting officers will by trained by Domestic Terrorist experts: Jesse Jackson and Emmanuel Cleaver.
Both Arizona's bill and this ANTI Domestic Terrorist bill are similar in nature. Both are ridiculous. NEITHER should be passed or supported!


ultima said...

Sounds like a good idea if there is probable cause -- nonmilitary guys carrying rifles, in combat boots and fatigues, congregating with other of that ilk. I see no problem with carrying a laminated birth certificate that matches the drivers' licenses,a laminated ss card that can be E-verified,etc. I would be willing to do so in Arizona and other border states, even here in Colorado.
Police officers should be polite if those they stop are nonbelligerent. They should assume that all are citizens and give them every chance to prove it. Those who fail E-verify should be allowed to prove their bona fides while they are still in custody. Why not simply tell them, "Your ssn and name do not match what is in the system, if you are in this country illegally, you might as well admit it so we can turn you over to ICE rather than spend time in our jail. Those who are illegal would probably prefer to be in the custody of the feds rather than Joe.
Cooperation with law enforcement would pay a lot of dividends for the Hispanic community just as it does for any other community that believes in law and order.

ultima said...

This is strictly an ethnocentric criticism. Not surprising who it is that puts that sort of thing above the immigration laws and above the potential for terrorists and drug smugglers to embed themselves in the communities where they think they will be less noticeable.

ultima said...

If it will make our country less lawless and more safe, all Americans should be willing to do this. A national ID has been proposed in Washington. This is not much different in terms of the credentials one would require. Maybe we could arrange for County Clerks or volunteers to use the E-verify system to provide the necessary verified single credential before the fact to relieve some of the stress of having to prove one's bona fides. There might even be a decal issued to prove the owner is a citizen or legal resident. However, I suspect if a car with such a decal had more than two adult occupants, that might be worth a stop.

ultima said...

I don't think anyone would object if criteria for white male domestic terrorist id could be developed. I'm sure skinhead have been regularly stopped but it would be more difficult to find them in violation of the law since most if not all are citizens and could readily prove it. It sounds to me as though the only reason to object to this law is to not interfere with the free flow of illegals across the border to be welcomed by their brethren in the Hispanic communities.

Somehow doesn't seem very civic minded or a very good indication of loyalty to our country rather than to illegal aliens.

Dee said...

Tell the truth Ultima. YOU have NEVER been a VICTIM of Racial Profiling as so many minorities have been.


Masked Henchmen Racial Profiling ANYONE is wrong!!

If you were victimized as the sad young man and his father were, who testifed before congress -- they were held for hours and hours along the side of the road; unable to use the restroom and forced to urinate in public, in handcuffs, asking for permission, what a nightmare.

Let's see you be held under such circumstances Ultima. Let's see you held on the side of the road by masked volunteers trained by Jess Jackson looking for perps who look just like you. And NONE of your documentation, NONE, no drivers license, anything, will appease them or fulfill their aim of humiliating you, NOTHING will fulfill their need to keep you in humuliation, until they feel like releasing you.

Your CLAIMS of your lame excuse of ethnocentrism fall on deaf ears because the reality of the situation deems your irrational excuses as FALSE.

So sad.

Until YOU walk in the SHOES of those Racially Profiled, you DO NOT have a LEG to STAND ON!!

Dee said...

I want YOU, Your Sons, Your Grandchildren and your WIFE held on the side of the road for 10 hours, as the two citizens who testified before Congress who were racially profiled. If you have to urinate, as they did, be forced to urinate in public, in handcuffs, on the side of the road, for ALL to see.

You, Your Sons, Your Wife, Your children and your Grandchildren.

Until YOU and YOURS are able to walk in the shoes of those citizens who are Racially Profiled, YOU DO NOT have a LEG to Stand On!!

Dee said...

Additionally, Timothy McVeigh was NOT a skinhead. He had a full head of hair. He looked former military. HE was "clean cut."

Timothy McVeigh was a Domestic Terrorist.

He looked like Opie Taylor. Racially Profile Opie Taylor. He looks like your grandson. Racially Profile your Grandchildren then, and ONLY THEN will you walk in the shoes of those Racially Profiled!

Fair is Fair!

American Citizen said...

Quit being so dramatic! They are looking fo illegal aliens(mostly from Mexico) so it makes since to do this in the hispanic community where ther are at. American citizens of hispanic origns have nothing to fear. What's wrong with starting to carry paperwork that proves you are not illegal? I think all Americans of any color should start carrying proof of citizenship. I would not object to this and would not object to showing these papers to anyone who asks to see it. How about you?

Dee said...

What dramatics? We are talking equality. Racial Profiling for all.

If you want to approve racial profiling, then it should be racial profiling for all, starting with your granny. Hold her on the side of the road by the Jesse Jackson trained masked goons. If she has to urinate, do it on the side of the road in handcuffs, just like Latino citizens have to undergo in Maricopa County.

Fair is fair!

Racial Profiling for ANYONE is AGAINST THE LAW!

Anonymous said...

PHOENIX – Supporters of the nation's toughest crackdown on illegal immigration, on the verge of approval in the Arizona Legislature, say the state law is necessary to help stamp out crime and keep citizens and law enforcement officers safe.

The measure would make it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It would also require local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are here illegally.

Immigrants unable to produce documents showing they are allowed to be in the U.S. could be arrested, jailed for up to six months, and fined $2,500.

"No longer will we sit by and let our citizens be killed, maimed, injured (and) hurt," said Republican state Sen. Russell Pearce who sponsored the measure.

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :
I totally agree 100% with your "ANTI Domestic Terrorist Racial Profiling Against White Male Bill"

Huffington Post : A camera captured Tim McVeigh driving his truck past a nearby apartment building just before reaching his target and his "Collateral Damage" of many Children

My Comment : Tim McVeigh never repented of having killed so many Children - For him they were no more than "Collateral Damage" as he used to say ...... - I do not know for sure if Tim was a Racist, although there are some indications of that behavior, but I do know that the core of Racism is Hate, irrational Hate like Tim's.

Huffington Post
Pondering Timothy McVeigh's Lethal Legacy
April 19, 2010

By Al Eisele
Albert Eisele, Editor-at-Large of The Hill, has been involved in journalism, government, academia and business for nearly four decades.

Eisele, 68, was a Washington correspondent for the St. Paul Dispatch and Pioneer Press and Knight-Ridder before becoming press secretary to Vice President Walter F. Mondale. He is a biographer of Walter Mondale.

He later helped start the non-partisan Center for National Policy, was a Fellow of the Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and was assistant to William C. Norris, founder and Chairman of Control Data Corporation.

Pondering Timothy McVeigh's Lethal Legacy

Some excerpts :

You think about how a 27-year-old anti-government fanatic named Timothy McVeigh loaded a truck with 4,800 pounds of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil and detonated it in directly in front of the nine-story Alfred P. Murragh Federal Building at 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995. The explosion, which was felt 40 miles away, created a 30-foot crater and blew away the front of the building, collapsing its floors and trapping victims inside.

And if you tour the Memorial's museum, located in a former newspaper building facing the Murragh Building, which also was badly damaged, as were some 300 other surrounding buildings, you will be even more moved. It's a stunning museum, but the most stunning thing is sitting in a darkened room and listening to an audio of a routine hearing underway at the nearby Oklahoma Water Resources Board, and then hearing the actual explosion and confusion that followed.

Equally unforgettable is the news footage taken minutes after the explosion and the video of the chaos that followed as rescue workers tried to dig victims out of the rubble. Especially chilling is the footage from a security camera that captured McVeigh driving his truck past a nearby apartment building just before reaching his target. The axle housing of his truck, which was found 575 feet away from the explosion, is also on display, along with hundreds of personal items and artifacts.

There's much more to see and hear at this incredibly moving Memorial, including the 168 metal chairs arrayed alongside a 318-foot reflecting pool that represents the people who died that terrible day. But perhaps the most moving sights, especially if you go there at night, are the illuminated metal chairs bearing the names of the victims, especially the small chairs with the names of the 19 children who were in the building's day care center that fateful morning.

And then, as you proceed around the Memorial grounds, you encounter hundreds of hand-painted ceramic tiles from children, one of which asks the impossible question: "Can't we all just get along?" And along the wall outside the Memorial are hundreds of personal messages and notes, including teddy bears and children's toys. And just across the street is an arresting statue of a Christ figure holding its hands over its eyes as though unable to comprehend the senseless violence before it.

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

I don't think racial profiling is what you are talking about. It is more about the treatment of those who are stopped or apprehended. That is the area where the ACLU might be able to help. Work on establishing acceptable standards for the treatment of those who are unable to prove their bona fides. Mistreatment of anyone, citizen or not, is not an element of profiling. I firmly advocate treating all of those who are stopped or apprehended with the utmost courtesy, especially thanking them for their cooperation in helping to stop the flood of illegal aliens.

I'm not sure but I imagine some police regulations require those who are apprehended and who are in this country illegally to be handcuffed like any other criminals. I'm sure there are cases where a police officer failed to do so and was killed as a result.

Probable cause is operable phrase here. I suspect that an incident of the type Dee cited is rare and there are many cases where regular families have received similar treatment, for example a drug bust where the swap team went to the wrong house but nevertheless held the whole family in handcuffs. Neither incident should have happened and I am in favor of more training for our police officers so such incidents are minimize but we have to recognize that the police are performing a difficult and dangerous job and that they deserve to operate under rules of engagement that protect them from harm in the course of their duties but with do regard for the welfare and treatment of those they serve.

It goes without saying that no one wants to be treated like the family in Dee's example. If someone can present verifiable evidence of citizenship, a stop should be like a traffic stop. With modern communication devices, ssn/name mismatches and false SSNs should be identified in the same way that a license number can be checked right on the spot in the police cruiser. If a person is an illegal alien, whatever incarceration or other penalties he receives under the law would be fully justified and the alien would have no one to blame but himself. It hard to see how anyone would see it otherwise.

ultima said...

If someone thinks I am a terrorist by my appearance, I would welcome a stop. That would show me the police are doing their jobs, serving and protecting. I have never encountered one who was abusive or discourteous, even though I was clearly in the wrong.

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